Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Santa Dog - Residents, Uninc.

Since Christmas is tomorrow I decided to indulge myself. In a good, and great way. I've been listening to this group a ton lately and even watched the Demons Dance Alone DVD today. Tomorrow, or later on tonight, I might watch Eskimo. Well anyway, this is the debut release by The Residents. At the time of the release, had yet to be named. Each track was credited to a different artist, in a kind of sampler-esque way. It was released as two 7" vinyl records. I recognize the name Arf & Omega from Vilness Fats, which is also mentioned in the liner notes this is "from" that film which is "coming soon to a theater near you". For those who don't know the move was never released, and was never finished. This was sent out to some hundred people and legend has it, it was sent back by Richard Nixon. "The Residents" name thought, came from a similar thing but it was the Warner Brothers album that was sent back to "The Residents". I could go on forever, espically since I've read up lately on the Pre-sidents history.
  1. Fire: This track is credited by Ivory & The Braineaters and written by Wanda Play. The song starts out with an awesome bass riff and the words "Santa Dogs a Jesus Fetus". For being "failed movie makers" this song is very fleshed out. I mean it's great and for two minutes there's quite a bit that happens. I love the backing vocals; and I also love how it's has three parts before it returns to the head, so to say. Trust me, you wont be able to get this out of your head.
  2. Explosion: This track is credited by The College Walkers. Unlike the last track, most people might want to skip this after the quote in the beginning. This song opens with a quote from Jingle Bells, but it sounds like Jingle Bells from Hell. Well, at least by 1972 standards. This really sounds like an explosion, and I love the strings in this track.
  3. Lightning: This is a track credited by Delta Nudes. This opens with whisteling and seems friendly enough. The music on this is reminicent of their later 70's electronic music, before turning into something off Fingerprince. Then a guy comes in and starts talking in a very Residents simple way. Except it sounds like its on a megaphone, then an epilouge that reminds me a little of maybe an early version of Not Available's ending.
  4. Aircraft Damage: This is by Arf & Omega with guests The Singing Lawnchairs. The song starts out with this march type vibe. Then some vocals come in. For whatever reason the singer on this track reminds me a little of Eddie of Flo & Eddie. I don't know why, but he does. Later it's a very well assembled musique-concrete type piece that I wish I could assemble this well. At least that's the feeling I'm getting parts sound backwards and forwards. The Singing Lawnchairs sound like they are singing backwards.
Overall I have to give this double single a 9/10. There is nothing wrong with this, and if you don't like it it's only like 15 minutes long. This is a great way to start off such an amazing legacy, and it sounds like they got their stuff together. I love this, my biggest problem was I didn't get a copy back in 1972.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


This is the debut release by MellowHigh. All but the 12th track were produced by Left Brain, the other was be Hodgy. I've already heard the album, and I didn't care much for it, but I figured I needed a review and this is a qucik one to do you know.
  1. Goon'n: The beginning of this song vaguely reminded me of Echoes by Pink Floyd. Then when the song actually starts it sounds more like kind of cheesy electronic music from the late 90's or early 2000's. I mean it's ok, it doesn't sound like anything I couldn't find in other places.
  2. Air: This sounds, instrumentally, an interlude from the Kardashians. Actually if this was less agressive, or less on this could be a Lil B instrumental. I've heard this album twice and I have to say this might be my favorite song
  3. YU: This is anothe just Ok song, I mean there isn't really much to say in my opinion about his.
  4. Extinguisher: I do enjoy the Arnold references, and think they have a solid flow through the song. Also this song is kind of long, I wish it was a minute or so shorter.
  5. Nobody: ......... Well this is the first time that I can say I don't like, at all, the chorus of the song.
  6. Self Titled: ......
  7. Troublesome: uh
  8. Get'n Drunk: I hope this track gets pretty deep for me.
  9. Roofless:The opening line is how I'm feeling about this album at this point.
  10. HighLife: This track features two rappers, Curren$y and Smoke DZA. This sounds like they sampled
  11. Cold World: This track features Remy Banks and Earl. I've never heard of the former.
  12. Cigarillo: Cigaro cigaro cigarooooooo
  13. Remix: This track features Tyler. Maybe Tyler can help me like this song, you know just to get through that album.
Overall I have to give this album a 4/10. It starts out pretty good, but as it goes it starts to drag and I loose intrest. I'm not saying they are bad, but the best released by miles I've heard so far are Wolf, Bastard and Earl. Maybe there should have been more features to keep my mind off these repetitiveness of the flows and what not.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Everything Will Be Alright In The End - Weezer

Following the pattern of the last review I did, this is the first review review of a band since March 2012. I did for these guys since This is the latest Weezer album, number 10, and to be completely honest after Pinkerton I have no interest in them at all really. This is their first in 4 years, since 2010's release of two albums Hurley and Death to All False Metal. This was also produced by Rick Ocasek, you know of The Cars.
  1. Ain't Got Nobody: This opens the track and is kind of heavy, but I don't like that I can barely hear the vocals in the track. This song didn't do much for me the first time, but maybe it may grow more over time.
  2. Back to the Shack: This riff reminds me a little of The Stripes. But the lyrics defiantly remind me of Weezer. This seriously sounds way to much like El Scorcho mixed with Beverly Hills. The latter of which was a terrible song back when it came out and I remembered it being played. I do enjoy the bridge, and the solo. The solo reminds me a little of, in the very beginning, blur.
  3. Eulogy For A Rock Band: To be honest, this isn't that bad of a song. Thought I don't like the vocals mixing. But part of the reason is because the singer doesn't sound like Rivers so much, and that is a nice change for me.
  4. Lonely Girl: She's a lonely little girl. And outside of that joke, there isn't much here for me to discuss.
  5. I've Had It Up To Here: Few.... I thought for a second this was gonna turn into Pharell's idea of funk. "I'm a Hunter". I do like the synths on this track and like the change in the tempo. Kind of like how I really liked the song Dirty Rotten Bastards off Green Day's last album ¡Tré!.
  6. The British Are Coming: I really like the bell that flows between the tracks and I like the intro to this track. The whole track is pretty great in a Across The Sea way, minus the chorus. That is just proof of why Weezer need a direction change.
  7. Da Vinci: This is a country feeling song, mainly because of the whole.... DAMN IT!!!! Why do they always use the same exact chorus for every song!!!!!!! I mean when they do that it's like an erection. Let me explain, when you get excited you know what happens. Well what happens when you see something that's a turn off.... it just goes down and doesn't come back. It's gone, it's lost forever and isn't coming back (at least in the song length). Best analogy ever.
  8. Go Away: "and leave me on my own"?. This track features Bethany from Best Coast on vocals and I like how she contributes. It's a different voice than River's right, but this song is still just.... Weezer is The Rolling Stones of the 90's.
  9. Cleopatra: This is a change of pace, it sounds like a Dylan-esque track but more current. Ah, well at least the chorus isn't so overwhelmingly reused. This is a nice song though and I do give them props. While I don't love it it's by far one of the better songs here. The guitar solo hidden in the background and that whole part is great, the only thing is I don't like the lack of air at the "5, 10, 15 20" part. The solo is pretty great too here. {7.5/10}
  10. Foolish Father: The part I like is the pre-solo and the solo. I really like the what sounds like string swells, but still it's too claustrophobic, or vice versa, for me. This was another decent track.
  11. I. Waste Land: This is the first of a three part song, and I'm looking forward to this ambition. But this sounds very progressive rockish. The guitars in the intro drag me in. Pretty great track and by far the best here. Actually it kind of feels like The Black Parade's intro track. {8/10}
  12. II. Anynomus: Finally, a piano ballad that isn't a let down. This track sounds like a outtake from the Black Parade. But sadly, they use the famous vocals, they song is so good and have so much potential, but it's just couldn't the drummer or someone else have sang lead. That really too me out of the song and it's hard for me to come back in. Though the maturation on these last three tracks is what Weezer needs. They're like in their 30's or 40's. Time to stop playing around and get serious, and just because you change sound doesn't mean you can't kid. Just don't use the formula you've been using foever. I also like last part of the song. It's awesome parts get {8/10} others get a {7/10}.
  13. III.  Return to Ithaka: I like the harmonies of the guitars here, this reminds me a little of something Blur might do. The song just makes me wanna see if their next album will sound anything like the good tracks here. Also love the sweeps
Overall I have to give this album a 7.0/10. Nerd culture is a joke, but that doesn't mean I don't like Weezer's Blue and Pinkerton albums. While there are some high points on this album, I don't think this is anywhere near as good as those two album. That being said, I don't want to compare other albums.... if their next album pushes their comfort a little more then I'll probably like it even more. And write another chorus PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Also if you wanna get into 90's music get into their first two albums, Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, Nirvana (minus Nevermind), anything Blur, Radiohead I can't think of anything else right now.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Gold Experience - O(+>

