Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rubber Soul - The Beatles

This album is very meaning full to me. I originally bought it just to have it. It was the fourth Beatles CD I bought. I still wasn't a huge fan. This album eventually grew on me and is now one of my favorite albums. The feel that I get from this album is one of warm, loving, comfortable winter. The kind that is what makes you feel like what it is like inside and bundled up and warm. There are many, I mean many, factors that led to this being one of my favorite albums. One being that, it reminds me of 9th grade when I bought this. During winter and listened to it like crazy. I was in love with this along with all the other Beatles albums. This album has some of my favorite songs and memories built on to this so... here we go
  1. Drive My Car: The introduction riff to this song grabs my attention. The use of the piano in the chorus and the use of cowbell is perfect. The dual vocal harmony is tight, and the solo. The sound they guitar makes during the solo is one of my favorite distortions to a guitar. The feel I get from this is... yeah
  2. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown): This song is completely different. This is, from my understanding, the first commercial pop song to feature a sitar. The Acoustic Guitar/Sitar playing at the same time makes this perfectly emotional, and makes it seem more impact. John's vocals are good, but when he sings the chorus with Paul it fills that little gap in the vocals and makes it whole.
  3. You Won't See Me: This is an 'iffie. I like this song, but it depends on what mood I'm in. This song is a very pretty song, which as I understand again, Jane (Paul's then girlfriend) and their ''Failing?" relationship. The backing vocals give it a doo-wop feel to it.
  4. Nowhere Man: This song makes me cry. I found more respect for it after seeing the Yellow Submarine movie. The part with Jeremy, the nowhere man, realizing that he has lived a life of nothingness makes you contemplate. Though this song was about John's. And the solo what can I say beside beautiful. The Guitar distortion in the song fits perfect, and the bass adds an backup to the acoustic guitar and drums. This song helps me sometimes think about the decisions I've made and the choices I should make and if there is really a point to wasting time.
  5. Think for Yourself: George needs as much props for this song as he can get. This song is vocal harmony wise tighter than Drive My Car and also the guitar is even cooler on this than that one too. The whole atmosphere of this song, the bass, drums, guitar, tambourine, maracas. I really think that it should be on a Beatles greatest hits album. This deserves to be on my list of favorite songs
  6. The Word: The song lyrically is ok. But the instrumentation is great if you take the time to listen to it. The chorus in the song feature one of the coolest sounding guitar riffs on the album. And in the verses the little screech is awesome. The vocals on this song are another tight vocally.
  7. Michelle: This song is EXTREMELY important to me. Not because of the memories that it brings back, but the fact that this was one of the most important all around songs that helped me change my view on music as a whole. Before this I only like Metallica and other old metal. Now since this album it changed my views on that and this song helped make my favorite band The Beatles. I spent so much time trying to learn the french in the song perfect. I also tried to learn this to impress my first person I'd ever been in love with. Obviously nothing was really there, it was just my emotions running off. The vocals/lyrics make me cry. The acoustic guitar makes me cry. The very prevalent bass guitar helps the beauty of it all. Now the distortion on the guitar in this song is my favorite on the whole album as a whole.
  8. What Goes On: A ''cute'' Ringo song. It fits and sound like a fun up beat song. A perfect ''filler'' in between two of the most beautiful songs on the album, Michelle, and the most depression Girl
  9. Girl: I remember sitting in my kitchen alone in the middle of the night, during finals week freshman year, probably at like 2 or 3 am. I was listening to this song and trying to write songs based off this one. This song is an awesome Lennon ballad. Johnny's vocals and lyrics fit perfect, a word I use alot (but it works and fits, with my opinion). This song literally makes me cry when I listen to it. The chorus is, if anything, makes it harder to not let it hit. The inhales he takes it seem like he is well, he's a bum and this girl he's singing about ruined his life and his everything.
  10. I'm Looking Through You: Another cute song. Upbeat, like What Goes On. Now the added affect of its fun is added by its claps in the song. This is a fun song to listen to just for funzies, a
  11. In My Life: This song hits, not like girl, but still hits. I remember being a freshman and thinking about everyone that I'd ever met and everything that I'd ever done and if I'd ever get married, have a family, have a job. What you should be concerned about growing up. I wrote a song, which is just more like a poem. I remember calling talking to my friend Annette on the phone and asking her what rhymes with some words. And I also think of my cousin Stevie who read the lyrics to the song for a speech. So it is completely full of memories for me. This could be the same way for you to. This is another good contemplating song
  12. Wait: Fun, upbeatishly down? I like this one a lot. The vocals sound like one person. The songwriting on this song defiantly deserve a shit load of praise. The effects and overall atmosphere of this song is one of raw but not. It feels rough, but at the same time it feels clean cut and mastered and that it's shit is together.
  13. If I Needed Someone: This song is good. The chorus is very pretty. The verses are also pretty. This is an overall pretty song.
  14. Run For Your Life: This song is ok. This is probably my least favorite song on the album. I used to like it more, but there is just no real reason I don't. It's just that I lost interest in the song? What ever, it's still good, just not as good as the others. But it is a perfect closing song to this album.
Over all Rubber Soul deserves an 100/10. I love this album, it's the shit and it deserves it spot on Rolling Stones 500 greatest albums of all time - NOTE I'm gonna add stuff and fix this review. So it won't be a 10 forever, also I don't really regard most of the reviews from 2012 or possibly 2013 as really accurate anymore. Very far and few in between still work.

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