Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Devils Rain - Misfits

This is an album that I've been putting off, and now it's time to finally do it. The Halloween season is upon us and what better time to listen to this band then then. This is the sixth studio album by the Misfits, second led by Jerry Only. I remember digging this when it came out, and still like some tracks on here... but it's been a good 3 years since I've heard anything besides Land of the Dead and Twilight.
  1. The Devil's Rain: Rain fall opens the album, mixed with a bit o'tunder. This is a pretty promising opening. The drums fade in and the rest of the band follows to open the track. Objectively, this opening really don't grab me. This is more of a one ear out the other. The way this is going I think it should cut maybe before the solo then explode. I know that's similar to Kong, but I think it'd work better and make the 50 minutes go by faster (there wouldn't be 50 minutes anymore).
  2. Vivid Red: opening a lot more punchy, but wheres the kick. It still feels kinda weak. I don't know this doesn't do much for me either. I mean I've heard this before but there's kinda nothing there. 
  3. Land of the Dead: This is a re-recording of the 2009 single of the same name. I'm glad they did that, rather than being lazy and reusing the same track they released over two years prior. This version is also pretty solid, and maybe it isn't punchy or strong, but it is catchy. This isn't as good as I remember it being the other times I've heard it, but I still like it. I mean this has the punch I'm more looking for you know.
  4. The Black Hole: The most interesting thing about the track, and most memorable is the ending sound effect.
  5. Twilight of the Dead: This was also a single in 2009, and it also happened to be re-recorded. I do like this track, thought in the context of the album it takes away some of the punch. Or rather some of the, may I wanna revisit this. I mean it still stands out, but it's almost like one track ends then you loop it, change key/lyrics and play.
  6. Curse of the Mummy's Hand: I don't remember caring for this my initial 2011 listen. This track opens kinda stupid, and not even like campy and charming. It's like, really you really wanna do that shit. The song in and of itself it fine. But you know, I kinda miss Michale. The chorus by the way fucking sucks. They way he phrases it.... cringe. Plus he kinda kills the flow of the song.
  7. Cold in Hell: This is an okay track, if you can get over the lyrics. I mean, it does go in one ear and out the other, but I'm not triggered. Also that whole second half of the song, they so fucking easily could have done something really interesting, instead they chose not to.
  8. Unexplained: The two tracks flow, the sounds fade into this track, but that doesn't make it "aye, you're forgiven". Plus I can't really jive with this tune anyway. Some of the vocals are neat, but I feel like maybe mix it up.
  9. Dark Shadows: I didn't realize they were making 80's pop music. I think they vocals are going for more of a 50's feeling, but like then do harmonies and turn the fucking band down. Like imagine how neat it'd sound if at the ending of the phrases they actually had harmonies. Like in a doo-wop manner. Then they sort of build into the chorus, why not add more harmonies or vocals the make it larger. I mean they kinda do later on, but it isn't strong enough you know. This is a large song, it needs to eventually overpower you and build you know. Maybe add the electric guitar and drums later. Open with vocals percussion and an acoustic guitar. I don't know, build it up, don't kinda do that but not have the pay off.
  10. Father: This riff reminds me a bit of Judas Priest. Maybe like a less effective version of Electric Eye. Like the original before they figured it out you know. Kinda like the goofing around before you "get" the riff. Later on, while there is a change, like what the fuck. I don't even know.
  11. Jack the Ripper: Metallica? This isn't terrible, but it makes me think... I really hope that I don't feel as numb towards Hardwired... to Self-Destruct as I have to the albums singles.
  12. Monkey's Paw: It's kinda cute, in a it's not really way. I do think the harmonies work better here, but like I just feel like this is a jumble. Like not really as focused maybe.
  13. Where Do They Go?: This title, it makes me think, "What can I say?". Sometimes it makes me think "Where Can I go?". This is a stupid track, but I gotta say, it works. The fucking 50's charm is there. This actually works, verses the other tracks that don't.
  14. Sleepwalkin': This is okay, I mean I like it more than some of the weaker track, but like.... I still don't completely jive. It's just okay.
  15. Ghost of Frankenstein: Really, how the fuck does that work. Frankly, isn't he just reanimated tissue. So like does he have a soul to even become a ghost. Or would like his soul be a mix of the souls of all the people who's bodies he's made of. Or is it that his brain would be the soul, or the mix, or I don't know and I kinda don't care really anymore. That intro doesn't really work, like they didn't even have a sort of thing to make this a different track. Maybe throw in strings in the pre-chrous.
  16. Death Ray: Closing the album we get a song that actually has some energy. There's a punch and this is the closest they've gotten to the old version of the bad.
Overall I have to give this a 4/10. You know, I get why people don't like this. To be honest it isn't that great of a representation of what the group once was. It'd be like if Aerosmith continued without Steven Tyler or Joe Per.... oh wait. If you can look past the stupid stuff, and think of this as a sort of Jerry Only solo album, kinda in the way Vincent would continue Alice Cooper after 1973. I mean this isn't What The... bad, it's more.... it's more..... I don't fucking know. But it's not the worst thing ever, thought it could be maybe 13 or 12 tracks vs 16. This isn't anything they've come out with, excluding maybe DeA.D. Alive!, since this album *cough* Friday the 13th *cough*. Let's hope they make a reunion Live album and maybe a new album with Glenn and then close the book on the releases.

Okay so if they made this an Ep, made up of 3, 5, 11, 13, 14, 15 (with strings) and 16. Or maybe cut the first two tracks, I think it'd be a 7.

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