Sunday, January 31, 2016

More, More, More - The Andrea True Connection

This is the debut album by, then porn star, Andrea True. The story goes she was in Jamaica for a commercial, got some money, the money couldn't leave (for whatever reason) the country so she invested in a record. She then called Gregg Diamond to produce, arranged and write some song (which ended up being all of them). The thing is, that I can't get how this was released on Buddah Records. A label that dropped Captain Beefheart because he wasn't poppy enough, which makes sense, but still. After all the label [and it's subsidies] are responsible for helping artists release such singles  as  Lean On Me , Super Fly (Curtorm), but it also spawned the devil's bubblegum pop. With singles such as Yummy, Yummy, Yummy and many other pop hits. Now, as everyone knows, the Mr. Bungle review is waiting for me to watch Raw Footage, so why not watch some of Andrea's films before posting this. Plus she's pretty attractive, so why not do a little extra "research" before I complete the review. Oh and one last comment, Gregg had to have known she was a Pornstar.... look at these titles. I mean they aren't overtly, some are more of a stretch, but none the less. I mean I could see someone making an innuendo with any one of theses titles, with the exception of the Heart to Heart part of Fill Me Up (the worst offender). But anyway, who cares really. Let's get this review on.
  1. Party Line: Blowfly, you sick perverse bastard, you have destroyed my innocence. I will now forever misread that as Panty Line because of you..... I'm kidding, but I do always read that in my head as Panty Line for whatever reason. This song is very slick sounding, and just sounds like a bunch of fun. I kind of feel like this is classic disco sound, It slightly bothers me this isn't in a movie with disco tunes. I mean for all the bullshit there are this isn't half bad. And even thought it isn't a "thought provoking character study" who the fuck cares. It's fun, and I'd boogie with you Andrea.
  2. Keep it Longer: For you I will Andrea ;) This opens with some fun strings and it's just a fun old time. This kind of makes me what to just kick back, dance, and not give a crap about the world. I mean it's disco, what can I really say. I like that instrumental section and am diging the bass playing that is happening.
  3. More, More, More: This song is a song you will know. I think it was recently in a Swifer mop commercial. This isn't surprising it's a hit, you can't get the chorus out of my head. I do like this song, the chorus is probably the weakest part for me though. This is so smooth I really don't know what to say. It just goes down like it's lubricated and just is pleasant to my ears. There are times where I feel like she's singing in that AFL or whatever where people like to hear the soft voice to help them fall asleep, but it's really a sexual thing. Makes sense, considering Andrea's career.
  4. Fill Me Up (Heart to Heart): This intro kind of reminds me of the song, For The Love of Money (just a bit). This is also probably a stick out as my favorite track, besides the hit. I really like everything that's happening here, from the vocals to the guitar riff (back and forth) and the bass and the drums. The strings and the keys too are great. The only complaint is it's over 10 minutes long. Maybe a shorter version would have sufficed. Like if this was cut in half it'd accomplish the same thing as it would at 10 minutes. In fact the 7 minutes extended mix of Can't Stop The Music is more warranted than this 10 minute version.
  5. Call Me: This closes the album, and all things aside this still isn't that bad. I mean maybe higher mixed vocals, but still this feels like an ending. There is just an completion feeling that come when listening to this long instrumental intro. While this is long too, it's not a bad as the last track. I also think the strings are more interesting, but who cares. This is fun, and this as a whole went down pretty easy.
Overall I have to give this record a 6/10. I mean it's clean and poppy enough to be on Buddah, it's just odd they associated themselves with a pornstar. As a whole I don't think any tracks here are bad, some are better, but nothing is overtly bad. While in reality I could have just done a quick, not track by track review of this, I still think you should listen to this. It's so slick, and shiny I feel like this IS disco. Or at least a sonic equivalent of what I looks like. I don't know if I'm doing the White Witch album, and if I can get my ears on a copy of War Machine I may do that.... but who knows. What's Your Name, What's Your Number is a solid track. Also I watched Lialeh, it was pretty solid for a porno. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Down IV Part I – The Purple EP

Technically this isn't a Pantera album (and if it was I'd be able to review it, it's been well over 7 reviews since I last did the band). :) It's, like every other review this month, has just been sitting around in draft.... Most from before they were released. This is the fifth release, including a live album (people mistake the In The Year of VI as number six, but it was recorded in 2006), by metal group DOWN. They formed in 1991 and had Phil Anselemo, of Pantera, Pepper Keenan, of Corrosion of Conformity, and Kirk Windstein, Todd Strange and Jimmy Bower, the last 3 of Crowbar. This isn't the first time I've heard of these guys, but this is the first like real time I'm hearing them. I listened to this thing while I was reviewing this, and I honestly didn't think I have enough beef to it, so I listened to it once, then listened to some other music that it reminds me of, then came back. So yeah. I do like some Pantera stuff, but I still need to dive into them. I don't think I've ever even listened to Damage Plan (I still haven't). I got some listening to do, and fast. The sequel, Down IV Part II is set for May of 2014. (Good thing I made that date)
  1. Levitation: There is a song titled Levitation by the Sludge Metal band Mastodon. This song very much so reminds me of Mastodon. The song fades in with a something that reminds me of Blackened off ...And Justice For All. I do love that track, so I'll be waiting to see what awaits. Once the song actually starts it reminds me of Mastadon mixed with Pantera. This track right here sounds like Phil got a bunch of musicians together to play Pantera music.
  2. Witchtripper: This song is funny to me, in way of how much I could see this being a Mastodon.  Well maybe not exactly, the verses mostly. I could also see this being a kind of song that the Melvins would have done, in the intro. The vocals aren't as Phil but then again I could be going crazy. I also here some Sabbath at parts, but.... this doesn't have what I like in Sabbath. I think the solo is okay also, but again... I don't know.
  3. Open Coffins: This song has a type of Pantera vibe going on there. I like this song, this could be like a Pantera song that I imagine being of Vulgar Display of Power. I mean, but the thing is I like that album, this track is just kind of..... boring to me. I like the sound it's just I don't really care much. Also this goes a little long for my opinion. It got old about three minutes in.
  4. The Curse: This song is pretty sick sounding. This isn't a bad as I thought. I never thought it was bad, but I didn't think that it was this kind of cool. This really is a Pantera song. I could also see it kind of being a Sabbath song. The thing is they have a feeling I like, they have something about them.... the willing ness to not just do the same song over and over. They have spirit, I'm not getting any of that from this EP at all.
  5. This Work Is Timeless: This song is pretty cool. I still think I need to re-listen to some of the bands that this Ep reminds me of, but It's an Ep so it shouldn't be that bad. This could be a song by Mastodon. I've only listened to Blood Mountian in it's entirety, and a few songs here and there, but I could see this being a song by them. This tune isn't terrible, but I just want something more. Like maybe a left hook. Something exciting, something to make me go... I didn't expect that at all. I mean chaning it back to a Blackened or ...And Justice For All type feeling isn't going to make me like your record anymore.
  6. Misfortune Teller: This song is pretty cool. I like the way is sounds. This EP has grown on me since listening to it. I did take about a half hour break half way thru the Ep, because I had to use the rest room, but It's grown on Me. There is a riff in the song that reminds me a little of a Zeppelin riff. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it reminds me of it. There's kind of like a hidden track at the last 30 seconds of the song. At least or a Metallica one. Also great title.....
Overall I have to give this a 4/10. You know in my time away I listed to the other guys bands and to be honest I'm not insane about this. I don't really like this EP that much, and I was excited to hear it when it came out. I feel like a lot of these reviews aren't as good as I want them to be, but I need to get them out of the way to do albums I'm more passionate about you know. Plus this year, after this month, new reviews will be by Request, Choice, or Interest. I have to hear it first if I pick it myself also. I still can't believe if I did a review a day, for me to clear out the drafts it'd take almost two years and a review every single day.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Highway to Hell - AC/DC