Wow it's been over two years since I did a review of The Purple One. This is the 17th studio album by Prince, first to be with the Love Symbol title, released in September 1995. Thought this follows the album released in July 1995 titled Symbolic Beginnings, with recording from 1977ish from the 94 East band. Then you had November 1994's The Black Album (note The Gold Exp was originally named the Gold Album) which was originally intended for release in December 1987, so in reality his last album before this was August 1994's Come. That album is just..... Not very good. But you know, I've already heard this thing too, and sadly it lives up to the follow up for Come.
  1. P. Control: Pussy Control, for a title like that you know of expect it to be a good track, but sadly, it doesn't reach any expectation of mine. This song opens with a woman talking in Spanish (?) but Prince raps in this track, and honestly I like the International Lover reference, but still this track would fit snugly on the Graffiti Bridge soundtrack. This track reminds me a ton of Tick Tick Bang.
  2. NPG Operator (Segue 1): This I guess sets the theme or tone or concept for the album. I guess after she says the word "come" a sample from the song Come appears until the end of the track.
  3. Endorphinmachine: This has the energy (esp the end of this track) of Let's Go Crazy, but doesn't hit that high. I do like the rhythm on breakdown part. Other than that part and Prince's scream there isn't anything that sets this apart and makes it great. I also wish that peaceful part would last longer.
  4. Shhh: This track, unlike most of the album, dates to June 1992 (but was rerecorded in 1994) because of it's original use for Tevin Campbell. The little kid who dances around and sings Round And Round. That was a song that kind of pissed me off because it was kind of annoying. This is a very appropriate title for this track. It's a kind of slow jam that it very 90's to me. Thought I do like when it picks up and kind of plays harmony notes together right before the solo comes in
  5. We March: This is one of two co-written tracks on this album. It was co-penned with Nona Gaye, you know Marvin's daughter. This song's intro sounds a ton like a later Queen song. Up until the GB sound comes in. You know the 1990 soundtrack album (hint)
  6. NPG Operator (Segue 2): wow The Dawn, it covers everything a young boy can ask for, courtship, sex, commitment, fetishes, loneliness, vindication, love and hate. The segues are there to go to different "experiences" or "themes" for group of songs.
  7. The Most Beautiful Woman In The World: This was originally released as a single in February 1994, 19 months before this album was released. It was released on an Ep as The Beautiful Experience in May 1994. Thats kind of just laziness to reuse a almost two year old track for an album in my opinion. The other thing is that this is another clunker for me. I don't know why but it just.... doesn't work. So to reuse it a year and a half later is just kind of pointless to me. This is seriously the 90's version of The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room) by Flight Of The Conchords. Wonder if they were spoofing this song?
  8. Dolphin: This is another uneventful track :( Actually I'm waiting to turn on "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" and this to be in a scene.... well period, anywhere.
  9. NPG Operator (Segue 3): This track goes into the Now experience which also contains Irresistible Bitch, Housequake, and Sexy M.F. but according the the Operator that was then, this is NOW!
  10. Now: This song is pretty much in the "experience" I got from P. Control. I don't think that should have been the intro track. Honestly, I would have rearranged the tracks a little to make the concept more clear, but whatever. I like the reggae, Rastaman voice.
  11. NPG Operator (Segue 4): Welcome to the beautiful experience, why the hell is track seven not in there. But anyway this covers courtship, sex and commitment
  12. 319: This is another track that I just can't get into really. Maybe if it was a blues song
  13. NPG Operator (Segue 5): This is saying to enter a different experience, Ok
  14. Shy: This track is pretty nice, and relaxing, but I'm getting a folksy feeling from this track
  15. Billy Jack Bitch: This track was co-written with Michael B. Nelson. This also features an uncredited backing vocal from Lenny Kravitz and honestly the chorus is kinda annoying an too much like Delirious for me to give the time of day to. It's also a little too long for me.
  16. Eye Hate You: This is a very 90's song. It's got a cool Zappa-esque solo to the end, but still it's just okay first time through. Also it is listed with the eye symbol
  17. NPG Operator (Segue 6): This is supposed to be the computer going haywire. And guess what, I entered the Gold Experience.
  18. Gold: Not great, but a good way to end this album. This is a kind of ballad, but you know the strings on this remind me of tons of other tracks from 90's/00's like this.
Overall I have to give this album a 6/10. Wanna know how you can kind of tell it's kinda weak, Christgau gave it an "A". He's an idiot, but regardless I give Prince props for making a very cohesive album, but it's also not very adventurous or exciting. It works, but for me, I didn't really enjoy this album that much.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ghost Stories - Coldplay

This is the latest album by Coldplay. I previously did their review for their Mylo Xyloto album and I plan on doing this too. This album was released on May 16th, 2014. Well I heard the singles, and to be honest the single don't even live up to anything. So after the dreaded Midnight I kind of lowered my standards for this album. And I did for a good reason.
  1. Always In My Head: This isn't that bad of a song, thought I don't get anything out of it.
  2. Magic: This song is another track that is just kind of OK. There isn't anything that makes me like it, but you know... so far out of the single and what not this is the best. I do find my self returning to this track, but not because of love, but because its a good enjoyable song. 
  3. Ink: Hey, this is a cute song. Not really, but this really doesn't sound like Coldplay.
  4. True Love: This is an Okay song. I can't think of what the strings remind me of exactly. This is one of the better tracks, but still I think I like it because I want to figure out what that cheep string sound is. The music in this song reminds me of a bunch of different..... Radiohead, that's who it is. Now what song? Well point is, OK Computer is much better than this or really any track here.
  5. Midnight: Ok, If you've ever read any of my reviews what do you expect me to say about this song. With all due respect this song sucks. There isn't a single redeeming quality about this track.... sorry Chris. That is how I'm gonna say it, and as mean as I'll get. 
  6. Another's Arms: .........
  7. Oceans: There isn't anything here that I can find any type of pleasure out of.
  8. A Sky Full of Stars: There isn't really anything about this track that makes me want to revisit it. It's a ballad but it's pretty bland. I mean it isn't nearly as infectious or catchy or even, dare I say, heartfelt (i cant connect emotionally with this track) as anyone off Parachutes. And Chris talks of how he doesn't like that album.... That's probably, and AROBTTH their best albums. 
  9. O: In my opinion I don't like its title, especially since two tracks prior is Oceans. This is kinda like a lulaby, but one that I really don't care to ever hear
Overall I have to give this album a 4/10. They furthered the sound of Mylo but in a bad way. Eno probably would have helped the album. I know that the whole divorce thing may be present on this album, but you can still make a great LP. Look at Dylan's 1976 Desire, Fleetwood Mac's 1977 Rumours (kinda) and possibly the best example I can think of Here, My Dear by Marvin Gaye. The last one I named was being recorded while he was in court, listen to Is That Enough. Just this didn't turn out the way it should have been, or could have been. If he's happy with it then ok, I'm just not personally satisfied with it. Lets just put it like this, every time I see it at the Cd store, I just kind of roll my eyes and pass up buying it. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Lazaretto - Jack White

