Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weezer (The Blue Album)

This is the debut album by 90's alternative band Weezer. The first real time that I heard of these guys, to where I could remember, was in Guitar Hero 3. They had the song My Name Is Jonas in the game, and I remember trying to beat it. I couldn't and it drove me nuts. Well when I finally did on Expert I was glad. After that I heard Buddy Holly in the original Rock Band. Then one of my friends showed me Pork and Beans. Well I'd never really given this whole album a try so, this is it. I know I really liked Pinkerton. Funny fact, I think that Rivers on this album cover reminds me of Josh from College Humor, the website. And Pat reminds me of my cousin Heather's boyfriend TJ. Another thing is that Brian also reminds me of Patrick from College Humor.
  1. My Name Is Jonas: I like that this song is so mellow, for the most part. The ending picks up and is more energetic, leading up to a guitar solo then an outro harmonica solo. The song then finally ends with that arpeggio thing. But the intro with that acoustic guitar arpeggios sound pretty. It has this Spanish feel to it, and it keeps my attention through the song.
  2. No One Else: This song is a classic sounding Weezer song. This song is, I would describe it as, Alternative Punk, but I don't know. This song is one where I could see being a punk song. Not a Misfits or Stooges song, but like the punk that was from the decade of the 1990's. I don't really like these song. I'm not huge on Weezer, and songs like this are the reason.
  3. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here: This is another classic Weezer sounding song. The one thing that I've noticed is that almost all Weezer song sound the same. This song is not an exception. I wish that there were more songs like El Scorcho or Island in the Sun. There were songs on Pinkerton that sounded like this, but at least they changed it up a little. Like the piano intro on Across the Sea. This song isn't anything that has grabbed my attention.
  4. Buddy Holly: I HATE THIS SONG. Well I don't actually hate it, but I can't stand it. It drives me nuts. I know this song is a little different sounding than their other songs on this album, but I just want to shoot Buddy Holly (Not Literally). I just don't like this song at all. I feel like I contradicted myself with what I said in the last track, but This is one of those different song exceptions. This song is too upbeat and annoying to me. It's like they are too happy, almost gay.
  5. Undone -- The Sweater Song: I like this song. There is this type of surfer feel to it. Like the instrumentation, not just the guy talking in the beginning of the song. This song is kind of catchy, not as much as some others, but still I like it. This song has this cool sounding distortion to the guitar solo in the song. This is accompanied by a louder buried acoustic guitar. That acoustic guitar strumming helps the solo sound better. The song kind of falls apart at the end and ends with this plucking of piano strings. It sounds really odd for a Weezer song.
  6. Surf Wax America: The title of the song fits the style of it. They say surfing a million times before the chorus. The riff in the song reminds me of some type of pop riff from the 80's. I think that it's cool sounding, and I like the double bass pedal in the song. This song is pretty fast, and it is good. I think Rivers did a good job on this one. During the breakdown the song completely changes style and sound. It almost turns into an a Capella type song. Then it obviously turns back to the chorus. But that whole breakdown is sick and adds this almost shocking atmospheric feeling for me.
  7. Say It Ain't So: This is another song that I heard via Rock Band. I like this song and I think that it is catchy. This song is a different tone from the rest of the album. The reason isn't just the more mellow, depressing feel to the song, but also the lyrics. I feel like this song is a song about his past. I later checked and I was right. It's talks about his idea of why his parents got divorced, and that his step father was becoming an alcholoic to. This song has two guitar solo part. This is sick, and the bass player is rocking on this track. This song is overall one of River's most impressive song's, and probably his best, that he's written, at least to my knowledge. {9.8/10}
  8. In The Garage: Yeah this one. The harmonica intro really gives me this bad feel to the song. I don't really think that this song lives up to Say It Ain't So but more on the list with Buddy Holly. I can stand this better, but it isn't. The guitar solo kind of reminds me of blur's solo in Coffee & TV off their 1999 album 13, a song that I really like a lot. Comparing this song to Buddy Holly might have been a little harsh. It's more of a No One Else on my list of songs by Weezer.
  9. Holiday: This song is good. I like this song. This isn't on my list of songs that I think stink by Weezer. I just think that this is a good song. I like the vocals and the overall feel I get from the vocals and the instruments. The bass is sick in the song, especially at the breakdown. I feel like they were going for a barbershop quartet in a part of this song, and well... it worked. This is a different song, and for that I applaud them
  10. Only in Dreams: This song has this bass that opens the song. Then comes in an out of tune acoustic guitar and a drum. This is a long song, and you know what I have to say this is the most mature Weezer song. Not in terms of lyrics and content, but musically. It's a shame they'd make this then eventually make songs like Beverly Hills. That bass riff in the beginning pulls me in. The dynamics and contrast in their song are awesome and I think it's the ultimate Weezer song. And awesome solos at the ending.
Overall I give this 1994 album a 8.5/10. I don't think this is an amazing album, but it did impress me a lot. I didn't think that this album would have as many surprises as I was expecting. This is an album I would suggest to anyone who likes any song off this album or just wants to give these guys a try. Another album to check out, my favorite, is Pinkerton. These are both two really good '90s alternative rock albums you should check out. And I look forward to reviewing all Weezer albums in the future.

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