I figured I'd review this because I have stuff to actually say about this album. I can't say anything about Back In Black because it'd be either, this blows or too repetitive and uninteresting. Now I can't believe I'm doing this review, but to be completely honest outside of the reviews I do for this band I don't listen to them anymore. I wrote a very heartbreaking, for me at least, review of T.N.T. the album that I held highest (behind the Aussie High Voltage). I'd usually do a review of the Aussie version, but they are the same songs, and the cover for that's just as dumb as this bands direction post-1977. This is also the last album to feature Bon Scott., who would die from alcohol poisoning. I read a review once and it said "it takes a real asshole to write a song called drink to a year after you lead singer dies if alcohol poisoning." I laughed but whatever.
  1. Highway to Hell: This song is very over played it's like Stairway to Heaven. But the thing is even thought that song has no effect on me, the solo is still pretty solid. And even if every note of the moving ibtro is stolen, that solo keeps that song off my never listen to again list. I can't conjur a good thing to say about this song, it's just so....... It's so dumb it gets crossed out. Infact this song doesn't even play a part in the score of the album. I'll be fair. Still not as dumb as TNT, but this time I don't... There was something about that last album that let it slide, but not this time.
  2. Girls Got Rhythm: Sounds like a remake of You Ain't Got A Hold on Me off their 1975 debut album. Really, I don't remember if I said this, but I could sing this song to that song while it was playing. That irritates me the wrong way, not the right way. I mean this song on it's own isn't terrible, but that whole thing bugs me a bit. There is a groove that reminds me of that first album, and the second, so maybe it's why I don't despise this.
  3. Walk All Over You: This opens pretty decently. I mean there is a real rocking feeling that harkens to the feeling of Let There Be Rock. I mean yes this kind of sounds like a mix of the title track and Whole Lotta Rosie.... but again I isn't a sin. But as the song progresses it makes me loose all interest, really. The verses are so boring, the instrumental parts are the only thing that make this at all worth listening to. Really.
  4. Touch Too Much: Stupid Uncle Fuckers, sorry that was harsh. I can't get behind the title. I feel this is kind of childish really. A bit too forward. This really sounds like a song that could be on an 80's record or 90's album by the group. I mean the production here isn't terrible, there is still some 70's stuff here. But not raw enough. Thought at the same time, this doesn't really sound like the groups call and response vocals. They must have mixed it different.
  5. Beating Around the Bush: Kind of a dumb title, also a dumb song. Sounded cool when I was twelve, but not anymore. It's lost its coolness factor. Also fuck them for stealing the riff to Oh Well. But seriously, tons of people steal stuff form other songs. I can go on and one, one of my favorite Bowie songs Queen Bitch pretty much stole the riff to Three Steps to Heaven by Eddie Cochran. But this just sounds like they pulled a Jimmy Page, in changing it just enough to make it your own. And even though I like songs what sound odd, with a weird time signature, this track just doesn't click at all.
  6. Shot Down in Flames: I mean, it's an okay track
  7. Get it Hot: Takin' Care of Business everyday. Also I'm pretty sure this is based of another track by these guys.
  8. If You Want Blood (You've Got It): This isn't that terrible of a song titles, and I had expect high hopes out of it. First mistake. I mean they named "one of the best live albums ever" after this song. It's not like reading something widly regarded as the "one of the best" could be bad. Second mistake. I think this is taken best with a "If You're Fucking Dumb (You'll Like This)" rendition I wrote after the first chorus. Why, well boredom.
  9. Love Hungry Man: I think they're hungry for something else that comes from men...... what? Nice solo though, even though you could mix the intro to that last and this track up.
  10. Nigthcrawler: The slowest most boring motherfucker I've ever heard, maybe in my life. And this is coming from someone who enjoys. Also a shit way to end an album.
Overall this deserves a 5/10. This song, like every other song by this band (unless noted as an exception on my reviews), doesn't do well with open minded people. Or people who pick up on patterns. I mean I guess people can like this, but I mean I'd have to lobotomize myself to probably stop and be able to not pick it apart and keep getting the same result, track after track. Also their songs titles sound like a five year old came up with them. How the fuck could this band make Let There Be Rock (album) and Love Song.

In all honesty, all joking and humour aside, I just don't find why this is their among best albums. Let There Be Rock is one of the best rock records ever. How could they go from the raw power of that album and make this piece of clean.... poop. Seriously I kind of think this album is terrible, all jokes aside. The thing is the 1980 record is even worse. These are the albums that lead to me not liking this band, not their best 1974-1977 albums. Really I'm not kidding. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ultraviolence (Deluxe) - Lana Del Rey

Finally, the day has come, this very well could be my last review of this woman. Now that doesn't mean I enjoy don't some Del Rey tracks, I do. It's just this and her last record are..... Poopy to me. This is the third album by Lana Del Rey, if you include her 2010 Lizzy Grant album. I already reviewed her 2012 LP Born to Die and I liked some songs on Paradise EP, which I still plan on doing. But regardless, I wonder how much of a Clockwork Orange theme this album may have? The album is set for June 17th, 2014 and I plan on having it up within that week. Also I plan on Larazetto going up soon this week also. Now unless you don't know how to read English, you know that was written well over a year ago. This is an album I've been sitting on since the day I heard it. The only reason I'm finishing it is because of Honeymoon and her appearance on BBtM. This review is historical because if I remember this contained the first time I made jokes instead of actually talking about the songs. So keeping as much intact from the review from June 2014, here's my review of the follow up to Born to Die.
  1. Cruel World: At 6 minutes and 39 seconds this song is way too long. This production kind of reminds me a little of the wasteland on Turn Blue. Well, that should probably be good enough. Also there's a part where is sounds like she stops singing or her voice cracks at the end, around 5:30ish.
  2. Ultraviolence: This track, while it sounds like her second album, this track is great. I can't believe how much I like this. Now does that mean it's a "TRACK OF ALL TIME", no.... but it's definitely one of the best I think of this year. This actually really reminds me of Bel Air, which was on the Paradise ep.
  3. Shades of Cool: The beginning of this reminds me of The Sprawl II mixed with James Bond Theme and when she starts singing a little of Skyfall. And when the song "explodes" she just doesn't hit those notes. I wonder what sounds better Lorde singing All Apologies or this. The guitar that overpowers her voice is a little too close to a Bond theme to be forgiven. Dan doesn't copy Jack White, yeah that's funny.
  4. Brooklyn Baby: This was a single released prior to the LP and you know, the strings are pretty but I can't really say that she's being funny. People feel like satire is an easy thing anyone can do. I don't think that's true. Part of satirizing something means being observant and paying attention and kind of not fitting the "stereo type" yourself. This song is the equivalent of if Oasis made a songs making fun of Britpop and other bands that pretty much just copied 60's music and The Beatles to a T. Not the "Fucking explain" sounds better on the clean version.
  5. West Coast: This song kind of just loses my interest after not to long. For whatever reason I re-read this title and the song Sell Out started playing in my head. And frankly my dear, I'd rather be listening to that. 
  6. Sad Girl: "Bad girl, nothing but a sad sad girl. Bad girl (I can do the whole song if you like). "See them out on the street at night, walkin' Picking up on all kinds of strangers If the price is right You can't score if you're pocket's tight But you want a good time You ask yourself who they are Like everybody else They come from near and far Bad girls, yeah" (I'm stopping because I don't know If I can have all they lyrics).
  7. Pretty When You Cry: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my ear hurts. I can't imagine this for someone with perfect pitch. But the title got me thinking, I can't think of anyone who's pretty when they cry. I mean yes you are not magically turned ugly whike you're crying, but while you cry I don't think people are gonna try and bone you. Unrelated but I'd you want to know good songs with cry in the title here's a few off the top of my head. Cry Baby Cry, When Doves Cry, Do The Cry Baby, Cry Me A River, The Sky is Crying, Cried
  8. Money Power Glory: What are other words that sound very strong and attractive to people. Sex Fame Memorial. No how about Sex Sex Sex. If you think of somethign let me know, cause I can't. Sadly. Or maybe go with the classic Dance Music Sex Romance.
  9. Fucked My Way Up to the Top: See this is why I should be a record producer, or an executive. ;) This very much so fits the rest of the style of the album. I mean alone it isn't horrible, but I mean those lyrics.... this is funny right. I guess it could be tongue and cheek, but I mean she doesn't pin me as the person who can pull this off.
  10. Old Money: At least when you get married you'll only need your something new, something borrowed and something blue. But I mean this sounds good, but this just drains you by the end of a sit through. I mean alone it's nice. It really does sound good. I listen to this alone, and the rest of the tracks alone. They work like that. But I mean, wouldn't you rather site front to back for an album. Also for whatever reason I'm waiting for the dumb Hunger Games song to start playing.
  11. The Other Woman: A cover of the amazing song done by Nina Simone. This, while not the original, isnt half bad. This in general is a great tune. But I mean at least she didn't kill the song like she did with her cover of Blue Velvet. Seriously, that hurts my ears to listen to. This is at least decent.
Now on to the bonus tracks from this album
  1. Black Beauty: The correct title is Black, Brown and Beautiful and it's... an album I haven't been album to get my fingers on so I can't say how I feel. Straight Ahead is solid and so is The Blues and the Abstract Truth. What I heard on Sound Pieces, Screaming The Blues and The Kennedy Dream are good, but I haven't heard the entire albums yet. Oh this track, yeah it's so so.
  2. Guns and Roses: No comment. Well other than Use Your Illusion I & II are the best studio albums and the best over all is Live 87-93. I do have a Gameboy, Its probably older than me. I got it as a hand me down. I'll save you the trouble, don't listen to that song.
  3. Florida Kilos: Hopefully I wont have any there, I don't want to get caught by Crockett and Tubbs. Nice voicing with the guitar. But as the song progresses, it makes me like it even less. Also, your really getting me hot Lana......... I'm kidding, just to let you know.
Overall I have to give this album a 4/10. At the end of the day any jokes were said in good fun. But now to be serious, the closest thing I think I have to a guilty pleasure when it comes to music is chanson music. In other words music along the lines of the Emmy Rossum albums, but still that kicks the crap out of this. Hell, outside from the title track I'd rather re-listen to Hebrews by Say Anything again and do a full review then sit front to back again through this. (PS on my RateYourMusic profile I did a short review of that, and some other album's also.) Something else I want to say is I looked up the instruments, just as I did on Honeymoon, and look at these. Philichorda, Mellotron, Pedal Steel, Saxophone, Electric Upright Bass, Omnichord. AHHHHHHHHH

