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Music From Another Dimension! (Deluxe) - Aerosmith

I figured, since there hasn't really be anything of any note or even reviewing for a while the thme has come to do this. Yes a record I started before, the pre-review, the release of this some 4 years ago. There is a reason this hasn't gotten finished, but with the upcoming Steven Tyler solo country debut album slated for February 2016...... Also, some of this was typed 4 years ago so, yeah. This is the long awaited album by one of my favorite bands. I have been waiting for this since 2008. I have been holding a certain type of anger against them because of the wait  I said that this better be worth the 4 year wait. Especially since it's first official date was August 28th, 2012 and it was pushed back to November 6th, 2012. Well heck with you Steven I'm not picking it up the day of, I'm gonna pick you up a week late. Sorry, but I mean what I said. Let's see you be one Cd sale short of debuting at #1. I waited so long to review this because I had to brush up on my Aerosmith. I hadn't listened to any albums front to back, excluding Toys in the Attic in April. I was hoping to get this up by Christmas of 2012 but that sadly never happened, and you'll find out why now.
  1. LUV XXX: I don't like the name of this song at all. I actually think it's kind of a stupid name. I listened to a few seconds then skipped it and listened to some of the other songs. I did return to it. The beginning kind of reminded me of a 2012 version of The Movie. With the spoken word part, either that of like Twilight Zone. Also, their name is not Prince. This starts off the album rather promising. The riff is pretty cool, and it gets you pumped to hear the album. While I"m not huge on the vocals, and harmonies I'll let them slide. As the song goes on and on the only connection I can think of is the verses had to be inspired by both Hello There and Goodbye from Cheap Trick. Also, by the end of the track I'm drained. I really don't even want to defend it anymore. Okay solo.
  2. Oh Yeah: There is a song by Badfinger called Oh, Yeah. This songs beginning kind of reminds me of that song. The harmony vocals in this song are just... I don't know. The only thing I can say is this was written entirely by Perry. I mean I hear it, but still..... ;'(
  3. Beautiful: The beginning of this song reminds me of Back in the Saddle with the foot steps. This song didn't really feel like an Aerosmith song, at first. Like I could see this maybe being a mix of I don't know. When it clicked was after I re listened to Permanent Vacation in my car, because I wanted to hear Magic Touch. After that it became my favorite song on the album. Maybe the only song I love too.  I like the textures a lot on this track, but I feel like I don't want to ruin the song. I mean there isn't anything I could ruin, but I just really like this one.
  4. Tell Me: What you see. Starting with an acoustic guitar, this could be a rewrite of Crazy or Amazing. The only thing that doesn't make me want to delete this song off my computer is the fact the chorus is pretty neat. I like the trippy feeling from it. Sort of Nine Lives ish, and I like the backing vocals/harmonies also.
  5. Out Go The Lights: This title is too similar to that Kanye off Dark Twisted Fantasy. Cool riff bro, where do I Get The Lead Out? I do like the chorus and backing singers, but I'm not nuts on what they are saying. The song might go over better if it wasn't a blues band playing it. The actual chorus is trippy, but I mean... I don't know. I don't think this is horrible, just not memorable. I mean by the ending of the song, I"m glad it's ending. Also nice way to end the song then come back, and why does it come back. For a solo that isn't even worth listening to.
  6. Legendary Child: I don't care for this song. I don't really like the name, it reminds me way too much of 1976's Last Child. I love that song, and I don't really like this song all too much. I don't think this is funny, all the stuff I liked about the band is not working here. Also there is not reason this song exists.
  7. What Could Have Been Love: No offense, but this is a gay song. By that I mean this song is kind of "faggy" for these guys. WHY THE HECK DON'T THEY STOP WORKING WITH MARTY! I don't think this song is that good, it's tolerable, but no matter how much I hear it I can't really get into it. I don't think this is a true Aerosmith song. At least not worth waiting four years for. I feel like this is a ballad, but it's here just to have a ballad. There is nothing here that makes me feel anything beyond it's a ballad for sake of a ballad. Stevie plays cigar-box guitar here.
  8. Street Jesus: It's nice to see Brad credited to a song again. I thought this was the first time Brad was credited to songwriting on an album since 1993's Get A Grip. I was wrong, it was actually 1989's Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man. This is also one of 3 song that credited Tyler/Whitford. The other's being 1975's Round & Round and 1976's Nobody's Fault. Well that is unless you count the entire Done With Mirrors album credited to the all the members of the group. Both of which are awesome hard rock songs. So as you can tell I had a "expectation" for this song. And we'll certain days I enjoy this, others I don't. I go back and forth between "I like this, maybe I was a little to harsh" to "Why did I ever like this" and the process repeats. It seems best listening once in a blue moon or two. 
  9. Can't Stop Lovin' You: I really like the beginning of this song. After kind of re-listening to Get A Grip I gained a new respect for this song. It reminds me of a country song I'd hear on the radio, but it's kind of good. While Carrie sounds good here, come on. Talk about appealing to a pop audience. I do think this works out good, and it doesn't get worse with time. There isn't much to say, it's good. It's not a generic piece of Aerocrap. Maybe it does go a little long, but it's not terrible.
  10. Lover Alot: This song isn't that amazing. It sounds like a newer version of a song from Get A Grip. The funny part is that it was probably reworked from Pump Era or Get A Grip Era recordings. With each listen I'm almost convinced to like it less. To be serious, I am progressively loosing interest in it, and faith in this LP. Also 7 fucking people wrote this song, maybe that's too many.
