Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hotel California - Eagles

I have been obsessed with Frank Ocean's mixtape Nostalgic, Ultra. I should be uploading that review up on Monday. My favorite song so far is American Wedding which he pretty much reworked Hotel California, by that he took the original track and just took out the vocals. Don Henley threatened to sue him for using the song, for a free mix tape. But long story short he can't play the song live. That is a load of crap, #Beach Boys and Katy Perry. I can't stand it when people sue people because they want more money. This was, at one points, one of my favorite albums I'd ever heard. But that was pre-Bungle and before I began experimenting with music. So at that point in my life I only knew old music, it was even before I was into Avenged, I was a little, no where near as much. But I remember that this album had this over all warm feel to it. I don't remember the last time I listened to any song off this album by choice. I vaguely remember all the songs and how they go. So I am excited to review this 1976 Classic. And I don't think that I really need to give the Eagles an introduction, If you don't know who they are, google Eagles and it will probably have like 100 different links to them.
  1. Hotel California: This song starts out with the acoustic guitar that everyone seems so familiar with. The bass, That I have now realized is bass is perfect sounding. I put on my headphones and this song is much better. There isn't that much open space in this song. I actually like the way this seems to be produced. The harmony vocals and everything else go together so well. This song is an instant classic, and pretty much irresistible to not like. I have given the song my time and those "Over Played Wounds" have been mended. I remember being a Scout Camp about 4 years ago and hearing this song and not being able to wait to get home to buy the song. I kept telling my self the name of that song, along with some other songs. That was when I was a "one song" type of a guy. Before I liked or would listen to a full album. This song is just so perfect and gos by so quick. It is a really quick 6:30 minute song. The bass at the ending is a fricken bad ass riff. I love that and the guitars solos are complimented by it. Everything in this song works together so well, I just can't explain it to those who haven't ever heard it, the "irony" is that everyone has. {9.5/10}
  2. New Kid in Town: This is one of their country songs. I used to like this song a decent amount. I think that this song is ok. The one thing is these are some of the classic rock songs where I can't stand it anymore. The production on this song is pretty good. There is a little more open space on this song than the previous track. I think that the bass is pretty solid. This song drags a lot for me. I couldn't wait for this song to end.
  3. Life in the Fast Lane: This song has this "bad ass country man" feel to it. The intro riff is a pretty cool one. I really like the distortion used on the guitar on this song. What this song is about isn't really that tricky and hard to get. But what songs about sex are. There are more songs that don't talk about sex in a clever way or try to not make it so obvious (I try to make it less obvious too, but it becomes more blunt than probably almost anyone else). The singer on this song has this raspy feel to it. The one thing that bugs me about his voice is that it sounds distorted weird. Like I don't think his voice is loud enough because if the music were a little louder than it would be over powered by the instruments. I still think the solo to this song is ok. Like I said I used to like this song more than I do now. {7/10}
  4. Wasted Time: I've never liked this song. In fact I still don't, but I think that this song is a good example of how there are songs that I don't like on this album. The intro to this song tries to hard. It has strings and all this other instruments to accompany it, but It doesn't work for me. I mean someone else might like this song more than me, and might think that it's better than I do, but this is my opinion. This song also sounds like it would be a Styx love song or like some attempt, during the '80s to make an emotional power ballad, except with out the guitar part so much. The guitar solo's/fills are actually pretty buried and hard to heard. This song is a good way to end the first side though. The guitar is less buried toward the very end. But there is a part where I could barely heard it.
  5. Wasted Time (Reprise): This is just an instrumental orchestral part play the parts of Wasted Time. Actually I like this one more than the non reprise version. I think that this song would be good on a movie soundtrack or score. {8/10}
  6. Victim of Love: This song is a return to the heavier parts of the album. This is a pretty ok song. I don't think that it's as good as before. I think that this song is a cool song but I don't really think that I like it. I mean the vocals are ok and the instrumentation is cool to. It's just... it hasn't kept it's power from before like it used to for men. This song also kind of reminds me of the type of '80s songs where now I would make fun of them, not in a review, but in real life because of the song/video.
  7. Pretty Maids All in a Row: This song starts out with piano. This is a ballad type of song. I really didn't have interest in paying attention to this song. I did and I kind of regret it. It dragged on like a bitch. So this is a big bad no good part for this album and helps give this album it's impending rating.
  8. Try and Love Again: This song can join the list of boring songs. It was just... This song is boring and bores me. Like I want to skip this song and listen to the next one in order to finish up the review and post it up. This on also drags like a mother fucker, it has like a good minute outro that annoys the fuck out of me. It is pretty much drone to me, but not good drone. {4/10}
  9. The Last Resort: This is a good way to wrap up a good album. Emphesis on the word GOOD. I really can't say more about it than that.
Overall I have to give this a 4.2/10.  This album is not what I hoped for. I think that it is what I thought that it would be. I knew from he start it wouldn't be a 10/10. But I was hoping for an 8/10. Looks like it's not. Also they went over board with the ballads on the album. I don't really like ballads as much as I used to. This album, as for any other if you like it, that's your opinion. But I don't so yeah. I don't like the way Glenn's voice sounds, it really bugs me. This song has the set up of a Classic Rock Album. But you can only take so much from the similar production and sounds. I have no interest in revisiting this album in any way, except for the title track. This album is a classic, just not for me.

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