ALSO I will be doing a Clarence Reid Month, a David Bowie Month and a Zappadon in November sometime in the near to next year.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Story of Light - Steve Vai

This is the 9th studio album by guitar virtuoso Steve Vai. I remember when I heard about this album, I was anticipating it's release. I was really into what it might sound like.... then I saw the cover. Now I appreciate it a lot more and thing it's kinda cool and fits the album, but back then I was an ignorant asshole sod I decided not to check it out. Now about 6 months short of 3 years later, I finally give it a spin. Well I did an informal review first time through and realized how good it was, then decided to give it multiple listens.
  1. The Story of Light: This song starts out the album and it has this foreign language voice that reminds me a ton of Scary Monsters' opener. You know what this track really reminds me of, oddly enough, Trance-Fusion. That's the 1988 tour solos album released 2006 by Zappa. Now Vai played with Frank back in the early 80's. Like I think from 1980-1981, no later than 82.
  2. Velorum: So far this album sounds very reminiscent of the 80's for me. Now this isn't a bad thing, this is a very triumphant album thus far. After the intro starts I hear beautiful strings that are just gorgeous. If the album keeps this up it's bound to at least get an 8. I casually listen to Buckethead's 2010 series The Pike where now he's one like 110. This track sounds like it could fit, following the strings, on one of those albums very easily, or at least one of the ones I've heard. Also I really dig that like double solo towards the ending, reminds me a bit of Inca's Road.
  3. John The Revelator: This song title sounds like a Priest or Yngwie song. This is also one of two tracks that features Beverly McClellan who I think was, according to her discography, on The Voice. This song opens with a sample, or what sounds like one. I assume it's Steve singing, but it reminds me of Axel's when he does that deep vocal harmony thing on tracks like Pretty Tied Up or Colma. You know, this is just an ok track, it's not as good as one of the other two before it. This not as cool 
  4. Book of the Seven Seals: This track segues from the last track and this is actually more engaging then the prior, and actually it's more gospel. I had my guitar and played a solo along and got so into that track, I can't really remember what happened.
  5. Creamsicle Sunset: A very approprate title for a track that sounds like it was recorded with a possible Hawaiian flavor to it. This also sounds a lot like, to me, Zoot Allures' title track. This is a great choice to follow that intense soulful track. This is a very mellow track that I just wanna fall asleep to, I really do feel like I'm st
  6. Gravity Storm: This sounds like that classic Vai that I know. I can't quite put my finger on what the riff reminds me of, but when I do, I will say what it is. I like that the soloing isn't the sole focus on this track. The elecytronics here are nice, and this just is a pretty solid track over all. I mean 
  7. Mullach a'tSi: This is a traditional Irish lullaby. I don't really like Irish things, but thats a little beside the point. This sounds very oriental in the intro to me. This title is very odd, but what ever. I really like this it's very relaxing. I also love that I picked up on the harp in the track. I love harp :)
  8. The Moon and I: I guess this was originally released in 2010 but was remixed for this album. This reminds me of another type of mellow song in the realm of ZA. This also sounds very 80's esque. This is a nice relaxing track and feels like a pleasant little instrument (with vocals). I wish there weren't vocals but I think it might run a little long.
  9. Weeping China Doll: This track really reminds me a ton, I mean a ton, of For The Love Of God. I really like the acoustic guitar sounding steel things right before the 2nd solo starts up. I really don't know what to say about this track. It's nice, but nothing new or special to add to this album.
  10. Racing the World: This has a nice change of pace, kind of, feeling to it. I wish the last trackwas cut and replaced with this instead, but you know it's all good. There is a bit of a Madden sound track feeling to this song. But you know.
  11. No More Amsterdam: Steve sings on this track. It's okay, I mean I really don't have much to say.
  12. Sunshine Electric Raindrops: Closing the album is a tune that's okay, I mean at this point it isn't special. It's just kind of a tune. Nice solo thought
Overall I have to give this album a 7/10. I need this album, and would go back in time and kick my ass to get it. I mean upon second time through it isn't a mind blowing, but you know it's okay. I still tink it's better than I expected, but yeah. Check it out if your so inclined.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

