Thursday, March 15, 2012

Exmilitary - Death Grips

This is a rap group that I found out about via The Needledrop. Their mixtape cover is pretty intense. It looks like this is on a man who had been wondering the jungle and is tough. It is almost scary looking. Well I found out that's the leader of the group. This doesn't look like a rap mixtape from the album cover. It looks more like a metal album, including the name. Well I listened to most of the songs already and haven't really thought about my feelings on the songs yet. So I'm glad that I'm making myself review this mixtape for today. OK I took some time and waited a week to add on to this review. The edits are being uploaded March 21st, 2012. And will also be updated on March 30th, 2012.
  1. Beware: the beginning of this song reminds me of Sublime on their second album Robbin the Hood with their songs ralique. The one with the guy who is talking, the only thing is that this isn't as dirty. The beat in this song is pretty cool. These guys have deep voices so it sounds almost scary. They also rap together. That makes it seem more powerful and fearful. The vocal delivery reminds me of a more raspier voices of Beastie Boys. I still think that this song is pretty cool.
  2. Guillotine: This has a more dubstep sounding beat. If you know me I don't like dubstep. This song is kind of a little over the top the first time hearing it. This is a somewhat scary song, in the way I could see someone getting murdered to it.
  3. Spread Eagle Cross the Block: in the beginning of this song it kind of sounds like a surf rock guitar. There is a voice that says "Yeah" and sounds like they sampled the Anthrax song I'm The Man. I really like the samples and beats on this song and the way the voice sounds. This song also reminds me, the voice, of Eminem off like Marshall Mathers LP. He also screams on this song.
  4. Lord of the Game (ft. Mexican Girl): This song is another song with a cool beat. The part in the beat where it goes "de de de de" reminds me of Flight of The Conchords song Demon Woman. I like the back and forth of the male and female rappers.
  5. Takyon (Death Yon): This song continued the dubstep sound beat. And it also continues the horror core themed lyrics.
  6. Cut Throat (Instrumental): To be honest I don't like dubstep. I feel like these guys are forcing it down my throat, pun intended, but seriously. I think this song is a little too much. It is short though so that is good.
  7. Klink: This song doesn't have a very much of a variation of style from the rest of the album. I think the organ '60s sounding sample is pretty cool and a good break, kinda. Them they begin to add stuff. The rest of this song is decently cool
  8. Culture Shock: The rhymes on this track are more chill. The delivery is also more calm. It sounds like industrial beats. I think this song is a good way to "give a break" for a little more than 30 seconds on the last track.
  9. 5D: This song is like a little break on the album. This is what I think should have been in Cut Throat. I was hoping that that song would give me a chance to take everything in and relax. 43 seconds isn't that much of a breather.
  10. Thru the Walls: This song is really cool. I like it alot. There is an Arabian, Middle Eastern feel to this beat. For some reason this reminds me of Public Enemy. The end of this song has this type of old school record scratch sounds. This song is a little easier to take 1st time because 
  11. Known for It: This is a more "traditional": hip-hop song. I could see someone singing about this in maybe the 80's or 90's hip-hop music. There is this like Japanese feel to the sample on this song. It kind of reminds me of A Small Victory off Angel Dust. Not the sound, just the fact that it kind of sounds Japanese. {8/10} This song is FUCKING sick. The bear in it is just one that is angry. I really think that this is a really cool sounding song. This song somewhat reminds me of Odd Future. But this is a little better. The thing is that I really can't say that this song is bad. It hasn't really grown on me, but I like it more. If that makes sense {8.5/10}.
  12. I Want it I need it (Death Heated): OH SHIT They didn't. Interstellar Overdrive is sampled on this song. That's badass as hell. This is a fricken bad ass song. This is definitely my favorite song on this mixtape and I don't think that they can top it. This song is so fucking swag. The only downside is that it seems a little long. {8.5/10} After the week I have listened to this song a ton more. I actually love this song more. This is one of my favorite song I've ever heard from a mix tape. This song is so ..... (No Explanation). This song has a very sick feel. There is kind of singing on this song and it sounds good. At least for this one.
  13. Blood Creepin: This song is like the first song on this mixtape. They are aggressive and they are also powerful and hard to listen to at times. As I've mentioned earlier the only thing that really hurts this album is songs like this where there is extensive dubstep sounds {5/10}
Overall I give this mixtape a 6.8/10. It was a lot to take the first time through. I actually considered pushing this back. But I had to do this because I have to. There is a lot of things on this that remind me of other stuff. One thing that hurt this mixtape is the fact that it had so much dub step beats. I don't like dubstep and I feel like these guys are forcing it down my throat, as mentioned earlier. I think that the songs grew on me by the end of it. I do know that I want to re listen to it. I think that if I give this another chance in the future I'd like it more but for now I think that I'm happy with this review, for now. I do suggest you to listen to this thought. Looking forward to new album 4.21.12? After re-listening to this, and being able to tolerate it better, this should get the rightful 9/10.

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