  11. We All Fall Down: This title reminds me of Falling Off which I think was some like B-side or Bonus track from like 1993/1994. Don't quote me on this but I'm pretty sure. It also might be an outtake. But this was written by Dianne Warren of I Don't Want To Miss A Thing and other hits writer. What the fuck, this pissed me off. And as for the song................... I never liked Fallen Angels, but this is actually shitty boring lame ass song. I mean even Fly Away From Here has grown on me, but this. This is generic pop Aerosmith.
  12. Freedom Fighter: While cheesy, this would fit better in August or July. You know Independence Day and all. Good song, not really. I prefer America, not this bullshit. Also guess who sings backing vocals here, Johnny Depp.
  13. Closer: to God. This song starts and it isn't that bad. It kind of sets up something that might be good. While this isn't that amazing of a song, I could see it fitting on Just Push Play, I feel like this should have closed the album. 13 tracks, this closing it... that would honestly be fine.
  14. Something: In the way she move. I like the organ in the opening, and I like how this feels like it was not used for a James Bond theme. But as the song goes on and on I see why they didn't accept it.
  15. Another Last Goodbye: This is a stupid name for a song. I don't care for the title. To be honest, this feels like classic 70's ending to an album. While there might be a bit of a differnce, there is still Tyler and his piano. Home Tonight, You See Me Crying, Mia this song is pretty decent.
Here are the bonus tracks. I'm not going to waste time specifying which goes with which, but here are the bonus tracks. It should be noted that I really don't know of an artist who......... Why are you guys doing this. Nothing you've put out since Just Push Play is even worth revisiting. Hell, I'd even go as far to say it's not even worth checking out. Beautiful is a great tune and Can't Stop Loving You surprisingly didn't get old. Another Last Goodbye, while not amazing still pulls enough of those nostalgia heartstrings.. That track kind of holds up well, but outside of those; this, and your solo material, is basically garbage. I'm sorry. Now back to the bonus tracks.
  1. Shakey Ground: I have heard the original, after I head this version, and it isn't a half bad song. The Temptations are actually a great band if you're listening to the right shit. I like how it sounds like they got a clavi to play in the track. This is pretty funky, and I love those horns in the track. They reminds me a bit of Straight Up. This is much better than a vast majority, if not everything actually on the album. Then we get a rare saxophone appearance on a Aerosmith track, which I'm pretty sure hasn't shown up since at least the 70's. Also there is a rhythm guitar appearance from someone who hasn't appeared on one of their records since 1982.... Rick Dufay (the guitarist who replaced Brad from 80-84). I should note there is a fun feeling to the original they tried to capture and while I think they did a decent job, the original is better.
  2. I'm Not Talkin': This is a cover of the 1964 Mose Allison track. This was only featured on the Japanese edition. I'll say right now, this is more in line with the cover of Baby Please Don't Go off Bobo than the actual deluxe edition bullshit tracks. This comes and goes pretty fast, it's not terrible but it's kind of just same old same old at this point. There isn't anything special here.
  3. Up On A Mountian: The thing about these bonus tracks are the Japanese bonus track Face off 2001's Just Push Play is one of my favorite Aerosmith songs ever. Period. So it sucks they don't release them in America. But anyway Tom wrote this himself and sings lead. I was very excited to hear this. And....... I don't care for Tom's voice. This is the first time Tom's ever sang lead. I might be wrong, but this song kind of reminds me a little of 2004's Honkin On Bobo. At least I'll be able to pick out his voice at the ending harmony of Love in An Elevator. I don't think I'm gonna listen to this song again :( I mean the song isn't terrible, it just isn't anything that sticks out to me as worth revisiting after this. This should be a bonus track.
  4. Oasis In The Night: This is a song that starts with acoustic guitar, and was written by Joe. The thing is, when I hear this, I go.... what the hell buddy, you sound terrible. Is he doing for a Dylan vibe. If so, I guess he's doing a some what inflection of him now, but.... I really can't even like.... This song isn't horrible, it's just when I hear the lyrics and how this sounds together.... I don't even want to sit through the entire track. It's a nice change of pace, but that doesn't give it a pass.
  5. Sunny Side of Love: Written by Steven and Fredreiksen.... this is so Geffen era, maybe like a ballad off Nine Lives. I mean, I used to like that album a lot, but really, it's more select tunes off anything post Draw The Line.
Overall I have to give this a 4/10. This is what I expected. I don't even know what to say. I really kind of..... this is my absolute least favorite release by these guys. Hell DWM is better all around. I've waited 4 years for this, me specifically not talking about those who waited the whole time. What they need to do is fire Marty and Steven has to stop trying to be cute and give the band personality. The 70's group had way more personality and were bad asses. The worst thing they ever did was get song doctors. Also they have to go the way Joe wants to, why?, because he knows whats up. The production hurts the songs for me, to flat out killing others. If you listen to the first Aerosmith album, that is a "true blues" album. Listen to the first like 3 seconds, with headphones and the volume turned up, of the song Movin Out, or Make It but on the Pandora's Box version (the self titled and Pandora's Box version are different, slightly). There is an unintentional noise in the background. Some of that, I think, was left in the mix because it couldn't have been taken out. Now it's like a germaphobic Aerosmith where they can't leave little bits like that and they have to have everything clean and sterile and if a little studio thing like that happens then they have to "rewrite" the entire album. Or at least that's part of a theory of why the pushed the album back 3 months, after there was a release date of 08.28.12. They probably had to give the album a acid treatment, the entire thing. UGH!!!!! Why are people so afraid of germs. I'll never know. If the next albums like this, I GIVE UP!!!!!!!! Oh by the way 4 years later it only gets worse with each listen.

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