Monday, March 19, 2012

City By The Sound - The Sliders

I saw these guys through FrostClick. They are an Indie band from either New York or New Jersey, you can tell by the lyrics and the sound. I watched a video of these guys on the news and I didn't really like it that much. So I decided now to give the whole Ep a listen
  1. The Sliders FrostWire Intro: I don't think that I need to give an explanation to this track.
  2. City By The Sound: This is a notorious New York area indie band sound. These guys sound a little different and have more piano in it than most other I've heard but This isn't anything special. This song is ok, I think it is too upbeat. Like they try to be upbeat. And his voice sounds like it would be from Disney Channel. And the song sounds that way too. I can't stand the Disney Channel music and the way they make music.
  3. Chasing After You: The vocals in the chorus of this song remind me of the vocals in the song Tempted by the UK band Squeeze. This song insn't band, I just don't really like it that much. I think that there is more of a newish feel to it? I don't really know how to better explain it.
  4. Coming Around: This hurt this Ep. I didn't like the way it started out. The thing that keeps them from being another These Animals is the better quality and the vocals. Everything is basically the same. Yeah this song hurt this for me. I don't think there is a better explination. I like it, just not a ton.
  5. Underground: This song is SHIT. I don't think that this does them any justice. The beginning of this says they are kids unground. Terrible idea, and it drives me nuts when they try to do that. I don't think that talking about being kids is a strong point of view. And it is so over used. In honesty the only bands that I think still make that idea work is Eisley and any project or thing that do with the DuPree family. The chorus has a break once and that part reminds me of Bang Carmaro's song Push Push (Lady Lightning) which is in Guitar Hero II. To top that thought there is a little bass riff, lasts seriously less than 5 seconds, that sounds like Bang Carmaro.
  6. The Dreamer: This song isn't anything special either. I don't really think that there is much to say about this track, except the fact that it isn't impressive.
Over all I give this a 6.4/10. I liked it more than I did the first time. I'm not the biggest fan of this Ep but I think that it is decent. Someone else might like this more than I did, but that is really all there is to say. I wasn't very intrested in it, after the first two tracks. The vocals and the quality of the sound are the only thing that I think really differ from some other New York area indie bands I have reviewed. I would listen to, if they have another, album or ep by them. Its just under 20 minutes so if you want to give it a listen you should.

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