Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Suicide Season - Bring Me The Horizon

This is a band called Bring Me The Horizon. They are arguably, with myself, on of my favorite bands and defiantly no questions asked one of my top 5 bands that scream. The first album I heard by them was There Is A Hell Believe Me I've Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let's Keep It A Secret which came out in 2010 and I heard it a couple months after it came out. I really liked it and it was pretty cool. Well I went to my cousins house and they showed me videos and I saw the music video for Pray for Plague. It blew me away and I went insane with that song. Actually the only reason I am not gonna just review Count Your Blessings is because I'm saving it for a special day. Well after that I heard the song The Sadness Will Never End and liked it, but it was overshadowed by the debut full length. Now I've never heard the whole thing in its entirety and what better reason to sit through it and listen to it then reviewing it. I plan on reviewing all Bring Me The Horizon's albums and eps released and future releases. And also you gotta give them props for such weird song names.
  1. The Comedown: The beginning of this song is pretty cool with the static. The feel I get from this song, the first listen, is not very good. Where are the vocals in the background. You barley hear anything at about the 1 minute mark. Then the stop that reminds me of the dreaded Escape the Fate self titled album. Whats up with just before the last minute the quite vocals. The first time through it seems like they are trying to hard and that the album isn't going to be as raw, so to say, as the first album. 
  2. Chelsea Smile: The first time through this song seems to be a blur. The breakdowns so far on this album are, well... awful. At about 2:40 when it goes into a verse type thing it a little better, and again at about the 3:00 minute mark with that electric beat. But beside that, its not very good.
  3. It Was Written In Blood: The ending of the song is so unnecessary.
  4. Death Breath: The beginning of this song got my hopes up and were getting killed by his singing. SCREAM MOFO. Thats what made the first album, it was so B.A. not your vocals that sound like your getting butt fucked and you are done with that shit. And whats with 2:40, in no way necessary. But first time through this is the only decent song.
  5. Football Season Is Over: This song is good, but is ultimately ruined by Ollie's. And The spoken word part has no extra power to it. If anything that makes this song worse. And The commentary at the ending is also suckie. 
  6. Sleep With One Eye Open: This song is not very good
  7. Diamonds Aren't Forever: I really hope this is a song about James Bond. And It's not....
  8. The Sadness Will Never End: This is the first song I heard off the album. I thought it was OK. This time, being my first time through the whole album, is my probably 10th time listening to this song. The intro to this song is good, and this song is decently good. I like the guy that is trying to sing, it sounds like it fits. The song would be better if Ollie didn't cut the singer who's clean vocals off.
  9. No Need For Introductions, I've Read About Girls Like You On The Back Of Toilet Doors: ......
  10. Suicide Season: That song has its parts but.... over all no
Overall I give this a solid 3/10. There is no discussion over if its pushing it to make it point what ever or anything. The album was a not very good album. One thing I have to give them props for, in a way, foreshadowing their next album's sound There Is A Hell Believe Me I've Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let's Keep It A Secret unlike one of my favorite bands, who now suck and I lost a lot of respect for that album and future releases, #ETF. I feel bad if you don't know what that means. The thing about this album is it was just pretty much noise for me to listen to while I was typing this review, more so than trying to keep up with the updates of sounds and comments and stuff. I wasn't able to describe anything, after track one, as anything but terrible. It's hard to back someone up when they make this much of a let down album. I figured this wouldn't be very good but I tried to not think bad but apparently I didn't think enough. And also the fucking volume, it was not as powerful as on Count Your Blessings. I'd honestly rather listen to Lady Gaga/Ke$ha/Chris Brown/Rihanna's sextape that she made with Chris Brown showing she was into that pain S&M shit collaboration with... do I dare say, Primus. The volume was loud it's just I didn't get the same power I would of from the first album.

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