Monday, February 20, 2012

Pink (Southern Lord CD Release) - Boris

I started listening to most of this album yesterday. This is a Japanese noise music band. They kind of reminded me of Boredoms or Hanatarash. I heard about them before but was re-introduced to them via The Needle Drop YouTube channel. This band sounds like and seem like I would like them very much. I have come accustomed to odd music (ie. Noise, Avant-garde, Experimental, etc.). One of the most interesting noise artists I've heard it Yamantaka Eye who has done bunch of different noise projects but anyway here is the review
  1. Farewell: This track has a beginning to it that is kind of, in a way, something that makes me feel like something big is coming. And at 1:22 the heavy distorted guitar comes in along with the vocals. The only real difference between the song then and before is the distortion. This song reminds me of a Radiohead song off The Bends (An Album I'm gonna review). The song I'm thinking about off The Bends is I think Planet Telex. While listening to this it felt like a pretty long 3 minute song. Then when I looked I was shocked. The 7:33 minutes went by a lot faster then I thought it would.
  2. Pink: I don't know if this is some type of vagina reference, knowing Japanese noise bands it probably is, but that doesn't take away from this. The riff and the drums and bass work awesome. I've heard this sounds before but the vocals make it sound different to an extent. This sounds like more of a traditional song vs Hanatarashi. The solo sounds like it was Jimi Hendrix influenced. And right after the solo the singing starts up again and in between that verse and the next there is a sole 3second fast picked note. That is pretty sick and this song is an really good way to come after Farewell.
  3. Woman on The Screen: This is another punk type song. This song shares some similarities to Pink in the sense that he is singing on the song and the guitar riff and such. This is a good song I just don't really know what to say about it.The third time around on this song the riff reminds me of something The White Stripes would do. Actually this song seems like a White Stripes song, just more punk and faster drums. The drums on this song, and most of the album, remind me of the drums on St. Anger.
  4. Nothing Special: This song has screaming on it and he screams in the the beginning. The guitar and bass are as distorted as before and the drums are getting beaten the same as before. The best part of the song that makes  it different is the screams, but also the 5second feedback on the right headphone.
  5. Blackout: The beginning riff is like evil and the feed back or the sound effects in the back ground make it even that much more evil. When the lead guitar comes in it echos. This beginning, especially when the lead guitar comes in reminds me of Raining Blood by Slayer. Listening to this is like a 5 minute emotional, feedback, breakdown which pumps you up.
  6. Electric: This song is what that 5 minute build up was worth waiting for. The drums have some different thing to them. The overall sound of the music has a type of Black Sabbath feel to it. Like the song War Pigs off the 1970 album Paranoid (which I'm also going to review). Then it changes into something different. I like this more that that
  7. Pseudo-Bread: The very beginning, like first 5 seconds remind me again of Black Sabbath. This song has at about 1:40 the chorus comes in, and in there are backing vocal that go "who who" which I think are funny. The guitar solo is just as distorted as probably Purple Haze on a live version of the song. But instead of not really fitting the song, Boris distorted guitar solos fit the whole song. And I love how the last 
  8. Afterburner: This is another song that reminds me of a cross between Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath. There is hand claps in this song which think are kind of, in a way, funny because the way the rest of the album has gone this song is probably like where they got tried from all the energy and play this to regain their energy. It starts to pick up at the ending but then goes back to the rhythm as before.
  9. Six, Three Times: This is another type of Jimi song. Don't really know what to say about this one either until my second time listening to it. This song, and album, seems like it would be something like a band that is signed to Ipecac Records called RETOX, except they don't have any solos and they scream on all the songs. But this is still a good song, and it almost makes me want to listen to the Vinyl i got as a gift of Axis: Bold As Love.
  10. My Machine: This song is completely different from the rest of the album. I think it is like a relaxer to make the next track more of an impact.The beginning of the songs guitar part, before the piano type sound comes in, reminds me of Everlong by one of my least favorite artists... ever the Foo Fighters
  11. Just Abondoned My-Self: This song explodes. It is 18 minutes on the Southern Lord Cd version but on the original Japanese release just 10 minutes. This is like a extended version of Pink and Woman on the Screen. The guitar solo has some atmosphere adding screams in it. This song is just a fricken emotional melt down that has like an awesome drum fills that come in at around 4:30 minutes. With backing vocals at around 5 minutes. Whoever is singing has to be able to have big lungs because imagine playing this live. The music somewhat changes and seems to be looped at around 7 minutes, where the drums begin to fade away leaving a more clear drum beat, until at about 9 minutes into it where the drums stop completely and its just a riff and feedback. The thing that's cool is that the way it is is it is a build up to wait for the drums to come back. And the fire sound in the background only makes it that much more of a buildup. As the fire sound gets more prominent it begins to add to the songs feed back covering up that open space that was empty because of the drums.At 11:55 there is something that sounds like a broken clean distorted guitar string notes hit or some type of  piano strings getting hit of struck in the background. I feel that the need for the drums is filled and. The thing about this that awesome is Lou Reed & Metallica made Lulu which came out last November. Now the last track Junior Dad is my favorite and is 19 minutes long. The last about 9 minutes of the song is complete feed back looped. This is the exact same thing except this is more going on and doesn't get boring because there is different parts that change in the what sounds like a loop. All the extra feed back ends really at 17:30ish and there is a buzzing that is heard in the feed back and it just cuts. I messed up the loop pretty much starts at like 7 or 8 minutes. So the loop is longer that the one on Lulu. I honestly have to thank The Flaming Lips for the 12hours of 7 Skies 3H which is pretty much all loops of 24 hours. If it wasn't for you I'd never be able to listen to 20 even 30 minute loops. I mean COME ON! that just easy kid stuff. This song is also a song I would listen to recrationally, outside of the album.
Overall I'd  give this album a 9.5/10. I really liked it and hope to do another Boris album review in the future. And If I do then I'll have a bunch to chose from, why may you ask. Well because they release different versions of some of their albums in different labels whether it's Vinyl or Cd it is different. This album is had parts that reminded me of artists from Black Sabbath to Jimi Hendrix to The White Stripes and even Metallica's 2003 album St. Anger and also a newer band RETOX. This is an aggressive album and it is pretty much a easy choice for me to add to my list of best album. I wonder how different it would sound if Yamantaka was on the album?

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