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At.Long.Last.A$AP - A$AP Rocky

This should be quick, I mean what do i really have to say other than 2016 will be the year of I listen first, then decide if to review or not. This is the second album by A$AP Rocky, it follows up Long.Live.A$AP and Live.Love.A$AP mixtape. I first hear him from friends in High School my Senior year, thus leading me to buy and review his debut album. Now I may have not listened to him that much after High School, but I want to note something. 1Train and Fuckin Problems still rock to this day, and they are two of my favorite hip hop songs ever. Note: I may list the features and producers in the beginning, so skip a sentence to get to the songs.
  1. Holy Ghost: This track features Joe Fox and was produced by Danger Mouse. And honestly, this has a very uncanny resemblance to Action Bronson's far superior The Symbol. Hell the guitar sounds kind of like a knock or Flying riff covered or performed by Turn Blue era Black Keys. Actually the backing vocals sound to me like The Keys on the song, which I was gonna most compare it to, Weight of Love. I mean this isn't bad, it also kind of reminds me of Baddest Man Alive at parts. But again, I mean, I don't think I'll ever revisit this outside of this review.
  2. Canal Street: This track features Bones. And to be honest this is a little uneventful. It has a sort of acoustic/nylon string guitar sample in the beginning. It's kind of okay, minimal, but it kind of gets old. Also I think all the scratches and noises are supposed to get your mind off the fact it just loops. This isn't terrible, but there isn't anything that makes me want to listen to it again.
  3. Fine Whine: This track features Future, Joe Fox and MIA. I am not even somewhat feeling this. There is a sort of feeling I am getting, like one of the atmospheric tracks from the last album, but this..... Certain things happening should appeal to me, but I don't like it. Also, M.I.A. not a fan of your verse. I mean I like her voice and all, but not the words coming out of it. 
  4. L$D: Which stands for "Love Sex Dreams", but I think it's kind of a stupid attention grabbing title. It's like naming a song "Grab My Tits", what's the real purpose. This opens better than I think it'd be based off the title. The guitar is kind of nice, but the bass..... not feeling that. And the vocals are not something I'm on board with either.
  5. Excuse Me: This is an okay track, but this doesn't really do much for me. It kind of sounds like, the backing vocals and what not, like he sampled Coldplay. The music makes me think it was Mylo Xyloto or more likely Ghost Stories. I know that they didn't and the song sampled was Come Home For Chirstmas by The Platters, but still.
  6. JD: For a loving tribute to James Dean, the porn star, this track doesn't really mention him at all. That "interview field recording" wasn't that bad, but the rap shut my ears off. The second it started I lost interest. I came back to it, but still, not feeling it.
  7. Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 (LPFJ2): If I'm being completely honest I didn't care for the track. Now I mean the name is an interesting name, and I made me want to check it out. The fact that it was a single help solidify in my mind it might be one of the better tracks, possibly something in like with the last albums singles. But the actual track is very uneventful, boring and lame. 
  8. Electric Body: This track features Schoolboy Q and three producers, one being Danger Mouse. The other two producers I never heard of, this opens kind of okay, but the sample is not something I really like. I appreciate the dark feeling here, like on a lot of songs here, but that doesn't mean I like it. This just doesn't appeal to me.
  9. Jukebox Joints: This track featues Joe Fox, once again, and Kanye West. Now Yeezy also produced it with che pope.  This isn't that bad, a little Little B ish. I like the backing track the best, it's peaceful. This has some really good soul samples going on in the track. :) I enjoy each person's verse, though maybe this track is a bit long, its better than most of this. I also think the best part is the beat/sample behind Kanye.
  10. Max B: This track features Joe Fox. This track isn't horrible, but I mean I'm not in love with it. I think it's kind of a hard hitter, but I still feel like something is missing. It's better than what I've been hearing on the rest of this, bust it is just not perfect. 
  11. Pharsyde: Another track featuring Joe Fox and produced by Danger Mouse. This opens with a sample (it's not one actually that I can find) that isn't half bad, from the track. The only problem is am I hearing this right, its phasing in and out. I mean that is kind of a big problem, I thought something was wrong with my speakers. I like this song, but that phasing is hurting the track fro me.
  12. Wavybone: Juicy J and UGK are featured in this track. This is nice, but I think I've heard this before. This sounds similar to what I just heard. You know, in the last track. I mean it might not be, but for all I know it is. To be honest, once the guest comes in I checked out.
  13. West Side Highway: This track features James Fauntleroy. When Bernstein meets Deep Purple.... I wish, but who knows. This is juist okay.
  14. Better Things: At this point this whole feeling and atmosphere has kind of grown old. It's not interesting anymore. Do something else, at the moment I'm bored.
  15. M'$: This track features Lil Wayne. Something I thought was funny was both Kanye and Wayne were on this, A$AP Rocky's new album, and on Tyler The Creator's new album. I think that's funny because I got into them at the same time in High School, or rather I was into them. Ehhh.
  16. Dreams (Interlude):  At 2:16 this is pretty damn long for an interlude. 
  17. Everyday: This track features an odd number of people, or an odd group rather. Rock singer then solo pop artist Rod Stewart, Miguel, and that guy who made that shitty The Time rip off Mark Ronson. The thing for me is just about ever other song here is either boring or awful. So My biggest problem is does this song hold up on it's own, like is it actually good or is it just good compared to the rest of the album. And upon multiple listens I have to say it's actually a good track, but I'm not so sure this will be as good as I think two years from now. I mean I still think the last album was solid, and the best tracks are still awesome. I like the whole introspective feeling I get when I listen. Like I feel like this would be great for a movie and it's when the guy either looks back on choices, or on his past. This might sound odd, but this tracks instrumental reminds me of Soldier of Fortune by Deep Purple off the "controversial" Stormbringer. And also upon revisiting the song I have to say the only great part, or the only part I really enjoy, is that refrain.
  18. Back Home: Featuring Mos Def and Acyde. I know Mos Def, I do not know Acyde. This isn't terrible, but for an ending it really doesn't feel like an ending. Like there is no satisfaction from this track. the last track would have been a better ending.
Overall I have to give this album a 4/10. This is far too long for what little it has to offer. Now I know you shouldn't compare past work to present, but there was a thing. Well like, I didn't really even know of this rap until I heard the mixtape and album. And the album made me thirst for all rap period. I've learned most current rap is not good, but the thing is this guy along with someother artists, gave me the shot of heroin that made me a rap addict in HS. The guys before opened the floodgates, this A$AP, OF, Lil B and The Weeknd among others tore the gate doors off. Sadly as mentioned earlier this lead to a lust for all rap, and that over exposure lead to disaster. It lead to many a boring, uninteresting, pointless pop radio bullshit that had nothing interesting at all to say. Honestly..... I'd fit this album into the upper middle crust of that whole slew of shit. And that's really all I can say, minus maybe Everyday and a few tracka here and there. So I'm very disappointed. Also what the hells up with all the 2010's samples galore.

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