Monday, January 11, 2016

Sound & Color - Alabama Shakes

Let's get another one done, get er dun. This is the second album by Alabama Shakes. I reviewed their debut, didn't like it, but when I heard the first sing to drop it wasn't so bad. So I decided to review this album, the thing is I didn't hear the entire thing until December. Well.... let' just say I made a mistake. Sort of, not entirely but kind of.
  1. Sound & Color: This intro is miles away from that boring last record. I love that xylophone in the beginning, it reminds me a bit of Bill Withers. While once the song comes in, singing, the xylophone isn't as useful I still like the textures. I don't love this song, but I do like it enough to say it's like a 7. I think the strings add to this nice texture that is heard here. This track reminds me of Weight of Love. It sounds great, though that track is a bit superior to this, but after that the rest of the songs may not be so great.
  2. Don't Wanna Fight: I do like this song too, but only to a certain extent. This is the definition of what I like to listen to if I have to listen to the radio. And interesting song that is cool and sounds nice, like the Black Keys or White Stripes. But the sad part is I usually forget it once it's over, except in the case of The Stripes. But easy come easy go. This really does sound like a Keys track. Prior to that track I didn't check, so this is a serious hunch, I wouldn't be surprised if Dan produced it. Also they have that repeating the title to the point of annoyance in common.
  3. Dunes: Okay, all I can say is this sounds like a cover of a Beatles track. Listen to the track and just tell me if you can pick up what I'm saying. There are at least five songs, maybe, I can pick certain parts and instruments out from. Most of them from Rubber Soul/Revolver albums and era. With the ending maybe being like I Am The Walrus.
  4. Future People: Four tracks in and I'm already giving up. I was seriously going to type, I don't care at this point. I mean I came back when I wasn't in such a bad mood, and still didn't like it. Why listen to this when I can hear this in other places done better. Take The Kids off Broadway.
  5. Gimme All Your Love: I listened to a track from that other album before listening to this, maybe a bit of a break will help. While I like the jazzy feeling to this keys, not feeling anything else. Why can't I enjoy this band. I'm not saying this is bad, I'm saying I don't like it.
  6. This Feeling: Not only am I okay to check out, this song is boring. I can't say there is anything about it I care to dig into.
  7. Guess Who: I mean this track may not be interesting, but it isn't terrible. I could totally see myself listening to this as background music. That or radio music, while I do something else and don't focus on this.
  8. The Greatest: This isn't that bad, but that's because it reminds me of The Strokes. I'll probably relisten to this track in the future.
  9. Shoegaze: This song literally, I seriously couldn't tell the last song ended. This starts off okay, but I mean again this isn't anything special. It's just kind of similar to the rest of the album. Sersiously I need to start listen to these things before I start a review.
  10. Miss You: Ah a cover my favorite Stones track, you know the one that never gets annoying. This song is kind of nice, but to be honest I could get this a bit more tailored to my tastes elsewhere. There is a song I love, and it's just about the same exact composition, maybe not notes but sections and changes, as this one. There's even a piano that is arpeggiated and it's very similar to this. I can't quite think of it, I'll add it in once I do, but this also reminds me a bit of New York I Love You, But Your Bringing Me Down. Like the piano part, and there was a part that vaguley reminded me of Last Time by The Stones.
  11. Gemini: This track, seriously, sounds like it's slowed down. Like it's making fun of me for wanting this to be over. Also this is a pretty boring song, even when I listen to it by it's self.
  12. Over My Head: Closing the album, finally, is a track that just feels like I want it to be over. I got nothing here to add.
Overall I have to give this album a 4/10. There isn't anything here I care about, I mean I wanted to do this, I thought it sounded cool when I first heard track back last April, but it hasn't really aged well. It's not like it was over played, I just lost interest in it. I don't think this is bad, it just bores me. I can't focus because there isn't anything that I find worth focusing on for me. I should do a Foxygen review.

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