Monday, February 27, 2012

Pure Sappiness - STUB HORN

I found out about this artist from FrostClick email I got back a while ago. I had heard the first song and really liked it. I don't really know much about these guys and I'm too lazy to look up a lot more. I know that he has a free download of his album, legal, at bandcamp. Using my best judgement this album is more of an Ep. I'm also going to do his Out of Thin Air - B-Sides & early demos thing next week.
  1. Come With Me: This is a good first song to start of an Ep. I think that this reminds me of something off Nevermind or Superunknown. This song is a catchy song and is what originally made me want to listen to this song. I really like this and it is good. Now it's not as cool as it was the first time as it is now the 10th, 11th time. I still think that it's cool and sounds pretty good.
  2. No More: This is more of a better quality wise sontg off Bleach. The intro or the song at least. After the intro he starts having a higher pitch voice talking to him like it's a girl. It's a kind of corny version of Grunge. The vibe I get from this guys is that he isn't so serious about his music and did this for fun.
  3. Out Of Time: This song is still another grunge feeling song. This one has more distorted vocals that sound like he's talking over a phone. This is by far the longest song being 4:21. The second longest is 3:20 and the shortest is 1:40. This song seems to drag on and gets boring. The other songs were better because they were short and to the point. This songs just seem's like one of those songs that make it hard for me to like grunge #certain Alice And Chains type songs. The ones where they are moody and depressing.
  4. Make It Real: This makes up for it. This song is up beat like Come With Me. I like how he went from the longest song to the second shortest song on the album. This is different sounding, but just as good, as Come With Me.
  5. Earthquake in Town: This is the second longest song on the album. This song is more of one that I could see being on a Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack to the video game. The riff has a type of different feel to it than all the other tracks and the song is different. More mean and agressive lyrically and instrumentation wise.
  6. Alone: This song starts out with an instrumental that sounds somewhat up beat. This reminds me of Monkey Wrench by the Poo Fighters (Foo Fighters). There is a very reverb/flanger/wah-wah distorted guitar solo in the song.
  7. Chicken In The Kitchen: This song reminds me of Primus. There is no particular reason it just does. This song is another song that is completely different than all the other songs on the ep. This is has another very distorted vocals and guitar. and ends ubruply, like Rock You Like A Hurricane. Not soundwise just the way it is.
Over all I'll give this a 6.75/10. I liked it but I don't LOVE grunge. I think that this is a kind of joke version of dare I say Post-Grunge. I like this a lot, I mean a lot, more than Seether or Three Gay's Grace (I saw them at Uproar 2011 and they were terrible). I don't like that, but I do, it's so clear. I wish it wasn't so stereo. I have a problem when some things often sound too open.

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