St. Vincent

This review has basically been done for almost two years. Seriously, So why not finish this up and get it over with. Cleaning out the Draft section. This is the fourth album by Annie Clark. I found out about her when Strange Mercy first came out back in 2011. Now I waited to listen to this album until the day it came out, not even the singles. Now I had to run out so I listened to the singles before I left, then the rest when I got home. I still plan on reviewing this this month, and also her other stuff too, but soon. I put this off for a few days to let it sit with me and to grasp this talked about wit. Now years later, heres the review.
  1. Rattlesnake: This is a good opener to this album. Throughout my "review process" for this album I've revisited all of her prior album, with the exception of Ratsliveonnoevilstar. Off the bat there is a bit of a different feeling, more distorted and electronic. There is some really nice phasing on this tune, and I feel like the woman on this cover made this tune. The lyrics, in the chorus are also sort of "odd" but it just works. This is pretty catchy, and they beat is solid. I feel like this is a solid tune to open the sound of the album, and give you a pretty clear picture of what might happen. Also great solo, it works here well.
  2. Birth In Reverse: This track was released as the first single for the album in December 2013. This is a very good song that has only gotten better as I listen to it more. I love the singing and riff playing sort of the same notes. The digital distortion on this track real sounds nice. This is very much so a song I could see being able to dance to. Also that solo, I love it. Annie this is amazing, and this sort of little fills and in between verses those are just great. I mean I love it, sometime people could get stuff like that to work but it's just great. Also the drumming reminds me a bit of Chad Wackerman. Might not be a valid though, but sounds very 80's. I just love tune it's so fucking fun.
  3. Prince Johnny: This was released as single number three for the album in May 2014. The vocal choir is great in this tune. It completely makes this tune. There is a very heavenly feeling from that. But they guitar kind of keeps it from that. Not to say the guitar doesn't work, it's just..... It's very much so the right kind of odd. Plus great groove. Just check it out, I dig it.
  4. Huey Newton: The title of this track reminds me of Fig Newtons. The drum beat reminds me a bit of Housequake. I do like this song, and think it's a great addition to this art pop record, it's just not a favorite of mine. I could see it growing on me, but you know I don't know. There are moments where, if they went in this direction, I could see this being an Eisley song. It's a nice little change of pace, and the guitar riff reminds me a bit of Deep Purple. You know, if Fireball was made today. That sort of pick up towards the end, nice touch.
  5. Digital Witness: This, being another great or amazing track, was released as the second single for the album about a month after the first. This is such an odd song, but odd in the best way possible. It's got a swagger to it that impresses me. It actually reminds me a little of a digital version of Dr. John or New Orleans music. That is until the choruses. This sounds like the big single off Love This Giant. The vocals are great here and that synth bass line, great. I think what makes this so good is Fripp could have though of some of this guitar work. This song sort of, in a way, hardens a bit of Fashion. I think I already made that comparison in a review from this month (maybe Fripp is just on my mind) who knows. It's the tittle details and the sharp playing. 
  6. I Prefer Your Love: The music fits the words so well. It's romantic sounding and a really enjoy it. While I'm not 100 percent enthused with the "to Jesus" line. The thing though is, it's her music and if its true then I think she has the right to say it. This first actually, it's very heavenly and the sort that I think Panda Bear didn't pull off really on that new record from 2015. This is very pretty layered and sounds great. I really couldn't ask for her to do anything else to this song. Really, even those little water sounds..... great touches.
  7. Regret: This was released as the last single for the album in August 2014. I don't really know why this was picked over I Prefer Your, but you know. This isn't as great as the last song, but has a very laid back feeling. There is a groove and feeling, it's just not as great as the other singles, but still pretty good. I like he instrumental parts the most though. Thats really neat sounding.
  8. Bring Me Your Loves: The way her voice is distorted and messed with reminds me a little of Aura off ARTPOP.  This is a very bizarre song that I really like that it's weird. I have a crush on Annie, shes pretty but she's also an amazing musician. I love talent, it's really cool to me. I wish this song was weirder, but you know still this is pretty odd. With song great synths towards the ending, like really great.
  9. Psychopath: This is a track that, to be honest, isn't for me a lesser Birth In Reverse. It's kind of like an underdeveloped version of the song. The pre-chorus has some extra sounds come in, but then the chorus comes in and it's so damn pretty. Now lately I've been screwing up my hearing and need to listen to music quieter for it to heal, so I imagine that chorus would be better with loudness. I also love the acoustic guitar that comes in during the solo. That whole part of the song actually reminds me a ton of the band Eisley. They have a song called Wicked Child, which is on Currents from 2013, and to be honest I think Eisley did it better. The solo even reminds me of BIR. While I don't think it's a terrible song, I just think that it's not on par with some of the other great tracks here.
  10. Every Tear Disappears: I actually dig the title of this track a lot. There are some pretty cool titles here. The intro also reminds me a bit of The Car's tune Just What I Needed. I mean really, it sounds like it. This has some nice sounds going on, one of which reminds me of The Residents but anyway. The vocals remind me also of Stacy at points. This is a nice penultimate song.
  11. Severed Crossed Fingers: This track sounds like it could be on a tribute album for Sgt. Pepper's. The track is very psychedelic and reminds me of one of the Paul McCartney music hall Fixing A Hole type songs on that album. There is a synth that sounds a ton like a harpsichord. This is a pretty good ending I think to the album. The bridge part reminds me a lot of the orchestral section of A Day In The Life. The way she is singing and it's intensifying reminds me of that part. The solo at the end of this track reminds me of a song that I can't recall at the moment. It's really nice and a great closer.
Overall I have to give this album a 7/10. I know Annie's music and wanted to let it sink in a little before I reviewed an album.  I think that time is what helped it so much. At first I couldn't listen to this thing front to back. Now I know my favorites and the tracks that are not. I'll return to the former, and most likely not to the latter. But a good summation could be that this is honestly what ARTPOP is, not Gaga's faux art. Now "art" is very hard to define but I think it's when you put you heart, soul, feelings, and love into something. Art is created, in my option, when your expressing something. It could be as deep as a moral dilemma, to as light as you're hungry. If its basically a labor of love you can say its your work of art. If you throw it together in a day or bs meanings to shit, that's not art. Only you can decide what art is and how much of you goes into it. And there isn't any argument that Annie didn't put "Her Love" into this thing. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sticky Fingers - The Rolling Stones

In honor of the deluxe edition being released I decided to review this. I also  reviewed Help! for it's 50th, back in August (and have a special review for its 50th in August and June). This album follows their 1969 classic Let It Bleed. That albums great and it is the best Rolling Stones album. Now I go back and forth between my favorite being that and Her Majesty's but I think the songwriting is the most focused and fleshed out on that album (LIB). Moral of the story, this album has a lot to live up to. This is also their first album on their very own Rolling Stones Records. The album that was right before this, 1970's 'Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! which was a live album, but that isn't a studio album so it's you know what ever.
  1. Brown Sugar: This is the album opener. And this is a great opener and sets the tone for the harder tracks. It's a great time, but not for the lyrics. When you find out they were supposedly about Claudia Lennear you kind of lose some respect. I mean look her up, 10/10, plus she can sing. Bowie also wrote a tune for her, Lady Grinning Soul. There's a big difference in tone and substance. Where this is straight forward, starts and finishes, Lady sort of takes you on an adventure of romance and passion. The better song is the latter, but that doesn't matter really. This is a fun song, with great horns and a great riff. There is a fun feeling to it and the backing vocals are pretty good here also. It's got enough grit to it, but it's also got a punch.
  2. Sway: I much prefer Stay, but I guess Sway will have to do for now. This almost sounds like it could be a song on Beggars Banquet, but a tad more trippy. There is a sort of trippy vibe I get from this tune. This is pretty well put together, and isn't pretty enough to sound "lame" that this band is playing it. And those strings towards the end, nice. (thumbs up emojii)
  3. Wild Horses: This is an acoustic, country sort of ballad. You know, this song isn't terrible, it's just..... I remember hearing so many songs like this when I was into classic Woodstock rock stuff. At this point in my life this is kind of a boring song. I used to dig it more, but I mean..... I really can't say I like it that much.
  4. Can't You Hear Me Knocking: This is a great track that still boggles my mind they played that solo (the jazzy section). It sounds like Santana came in and had his band play the end (well a slowed down band, or played it in a slower time signature). The story goes they just let the tape keep going and the solo section wasn't planned. On its own merit, without the solo, its still a solid track. I mean that riff and chorus still get you into the song enough for that other part to work even better. As much as I praise the latter half, the first is just as crucial to the song working. I mean ever one here is playing top notch and I don't think this song could have anything changed to make it better. It's one of those instances where, it just works as is. WHY THE FUCK DONT YOU GIVE ME MORE OF THIS KEITH. Wait Keith did not play lead? Well on the part that I LOVE at least, oh yeah that was Mick. Probably the best thing to happen to the band..... what. If you haven't head this song, it's one of those that is well deserving of being on a best classic rock tunes ever list. Like seriously, I'm cutting the bullshit 90 % of tunes on those are shit, this is among the truly great 10-20%.
  5. You Gotta Move: A cover of a track by Mississippi Fred McDowell. 33 years later one of my favorite bands Aerosmith made a bad covers album and covered this version of the song for it. I actually prefer this to the Honkin on Bobo version. While I don't normally like this type of song, I do have a bit of an affection for this. It's kind of a straight tribute to their heroes, you can't really knock someone for that. And it isn't consuming the entire album. This is probably the best version I've heard of the song.
  6. Bitch: This is another good track from this LP. While that intro might sound odd, because I do like most of this album, this track stands out as a track I revisit. I mean the pre-chorus isn't as great as I remember, but those horns make up for it. One thing I do think is a shame is I prefer the extended version from the deluxe edition more. I assume that's the full length version which was cut for time for the album. It's a shame, get it..... ahahahaha. Maybe they could have cut a track like Wild Horses or I Got The Blues rather, for this to be longer. Actually the math works out to where it'd fit. I also like the energy more. But regardless, it's the same track so it just the uncut version.
  7. I Got The Blues: This song made me laugh for whatever reason, I imagined a sort of "Weird Al" parody of a bluesy 50's tune. I mean this isn't terrible, I like it, it's just I don't think it works that perfect along with the rest of what was present. Yeah I looked it up, I couldn't think of his name, but I totally agree with the Otis Redding comparison, sort of Stax Records vibe. This also reminds me a ton, a ton, of Aerosmith on maybe What it Takes or another ballad, Amazing?
  8. Sister Morphine: This track was co written with Marianne Faithful. Marianne performed a version first in 1968 and I haven't heard it yet. A quick, unrelated personal note, thing that's funny is whenever I hear the word Morphine this song pops in my head. This acoustic intro reminds me a tad of Van Morrison's best song off Astral Weeks, The Way Young Lovers Do. This is a nice song that I think fits and it pretty great to be honest. I mean I don't revisit it often, but it's got some nice shit going on.
  9. Dead Flowers: This may come as a surprise, but this is one of my favorite tracks here. It's chord progression is so fun to play and it's easy. I really enjoy this song and it brings back memories for me. It is just a fun song over all, even though it's topic might not be that fun. Great tune that I LOVE.
  10. Moonlight Mile: Closing the album we get a tune that was, according to Jagger, "All Mick's". I guess he had the idea and "the band just figured out how to play it". That's pretty cool to be honest. The strings here are great, and this just feels like a closer. Great tune. It sort of harkens back to the days of Last Time, but more grown up. More mature, much more wise. I don't know, that's what I get.
Overall I have to give this album a 7/10. As much as I make fun of the group, I this is a great record. While I really don't love all the tracks that are more country sounding, for what ever reason this works for me. Actually I do remember I really like Beggars Banquette and this is kind of part two for that album. That albums more rootsy this is more country with grit at parts.

