Sunday, March 30, 2014

Louder - Lea Michele

This is the debut solo album by Lea Michele. Now I know that I may not seem like a pop person, but I do like some Gaga and Katy Perry. Not enough to say I'm a fan, but I do like some of their stuff. I also enjoy listening to some T Swift sometimes also. After being excited to do this review, it hit me.... she's a member of Glee. So, I swallowed my pride and did this review to the best that I could. You know, without being an asshole. I tried to be as serious and open minded as I could be. So yeah..... But one thing I wanted to say was I tagged producers who produced things that I plan on reviewing in the future.
  1. Cannonball: There is a 90's type of feeling that I'm getting from this reverb that is present. This song isn't bad, but it isn't that great. I don't think I'll probably revisiting this track. It's pop, and I could see people liking this who enjoy pop. But you know, not me.
  2. On My Way: Like I mentioned earlier, I damned myself and I have to do this review. This is the type of song I would listen to in a movie, and listen to but not the whole album at once. It doesn't matter how cute the girl is, she ain't worth it. I feel like this is her atempt at a Wrecking Ball.
  3. Burn With You: Well, I did this and the prior track in the same day. What I learned is that I can't do that. Also this track is deeper than Going To Hell........ hahahahahaah.
  4. Battlefield: Love Is A Battlefield right? I be that's gonna be the theme of the song. This is just ok, and you know, kind of like the other songs.
  5. You're Mine: This supposedly contains a sample of You Only Live Twice, since that's one of my favorite songs ever it better be good. And to be completely honest, this doesn't sounds that much different from the other tracks. The sample is kind of cool, but it doesn't really live up to what it should. You're using a song by the great Nancy, and the song isn't anything special.
  6. Thousand Needles: This track kind of slipped through that cracks, and I didn't retain anything from it.
  7. Louder: I'm not huge on the auto tune in this track. If it's not autotune then the effects on her voice. And honestly, I could see the radio appeal, but not for me.
  8. Cue The Rain: This is an ok song, but it isn't that different from any other track. If anything it's inline with Foster The People/Mylo Xyloto vocal harmonies.
  9. Don't Let Go: At this point I've run out of positive things to say.
  10. Empty Hands: ......................
  11. If You Say So: This is kind of a thought less pop album that isn't in anyway deep.
Overall I have to give this album a 4/10. She is a good singer, I'll give her that. But on top of that, there isn't much more I can say that is positive other then it's also her first album. So there, I was open minded and honest. She is hot though, so that's a plus. Trust me, the next review will be a 10 (Hopefully). I not only know the album, but I love the hell out of it and am almost done with the review. I'll add the producers If they are on other albums I review in the future. One thing I do plan on doing is making this review today, then another tomorrow and then I plan on one weekend doing a bunch and then posting them over the course of a month.

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