This is the sophomore solo effort by Jack White. I started this review before the album was released so the singles will have more time to grow on me. The White Stripes are a pretty great band of the last decade or so and his solo stuff is also pretty interesting. I wasn't in love with Blunderbuss, but I love that he didn't just do what everyone expected/wanted him to do. Continue on The Stripes, he's on his own now and doing his own thing. It's what he wants and no one can influence it like other band members. Also as before, the shades of blue on this album cover are great. And the day has come, June 10th so lets go into this Review.
  1. Three Women: This is a cover of a track by Blind Willie McTell. I don't know the original so I can't compare the two, though it was by a delta blues artist so I can assume it's in the vein of Robert Johnson. This song is pretty enjoyable and odd, and I like that it's odd. I might not love this song, but I enjoy that it's a little odd.
  2. Lazaretto: This was the second single released and it's pretty interesting. The song has a feeling that reminds me of the rock/hip-hop crossovers of the 90's. This is like Jack singing and soloing over Rage Against The Machine. I like the change in pace, but it reminds me far too much of the Tomahawk title track off their last album Odd Fellows, but not as interesting or cool. Interesting song I can see growing on me with multiple listens possibly. This song is very reminiscent of Salute You Solutions. I like the electronic elements added in the song, and the thing is it adds a little to the song. It doesn't kind of kill the song like some other artists or songs. My favorite part is the Odd Fellows part. Also dig the violins.
  3. Temporary Ground: This is another just ok track. I've heard the LP a few times and each time I'm, ultimately, disappointed. Why? Well because of an over abundance of material that is just kind of not keeping my interest. It's better than Ultraviolence but all in all just nothing. 
  4. Would You Fight For My Love?: I like the intro to this and the piano. This songs intro vaguely reminds me of an Egyptian version Aladdin Sane's title track and The Supermen. I think this is a pretty good track, but you know the best part is the "choir" thingy in the chorus. Then it turns into a hip hop-esque song.
  5. High Ball Stepper: This was the first single released for this album. I like the backwards intro to this track, but I think that this screech may get a little old if it were through out the entire track. I also Love the piano in this track. This is a bizarre track for someone who was in a blues duo from the late late 1990's to the late 2000's. I also like that this is an instrumental, but I wonder if during that "oh ah oh" if there was a vocal in there and the "oh ah oh" was a little quieter and the no singing part was more the piano part or hard to sing with parts.
  6. Just One Drink: This song is ok. I think that female vocalist is the same from Love Interruption. You can almost look it as a sequel to that track. It's ok, but I prefer the other one.
  7. Alone In My House: This sounds like a Get Behind Me Devil track. Well almost any track in the vein of that track. I can't quite think of it, but this is a great track, on the LP.
  8. Entitlement: This reminds me of a country track that I'm kind of bored of by now. I think a little country is ok, but you know. This is kind of like a country version of The Stones.
  9. That Black Bat Licorice: The backing track is pretty good, but I kind of feel like it may have been looped instead of being played straight. Though I do like the "tape" distortions. Also whenever I hear violin I almost need to hear it being played at the level of Jean Luc-Ponty.
  10. I Think I Found The Culprit: This kind of reminds me of a little less exciting version of Forever Dolphin Love. Well then the chorus is ok, but you know, I just don't think the odd parts fit as naturally as they should.
  11. Want And Able: This is the sequel to another Stripes song, I can't think of.
Overall I have to give this album a 5.8/10. First time through I can't say that I was much more than a 6 on it. While I don't think that it's as good as I want it to be I have to give him credit. While there is variety the production makes all the songs kind of sound similar. If I wasn't paying attention all the songs would probably blend together. I just think that the album only instead of growing on me it ungrows or grows against me. The reason it took so long to upload this review is because of lack of motivation and interest in returning again and again to the album.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Not Available - The Residents

Today is my birthday, in honor of that i decided to do whatever I want. Since no one can lock me up for reviews, i decided to do one of my favorite albums.... EVER!!!! This is the 1978 (their second recorded, it's from 1974) studio album by Louisiana's The Residents. This album is known as The Residents living embodiment of the Theory of Obscurity. Look it up, its an  interesting concept that needs the back story, so look on their website if you care. This album also, allegedly has much personal drama on it and is an opera, of sorts. This is gonna take some multiple listens to review, but I'm not complaining. Note: I'm using the 2010 most current version for this review.
  1. Part One: Edweena: Now this album starts off with something that sounds kind of cheap. I know that intro, upon first listen isn't that much of a draw in. But trust me, sit through it and it will pay off. The intro reminds me and sound a little of When We Were Young off 1980's Commercial Album, but with more instrumentation. The drums are kind of primal sounding and remind me of Fingerprince. Then these voices that sound like possessed chipmunks, or at least ones who hit puberty come in. After that for awhile it changes vibes and it's hypnotic. The vocals that come in sound almost robotic or like aliens from outer space. The vocals, the effect and the feeling I get in my gut, reminds me a little of Simple Song. Then the flute sounds speed up and a piano that sounds like it's off Meet The Residents comes in. The lyrics on this album, and song, are vary minimal, but this is kind of like a future calling to what they'd do on Commercial Album. The female vocalist's (known as Edweena) part reminds me a little of the Forbidden Zone. Also the drums sound almost analogue-esque. The possessed alien choir comes back and continues the story. And this is only 7 minutes into the 10 minute song. After that a guy, Uncle Remus (a mentor), talks and the choir comes in again, later followed by a fade in of the music. Really this is possibly best ever described as The Abbey Road Medley if it was on Sgt. Pepper and they were either taking a little too much acid, or they were genuinely bizarre people. Also if it took up the entire album.
  2. Part Two: The Making of a Soul: This intro sounds similar to the first track. It's not even close, but the atmosphere is definitely continued. It sounds cohesive, the only real difference is the sax lead parts and it's a little louder overall. This track introduces the Porcupine. This part is followed by my favorite melody that now makes me cry when I hear it. It's like a demented Moonlight Sonata, or more avant-garde Because. The vocals just come in and sound so desperate. I honestly don't think that you can't be touched in some way by this guys voice. It's very much in the vein of Daniel Johnson, who didn't even come till years later. After it speeds up a little, the aliens return. They are almost like Omnipotent beings. Then the next section is a kind of reprise of the intro to this track. But the desperate love stricken Porcupine returns. And before he starts singing, quick note, a hammer comes in (another Abbey Road comparison, just saying). For those of you who don't know I think in every aspect of the word Abbey Road is the greatest album of all time. After the then the old guy, Uncle Remus, comes back.
  3. Part Three: Ship's a'Going Down: The song starts calm, and is, then followed by a shriek and the singer literally Freaks Out along with the music. After the freak out, it goes back to another hypnotic felling before freaking out again. This is mainly told between "The Catbird" (the screamed vocals), "Uncle Remus", and the "Enigmatic Foe". The following part just makes me honestly say that this is truly the predecessor to Commercial Album, but with a story rather than a concept. This part contains the part where the singer is basically crying and the other voices are sings the title of this track. There is a lot of repeated musical motifs in this album, but damn they don't ever get old. This is followed by a reprise of, basically, the intro to track two, and the sad piano part. Followed by another reprise of another part. This should have, in any logical thinking person's mind gotten old by now, but it doesn't. Not even in the slightest. The part that follows this up reminds me of their 90's output and possibly The Ughs! track In The Dark. And outside the music is a beautiful melody that I wont describe. I wan't you to find it.
  4. Part Four: Never Known Questions: This sounds like it's the ending of the story, and it properly is, well with the exception of an epilogue. The melody reminds me a little of Sympathy For The Devil. This is followed by "spot the rot" part. It's great! really it is. Followed by what I can only describe as Porcupine's Sonata. Followed by the "realization" in him. When everything clicks with him, he is truly happy and his first time a grand, happy upbeat part plays for his part.
  5. Epilogue: This is kind of a final call back to the intro of the album. With the according to the site "chorus" giving the final benedictions and wrapping up the story. This is followed by a final call back to Porcupine's Sonata. Well with the exception of the Son is singing this. The boys voice makes it all the more touching and sad and really.... IDK? If you are confused by the lyrics study them and piece this album together, or at least try. You can get a clearer picture and when it's clearer this track really expalins the whole trauma and calls back to the first few lines in the album.
Overall I have to give this album a 100/10. This album is a trip, in the best way possible. I can't believe this album has the honor of being the first album I've listened to 3 times in a row front to back. With each listen I find it harder and harder to say what I don't like. Why, because its like it melts away. There is just something that's so touching and just indescribably. If you've ever seen any review of this they all say it's "indescribable" but it truly is. I've tried my best, but even my descriptions can't help truly give justice to this masterpiece. Forester should have played this album a few times for the SOL, eventually they'd be brainwashed by the album into loving it. If you want to make a good album, check this one out. This ranks up there with Freak Out!, Abbey Road, In The Court Of The Crimson King, Commercial Album. Go to their website for a heart breaking review, in a good way. Upon visiting the lyrics, there are easy connections to every single human's life, and upon revisiting this it is all the more enlightening.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mandatory Fun - "Weird Al" Yankovic

