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We're Only In It For The Money - The Mothers Of Invention

This album is SUPER important and I'm honored that this is my first Zappa album review. This is the 44th anniversary of this huge album. This is even more important musically to me than Dark Side Of The Moon and The Valley combine. This was the first Zappa album I heard in it's entirety, along with Sheik Yerbouti and Freak Out! Those are three of my favorite albums but three of the most important musically to me. Now I can go on forever about how this is an amazing album but, well I'm gonna break it down track by track. The original intended album cover for this was a parody of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. I don't really like that album cover much, but because of legal stuff that was on the inside instead of the outside.
  1. Are You Hung Up?: This is a sound there is is a person talking and whispering. It is kind of eerie. And there is a little guitar riff in there and it is cut off by a someone making a horse sound. If I am not mistake, Eric Clapton's voice is on this song. It's either that track or Telephone Conversation.
  2. Who Needs the Peace Corps?: This song is funny. I like how he brought up the problems and the foolishness of the whole hippie movement in something a hippie would probably listen to. That is the thing about Frank, he had this thing where he could make appealing songs that make fun of the people who it appeals to. Another example is Dancing Fool. I also like how the instrumentation is in the background to him talking about instructions of what he will do as a hippie. There is just something about the way they do that part of the song that is so neat. I really think it is cool that they not only do that, they also make it work. The part in the song where it says "I love the police as they beat the shit out of me" well, that is something I included in a sophomore year speech  I did on censorship. Which I bombed, why well I did pretty much everything they said no to. So I went down like a man.
  3. Concentration Moon: This song is "cute". I don't know what people could have a problem with this. This is one of my first favorite songs by Zappa. I really like how the song ended and it has a couple seconds in between of sound collages, then starts over. The line where it say "American way, how did it start" is one of the coolest sounding things I've heard. The part just hits me like a rock. If you make music or even enjoy music there has to be some types of music that hit you like that. Well this is one of the many that hit me. Hard!
  4. Mom & Dad: This song is so pretty. The lyrics are also very touching, if you listen to then and think about them. The lyrics talk about someone telling their parents people are getting shot by the cops. and ultimately he was shot. This song has a build at "Ever take a minute to show a real emotion" which leads into just this perfectly built up part and the song just. This song hits hardest of all the songs. This is a song that I could cry to. It is just so pretty and touching. This shows that he is himself. I don't see any other way to say that. This song makes me tear up, maybe it will make you to.
  5. Telephone Conversation: I like how this flows in the album in between tracks. This is just how this album is. I kind of think of it in a way as a big commercial.
  6. Bow Tie Daddy: This was also another instant classic for me. I really like this one because it is different. And this is also a cute song but if you listen to it. It will catch your attention because of its cartoon sounding to it. But it is making fun of the parents of the hippies. This is defiantly a song I could see on the radio.
  7. Harry, You're a Beast: This flow to this song is great. The vocals on this track are really good. I like the instrumentation on this to. Then there is Dick Barber doing that signature growl on this track. Then it goes back to the normal part. The track gets played backwards. This mentions someone saying "Don't come inside me", but is is all sped weird so it would be censored. This song appears to be about a guy who is a beast, sexually. This song is just so great. It grabs your attention and it is super catchy. I love this, and it is one of my favorite 
  8. What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?: This song is very funny. I think this applies to everyone, the way this song is you think it's about a penis or a vagina but it states that :"Its your mind". I love at about 30 seconds it picks up and sounds pretty cool. I think that this also hit me like a rock. The way his vocals are and the drums and guitar. Perfect
  9. Absolutely Free: The piano intro to this song is just cool. I also like how he took a shot at. I also think that it's funny how they had to censor the line "Flower Power Sucks!". This album in general is a masterpiece. There is are parts in this song where it remind me of a odd type of waltz. The drum roll on the chorus is how my favorite type of sounding drums are. I like the compression on them.
  10. Flower Punk: There is a cut where it sounds like they are changing the channel. Then this song starts immediately after. This has a very distorted wah-wah guitar sound to it. The vocals are sped up, a technique Frank often did on songs, especially on stuff with The Mothers of Invention. The song kind of ends the starts up and has static noises and people running around in the background and in one speaker there is one person talking to you and the other speaker has someone else talking to you at the same time.