Now I will plug, of my own doing, RateYourMusic. I love that site, I have uploaded everything I've released to that site information and I rate albums almost daily on there. And for the most part the rating on there, double it and that's out of ten. Some albums may be up for discussion (tagged revisit), but for the most part the ratings are how I truly feel. And if I feel unsure or need a bother listen or two. Even if I don't understand what's going on, I tag the album "revisit". If I see potential in it being one of my favorite albums ever I tag it " candidate". And if I have a review in this site of it, I have it tagged "review" though some artists in the free download section aren't on the site. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper

So, as with all the others this month I am getting rid of some old album and trying to de clutter the  drafts folder. Logically, most of these albums this month wont get super amazing scores (in part to my lack of anything to say, also because why it took so long). I already heard this album, and I liked enough of it to do a review of it. This is the fourth solo album by Panda Bear, member of Animal Collective. I have heard his Mr. Noah Ep before this review, which I might just review, and also I've heard AC's 2012 album Centipede Hz. There were enough stuff on there for me to everntually want to check out the rest of their solo and collective stuff.
  1. Sequential Circuits: This opens the album, and to be honest, it's sort of heavenly. I mean not in the way that I'd want it to be (but that could be intentional). I mean this kind of has a sort of water sound, and sounds like it'd be a good intro. The only problem is it's like 3 in a half minutes long. I mean it does go by fast, but still. It isn't terrible, I just wish it was shorter maybe. But again that's a personal thing, I do think it works as is though.
  2. Mr. Noah: This is a track that was released on an Ep back in November. I didn't review it because j though it was just okay. I may review the Ep but I also may not. I do think this is a good follow up, it sounds like he sampled dogs whimpering and the Pod Racers flying by. I do think that's pretty cool. I think this is kind of a bit of a mess when the song starts, but I do at least enjoy this mess. I mean I like it, but I don't think it's amazing.
  3. Davy Jone's Locker: This song kind of went by I didn't even notice it the first time.
  4. Crosswords: This song has a nice feeling to it. Again nothing spectacular, just kind of pleasant. 
  5. Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker: Okay, at this point I've kind of lost my intrest in this overall sound
  6. Boys Latin: For whatever reason, I feel this song is gay. Like really, as in homosexual. Maybe it's because of the Filmworks with the gay Latinos males, but I don't know. Also I mean, the words he's speaking could be another language, but I don't really think it's as cool as it should be. I don't know, like it said the charm of the albums gone at this point.
  7. Come To Your Senses: This beat sort of reminds me of the "Oh Danny Boy, Danny Boy" section of I Get Knocked Down. Or whatever the name of the song is :) I mean not exactly, but sort of a variation maybe. Not terrible, but again sort of goes in one ear and out the other.
  8. Tropic of Cancer: This is by far the best song here. It's so simple, but it's so heavenly it the way it sounds. If I'm not mistaken, this uses a I-vi-IV-V progression. I might be wrong, it might be a variation, but is sure sounds very doowop progression to me. It sounds like it's being arpeggiated on a harp and it's so gorgeous. The vocals just add to an atmosphere that makes me feel as though I'm waking though the pearly gates. This track alone is worth checking out the album for. Oh, I guess the harp is a sample of a the Nutcracker Suite Pas de Deux.
  9. Shadow of Colossus: I don't really know what to say.
  10. Lonely Wanderer: The beginning of this song starts out with this kind of heavenly feeling After that it goes into a sole piano. The was the piano sounds it reminds me very much so of Eisley's album Currents, the track in mind I have is Drink The Water.
  11. Principe Real: Again, not half bad its just I ran out of things to say.
  12. Selfish Gene: This  is a pretty fun track. I mean it's nothing but fun none the less.
  13. Acid Wash: This is a great closer and just kind of feels like it completes this. I like the swirl, I just wish that would have ended the song, like the first one.
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. While this album starts just ok for me it eventually picks up steam and has some great tracks I really like. Do I think it's steam continues for the rest of the album? No. Do I feel that this album is worth buying a CD of? Possibly. One thing I know for sure is i still need to check Merriweather Post Pavillion.  But really I mean, this isn't half bad. It's just not mind blowing or amazing really to me. To be honest, I'd play this as background music. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The College Dropout - Kanye West