This is the latest ALbum.... get it? Well this features 12 new tracks that I was hoping that would blow Alpocylapse out of the water. Overall it wasn't a terrible album, but way to underwhelming considering, while 2006's Straight Outta Lynnwood was just sub-par (for me), I've dug further and 2003's Poodle Hat is fricken' awesome, at parts, setting a bar for post 90's Al. In fact I've both warmed up to that album, 2011's, and (for lack of a vast vocabulary) repulsed by it at the same time. Now repulsed is a strong word, but where repulsed is a 8/10 or higher on the scale of pushed way, I'd say I'm more of a 5/10 for my stay away-ness. But I really hope this is great. Let's just say it's better that I expected it to be. A LOT!
  1. Handy: The album kicks off with a parody, far superior than, of that Fancy song. I really don't listen to the radio, so I heard this first. Still, this is funny and better in general. Though this song don't grow on me after a while, it doesn't quite fade. It may with more time, but I still think it's far superior to the original.
  2. Lame Claim to Fame: This is a style parody of some group I never heard of until today, July 14th 2014. That group being Southern Culture on the Skids. I looked them up on Spotify and they look like people from MST3K. But I like this song, and think it's pretty good.
  3. Foil: This is a parody of Royals. I think it's funny but I wonder if its a satire about conspiracy theorists or a real statement done humorously. Every time I hear this I laugh.
  4. Sports Song: This is one of, no more than two or so, songs that I don't care for here. While I think it's funny, and great and kind of a song I'm glad was written, but I don't care for "band" music. Obviously it wouldn't be as funny without it, but I'm just not that into the music on this track. 
  5. Word Crimes: This is second only to Got To Give It Up by Marvin. And unless you lived under a rock you heard of the law suit. Regardless of anything, Thicke's song was over glorified and Gaye's song was also kind of making fun of disco. That's another story, but this is a hilarious song. It's kind of like a sequel, in a way, to White & Nerdy. It's kind of a stretch, but look at this. It's kind of like a nerdy song about the Internet. Not that he didn't have nerdy songs before that, but in the age of Internet I think it fits. The reason i cant give those people crap is because I do that sometimes. I try not to, and after listening I want to learn proper English. And I love the "Nevermind I give up" line. {8/10}
  6. My Own Eyes: This is a style parody of an overrated band, I think, Foo Fighters. It's not that their not talented or they suck, I just haven't really heard any songs that I've either liked at all or for longer than a few listens. This is the other song that I am not huge on. The riff later sounds just like Slither. But if this is an edificational track the I know I'd go "insane" if I saw half of this stuff. 
  7. NOW That’s What I Call Polka!: The saving grace of every ALbum is his polka songs.Well with a few exceptions, the Bohemian one and Hot Rocks one. The only one that I though was bad was Polkarama!. And Damn, this is as good as the best track on Alpoclypse, Polka Face. And something I need to say is that "this is really awesome". I really don't know how not to look up to him. Not as a religious figure, but as a hero. The track begins with the best version ive ever heard of Wrecking Ball. This is followed by the best version of Pumped Up Kicks. The sad thing is that "self awareness" and "humor" in pop songs aren't really that funny. Why? Well those songs are by people who don't have any sense of humor, nor do the artists. But I laughed at that One Direction part where he makes the sounds. I mean he does literally a 1000000000x better job than they could ever at making that a joke. Al is, at the end after this it's followed by Polka Gagnam Style, Call Me Maybe, Scream & Shout, Somebody I Used To Know, Timber, I'm Sexy And I Know It, Thrift Shop and Get Lucky. This truly shows why Al is above anyone who has ever made a humorous song. He uses no profanity and he makes better and far superior versions of tracks than the originals. These last two polka tracks are fricken great.  
  8. Mission Statement: This is a style parody of Crosby, Stills & Nash. I'm not familiar with the group very well outside of a few Déjà Vu and Woodstock. The back words guitar, or back-masked sounding guitar reminds me a ton of I'm Only Sleeping, a favorite of mine off Revolver and my favorite part of the track. Either that or the "do do do do" part. I'm not laughing, but I mean seriously with other great tracks not everything is on the same level. 
  9. Inactive: This is a parody of a song that until this parody I couldn't sit through. It was boring and to radio pointless for my ears. This is great and is a sister track, of sorts, to Couch Potato. And in many ways this is a far superior track. Actually in just about every aspect it's better. 
  10. First World Problems: This is a style parody of Pixies. There is a girl voice who I think may be Popeli.  I love how it pokes fun of the "poor me, I can't get the new iPhone" people who are like teens. I mean come on, I "literally" want to "smash a crow bar against your head". 
  11. Tacky: This is a far superior parody of Happy. Where the originals happy and upbeat, it is truly kind of "tacky" and "cheesy". Not in a, funny/enjoyable unintentional way, but in a you were of RAM so he kept up that 70's sound. Hilarious in every aspect. 
  12. Jackson Park Express: This is a style parody of Cat Stevens. I believe this is the 3rd longest song he's released at 9 minutes, the 1st being Albuquerque at 11:23 and Trapped in the Drive Thu at 10:55. I feel this will progressively became a favorite among the ranks of Buy Me A Condo, Albuquerque amoung others. Actually the morbidity of the latter is present here. And it just gives me the chuckles. I think that this guy would Creep Me Out instead of the other guy. I also fantasize about things, not to his extent, but I do about my future. And just everything in this song, minus the morbidity, can directly relate to me at one point or another. The only problem I have is its 9 minutes and when I drive it takes up most of my driving time. But really, that's not a real complaint. Just looking for something to say negative about the track. Why? Too much good here to find anything else wrong. I'd like to note that, this is possibly the greatest style parody Al ever made.
Overall I have to give this album a 8.5/10. I honestly, in my life, have not really heard a new Al song in my life and actually laughed. Usually it's either I enjoy it or a chuckle, even some of his older stuff I don't LOL. But gosh, I laughed over this album, but kept it in so I could hear it all. Another thing I want to give him credit for is he did every album track gets a video in 2011, Blue Ivy's mom did it over two years later. Also I should mention that anther thing I didn't like his last album was that it had 5 tracks released on an EP two years before AP. I think that's just kind of lazy on his part. But he definitely stepped it up on this album. The promotion of this album was perfect, no singles so you hear the album all at once. PS Beyoncé didn't invent that, look at Death Grips last few albums, they popped out of nowhere. Hell, Government Plates was released out of the blue the same year as Beys self titled, but a month before (and had a music video for every song come out the day of). Lets just hope if Al sees this review, there aren't any grammatical errors within the post. I've listened to this album a bunch of times in the course of three days. By far the best album since Running With Scissors. Also do you know why Al's still making worth while music, he writes his songs. There aren't outside song doctors. All lyrics are by him, half of the music is by him. Minus the parodies

Monday, July 14, 2014

Stay Gold - First Aid Kit

This is the third album by First Aid Kit. I listened to the LP front to back the day it came out. As I did with Lazaretto and Ultraviolence and The Hunting Party. To be honest, this is slightly not on par with those subpar albums. This is slightly lower.
  1. My Silver Lining: They are kind of cute. There's one thing. Also where is the Man and the Mountain. Also is there a play book that can help make this track better?
  2. Master Pretender: Question, is this guy an expert at exploding also. 
  3. Stay Gold: Stay hopeful Danny, you can do it. 
  4. Ceder Lane: I've heard of the lake, not the lane though.
  5. Shattered & Hollow: I wonder how Sleepy Mick & Phil are? He's getting older, they probably need a naps.
  6. The Bell: Lou Reed is a Stupid Man in 1979's The Bells.
  7. Waitress Song: What?
  8. Fleeting One: I wonder if this is a cover of the Children of Bodom collab with Fleet Foxes.
  9. Heaven Knows: What, this album was made?
  10. A Long Time Ago: In a galaxy far away. 
Overall I have to give this album a 3/10. My biggest problem is it gets boring fast. Also there aren't any surprises here at all. Hebrews I think was an all around better album then this, and it kinda sucked. To be completly Honest I began tuning ithis out upon first listen. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Turn Blue - The Black Keys

