Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fallen - Burzum

The first time I actually heard anything off this album was yesterday. Now I'm not huge into this whole ideas and beliefs of Norwegian Black Metal Bands. And another thing is that I also don't know much about Black Metal. So you have to cut me slack if I'm not explaining this super in depth. I'm just gonna give my opinion of my listen to it. I have listened to this album a total of 2 times, not front to back though, but still in order and not interrupted.
  1. Fraverdenstreet: The intro to this album is an song that is a minute long and sounds like, in my opinion, Hot Poop. Yes the Frank Zappa song off We're Only In It For The Money back from when he was with The Mothers of Invention in 1968, so that's not a bad start off to an album I'd have to say. That Zappa album is one of my favorite of all time and I'll do a review of it soon hopefully. It also sounds like there is air or a fire or some type of waterfall in the background.
  2. Jeg faller: The intro is an awesome riff. The music sound sick. Now I have no idea what he is saying but it sounds good. I know that on this album there is some type of Pagan or Racism aspect to some of the lyrics.  The part where he starts talking sounds like he is speaking french. Whats going on in the background instrumentation wise while he talks and in between that whispering is good. I love that he double tracked whispers with spoken words. And the chorus harmony vocals are like a choir but with heavy pounding bass, drums, and guitar. The double bass pedal at the fade is also pretty cool
  3. Valen: The intro reminds me, instrumentation, reminds me of a Van Halen song. I wonder why I'd think that? But seriously this song is actually pretty good. And the riffs are pretty cool. I think that this song is probably not my absolute favorite, but that's because this one seems to drag. But then again I'm not a huge Van Halen fan, (Self titled, Van Halen II, 1984, and various other songs.) 
  4. Vanvidd: This song sounds like it can be a continuation of Valen, except at bout 3:40 when he starts to sound like he's getting murdered. It reminds me of a vampire and Halloween, or an old school vampire movie. Another thing is I can barley hear the bass. I think it's funny at like the last 30 seconds it sounds like he saying Fester. That's my little brothers nickname. This song also dragged a little the second time around
  5. Enhver til sitt: This song is the one in particular that reminds me of Metalocalypse type of song, just longer. The intro riff reminds me of the one from Black Sabbath's song Black Sabbath. The song is pretty much on a loop with no changes, except at like 3:48 where there is a new riff added in and everything else stops. The it picks up and fades out to him whispering and as the song fades you can pick out the instruments out better that any other time in the song. That has probably the longest fade I've ever heard, excluding the 12 hours of the 24 hour long 7 Skies H3 by The Flaming Lips.
  6. Budstikken: I've listened to this song more that 10 times in the past 2 days. That's not really much but this song is awesome, minus the lyrical content. The guitar and bass and drums make me want to play along, and then comes the 1:19 mark which brings the Iron Maiden esque riff. That is the same way with this entire album but more so on this track. This is no question asked my favorite song. The intro riff is what hooked me and the the verse Iron Maiden/Judas Priest power to it. I don't like Judas Priest's live presence, at least since Rob quit in the 90's, which I am aware he is back but K.K. Downings is out. (I had to put his last name to avoid any type of lyrical promotion that might be used against me, and for the record I'm not racist). The spoken choruses are another thing that reminds me of a type of, well to me, welcoming feel to it. The clarity of this song against the rest of the album is another bonus. And the drums and takes over, but not so much that you can't heard everything else. And the time the bass is most prominent is at 6:30ish. Which the bass riff is awesome in general.The ending power chord adds to its effect.
  7. Til Hel og tilbake igjen: To end this album there is a 5 minute ambient song. It reminds me of a Lumpy Gravy or something that would be an interlude on the songs that were on the Läther album by FZ. It also kind of reminds me of Narcosis by Tomahawk, the final track on one of my favorite albums ever, conceptually and sound wise, that album being their self titled album. It also at about 2:10 sounds like there is a lot more open space on this than the rest of that album, and at about 2:40 the Hot Poop like whispers come into effect again. Which Frank played the track backwards to get that weird effect, and since he's speaking in possible Norwegian language at this part I don't know what he's saying. At about 4:00 minutes it reminds me of the Tomahawk's third album titled Anonymous which is cut off at 4:45ish by a distorted music box sounding guitar. The second time through it somewhat reminds me of something Edgar Varese. It also sounds like a guy dragging a stick along a piano strings.
Over all I like this a lot, I think like an 8.75/10, but a 9 would be kind of pushing it. Something I noticed thought is that all the songs, proper songs, are about 7+ minutes long. That doesn't take away from the album but just because I love it now doesn't mean I always will. Especially since it repeats so much. The funny part about this album is it gives me the feeling of some old man in a temple and screaming and talking. but his screams make me think of an old man/Golem  taking a crap. By that I mean it sounds awesome and sick for this old mans crapping. I also feel that this isn't that intense, but that probably because of the mixing. It also sounds like it was recorded with that temple vibe in the background. I love that it came out in March because it reminds me of a beginning of spring feel. It also gives me an Iron Maiden vibe to it and a more pulled out version of a Metalocalypse song, kind of. The one more quick bad thing about listening to this front to back was waiting for the 6th track The Message, though all the other songs were good. And it seems that the rhythm guitar is looped through the whole thing I'm buying this CD. I'm curious to see how long I'll be able to listen to this album without getting bored

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