Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The First - Dominique Grace

This is the first thing that I've ever heard by this girl. I found out about her from the daily FrostClick emails I get. I got this one a while back. I love that she instaspamed the album cover. And She is pretty cute so why not check this out. The cute thing hopefully won't at all affect the review
  1. Struggle: This is one 2 and a bad, I actually think that it sounds pretty cool and has a good feel to the beginning of this Ep.
  2. Can't You See: This is a piano driven song. Her vocals are pretty cool sounding. They kind of remind me of Adele. Not really, but kind of in a way.
  3. Angel Grace: This song reminds me of a soft song. This song isn't that amazing. I actually am not that crazy about it. I don't really think that I can give it a good positive idea. It reminds me of a not so good Christie DuPree or now Merriment.
  4. Lessons Of Life: I don't at all like this song. It has very crappy distorted vocal in the background. It is an Capella song and it isn't anything special.
  5. Battle: This is basically like the first track. This isn't really that great. It doesn't keep my interest.
Over all I unfortunately give this a 3.5/10. I wasn't interested in this and probably won't check out any of her other stuff, if she released stuff in the future.

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