This is the latest album from The Black Keys. Before this album was released I knew its be problematic. First the promo was way to similar to the last albums promo. They were using like 90's VHS quality tapes. Also that wasn't that funny, but that's really not the end of the world. What pissed me off was that the album continued their Danger Mouse collaborations after they said something along the lines of "we sold out on that last album". Also what's why psychedelic music, if you want to make good psychedelic music use Sonic Boom or MGMT as your producers. Now I don't know if you know that but I'm not huge on Brian, and the only thing he's done I liked was The Grey Album, which he only mixed previously recorded albums together. He did a great job, but still. Outside of listening to the Gorillaz's there isn't anything else that I'm even that remotely interested in that he's touched.
  1. Weight of Love: This is a track that sits at a long 6:50. The intro sounds psychedelic and is probably a great direction for the Keys to head. They aren't over using that stupid Danger Shit and this is a pretty interesting introduction. The vocals here are actually pretty cool, and I think this might possibly, with numerous listens, be my favorite Keys track I know. This is definitely their most experimental and ambitious I've heard. There is a very Breathe In The Air feeling I'm getting here. The ending reminds me a little of Black Sabbath's opener Black Sabbath. Overall a great track that I doubt will have others living up to it. Upon repeat listens this intro, until the percussion, reminds me a little of Gorillaz track Clint Eastwood. Maybe it's because of the western feeling of it.... I don't know, but all I know about this track is this is the best on the album, but I'd still get a better sence of what this is going for if I listened to Dark Side. That first note reminds me a little of Flight of the Conchords on one of their songs, I think it's Foux Du Fafa. As neat as this is, and baren a wasteland it paints I think it just doesn't 100% click with me.
  2. In Time: This is kind of a part two of the last track. Well, if there was a segue it'd work better and be cooler. Some of the guitar melodies are interesting here, but you know for some reason there isn't anything sticking to me. This is another Gilmore inspired solo. This also has a feeling of Dr. John's album Locked Down.
  3. Turn Blue: This is a pretty bland song, and the reason I use that word is because I don't care to think of any other description. This sounds like Foster The People's new album, but worse.
  4. Fever: This was the first track released from this album. And honestly the song reminds me way too much of El Camino, with the exception of making it more trippy/electronic. Upon first listen, esp with the backing vocals.............. If I didn't know multiple listens help I'd probably never listen to this song again. Also if the whole album is any foreshadow of this track..........
  5. Year In Review: This intro reminds me of Haim. But I can't stand this title, why I hope it's not gonna be a political message. But overall there wasn't anything that I picked up from that track. This is a pretty straight song, but you know it just doesn't click with me.
  6. Bullet in the Brain: This is another decent song, but it kind of just gets lost in this albums "wasteland". As much as I like the ideas going on here, there isn't anything that makes me want to come back other than to not be indecisive about it.
  7. It's Up To You Now: This song sounds like a I Want Candy, but more in line with the original. Also I think those wolf howls sounded better in Howlin For You. Actually I'd rather them cover the song then play this song.
  8. Waiting On Words: I hope that he doesn't, post this album, use those falsetto vocals. Why, it's not that it's terrible, but he sounds like a girl. They should have just had a girl come in and sing this with him. But it's a decent song.
  9. 10 Lovers: You know, they were going for a soul thing, but then they have this kind of synth that after a few listens will probably grow against me. Why couldn't have they just cut that out. It'd be a better song and fit better on the album if they left it off. I'm also not into that noise that sounds like me speakers are broken.
  10. In Our Prime: Are you really? This is, no offense, kind of gay...... I mean the strings are kind of cool, but really this sounds like a rip of a Crimson song, mellotron. Just like with the Weight of Love I'll listen to the original instead. I do like how the song changes and the guitar fades out into an atmosphere. But still.
  11. Gotta Get Away: This is a pretty straight forward ending to the album. The thing is that this is a song that is so so. I think this remind me a little too much of a Bob Seger track, but maybe with a synth. And the vox aren't that great here.
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. I am a supporter of the further experimentation and pushing boundaries in music. In order to do that you need to push you boundaries first. Now with at in mind you automatically score support in my eyes. The next things is when you experiment and grow you try new things, see of they work or not and then that shows where you stand on that idea. That scores you points in my book too. When you make and album called True Blue it should basically be an album before Attack & Release. While there are good intresting ideas here they just didn't work at all. I hope they decide to either throw in their bags or make another Thickfreakness or if they dont want to go back FIRE!!!!!!! DANGER MOUSE. Now in the future I may review their next album, but remember that unless certain things change it won't look very good. I was glad to see Fantano agreed with me on this being not so good. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Electric Revolution

This is the debut Ep by Kenosha, Wisconsin band Electric Revolution. This was released earlier this year in 2014, and my friend Justin did a review here. I thought I would review this because it's an EP and the points he brought up were points I thought I could shed light upon.
  1. Helpless: This opens the album up. I like that this has a hint of Draw The Line in there, and the tones are pretty cool. But the thing is, in today's day and age this might as well be a cover/tribute band with their sound. The vocalist sings ok, but nothing that amazes me. It probably hurts the songs more. Also the song structure isn't interesting. I'm picking up Yngwie 80'a vocalist flavor here, but is rather listen to him. Malmsteen's much more interesting. 
  2. I'm Just Like You: This could pass as a Stone Temple Pilot track. You know, if Scott was afraid of singing out of tune so he doesn't try to hit pitches.
  3. Hero: Hey, I didn't know the Pilots teamed up with Scott Stap, you know after he had his voice removed. This guy can't sing enough power into his songs.
  4. The Love I Have: This song sounds like a Stray Cats song, and honestly is probably my favorite track here. I'm not saying it's good, just saying it's a nice little surprise. The vocals here remind me of Jerry Only. This actually could be a song off one of the Only led Misfits albums. Kind of Rockabilly flavorings here.
  5. Brand New Day: There isn't anything I'ven't said earlier that I could say here. Maybe the slower parts that are heavier are cooler, but nothing that is great.
  6. Gonna Make You Sweat: Justin mentioned jazzy drums, so I was looking forward to this track. The past two or three days I've been tampering with tones and listening to Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Wes Montgomery, The Ventures, The Shadows and other kind of things that would be jazz or surf music. Well, there isn't anything overtly jazzy here, this sounds just like an Aerosmith track, or maybe a Guns N Roses track. I know what he meant, but my hope was just a mis-communication.
Overall I have to give this EP a 4/10. These guys are a straight Steel Panther the thing is they aren't youthful and they probably won't ever change their sound. Also if they don't change a little tiny bit on their debut album I won't probably even take a chance listening to it. Sorry, if you want to check them out go on Spotify before you put up $5 for this ep. There isn't anything slightly revolutionary about this band.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Oingo Boingo EP

This is their self titled Ep released in 1980. It was produced by Michael Boshears and Jo Julian and released on I.R.S. Records. And thought this isn't from 2014 I am going to use this as a building block for my next album.... kinda. Well I thought I should do this before I do Only A Lad and you know that's their debut album.
  1. Only A Lad: I'm going to be honest right now, I think that I prefer this verison of the title track from the 1981 Debut album. The production on this I think may not nessicarly be better I enjoy the sounds here. It also reminds me a little of The Forbidden Zone soundtrack. That and Edward Scissorhands is my two favorite things Danny Elfman's composed, you know like the score and stuff. This is so quick and  actually longer than the album version. I also love the guitar tones here. The "choir" part you know the "Society has made him go astray" sounds way cooler robotically than it does on the album. This sounds very clowny and just the tones on this track are beautiful.
  2. Violent Love: This song, thought a cover, is one of my favorite songs ever. There isn't any other version, other than possibly their rerecorded 1988 Boingo Alive version of the song, that can even stand up next to this bad boy. This is a cover of a song that Willie Dixon wrote and was actually recorded at one point by Muddy Waters. The voices in the intro sound like Iggy Pop, and this is like a song that should make Ska a genre taken more seriously. I mean, yeah the lyrics are hilarious, but everything about this track from the vocals, to the guitar tones, to the production to the horn solo just make this song a prefect candidate for my favorite songs of all time. This reminds me of Good Lovin' in a way by Grateful Dead, but it's much better and not as boring upon repeated listens.
  3. Ain't This The Life - 10" EP: If I'm correct the difference between the 10" and 12" is the drummer and the length. Not a big time difference, but still. This track.......... the harmony and the vocals and the every which way about this song screams to me. I'm infatuated with this track. And the fact that on their debut release, not the Demo EP or the 1976 single You Got You Baby Back (they were The Mystical Knights of The Oingo Boingo) this is great and makes anything after this live up to it. I still love the debut, but this is tough competition.
  4. I'm So Bad: This sounds like an outtake from the Forbidden Zone, well it doesn't have a bunch of different singers, but Squeezit The Moucher doesn't either. While I don't think this track is as good as some of the others here, I still like that it's dark in contrast to the other tracks. I mean they all were, but this is darker sounding and more moody than the others. This also appears on the Demo EP from 1979.
  5. Ain't This The Life - 12" EP: This sound quality is a little more foggy here, it's also 9 seconds shorter. The feeling on the 10" is what I perfer, but this is also crazy and probably more silly sounding. This is only included on the 12" and cassette version of the EP.
Overall I have to give this EP a 9/10. The Ep is a great beginning for a great band, and I just love this. I'd pay how ever much to get my hands on this vinyl copy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ronnie James Dio: This is Your Life - Various Artists