In honor of So God Help Me, or SWISH, I decided to finish this review that I started back in 2012. Actually it's dated 6/14/12 to be exact. I didn't do much to it but I started it back then. This is the 2004 debut album by well known rapper Kanye West. I guess this took four years, 1999-2003, to record. Well I know stuff about him. I've heard and reviewed his 2010 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and 2013 Yeezus albums in full and scattered tracks off his Late Registration and Graduation albums. Thought I wasn't in love with it, I still bought a CD copy of it. The latter I cared for even less, but bought it the day of release.
  1. Intro: This is a vocal introduction skit of someone talking and telling Yeezy to play something "for the kids". The guy talking is Deray.
  2. We Don't Care: No this isn't an MGMT cover. Hey, this is a positive message right. I mean even if it's a joke, I am not really laughing. But even more so this track isn't as hard hitting as Jesus WalksNever Let Me Down or Spaceship. Those songs kicks your ass, this kind of.... well I'll probably forget it once the albums over. This basically segues into the next track by way of Deray.
  3. Graduation Day: Not digging that Deray thing, and if he keeps popping up I'll probably get annoyed. The ending and the autotune and the soul vibe, I could see this playing on the radio if it was longer or if this and the prior track were edited for a single mix.
  4. All Falls Down: This track features Syleena Johnson who is someone I don't know. Well I looked her up, she's gorgeous and she's also Sly Johnson's daughter. Her father is someone I know from his 1976 Total Explosion album. I actually like this intro, but maybe if West just shut up in the beginning but it is what it is. As much as I dig the fuzzy guitar towards the ending, the repetition gets annoying.
  5. I'll Fly Away: A title that reminds me so much of Sinatra. This is a very Sinatra esque song, maybe not in this rendition, but I could see him singing this maybe. It's kind of a stretch, but still. This is very gospel though just vox and piano. Its actually a cover. 
  6. Spaceship: This track features GLC and Consequence. This also contains a sample of the song Distant Lover by Marvin Gaye (soon I will be able to add that link ;)). The sample of which is just ear candy to me, the way it's pitch shifted and it's the chorus. I love it, it's fricken great. I also love the follow from the last track into this one. I actually like the beat and think West does a great job here. Not just Mr. West but also the other rappers featured. Damn there is this just urge to start playing Let's Get It On front to back and do a review for that now too.
  7. Jesus Walks: This is the albums crowning achievement. I couldn't possibly get all the shit I need to say done in one listen of this song, and not because I need to dissect it. I can't type fast enough to keep up with the track. The thing I can get done in one listen is that it's sad seeing how this is a very heartfelt song and how fame and little stupid dumb shit can make someone, whom I assume believes, just dwell on such dumb superficial shit on Yeezus and MBDTF. It's very sad.... But this song is an emotional roller coaster of guilt. 
  8. Never Let Me Down: This track features Jay-Z and also J. Ivy. One of about only and albums worth of track I really dig with Jay on it. This is another track that is gonna need another listen. I mean the fricken, this instrumental just makes me cry every time I hear it front to back. J. Ivy reminds me a little of AESOP Rock. With tracks like this it kind of melts cynicism away and reminds me to not just do a shit job on the review.
  9. Get Em High: Talib Kweli and Common both appear on this, the 9th track of this LP. Did Pharell produce this beat. This reminds me a lot of Lapdance, it's distorted and compressed sounding. Well at least Talib knew he was an asshole back then. Maybe this was his warning to us what would be his future. Not musically, but that asshole comment. I do like that girl talking part who is Sumeke Rainey. That's probably my favorite part.
  10. Workout Plan: Not digging this, though I like the sanding sound. The fact that this track has women gossiping and talking  the "beat" remind me of the women filing their nails. Now this may or may not be intentional, but I enjoy it none the less. To be straight the nail file sounds not the topic or words of the track. This is like interlude intro for the following track. 
  11. The New Workout Plan: Probably the most complex track on the album, this has a lit going on. Also I need to say, I love the violin in this intro. By far the best part of this track is the strings. The violin is played by Mimi Bel-Ari. It's so eastern sounding, which I looked her up and she is from Israel. The vocals at the hook are unmistakably Slim Shady inspired, hell I could see it being him. The only thing is this would be on like Encore or The Eminem Show. So his lesser albums, though Relapse is probably his worst by far. The vocals talk boxed (I read the credits before I heard the track) sound very vocooded and reminds me of Daft Punk. This is a fun song, but I mean this should have been like on an Ep maybe that'd be pretty fun and cool. I gotta give him props for the whole shifts in parts. There was a lot of thought that went into this track. But that guitar reminds me of something, but I couldn't put my tongue on it. 
  12. Slow Jamz: This track features one Jamie Foxx and also Twista. This sounds a ton like something Lil B would have used as a beat. But this sounds like sonically there is a little bit more attention to detail, so he might not use it. I prefer Twista's line, it's pretty fast and sounds pretty cooler instead. And Jamie Foxx his little thing, not huge on it. It's still a solid track though. I could imagine if Frank Ocean was older he's be on this track.
  13. Breathe In Breathe Out: Feat. Ludacris as a guest on this track. I'm not huge into him and I've never been interested enough to really sit through an album.  I do like the beat and the guitar that sounds like it's on a phaser. Also love the violin moments. Not huge on the vocal rhaspiness in the hook.
  14. School Spirit (Skit 1): Shut the hell up.
  15. School Spirit: Solid beat, and pretty great piano sound. Just not into the lyrics, thought I can dig the vocal melody. I just don't give a fuck about him telling me about fraternities. 
  16. School Spirit (Skit 2): Shut up again bah
  17. Lil Jimmy (Skit): Again, except this is supposed to be funny.
  18. Two Words: This track features the contributions of fellow rapper Mos Def, Freeway and also The Boys Choir of Harlem. Awesome beat and intro and frickn harpsichord. An d that frequent guitar, a great track, and guess what else freak'n violin. AHHHH!
  19. Through The Wire: So frickin God's Father mixtape it isn't even remotely funny. But hey, that's a good thing. The flows are even somewhat familiar. I guess.
  20. Family Business: This is a solid ending to the album, much better then the following track.
  21. Last Call: This is one of the worst songs I've ever heard Kanye do. No offense but 12 minutes and 40 seconds is a long time to tell a story of meeting Jay-Z. It'd be much better if it was shorter. You know this would be a lot more hart warming if Kanye wasn't the world famous arrogant person people love to have.
Overall I have to give this a 6/10. The best thing is that this is one flowing piece of music in a way. The thing is though, it's long. really long. I love strings through out. Not a single complaint in that department. I'm gonna need to check the samples on this album they are pretty solid. I think the next upload is the one I already alluded to in my last review. Also then on to more music that will help me. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Days Are Gone - Haim

This is the debut album by sisters Haim. I've been waiting for this thing since the beginning of the summer. The one thing that sucks is in Cali it's always summer, in Chicago we have winter. This is perfect summer music. But whatever, I think after three years it's time to review this thing right. Well... Not three years, this September it'll be three years.
  1. Falling: I like this tune, it still seems pretty awesome. I mean I think the whole feeling of it is pretty nice and I love that bass. The vocals are really nice and the echo effect is pretty sick. I mean, there is an electronic element I think is working extremely well here. Also nice guitar solo, great tone too. I also love that "steel drum" sound towards the ending of the song. Nice little touch 
  2. Forever: I already reviewed this tune on its EP. I still dig it and it's pretty fun, to be honest. 
  3. The Wire: The opening of this reminds me so much of Eagles, until the vocals come in. I mean it still sort of reminds me of it, but it is much easier to take. This is a fun little ditty, that isn't really serious. I mean it could be, but I think it's best when taken as not a serious thing. I like the tones here and the synthesized bass on this things awesome. Then the strings at the ending are another nice touch. 
  4. If I Could Change Your Mind: This song is very 80's. Is that bad, no. I actually think it's kind of fun. It has that same feeling as Forever. I mean it's a different track, but there are some similarities. Also I love that whatever synth that sounds like chimes. Damn is that awesome. The handclap break down is another nice touch. 
  5. Honey & I: I really like this tune. It's pretty awesome and it's catchy. I like the backing vocals, and there is just something here that I didn't originally pick up on when the singles came out but with the record.... There was a sort of magic. I mean not Star Wars magic, but there is something that just clicks on this track. The overall feeling of this is pretty great and it feel like a 90's tune updated.
  6. Don't Save Me: This is a fun song, but it isn't as fun. The vocals remind me a bit of Stacy from Eisley at points in the vocals. I mean this song is very much in the style of the album, but at this point there isn't anything blowing me away. Like the hits happened, this is a bit weaker. 
  7. Days Are Gone: I wanna say my girl Alana, she's my favorite, is singing this. I'll check, but this has a weird vibe that is also sort of accessible. Really the only thing I can think of that has a sort of odd but easy to listen to feeling is Fashion. Though that's weirder, but still. Nice tune. 
  8. My Song 5: I like this song a lot, it's weird and I guess a garage band sort of demo. But I do really think this is a nice little addition to the album. The kind of dubstep feeling is kind of nice here. I think it doesn't overwhelm and work nice. But really I do like how this kind of breaks up some of the similar atmospheres songs. Nice guitar work here too. The remix with A$AP Ferg is pretty solid also. Plus the single has Alana'/s ass as the single pic......u You really can't loose with this one. 
  9. Go Slow: Another track on the Forever Ep, and well... I like it more than I used to to be honest. 
  10. Let Me Go: This opens with singing and an atmosphere. I kind of feel like the singing could be like an outtake from maybe The Wire. Or repurposed lyrics. This is pretty solid, with an intense verses section. I do like the percussion and and I'd love to see what was used to make this sound. The solo also works here, I like it. Solid tune and a nice surprise. I wasn't expecting this. The guitar also, towards the end, reminds me of Bond. That riff. Also the keyboard thing at the end, nice touch. 
  11. Running If You Call My Name: I don't care for this introduction much. I mean it works, but I'm not feeling it. And I know the live version of this is superior to the album version. This sounds too, produced? I mean it's pretty but, I want something to get me pumped or to give me closure. I'm not getting that here all that much. 
Overall I have to give this album a 7/10. This is a pretty fun record, what can I say. I think a lot of its strength come from the little touches here and there. That on top of th solid song writing, you have a solid album. I'm glad I decided to do this review or this month. :) It's always nice to hear something good again for the first time in a long time. Hopefully LP 2 throws left hooks and more sick percussion. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ghosts of Download - Blondie