  11. Hot Poop: This is another sound collage song that has a funny title. It is only 26 seconds but it has part of the song Mother People which is on this album, played backwards.
  12. Nasal Retentive Calliope Music: This is a classic sounding sound collage. It sounds like someone was recording stuff and sped it up extremely fast. At the last 20 seconds of the song there is a surf rock sounding song that plays with waves in the background. That whole surf rock part is awesome. It reminded me of a more surf rock version of Lumpy Gravy the theme song. This track is cut off by other sound collage stuff and ends with a fart sound. 
  13. Let's Make The Water Turn Black: This song is on of the instants. The fart sound from the track before is hilarious, especially since this track is about someone trying to start a fire with a lighter and their farts. Supposedly this was based of a real event in Frank's life. I'm not positive but I think I read somewhere that that is the inspiration. There is just something about the way this song is performed that is so embedded in my head forever, that I don't exactly know for sure.
  14. The Idiot Bastard Son: This song is a song that is only like 45 seconds. After the 45 second mark it has people talking about a bunch of different stuff. At about 1:21 the song starts up again. This song is a little different and there are different lyrics and guitar parts. The drums and bass are the same. Then there is a type of part where it has a piano part with vocals and guitar. After that they have the whispering spoken words again until it leads up into the next track.
  15. Lonely Little Girl: This is my least favorite song on the album. I'm not saying it is bad, I just don't LOVE it. There is parts in this song where it sounds like there is a sitar in it, which is at the end of the song. This has part of How Could I Be Such A Fool? and What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body in it. I just never really got into this track that much.
  16. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance: This song is also pretty. The thing about this is that it is just funny. With the instrumentation on it sounding cartoonish and cartoonish vocals on the track singing about lonely people gathering together and peace. Along with that peace you can take your clothes off when you dance. That is the last line of the song so you get the impression of them talking about "All the evils know to man, will be an evil we can rise above" is not as important as being able to run around naked.
  17. What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body? (Reprise): This is just a shorter version of the track of the same name. It isn't all that different from the other version. The only major difference is it appears to fall apart towards the end. And after the music is done there is voices that talk and just say random stuff.
  18. Mother People: This song is also very important to my Zappa music appreciation. This is part of my favorite songs by him. This song is funny and it is very catchy. It gets stuck in your head, very easily.  It starts out with an orchestral feeling to it. This reminds me of Lumpy Gravy. But then after that part it goes back to the normal song and ends. This song is a good song to start off listening to The Mothers with.
  19. The Chrome Plated Megaphone Of Destiny: If not for Revolution 9 then it would of been harder to fall for this album. This song is and avantgarde, noise collage, tape loop track. The first ever tape loop song I liked was Revolution 9 by The Beatles off their 1968 self titled album. The beginning of this has some type of motor sounding thing to it. Then this evolves into piano, which evolves into a bunch of random instruments together. This sounds like Frank's take on his type of Edgar Varese composition. This also somewhat reminds me of a not so distant cousin of the second half of The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet which is off 1966's Freak Out! album. There are also cartoonish vocals laughing like they are evil or they are high. This track is 6:25 and by far the longest track on the album. The second longest track on this album is 3:24. That over 3 minutes longer that any the second longest track. There is a part where it sounds like they were just running around hitting stuff in this big empty room.
Over all this is a 10/10. I love this album. Its just so perfect and just works. I literally could of reviewed this album with out even re-listening to all but 3 songs. The rest are permanently engraved in my skull musically. I think that this should be on a list of top 50 albums ever. This is just such a perfect piece of musical history for me and it is also touching to me and has meaning. If not for this I probably wouldn't like Frank. The way this album was mixed and edited is perfection. This isn't amazing quality but it gets the job done. I think that the quality works and is perfect for what it needed on this album. Some albums need to be low quality to sound good and then the same is true of the opposite. Long story short I love this album and can't wait till March 22nd cuz then I'd doing Apostrophe and March 26th Just Another Band From L.A. check out my page at the top where it says release dates.

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