I've never really been a huge Dio fan. There are numerous reasons and I'll try to name them. The first Elf album rocks and I'ven't heard the second. Rainbow rocks and after Long Live Rock 'N' Roll I just haven't been interested in his career. Heaven & Hell/Mob Rules had some great tracks, but nothing that would set me into really wanting to dive into his career. Holy Diver and Rainbow In The Dark and some others off that album are great tracks, I like Killswitch Engage's cover only because its heavier and not so 80's camp (which is unavoidable no matter what because of production limitations and sounds). Though the original still rocks, after that I'm not knowledgeable of his career. Well minus a few Sabbath tracks and The Devil You Know album. So going into this I needed to do some research. PS for a more positive review go to this link here.
  1. Neon Knights by Anthrax: Not to long ago Anthrax released their Anthem Ep consisting of covers. Nice to see this isn't on that and was saved for this. This was originally on Sabbath's 1980 album Heaven and Hell. I will say that they did a good job at covering this song, it sounds very similar to the original. It's obviously not, but it sounds similar enough to enjoy. Also the production on this isn't hurting the cover. So they didn't really try to make it sound like "they used to" with "new technology". If you know what I mean by that.
  2. The Last In Line by Tenacious D: With their last album a huge disappointment, I listened once or twice through and haven't revisited the album since it first came out, I wasn't sure what to expect out of this track. This is the title track off Dio's 1984 follow up to Holy Diver. The original reminds me a little of 80's Rainbow but the cover is an acoustic version, opening the song until the song "explodes" that sounds unlike The D at the usual. They aren't kidding and using tongue and cheek lyrics. I think that did what you should do for a tribute album, your best and show you honestly care. While I don't really care for this track, it's what tribute albums should be about and the similar sounds here are great. That flute solo really reminds me of The Chauffeur and is probably my favorite part of this song.
  3. The Mob Rules by Adrenaline Mob: I don't know why they used a previously released cover. In my opinion that ducking stupid. At least re-record the cover. This is the title track to 1981's album of the same name by Black Sabbath. This is very similar to the original, but I just don't like it. There is no click. At this point the only thing I can say is that this track's inclusion hurts the outcome of my view on the album.
  4. Rainbow In The Dark: This track features Jason Christopher, Christian Martucci,  Roy Mayorga , Satchel, and one Corey Taylor. Don't get me wrong, Slipknot have some great tracks like Wait And Bleed, Danger - Keep Away, The Heratic Anthem and some tracks as recent as Psychosocial. But outside of my favorites I don't care for them, and Stone Sour kinda stink. I guess the Steel Panther guy solos here and to be completely honest it's 2014, aren't we done with found footage and parody bands. There was Dred Zeppelin but at least they were somewhat interesting, Steel Panther is potty humor mixed in with 80's glam metal. Most 80's glam metal wasn't ever good and lacks anything. Also I'd rather listen to a Rize of the Fenix, which honestly wasn't in any shape or form redeeming or a come back and honestly on par with The Weirdness as an album I've heard one or twice then never wanted to listen to again. This sounds like most covers and I don't think that Corey should be singing this, also a little much Satchel you can play this solo great, if I took the time I could too. But overall this is just a sub-par cover.
  5. Straight Through The Heart by Halestorm: Lizzy got me a little pumped for this too, she's hot. I enjoy some of their stuff, but she's hot. Let's be honest, I'm not huge on Halestorm and it only pisses me off they keep doing covers. Now I'm not gonna let that effect this view of this track. To be completely honest, I think that this isn't as impressive as some of the other covers. Covers lack in that if the original is EPIC then they need to capture that EPICNESS. No one can capture that epicness that Dio did on some of his tracks, and it's why this album was ultimately doomed.
  6. Starstruck by Motörhead with Biff Byrofd: After re-listening to the original, this is straight up Lemmy's alley. Biff really sounds similar to Ian Gillian on the new Now What?! (I plan on reviewing that soon, what I've heard I really enjoyed). This sound more like a Deep Purple cover than Motörhead with another singer. It's literally kind of disappointing.
  7. The Temple Of The King by Scorpions: Great track by a band 100% better than Dio. Screw their 80's career, I'm talking Krautrock influenced 70's material. The 70's was one of the most consistently amazing decade for Scorpions, let alone most any other band. But as the decade ended and the 80s started, then ended and time passed they progressively lost their punch. 2010's album wasn't terrible, but ComeBlack had no memorable moments. The covers were just sub par and I was disappointed. So I didn't know what to expect of this track, I did but I didn't want to admit it. Listen to this, then listen to The Best Has Yet To Come, and you'll see what I mean. Based on the rest of this album, this is probably an outtake from ComeBlack. I am looking forward to reviewing their MTV Unplugged album and Studio Edits verison. They played some of my favorite tracks on there, by that I mean the ones from the 70's.
  8. Egypt (The Chains Are On) by Doro: This is a track on their 2012 Raise Your Fist come the fuck on.  Also this is taken from a fucking covers album....... >:-{{ . I'm done with fake swears, now on to the real deal. I doubt I'll like this, since the original was pretty impressive. PS this cover kind of blows.
  9. Holy Diver by Killswitch Engage: COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My only comment is that this is the only track that I genuinely love on this thing. >:\
  10. Catch The Rainbow by Glenn Hughes: There are other people playing here too, including past members of Dio. This was originally from 1975 and I hope can try to live up to what I need it too. So far, the intro is pretty cool, and isn't making me angry. While I don't know what Glenn's doing in the beginning, this kicks the FUCK out of just about every other track here. I don't dig his singing here, but the instrumentation is great, and impressive. {7/10}
  11. I by Oni Logan: This also features other people who've worked with Dio or Ozzy. This is a track originating from BS's 1992 album Dehumanizer. While this is a good cover, it sounds like the new singer of Journey trying to be Steven Perry. Just keep that in mind.
  12. Man On The Silver Mountain by Rob Halford: This is a great track, of it's respected album Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow from 1975. Rob sounds phoned in, and this sounds like he doesn't give a shit. It kind of hurts to listen to.
  13. Ronnie Rising Melody by Metallica: Now I was a little excited for this to come out when I heard Metallica would be on here. Then I saw they'd be playing a melody of the songs off Rainbow's 1976 classic Rising. I was hoping for this to be in the way they did Mercyful Fate or Last Caress/Green Hell both off Garage, Inc. and also for this to not be like Lord Of Summer which sounded like an outtake from Death Magnetic. I mean goddammit, you released an Ep of unused tracks why make another album like that.... COME ON! This is though, the most creative track. It's something that reminds me of some of the live melody Rainbow would do. Though I'm not on board with the sound, it's a proper tribute.
  14. This Was Just You Life by Dio: This is what this album needed, seriously, a Dio track, one of his was an unreleased track from some point in time, it almost makes up for Holy Diver and Mob Rules and Egypt. Oh wait, no sorry I was wrong. This is off 1996's Angry Machine. And while this track is great it can't save this compilation/tribute album. You can wait for what I have to say about this on it's proper album. Since this shows up elsewhere I can say that this is kind of invalid, and so is the other Killswitch track. Saying this helps the score is like saying that Aerosmith's Greatest Hits is their "best album"... it's not by a long shot, but it's not fair. So heads up, the score suffers mainly because of the lack of material here. I'm only counting 10 of the 14 tracks towards the score, and two of the non-counting tracks really would have helped the score big time.
Overall I have to give this album a not very good looking score out of ten. Now in terms of a tribute album, what do you expect, no one will be as good as the original. They couldn't have redone Holy Diver or Mob Rules, and on a tribute album with such big names... it's a sin that is somewhat unforgivable. This is really more of a compilation rather than a tribute. I mean look at the Fleetwood Mac tribute from 2 years ago, all tracks were unique to that album. This is just laziness and what could have been great turns into a Jimi Hendrix let's make a quick buck off his death by doing a half ass job and making an interesting, engaging real tribute to his work. And anyone who touched this thing, production/recording/contribution wise, should be ashamed to say their a fan. Now if you bought it or enjoyed it I'm not putting you down, I'm putting down the people who made it. This cover is too cool for this shit. I'm also not gonna forget to mention that the proceeds go to stomach cancer, but you know what that's not gonna let this slide. If I'm gonna be 100000000% honest I probably won't ever return to this album again, you know know the last track is on another album and so is everything else pretty much.. But at least they didn't have Disturbed on here, that'd be another story. Let's not get too hung up, I still have more 2014 review to do this month. The score translates to a 4/10. PS why no Elf tracks... I mean COME ON!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Third Album - Paul Jabara

