Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hate Me - Escape The Fate

To keep on keeping on, since I've completed recording this year, I'll do this review. This is the fifth, fourth with Craig Mabbit, studio album by Escape the Fate. While I don't expect this to be much of anything, I could always be surprised. I downloaded that track, the free one, the day it came out and I liked it. It got me kind of excited to hear what was on the album. Then I remembered something, that last time they announced an album with the Ungrateful title track it was a pretty solid track. The second single was pretty good here, but then the album came out and...... well there's a reason the review isn't done yet. I don't really like listening to it. And then I saw the titles for the songs here...... Please Please Please let me be wrong with my preconceived notions, please the be foolish notions. This is also notable for being the first album without Monte Money, here being replaced by Kevin "Thrasher" Gruft. So, at this point, the only original member to be in the group is Robert Ortiz (the drummer).
  1. Just A Memory: Released first track to drop, this wasn't half bad. I mean I liked the over all sound of it and it was pretty good at getting me to at least listen to the record.  But as mentioned eariler, the first to drop from the last album was similar. Upon finally listening to this on the day of the albums, day after to be exact, release I noticed stuff I hadn't before. I noticed the fact that this isn't really that good of a song. In fact, there wasn't anything here for me to even get excited about. I was a fool to have any hope for the new album. Does that mean the songs a piece of shit, not, it just means its initial veil has been lifted. I mean it's a rocker, has some nice screams and growls. This is not half bad, but I think the thing bugs me is the "unforgivable" line. This has these electronics that remind me of Born of Osiris, and the solo sounds like Monte. But the solo doesn't really feel like him. It almost sounds like it was sped up, or made faster. Like it comes, and goes. There is nothing to savor or remember.
  2. Live For Today: Die once I hear this album.  ahaha. No this is link one of the weaker songs on This War is Ours, but done in an annoying rendition. There are also harkens, I think that's the right word, to Gorgeous Nightmare. But like..... I heard this once, then a second time for the review. I wanted so badly to just skip this track. It's too, poppy. Where's the grit, or balls. Maybe albums like Symbolic, Scum, Scar Slighted and other heavy records have tainted my outlook on this. But then why does DIYLF and TWIO still hold up pretty well in my mind.
  3. Remember Every Scar: This is another title I'm not digging. I mean don't get me wrong, most of these titles are kinda lame, but some at least don't bother me. This and track 1 (and any I mention later) do.  Okay, seriously, Coldplay came to mind with the intro. Like if these guys did a Punk Goes Coldplay song. I can't begin to tell how much this breaks my heart. 
  4. Breaking Me Down: Nice two songs with Break in the title, looking forward to what's ahead. There was a reason I forgot this song the first time through, it's so generic. There isn't a single moment on this that is worth remembering. 
  5. Alive: "At last, now its time to look away. When you have to, sit through someone like this today. Don't worry yourself, it will be over soon. Music can get this bad, and then your day'll be in ruin. So always remember, to listen with you heart and ears, and not with your penis. Fuck Nostalgia". That's a 10/10 right. I wrote that for you guys, why, because the lyrics are better than anything going on in this track. That intro reminds me a bit of something from Guitar Hero. Don't quite remember, but don't care enough to check at this point. This is another song that's okay, not that I'll care to remember it.
  6. Get Up, Get Out: I never knew they went Reggae. This hurts. There was a point in time I was under the belief that there were only two good bands, I liked, on Epitaph. Well, that theory is no longer relevant.
  7. Hate Me: This is too close a title to that of Waif Me. Bonus points if you get the reference. But this  track happens to be the title track. I don't know why, but whenever I see "hate" in a title it kind of looks stupid to me. The only exception is if you like incorporated it into a cool title, but Hate Me. There isn't any way you can think of that as a cool song title. Throw this on the not intrested pile.
  8. Les Enfants Terribles: I don't like when people use french for titles or anything that reminds me of infants or Le Mes. Also Enfants looks like Elephants and Infants combine, or misspelling Elphants. This is kind of lame. I mean I really can't dig much deeper than that.
  9. I Won't Break: Before I started typing I misread this as I Won't Back Down. I do misread titles often, or names, but once I hear the correct pronunciation I'm usually okay. But that bummed me out a bit, like a "ha-ha fuck you, let's remind you of a better movie in our movie" type deal. That could have just been me, but still. That distortion, made me cringe. Hey, when did I start listening to Marlyin Manson?
  10. Let Me Be: "Let Me Be, Let Me Be. Stop putting me through this travesty. The only fucking answer's, Let Me Be eeeeeeeeee!". This song, the song on the album not my rewrite, is a piece of crap. This is now the worst song the group has put out to date. I didn't think that was possible, but it Alone, has reached a new low. I'm going to be straight right now, that stupid joke I made to that song, Alone, yeah that song. That has m more redeemable moments than this one. Let that sink in for a minute.  I can't think of any song that is more of a nail in the coffin. Drifter gave Falling In Reverse a country twang, and it was nice. This is shit country. Like bullshit, listen to me on the radio, horse shit shit shit shit. I can't believe I consider, at any point, Self Titled record to be a sell out. This folks is the definition of a sell out.
Overall I have to give this album a 3/10. I contemplated reviewing the bonus tracks, but based on the last two deluxe editions (Ungrateful and Just Like You) and seeing the bonus tracks I decided not to. And when I listend to the remixes.... If you want to know what I'd give them I'd give them a {2/10}. There was no fucking point, plus they weren't that interesting. But back to the album at hand. This album, much like JLY and Ungrateful, just isn't that good. I mean this album is like a watered down Ungrateful. And while JLY has it's moments, this has none. The moments that shined on that are toned down here and the moments of lame, stupid and pointlessness are now complete garbage. This album has made it official ...... I am no longer a fan of the band. They have now put out more albums I dislike than material I do like. I mean seriously I get no enjoyment out of this record. As much as I'd like to think it's me being depressed or something that's my fault....... but I still feel a rush when I listen to Journey to the Center of the Mind and,maybe a better example in this case, DIYLF. Those are exciting, fun, awesome records and songs.... this..... this is not......

I also like to note, you can argue, they are changing their style.... but they really aren't. They're just tampering with their formula, not their style.

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