Monday, March 12, 2012

100 Altered Girls - Zoom On A Kill

This is a band that I found out about via FrostClick. I've searched their links and can't figure out if this is an Ep or not. The first song I'd ever heard by them was a songs called as a colab with someone called ˦eS‡∆iSL. I wasn't a fan of that song because it was too dubstep to it. On Bandcamp they tagged themselves as "8-bit, chiptune, dance" which I'd agree. This is a Mexican group and that's all I can really find about them. I do like the album cover a lot. I think that the colours in it look cool
  1. Roses in Sadbrain: This song is dubstep. I don't really like dubstep.... like at all. Now this is ok because it isn't die hard Skril-shit.
  2. We: I can see this as a kind of interlude inbetween the tracks.
  3. ▲▲▲CiD Cloones▲▲▲:  This is dubstep. This could also be described as house music. There is a part in this where it sounds like the part where mario jumps.
  4. Subhumanos & Vaginas de Leopardos: This is very 8-bit sounding to it. The beginning of the song reminds me of Mario or Link. There is a driving type of bass drum in there that makes this kind of a march.
  5. La Droga Peligrosa CC: This song is kind of like the others, electronic and beats and not terrible.
  6. Pokk  O▲O  Pokk: This be dubstep. This track irritates me that they wan't to make dubstep. I don't like that genre and I don't think there is much talent needed to make dubstep. There are voice samples in this song. There is a part at like 2:20 where there is a mexican band sample. The song then sounds like it has voices that fall apart to the fade.
  7. Vintage Mecanic Love: The beginning of this song reminds me of like a sampled rock and roll christmas Trans Siberian Orchestra thing. I STRONGLY don't like them. This isn't that bad, like some of the others its just it isn't mind blowing for me. There is a lot more electronic guitar parts that come in on it and it ends in odd sounding way.
Overall I give this a 4.5/10. I didn't hate it, but I don't really like this music. It was short, so that a plus, but it wasn't redicaliously bad. The thing is that loops have pretty much lost their effect of boring me since 7 Skies H3 by The Flaming Lips. I talk about that a lot but come on, I lasted 12 hours of that bitch before I passsed out. Can't wait to review that fucker. I think that maybe someday I might return to this, but I know that I'm looking forward to reviewing these guys other albums I downloaded. Also can't wait to review Skrillex.

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