This is, as the title suggests, the third album by Paul Jabara released in August 1979. This guy famously co-wrote It's Raining Men with Paul Shaffer. But that shows this guy has a sense of humor, which is apparent on this album. This guy also wrote the No More Tears duet between Donna Summers and Barbra Streisand. I said that album because this is a spoof/reference to Striesand's 1964 album The Third Album.
  1. Disco Wedding/Honeymoon (In Puerto Rico)/Disco Divorce: This is one of the most unique songs I've ever heard. There is also, now in 2014, a laughable-ness to this track. The thing is I once read an article that said disco literally took over everything, and how tacky is it that there is a "Disco Wedding", not to mention the dialogue. I wonder if Paradise By The Dashboard Lights had any inspiration on this track. You know they are both at least 9 minutes long, both about a relationship beginning (kinda) and ending (kinda, or at least the enviable end of romance). This is obviously not that serious of a track, but is great. Who ever said a real musician doesn't use humor. I like it when discos kind of corny, tongue-en-cheek. Supernature, while its a kind of serious theme of not messing with nature, he make the idea not so scary and easier to take in the fun atmosphere. This song starts out with a nice chimes atmosphere then plays the Here Comes The Bride song. After that there is a horn section that reminds me of Living With Hernia by "Weird Al". But the verses do remind me a little of Paradise By The Dashboard Lights. This groove is solid and it isn't that obnoxious like some disco beats can on occasion get. What I assume is Paul, he sounds a little like a raspier Meat Loaf. The strings on this song are arranged pretty great too. If I was going to have a wedding in the 70's, post 1979ish, I'd play the first section of this song. The whole "speakers" part is totally in the similar fashion as the running the bases from PBTDL. The section change reminds me a little of The Tubes first album. The strings are great and it's just awesome. I also like the slap part, and the whole reasons their qualified for the "grounds" of "Disco Divorce" is pretty shallow on Paul's part. It kind of is also maybe poking fun of people getting married and divorced. I don't know, I think it's a solid song and hilarious at the same time. Quiet possibly the best "marrige" of those two main things I love is the whole Disco Divorce part. UGH! "Oh, there's trouble". We need people now adays who aren't stuck up tools, we need more people to make songs like this.
  2. Foggy Day/Never Lose Your Sense of Humor: This song is a duet with Donna Summers. This has a very different feeling to the first side. This reminds me, because of his voice also, a little of Beth. Though this is a pretty uneventful track, the whole idea of it is pretty true. You shouldn't ever loose your sense of humor, esp if your a musician. Anyone who claims that a "real" musician doesn't use humor in their music.... long story short, they'll probably kill themselves pretty young. This just isn't anywhere near as awesome as the prior track, or funny. Shame :(
  3. Just You And Me: This track has nothing special about it either.
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. To be honest the lack of variety and tracks to pick up where the intro leaves off really kills this album as a whole. I'm not saying I'm not gonna return to that oh so great 14+ minute gem, it's just that's tr only track ill be returning to. But the discoviews I've done all seem to be that way. Disco, not revived disco I mean original when it was popular disco. Disco has so many great traits that when explored further than a stupid dance tune  gives birth to some of the greatest tracks ever in the history of man. Supernature, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, Disco Marriage (to save time typing the whole name), Giorgio, Touch to name a few I've already reviewed. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Triple Brutal - Austrian Death Machine

This is the third studio album by Tim Lambesis' project Austrian Death Machine. This project's first album was fresh and original in it's idea and approach. While the second album, Double Brutal, was kind of original and had a slightly different sound than the previous album. But this thing is something that was released April 1st, 2014 after Tim was arrested and, just look up the story yourself. But the biggest thing I have to say, as a Christian, the biggest heart break is a man losing his faith. If he had no faith then what's his views, but losing faith is a terrible and sad thing.

  1. Neah 1, 2: This is the intro and is ultimately nowhere near as funny as the other intros on the other albums. Actually the whole Arnie thing is getting to be overdone, the man doing the voices sounds more like he has a mental disability than he's Austrian.
  2. I'll Be Back: This sounds way too much like Get To The Chopper to be interesting. From the sound to the form, come one.
  3. Chill Out Dickwad: You know, for as angry as their music was I never recall a cus word in any of As I Lay Dying or Austrian Death Machine lyrics. This is just poor taste and forced. Which is the ultimante sin in comedy, forcing something. It needs to be natural.
  4. Prepare To Be Conquered: This song is actually the first song here that I can say I've heard and liked. The love song part is actually pretty, I think it's kind of funny and reminds me a little of Frodo (Don't Wear The Ring) by Flight Of The Conchords.
  5. One More Rep: This intro sounds like a track off his 80's work out album. That had song like Raining Men and other hits in the background while he tells you "one, two three". That albums hilarious, but this song isn't anything they'ven't done before.
  6. I Hope You Leave Enough Room For My Fist: This is from Running Man and samples a line from the movie in the intro. This song isn't that bad, and it is pretty in line with Bring Me The Horizon's debut album from 2006/2007. This though, has some progression from the last album.
  7. Pumping And Humping: The intro is the same type of one as One More Rep and kind of funny. I like that I can hear the bass in this song. It sounds like it's being slapped.
  8. Crom: This sounds like Arnold's voice over a song from Shadows Are Security, except heavier bass playing.
  9. I Eat Green Berets For Breakfast: This song is just like the others.
  10. You Lack Discipline (There Is No Bathroom For You): Come On
  11. Acting Advice: I don't think that this is funny. Tim sounds like he's pissed off. I think it sounds forced and not light hearted like before.
  12. I Know Now Why You Cry: You know, I didn't retain anything from that song.
  13. I Lied: I have nothing to say about this track.
  14. Brutolitics: ...............
  15. Get Your Story Straight: I was hoping for a heartfelt song about his future incarceration.
  16. Brutal Recall: I think it's funny he's pointing out my least favorite part of Decas, but outside of that this isn't anything that good.
  17. I'm Not A Pervert: I originally liked these songs. I thought they were funny but now this is on an album released like three years later. Come on, but it's still the best song here. This song sounds more like the songs on the previous album. I also like the whole breakdown, and think the Arnold voice is funny, but not hilarious, but mainly because of the reference to Jingle All The Way.
  18. It's Turbo Time: This song is pretty punk in that he's not screaming. Also you can understand Tim.
Overall I have to say that the "bonus tracks" were good but this gets a 4/10. Other than to say you heard it, or out of curiosity, but don't say I didn't warn you. I did this review about a month ago on April 10th, 2014 but because of Jazz month waited to upload it. The whole Tim thing sucks and you know I don't think that I can judge him, it's not my place, but you know...... Let's hope this is the last album by this project and hope the new debut album coming out from other AILD members is hopeful. Esp since Jordan mentioned wanting to pursue styles he'd want to. EXPANSION and EXPERIMENTATION