This is the newest album released by New Wave legends Blondie. Their last album was released in 2011. And before that their last was from 2003. So they really don't release them very often anymore. So I was kind of looking forward to this album. They have a lot of features on this album, maybe because they are trying to make a current album. Now I know they also added the whole Blondie 4(0)Ever rerecordings with this, but why waste time doing that. I heard it, and to be honest it's ok.... not as good as the originals but I'm focusing on the new material. Actually I preferred Comeblack's rerecorded song over this album's. Although, that isn't anything special either.
  1. Sugar On The Side: This track features someone called Systema Solar. I mean I like this song, and I like the accordion thingy. But I'm not huge into the chorus and how she doesn't keep up with it. Also the whole Spanish part is just OK. There is something humorous though about this track. I wish I could speak spanish, but I still do enjoy the track.
  2. Rave: This track features someone named Miss Guy. I like some of the electronics on this tune. It's kind of fun to hear, and it also reminds me of a song I like a bit Prepare For The Fight by The Lovemakers.
  3. A Rose By Any Name: This is another Ok song, that the worst part is the chorus. I like that Blondie isn't afraid of EDM and trying to embrace it, but you know. This song is p[retty decent, I mean I don't love it, but it doesn't hurt or bother me to listen to.
  4. Winter: There is something about his tune that makes me think of winter. I'm kidding, but to be serious this isn't half bad. I like the atmosphere and I like the synths on the track. I also dig the guitars and the over all just feel.
  5. I Drag You Around: I really dig this tune, it's simple but there is something that's peaceful abou it. I could kind of see my self being upset and visiting this tune to sort of come to reality. Not like insane depressed or anything like that, but sort of a "friend" to rely on down you know.
  6. I Screwed Up: This track features someone known as Los Rakas. I've heard this numerous time, and the chorus is what kills it. I mean I think it could be a solid tune in the verses, but that off ness of the chorus is just.... it doesn't really work for me. I mean it sort of works better in later choruses, but that first one just ..... it takes me too out of the tune. And the rap is just..... Okay I guess. That guitar, the nylon sounding one, is pretty solid I think to the fade.
  7. Relax: This is a Frankie Goes To Hollywood cover. This is a piano ballad rendition, until the ending. But to be honest, while it's different from the original, it's not nearly as good and Debbie sounds kind of bored. That is until the songs half over, then they make a techno sounding version that sounds more like the music from DDR.
  8. Take Me In The Night: I don't really know what to say about this. It's okay, but I mean I'd probably skip it if not for the review. The sort of bridge is pretty solid in my opinion though.
  9. Make A Way: I don't really have anything to say I didn't say in the previous track.
  10. Mile High: I think this sounds like a song I would have heard in High School on the bus to Summer School. So I guess there is some nostalgia value, thought I don't love it, but I do like this tune.
  11. Euphoria: This kind of sounds like a glitchy remix of The Sign by Ace of Base. I dig that tune, but I mean.... This isn't as good. Or like another song is playing in the background while I'm listening to this because I was on a Tab site or something. If you play guitar you know what I'm talking about. I like some of the 80's sounds here though. This does go a little long though.
  12. Take It Back: Ehhh
  13. Backroom: Not half bad but again..... I don't really know how to feel., It's okay I guess.
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. This might have worked better as an EP, but I mean I don't like the 13 tracks. It isn't terrible, but I just...... I just don't really think it's as good as I wanted. I still think it's cool they tried this and did something more current, it just didn't work for me. This feels like more of a celebration album than a serious one though so.... whatever it may be, it wasn't horrible.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Part One - The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

This is the second release by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. I've heard of these guys before but I never really took the time to check them out. Recently (In like 2014) I thought I'd give this cover of Help, I'm A Rock a spin on the ole computer. Needless to say that inspired this entire review and I honestly need someone to know what if feel for the album. I'm not just basing it off a single cover, but that was the inspiration.
  1. Shifting Sands: Opening the album we get a track that isn't half bad. I mean it isn't amazing, but it isn't bothering me. This is a pretty decent opening, and you know if you like psychedelic rock I'm sure you'd dig this. My favorite part is the guitar tone, though the sort of waltz feeling beat is pretty nice too.
  2. I Won't Hurt You: This is the first track that appeared on the earlier Vol. One from 1966. This opens with a sort of heart beat and a guitar. I mean I get the whole idea of counter rhythms but I think this beat is too loud and over powers everything else in the beginning.I get this is sort of a nice short little number, or transition, but this isn't impressing me. Also when you get to the actual vocals and lyrics......... Well, let's hope the next track is better.
  3. 1906: To be honest, at this point, I kind of know where this is going. This isn't horrible, it just isn't impressing me. I feel like this might as well be a loop of it's self.
  4. Help, I'm A Rock: This is the real reason I started this review. Why, well this is such an underwhelming cover of this fah-nominal Zappa track of the classic Freak Out!. They didn't do this song any justice and it's, to be as nice as possible, probably the worst Mothers cover I've ever heard in my life. To be honest, I'd try to cover this cover up. :(
  5. Will You Walk With Me: Let's just hope the rest of this album does a good job of not letting me revisit the prior track. Opening rather promising, it's not until the vocals come in and to be honest I could see this being a pastiche attempt at making this flower power sound baroque pop on an album like Spinal Tap or something like that. It's pleasent to listen to, but much like some of the new Coldplay record, I won't remember it once it's over.
  6. Transparent Day: Oh what a happy tune, this ins't half bad but the vocals are so boring.
  7. Leilya: The beginning isn't that great, but that acoustic section that fades in and is over the track is nice. But this isn't anything special. I wish that would have lasted longer.
  8. Here's Where You Belong: Another song that is just Okay.
  9. If You Want This Love: This track also appeared on 1966's Vol. One. Suprise, this is just okay. To be honest this sounds like it could be a re-write of Love Potion No. 9. And that solo is too short to be awesome.
  10. 'Scuse Me, Miss Rose: This ain't half bad in the beginning. It has some promise. To be completely honest, get a different singer, and this would be a keeper.
  11. High Goin': That as a decent closer, I was gald when I heard it.
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. I mean this is pychedelic rock/pop. What do you expect, it isn't anything mind blowing or breathe taking. I'll never revisit this, and really don't care either. I think the best part is the thing that looks like a girl as Bowie on the Hunky Dory cover in that picture. The only difference is she's cute.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2001: A Sex Odyssey - Blowfly

