Saturday, January 30, 2016

Down IV Part I – The Purple EP

Technically this isn't a Pantera album (and if it was I'd be able to review it, it's been well over 7 reviews since I last did the band). :) It's, like every other review this month, has just been sitting around in draft.... Most from before they were released. This is the fifth release, including a live album (people mistake the In The Year of VI as number six, but it was recorded in 2006), by metal group DOWN. They formed in 1991 and had Phil Anselemo, of Pantera, Pepper Keenan, of Corrosion of Conformity, and Kirk Windstein, Todd Strange and Jimmy Bower, the last 3 of Crowbar. This isn't the first time I've heard of these guys, but this is the first like real time I'm hearing them. I listened to this thing while I was reviewing this, and I honestly didn't think I have enough beef to it, so I listened to it once, then listened to some other music that it reminds me of, then came back. So yeah. I do like some Pantera stuff, but I still need to dive into them. I don't think I've ever even listened to Damage Plan (I still haven't). I got some listening to do, and fast. The sequel, Down IV Part II is set for May of 2014. (Good thing I made that date)
  1. Levitation: There is a song titled Levitation by the Sludge Metal band Mastodon. This song very much so reminds me of Mastodon. The song fades in with a something that reminds me of Blackened off ...And Justice For All. I do love that track, so I'll be waiting to see what awaits. Once the song actually starts it reminds me of Mastadon mixed with Pantera. This track right here sounds like Phil got a bunch of musicians together to play Pantera music.
  2. Witchtripper: This song is funny to me, in way of how much I could see this being a Mastodon.  Well maybe not exactly, the verses mostly. I could also see this being a kind of song that the Melvins would have done, in the intro. The vocals aren't as Phil but then again I could be going crazy. I also here some Sabbath at parts, but.... this doesn't have what I like in Sabbath. I think the solo is okay also, but again... I don't know.
  3. Open Coffins: This song has a type of Pantera vibe going on there. I like this song, this could be like a Pantera song that I imagine being of Vulgar Display of Power. I mean, but the thing is I like that album, this track is just kind of..... boring to me. I like the sound it's just I don't really care much. Also this goes a little long for my opinion. It got old about three minutes in.
  4. The Curse: This song is pretty sick sounding. This isn't a bad as I thought. I never thought it was bad, but I didn't think that it was this kind of cool. This really is a Pantera song. I could also see it kind of being a Sabbath song. The thing is they have a feeling I like, they have something about them.... the willing ness to not just do the same song over and over. They have spirit, I'm not getting any of that from this EP at all.
  5. This Work Is Timeless: This song is pretty cool. I still think I need to re-listen to some of the bands that this Ep reminds me of, but It's an Ep so it shouldn't be that bad. This could be a song by Mastodon. I've only listened to Blood Mountian in it's entirety, and a few songs here and there, but I could see this being a song by them. This tune isn't terrible, but I just want something more. Like maybe a left hook. Something exciting, something to make me go... I didn't expect that at all. I mean chaning it back to a Blackened or ...And Justice For All type feeling isn't going to make me like your record anymore.
  6. Misfortune Teller: This song is pretty cool. I like the way is sounds. This EP has grown on me since listening to it. I did take about a half hour break half way thru the Ep, because I had to use the rest room, but It's grown on Me. There is a riff in the song that reminds me a little of a Zeppelin riff. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it reminds me of it. There's kind of like a hidden track at the last 30 seconds of the song. At least or a Metallica one. Also great title.....
Overall I have to give this a 4/10. You know in my time away I listed to the other guys bands and to be honest I'm not insane about this. I don't really like this EP that much, and I was excited to hear it when it came out. I feel like a lot of these reviews aren't as good as I want them to be, but I need to get them out of the way to do albums I'm more passionate about you know. Plus this year, after this month, new reviews will be by Request, Choice, or Interest. I have to hear it first if I pick it myself also. I still can't believe if I did a review a day, for me to clear out the drafts it'd take almost two years and a review every single day.

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