Friday, June 28, 2013

Death•Is•This•Communion• - High On Fire

This is the fourth full length album released by High On Fire. I found out about theses guys via Needledrop about a year or so ago. Well, one of my friends wanted me to do this album, so I said... Fuck You!. But more seriously, I did this. I think that the album cover is pretty sick. I've already heard half of De Vermis Mysteriis.
  1. Fury Whip: The beginning of this song is interesting. It makes me want to stay and see what happens. Sometimes you hear something and it's like "no I don't want to go on", thus far I want to continue. The guys voice reminds me of a more raspy Lemmy. Actually, his voice reminds me a lot of Mastodon's lead singers voice. This song reminds me a little of the whole Blood Mountain album.
  2. Waste of Tiamat: I like the acoustic intro to this song. The way that it sounds. This song is pretty cool. I think it's a lot like the first track, but that isn't always bad. I kind of want the next track to be more mixed up, but you know, whatever. I do like this solo a lot though. I think it's pretty cool the way it sounds.
  3. Death of this Communion: This song actually reminds me a little of Black Sabbath. On their new album 13. I will be reviewing that soon, hopefully it will be up by the end of the month. I like the kind of "ugly?" sounding offbeat guitar hits. Other than that I don't really know what else to say.
  4. Khanrad's Wall: I like the way this song kind of starts out Spanish sounding. I kind of hope that they keep some of that sound through the rest of the song.
  5. Turk: I have a stuffed turkey named Turk. This song isn't actually that bad. I'm enjoying this song more than the last few. This song is kind of cool.
  6. Headhunters: Where's Herbbie? I like the way that this song is starting out. It's kind of like an intro to this song.
  7. Rumors of War: I think that this song is pretty good too. It's reminding me more of Mastodon, but good Mastodon. You know, not the songs that are weaker. 
  8. DII: This is a pretty sick track. And I love the mellotron in the background. I wish you could hear it a little better. But yeah, this is a solid song.
  9. Cyclopian Scape: I really like the beginning of this song. This is a pretty solid song. And the ending, that's pretty sick.
  10. Ethreal: This song isn't as good as the last few for me, but you know, whatever.
  11. Return to NOD: I do like this tracks title, but there isn't really anything special from this track. I mean I do like the "breakdown" part of the song, but beside that I am not hooked. Maybe in the future with a few more listens I'll be hooked, but yeah.
Overall I have to give this a 7/10. I don't hate this, but I don't think it was mind blowing. I did enjoy this and look forward to, definitely not anytime soon (maybe a few months), reviewing another album by these guys or in this genre.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fashionably Late [Deluxe Edition] - Falling In Reverse

This is the second album by Falling In Reverse. Now, I loved the hell out of The Drug In Me Is You. I loved it to the point of me buying it the day it came out and listening to it a few time's before I bought it, cuz I was on their mailing list. I didn't realize this at first, but there was a Deluxe Edition. Well I picked it up. It came with a slip case that held the Cd, and a pretty big poster. and two bonus tracks too, and a remix of Rolling Stone.
  1. Champion: This song's beginning reminds me of when he was in Escape the Fate. It also kind of reminds me a little of As I Lay Dying. Back on There's No Sympathy For The Dead and Dying Is Your Latest Fashion.
  2. Bad Girls Club: Really? This is like a faggy version of Tragic Magic. This is supposed to be cutesy, but it's really not. This doesn't even sound like them. It sounds like a song that would be played on the summer radio. Or, well, shit.
  3. Rolling Stone: This song isn't that terrible. I kind of like the beginning. The way the voices are. This song isn't like that last "gay" song. The drums reminds me of the last album. Now I'm not huge on the whole dubstep part of the song, but it's not terrible. I can tolerate it.
  4. Fashionably Late: Though the lyrics on this song aren't anything special, this is much better than the other single Alone. That kind of blows. It's the sad truth. With songs like that, how can I keep sticking up for you. This song reminds me of their first album. Kind of like the self titled track of The Drug In Me Is You. It's not half bad. So far, since I'm starting the review and going as I hear the tracks, I hope that the album will be more like this than the next track on the album.
  5. Alone: I don't really know what to say about this. Other than it's like a shittier version of Escape The Fate's 2010 Self Titled album. The chorus isn't half bad? :(. I like some rap, but this isn't even trap-rap, it's shit-rap. Let's hope this is like Tattoo.
  6. Born to Lead: This song is like, WOW! I can't believe that this track follows Alone. Talk about a makeup track.
  7. It's Over When It's Over: I don't know why he want's to be a rapper. I don't think he's that good of an emcee.
  8. Game Over: Why?
  9. Self-Destruct Personality: This song really doesn't do much for me. I know that it's style is good, but the chorus kind of ruins the song for me.
  10. Fuck The Rest: Based of the title this can't be that good of a song. And well,.......... yes :(
  11. Keep Holding On: My favorite part of Trapped Like A Fly is the piano part. This song is kind of like that, more or less, but the entire song pretty much. It's really nothing special either. It's better than the last song.
  12. Drifter: This starts out like a country song. With the slide guitar and all. And it talks about life on the road. This actually isn't that bad of an album closer.
Here are the deluxe edition bonus tracks.
  1. Where Have You Been: This is a pretty heavy, compared to some of the others, song. This could be so much better if it was actually on the album. I think this is a good song. I'm not praising it, but I'm saying it's better than 10 out of the 12 song on the album easily.
  2. Goddamn: This isn't as good as the last track, but it's still better than 80% of the album. The math probably works out to more than eighty percent, but still.
  3. Rolling Stone (Shy Kidx Remix): This isn't anything special. Trust me, unless you're a fan of dubstep.
Overall I have to give this album a 4/10. This was a surprise. I didn't really know what to think, I mean look at Alone. Seriously, I don't care if it was a "Joke" or whatever, it sucks. That's being nice about it too. I give him credit for experimenting. But I don't think that what he did everywhere is good. At the end of this review, I think I'm going to Westerner.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Yeezus - Kanye West