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Louder - Lea Michele

This is the debut solo album by Lea Michele. Now I know that I may not seem like a pop person, but I do like some Gaga and Katy Perry. Not enough to say I'm a fan, but I do like some of their stuff. I also enjoy listening to some T Swift sometimes also. After being excited to do this review, it hit me.... she's a member of Glee. So, I swallowed my pride and did this review to the best that I could. You know, without being an asshole. I tried to be as serious and open minded as I could be. So yeah..... But one thing I wanted to say was I tagged producers who produced things that I plan on reviewing in the future.
  1. Cannonball: There is a 90's type of feeling that I'm getting from this reverb that is present. This song isn't bad, but it isn't that great. I don't think I'll probably revisiting this track. It's pop, and I could see people liking this who enjoy pop. But you know, not me.
  2. On My Way: Like I mentioned earlier, I damned myself and I have to do this review. This is the type of song I would listen to in a movie, and listen to but not the whole album at once. It doesn't matter how cute the girl is, she ain't worth it. I feel like this is her atempt at a Wrecking Ball.
  3. Burn With You: Well, I did this and the prior track in the same day. What I learned is that I can't do that. Also this track is deeper than Going To Hell........ hahahahahaah.
  4. Battlefield: Love Is A Battlefield right? I be that's gonna be the theme of the song. This is just ok, and you know, kind of like the other songs.
  5. You're Mine: This supposedly contains a sample of You Only Live Twice, since that's one of my favorite songs ever it better be good. And to be completely honest, this doesn't sounds that much different from the other tracks. The sample is kind of cool, but it doesn't really live up to what it should. You're using a song by the great Nancy, and the song isn't anything special.
  6. Thousand Needles: This track kind of slipped through that cracks, and I didn't retain anything from it.
  7. Louder: I'm not huge on the auto tune in this track. If it's not autotune then the effects on her voice. And honestly, I could see the radio appeal, but not for me.
  8. Cue The Rain: This is an ok song, but it isn't that different from any other track. If anything it's inline with Foster The People/Mylo Xyloto vocal harmonies.
  9. Don't Let Go: At this point I've run out of positive things to say.
  10. Empty Hands: ......................
  11. If You Say So: This is kind of a thought less pop album that isn't in anyway deep.
Overall I have to give this album a 4/10. She is a good singer, I'll give her that. But on top of that, there isn't much more I can say that is positive other then it's also her first album. So there, I was open minded and honest. She is hot though, so that's a plus. Trust me, the next review will be a 10 (Hopefully). I not only know the album, but I love the hell out of it and am almost done with the review. I'll add the producers If they are on other albums I review in the future. One thing I do plan on doing is making this review today, then another tomorrow and then I plan on one weekend doing a bunch and then posting them over the course of a month.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Going to Hell - The Pretty Reckless

This is the second studio album by alternative band The Pretty Reckless. Now I've been waiting to review this since I found out it was coming this year. This cameout March 12th in Japan, but the 18th in the US. FUCK JAPAN! They also get bonus tracks we don't get on things. I'll never forgive Face, the best song off Just Push Play and only ever released as a Japanus Track (Japanese Bonus Track). I mean they even get the hotter debut album cover then us, we get a little prepubescent girl. Boner killer, but enough with the sex jokes because I got a review to do. Oh yeah, Japanese music isn't bad and noise music is super interesting (i mean it). I do have to say that the Hurricane Sandy made them lose some of the tape for his album and led to them rerecording them.
  1. Follow Me Down: This is a pretty good intro to this album and grabs my attention. So far of the few tracks I've heard this album has enough diversity and isn't the same riff over and over. I like the chorus, but is that orgasm in the intro necessary. This is pretty heavy though and surprising that I'm digging this so much. So far this album is very indebted to Sabbath. Oh yeah, Jenny Haze ex-porn star sings backing vocals on this track.
  2. Going To Hell: This is a pretty good track to use as the title track. The guitar sounds pretty cool and the singer is pretty good here. This is a pretty good track, but I feel like she's trying too hard to be a punk. I do like that refrain/bridge. I vocal thing they did is pretty cool. But if this is religious and just denouncing God then it will get old. Especially if she doesn't make it believable. That ending was taken from Sabbath via War Pigs, lets damn this band and never forgive them. It's totally not homage, its stealing. (I wonder where I heard that before)
  3. Heaven Knows: This song is Ok, but the chorus/choir isn't that great. I mean how many times can you say "I AM GOING TO HELL" or "I'M BAD". I'd rather listen to Bad by MJ and I'm not even huge on him or that track. Please, please give me a reason why you are bad and why you're dirty.
  4. House On A Hill: This seems to shows a deeper side of the singer. Which is always good, and this has that ballad feeling to it. There is a heartbeat sound, Dark Side? but this is the first acoustic song on the whole damn thing. I mean it's four tracks in, but still. The album seems to be picking up and isn't as dumb as the first few tracks make it seem. I like the whole deep feeling and the guitar at parts sounds like a western guitar. Though this track isn't blowing my mind it's making me glad that not everything is "I'M GOING TO HELL". There is actual feeling in the album and not so calculated you know, even though this track probably was. This shows a more human side of her.
  5. Sweet Things: At this point I can say I hope this is a cover of the Diamond Dogs track. This is a pretty cool track, but it literally sounds like some song of Vol. 4. It could almost be a cover. I do like the strings in this track, and liked that part where it got sweeter which reminds me of Muse. The riff also kind of reminds me of Breadfan cover by Metallica or that vocal harmony in The Memory Remains. I like the scream, and thought I like this song and it distracts from why I'm annoyed she want to go to hell, and doesn't explain. Sorry it's not Vol. 4 it's Children of The Grave, off Masters of Reality. But this is honestly the only song so far I'll probably be returning to a few times. And not just to hear it again, because I like it, and by far the best track here.
  6. Dear Sister: This title is very kind of lame but let's hope it gives me the thing I needed, a reason why you're bad. And honestly it's a shame it's only 56 seconds. This kind of reminds me a little of Eisley. This is pretty and just dreamy. I can see people hating on this track.
  7. Absolution: Muse? Just kidding, but this has a western feeling to it. A country feeling. Let's just hope this doesn't turn into Carrie. This shows some variety in the style of the album thus far. This almost doesn't fit on this album. It's not bad, just unusual, but not in an amazing way.
  8. Blame Me: Though this is different this isn't what I want. This is kind of lame and I'm losing interest in this album. This track is way too long.
  9. Burn: Deep Purple please. I know that Coverdale can sing a kind of high so I wonder how good she'll do at singing this. That was a joke, and it's not a cover. Why couldn't they spread this acoustic songs over the album. It's like first half rockers, the second softies tracks. Though it's kind of an interesting track, I wish they did it that way. This is a pretty song though and pretty good. I like the way that she sings the title. This is very reminiscent of Toxic.
  10. Why'd You Bring A Shotgun to the Party: This song is empty as the title. There isn't anything that I can't get out of this song that I can't get out of  Beautiful People. Except I enjoy that song more (even though I don't like it), and this sounds like Carrie Underwood gone metal or grunge. It's also not as dark as Manson.
  11. Fucked Up World: Great title for an introspective tune...... that's the only thing I have to say about this track, other than it reminds me a little of Bond.
  12. Waiting For A Friend: Please be a cover of the Tattoo You track. Well, technically it's Waiting On A Friend, but let's pretend they could use that title for legal reasons. You know what, by the end of this review, I'm just so done. I can't wait for this to go up. You know there has to be a calculated aspect of this album. There is harmonica on this and it's completely out of character for this album. This kind of reminds me of Bob Dylan and shows that she's kind of a softie. This could be a cover of a Stones track. This further shows the first half of the album is kind of "bull shit". This is the best song overall. {8/10}
Overall I have to give this album a 7/10. I feel she's trying to separate herself from Cindy Louwho. But if she's really that tough and ballsy why not do the cover completely nude. Don't act like something you're not. I'm a man of God but I respect other people's views. I love Fallen, and that album is lyrically topically everything I'm against. I'm at peace with my beliefs and don't feel threatened by hearing someone say "God's fake" or "I love Satan". I don't agree, but I'll listen to your views and think about them. This is just kind of pointless with the lyrical repetition. She doesn't say why I'm not nice anymore, why this why that.... IT'S FOR SHOCK VALUE. This feeling of deepness is fake, outside of the acoustics maybe, and I don't respect when you can't write how your feel even if it isn't great. There's such thing as playing a character, but here she's trying to show this is her. Also these titles for tracks suck and aren't that bad ass. A bunch of these tracks titles are other tracks that are well known. I will give them this, their first album kind of sucked and this is better. If you LOVED this album just listen to any of the comparison track and you'll probably love them more then this album.