So let's keep this train a rollin' and review another record. This is the 1996 or 1997, different sites day different dates, album by the classic Blowfly. There isn't much info that I can find on this album. AllMusic doesn't even have a review with info for this specific album. But I'm pretty sure this is from 1997 and I'm putting it as that. This was released on Hot Productions and was one of his few released on that label. One thing for certain is this is one of the first album I heard by Blowfly, and it may not be is best but is a good starting spot. Also I want to note, I don't know if all theses are parodies so.
  1. 2001: A Sex Odyssey: This takes spoof of the Also sprach Zarathustra  by Strauss. It was the theme used in Space Odyssey. It's funny because this isn't the first time he's using that song, that honor goes to the appearance on Zodiac from 1975. Also for the record, I never though that was too bad.
  2. Cum For Me: This could be a parody, but I'm not sure of the original. I do like the tune though. This has a DDR vibe to it, but not the annoying songs. This is pretty solid, almost a song that could be (with clean lyrics) in Night at the Roxbury. Also if Fly's correct about being the first rapper ever, he's also the only one to say he has a small member. I really like the chorus vocals, they aren't as bad as some of the other vocals one later albums (post-1980's). Also that woman is hilarious, she appears on other tracks. I got to find out who she is, I hope she is on other albums (not just Fly records).
  3. Y.M.C.(G.)A.(Y.): This is pretty obvious the spoof. The Village People's hit Y.M.C.A. from the 70's. The intro to this makes it ok for him to make a track like this. I guess it does, I mean I don't need him to justify why he can I still think it's kinda funny. This is only made all the more funny now that I reviewed two of their records. 
  4. Another One Learns To Fuck: I'm surprised he didn't do this sooner. This is the Queen track from 1980 Another One Bites The Dust
  5. Insomnia: Thanks in part to AllMusic I was able to find this is a parody of the track Insomnia by a group called Faithless. I mean to be completely honest, he changed the song to being about his dick not being able to sleep because of he's "horny". I didn't like the original, and I don't care for the remake either. The upside this one has is this is almost 4 minutes, the original is over 8.
  6. Planet Twat: I don't believe this to be a spoof, if it is let me know, but I can't think of a song or couldn't find one it was spoofing. Although, that part (the synths) sound very similar.
  7. Fuck Is Love: some tracks he spoofed here are old, even in 1996. This makes sense since its from the 90's. it's What Is Love by Haddaway from 1991. That is one of my favorite songs ever. Not only is it hilarious, it's music video is even more so. That beat thou, so infectious. I'm glad Fly'a dirtified this. 
  8. Please Don't Blow: A parody of KC & The Sunshine Band's number 1979 Please Don't Go. Now while I'm not insane about this band some of the originals and Fly parodies are pretty solid disco tunes. This on the other hand..... it is not. So honestly, I don't think he picked the best track to use you know.
  9. Blue Monday (How Does It Feel?): See, based off the title I can assume this is a parody of Dylan or The Doors. But when I listen to the track, I realize I don't really care for this. Thought it does remind me of Fashion Is Danger by FOTC.
  10. When Doves Cum: This is a spoof of the classic When Doves Cry off Purple Rain from 1984. The intro to this track features one of the funniest intros to a Fly song I've heard. It's him having sex and the woman is saying it's messed up. Classic.
  11. We Will Fuck You: Spoofing Queen's 1977 classic We Will Rock You off News To The World. This is the full track spoof, an earlier WWFU appeared on Fuck Wars, I believe, off 1988's Blowfly For President. To be honest, I don't like the original that much so this isn't really up my alley. I prefer the abridged version from BFP.
Overall I have to give this album a 6/10. Now someone who is into classic rock, or 90's electro music, may appreciate this album. This is also a good starting point for someone to maybe get into Blowfly. Outside of those two very redeeming qualities of that this album somewhat has lost it's flavor with me. And the thing with Blowfly is either I liked it at first and it grows on me, or I don't like it then it grows one me. This album has kind of done the opposite. Though I still enjoy it, it's not his best, but a good starting point. This covers songs from the 70s to 90s.

Monday, January 18, 2016

D-I-V-O-R-C-E - Tammy Wynette
I can't say I like country, it's more tracks. But I do have a bit of a crush on Tammy. I mean for one she's beautiful, and shes a pretty great singer. I contemplated reviewing her best song, Stand By Your Man, but as a while that album isn't that amazing. There were still some stand outs so I may, but who knows. I decided to review this, now, because why the hell not. I'm on a roll baby, and lets see how many I get done this month.
  1. Gentle on my Mind: This is a Glen Campbell cover, which was the 1967 Title Track off that album. This has some nice finger pickin' in the beginning, and I like Tammy's vocals. This is a nice way to start off the album, and makes me want to.... It makes me feel like this might not be half bad. The drums and percussion have this sort of fun feeling to it. I mean it isn't a fun song, but it is kind of. Like I imagine if I played this it'd be sort of fun.
  2. Honey: This song sort of reminds me of a song I can't quite think of the title. MacArthur's Park, the backing track if you took out the twang and country feeling. This is a cover of the Bobby Goldsboro tune from 1968. This song sort of gets larger, but it sounds good to me. It doesn't bother me. Two for two, damn Tammy you're impressing me ;)
  3. Legend of Bonnie and Cylde: This is probably the wrong word, but this makes me think of skiffle. Damn, we got some nice guitar work, fills and whoever this session musician kudos bro. This is a solid ass song, all around really. Oh also this is a cover of the Title Track off another 1968 record, this time by Merle Haggard and The Strangers.
  4. All Night Long: This is a slower tune, but this isn't bad. On Stand By Your Man I remember there being a few of these. This is nice that there isn't one after another after another. I might be wrong, but I think this is the first original. Even though it was written by Don Chapel.
  5. Sweet Dreams: This is a cover of a tune dating back to 1955. I think it said the originally by the songs writer Don Gibson. Numerous artists would cover this Emmylou Harris, Patsy Cline, Roy Buchannon and even a collaboration between Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler are the ones I know. This isn't that bad of a tune, more or less the same thing as the last track. But it goes by fast, and it doesn't bore me.
  6. Yesterday: This is a cover of the famous Help! tune by The Beatles. This is a pretty solid cover, but I think it's kind of a hard song to mess up. I mean it kind of falls in with the other covers I've heard that aren't as good as the original. But at least this has a bit of a country twang and the backing harmonies are nice. Plus, glad to hear Tammy's pipes on this tune.
  7. D-I-V-O-R-C-E: Alright, this is a phenomenal track. I've never had a divorce, but I kinda of imagine this would give me comfort if I was going thought one. A great written pop song is catchy, it gets stuck in your head but it doesn't fade. It can also stick to a theme or a style and does in creatively. Now like I said I have never been divorced, I'm not even in a relationship, but this song paints a very vivid image of what it'd be like to have a young child. Be getting divorced and trying to not upset him, by way of spelling out words for him to not understand. This is a very powerful, simple musically, song. And it's odd how much it "hits home" with me, without ever having an experience for this to "hit". I think that's part of being a good writer, you make someone else feel you, feel your situation, make it seem real. It's not fairy tale, not something where everything will be alright, its the end of something.... It's life. The only thing anyone can assure you in life is death, and in which its an ending. And another reason this is great, it isn't a track that asks you to feel bad for it. It doesn't force you, you just naturally feel. It could be me, but as far as country goes this is one of the best songs ever written. 
  8. Come On Home: This is okay I guess, I mean it's nothing special. I've heard it before on this record, but he singing is the only thing at this point saving this record. I really hope there aren't any tunes that are in this style after this. Give me something else to bite on.
  9. Where There's A Fire In Your Heart: See this is why I love you, and upbeat dancable tune that is pretty damn fun. I'm also digging that slide guitar. The only real complaint is the fade out. It kind of happens quick.
  10. Kiss Away: Another sort of slow ballad, well at least I got a change of pace. So I mean.... And this isn't that terrible. Honestly, I'm kind of suprised by how not bored I am. These vocals are killing me, in one of the best way possible.
  11. Lonely Street: I wish I knew this track prior to the Magic Whip review, I could have made a "this is not a cover of the 1968 Tammy Wynette track." Although it was Lonesome...... Whatever here we get a track this is pretty nice to close this, and even though it is very similar sonically it isn't to repetitive. It's a nice little touch.
Overall I have to give this album a 7/10. Okay I'm either loosing my mind, but I liked a country, Nashville sound, record. Yes it was Tammy but still. That music usually bores me. Maybe I'm going crazy, maybe after hearing two days at work of new country and hearing how it is more garbage bull shit than a lot of hip hop music..... I don't know. I do know this is pretty damn solid, and I think you should check it out. Maybe my next review should be Aids-a-delic:D...... By the way, I will do one of those albums, just not sure which I'll do.