Saturday, March 31, 2012

Exquisite Corpse- EP - Warpaint

this is a band that formed in 2004 in Los Angeles. I remember listening to the first I heard Elephants. That song, along with the video, remind me of those late "Summer Nights". The ones where I listened to Faith No More and Mr. Bungle. It also gives me that good feeling that I got from, this will sound ironic, summer school. I felt like that was a new family for me. It was fun, but it stinks getting up. I do kind of miss it though. Enough info crap and back to the review. This is for realz holmes and now to the review. PS I'll fix the album cover later. Doing this on my iPod. Also note to self this was uploaded at 12:37pm
  1. Stars: This song starts out with a feeling that reminds me of the Foo Fighters. With the exception that it's a girl singer. The song in particular that comes to mind is The Pretender off the 2007 album, whose name I can't think of but if you knew those Foos you know what I'm talking about. The drums and bass through the entire track remind me of that. The song then changes a little way into it and it turns into a Zeppelin sounding guitar with vocals from girls. The second half of this song remind me of that breakdown of the lie version of Since I've Been Loving You {7/10}.
  2. Elephants: The video to this song is a welcoming one. I love it so much. This has like a magical feeling to it to where it's hard to explain. I don't really know how I can explain it. This is a very psychedelic song and has awesome guitar finger picks. The distortion to the guitar and vocals is awesome. The drums an the bass are so clear. The drums are sick and they just add to the song. This song is so clean and clear and easy to hear everything. There is a part where the girl's voice sound like its underwater. At that same part the guitar cuts out and it's just bass and drums going with her voice. The part where the song slows down and then just ha this feel of building up. Orgasm, because it goes back to the beginning. {10/10}
  3. Billie Holiday: This song is ok. I don't think that it's the best song on this album, but I do think that it is neat. This song is an acoustic song, that with headphones, sounds better and more pretty. The drums in this song are a little quieter in this than the last track, but they still are sick sounding. This drummer on the Ep is really cool style of drumming, at least I think. This song is a love song and could be a love song that I could see someone having in a movie after the lead lost their love interest. There is this synth that sounds like strings. In the ending they have one of those two different people singing two different things. That is followed by two acoustic part that was in the whole song an is goes into like a distorted underwater sound kind of. Then is goes to the fade, and tw0 track fades in and his this cool feel that it comes back in. This is a really cool song {8/10}
  4. Beetles: This song reminds me of Elephants, but it doesn't. This is a cool sounding song like Elephants but it has a more clear almost Undistorted feel to it. The bass and drums are more loud than the guitar. The song goes into a breakdown and during this breakdown the song has this type of pretty arpeggios that are accompanied by drums and bass. That ends and it's sole guitar playing what sounds like Greensleeves. After that a synth comes and gives it this more emotional feel to it. Then come the drums and after that the vocals. That part kind of reminds me of the breakdown in Since I've Been Loving You off the legendary live album The Song Remains The Same. After that it goes into this other kind of sounding Led Zeppelin feel. They pull it off like pros. I really enjoyed this song {9.7/10}
  5. Burgundy: This song starts with sole bass and drums and then the vocals. There is the guitar that sounds like it is waiting in the background waiting to attack. This song seems like it is a tiger, so to say, and is waiting to attack. This song progressively gets louder and faster. It has this slow fade in feel to it. The most of the track sound like it is still fading in. This is really cool and I like that that the way it was produced. The instrumentation impresses me like a mofo. I can't believe I enjoyed this so much. This is a really sick song. The song then sounds like it begins to fade out to acoustic arpeggios. {9/10}
Over all I would have to give this album a 8.6/10. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I would suggest this album to anyone who in interested. This is a good Ep, and from what I understand the album is better. Can't wait to do that one. I think that this is neat, especially since I poked out the Led in there. Ha ha ha ha… I am hoping to get this, one day, on Vinyl and CD too, if that make that. That would be sick. Oh yeah one last thing I'm doing one tomorrow but after today the daily reviews is going to end and I will upload them as I feel. But the weekend ones will still be there. I'm hoping for, excluding the weekends, three a week. So yeah, that's it

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