Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Going to Hell - The Pretty Reckless

This is the second studio album by alternative band The Pretty Reckless. Now I've been waiting to review this since I found out it was coming this year. This cameout March 12th in Japan, but the 18th in the US. FUCK JAPAN! They also get bonus tracks we don't get on things. I'll never forgive Face, the best song off Just Push Play and only ever released as a Japanus Track (Japanese Bonus Track). I mean they even get the hotter debut album cover then us, we get a little prepubescent girl. Boner killer, but enough with the sex jokes because I got a review to do. Oh yeah, Japanese music isn't bad and noise music is super interesting (i mean it). I do have to say that the Hurricane Sandy made them lose some of the tape for his album and led to them rerecording them.
  1. Follow Me Down: This is a pretty good intro to this album and grabs my attention. So far of the few tracks I've heard this album has enough diversity and isn't the same riff over and over. I like the chorus, but is that orgasm in the intro necessary. This is pretty heavy though and surprising that I'm digging this so much. So far this album is very indebted to Sabbath. Oh yeah, Jenny Haze ex-porn star sings backing vocals on this track.
  2. Going To Hell: This is a pretty good track to use as the title track. The guitar sounds pretty cool and the singer is pretty good here. This is a pretty good track, but I feel like she's trying too hard to be a punk. I do like that refrain/bridge. I vocal thing they did is pretty cool. But if this is religious and just denouncing God then it will get old. Especially if she doesn't make it believable. That ending was taken from Sabbath via War Pigs, lets damn this band and never forgive them. It's totally not homage, its stealing. (I wonder where I heard that before)
  3. Heaven Knows: This song is Ok, but the chorus/choir isn't that great. I mean how many times can you say "I AM GOING TO HELL" or "I'M BAD". I'd rather listen to Bad by MJ and I'm not even huge on him or that track. Please, please give me a reason why you are bad and why you're dirty.
  4. House On A Hill: This seems to shows a deeper side of the singer. Which is always good, and this has that ballad feeling to it. There is a heartbeat sound, Dark Side? but this is the first acoustic song on the whole damn thing. I mean it's four tracks in, but still. The album seems to be picking up and isn't as dumb as the first few tracks make it seem. I like the whole deep feeling and the guitar at parts sounds like a western guitar. Though this track isn't blowing my mind it's making me glad that not everything is "I'M GOING TO HELL". There is actual feeling in the album and not so calculated you know, even though this track probably was. This shows a more human side of her.
  5. Sweet Things: At this point I can say I hope this is a cover of the Diamond Dogs track. This is a pretty cool track, but it literally sounds like some song of Vol. 4. It could almost be a cover. I do like the strings in this track, and liked that part where it got sweeter which reminds me of Muse. The riff also kind of reminds me of Breadfan cover by Metallica or that vocal harmony in The Memory Remains. I like the scream, and thought I like this song and it distracts from why I'm annoyed she want to go to hell, and doesn't explain. Sorry it's not Vol. 4 it's Children of The Grave, off Masters of Reality. But this is honestly the only song so far I'll probably be returning to a few times. And not just to hear it again, because I like it, and by far the best track here.
  6. Dear Sister: This title is very kind of lame but let's hope it gives me the thing I needed, a reason why you're bad. And honestly it's a shame it's only 56 seconds. This kind of reminds me a little of Eisley. This is pretty and just dreamy. I can see people hating on this track.
  7. Absolution: Muse? Just kidding, but this has a western feeling to it. A country feeling. Let's just hope this doesn't turn into Carrie. This shows some variety in the style of the album thus far. This almost doesn't fit on this album. It's not bad, just unusual, but not in an amazing way.
  8. Blame Me: Though this is different this isn't what I want. This is kind of lame and I'm losing interest in this album. This track is way too long.
  9. Burn: Deep Purple please. I know that Coverdale can sing a kind of high so I wonder how good she'll do at singing this. That was a joke, and it's not a cover. Why couldn't they spread this acoustic songs over the album. It's like first half rockers, the second softies tracks. Though it's kind of an interesting track, I wish they did it that way. This is a pretty song though and pretty good. I like the way that she sings the title. This is very reminiscent of Toxic.
  10. Why'd You Bring A Shotgun to the Party: This song is empty as the title. There isn't anything that I can't get out of this song that I can't get out of  Beautiful People. Except I enjoy that song more (even though I don't like it), and this sounds like Carrie Underwood gone metal or grunge. It's also not as dark as Manson.
  11. Fucked Up World: Great title for an introspective tune...... that's the only thing I have to say about this track, other than it reminds me a little of Bond.
  12. Waiting For A Friend: Please be a cover of the Tattoo You track. Well, technically it's Waiting On A Friend, but let's pretend they could use that title for legal reasons. You know what, by the end of this review, I'm just so done. I can't wait for this to go up. You know there has to be a calculated aspect of this album. There is harmonica on this and it's completely out of character for this album. This kind of reminds me of Bob Dylan and shows that she's kind of a softie. This could be a cover of a Stones track. This further shows the first half of the album is kind of "bull shit". This is the best song overall. {8/10}
Overall I have to give this album a 7/10. I feel she's trying to separate herself from Cindy Louwho. But if she's really that tough and ballsy why not do the cover completely nude. Don't act like something you're not. I'm a man of God but I respect other people's views. I love Fallen, and that album is lyrically topically everything I'm against. I'm at peace with my beliefs and don't feel threatened by hearing someone say "God's fake" or "I love Satan". I don't agree, but I'll listen to your views and think about them. This is just kind of pointless with the lyrical repetition. She doesn't say why I'm not nice anymore, why this why that.... IT'S FOR SHOCK VALUE. This feeling of deepness is fake, outside of the acoustics maybe, and I don't respect when you can't write how your feel even if it isn't great. There's such thing as playing a character, but here she's trying to show this is her. Also these titles for tracks suck and aren't that bad ass. A bunch of these tracks titles are other tracks that are well known. I will give them this, their first album kind of sucked and this is better. If you LOVED this album just listen to any of the comparison track and you'll probably love them more then this album.

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