This is the new Kanye Cd. I picked this up the day it came out and also Fashionably Late [Deluxe], Random Access Memory, and Sounds of Silence and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy [Deluxe]. I was waiting for this album, I believe, since the day it was released. Now, after a few listens I believe that I have a decent idea of what I think of this album.
  1. On Sight: I think this song isn't very interesting. I know that I do like the way that No Love Deep Web is very minimalistilicism, but that doesn't mean I like when Kanye does it. I do like that sample in the middle though. I think it's the best part of the song. I'm not hating on this song, but I'm not a huge fan of finding out "My Spouse" likes "Chocolate Men". I do like the Judge Joe Brown reference, but that's because I just recently referenced him to something.
  2. Black Skinhead: This song reminds me of Marilyn Manson's song Beautiful People. I don't like Manson, but I do like this song. I could almost, beside the whole rapping part, being one of his tracks. There is a part where the beat reminds me a little bit of Come Up And Get It. But more of it just reminds me of Beautiful People. This is an angry song. The more I listen to this song, it kind of loses it's "shock". Even though it wasn't that shocking at first.
  3. I Am God: This song reminds me, the beat, a little of Death Grips. Not an extreme amount, but just enough to where I could recognize it. This song is pretty angry. I wonder why he is so angry, and why he chose this album to be this angry. Part of the beat actually reminds me of, like the synth part, some Lil B beats on Myspace mixtape thingy.
  4. New Slaves: When I heard this song, I rolled my eyes. Kanye would write a song about this. This song reminds me a little of Death Grips. I like the beat on this song. The soul sample in this song is awesome. I like the way that it leads into that. I know this is a political-esque-type song, but I think it's good that he at least has one political song. The ending to the fade is definitely the best part. Months later like this song a lot more. My biggest complaint is the instrumental punch tthat has no punch to it. If it was stronger then maybe I'd enjoy it more, but you know what ever. And I also like Frank Ocean's part here.
  5. Hold My Liquor: The beginning of this song reminds me of The Weeknd. The song I'm thinking of is The Fall. The way the beat is in the beginning, before he starts singing. After the auto-tune is over, I do think this isn't that bad of a song. I think it's kind of cool. I really like the way it is. It kind of has an eerie feeling to it. The music in this is actually pretty. I kind of think it's music where you could think to it. If that makes any sense.
  6. I'm In It: I like the Careless Whisper reference. The sample reminds me of how Lil B sampled some of his samples on I'm Gay or Gods Father. Though the latter is a gift from heaven, that doesn't mean I like it when Yeezy does it.
  7. Blood On The Leaves: I could see how people might find this obnoxious, but I like it. It reminds me of  808s & Heartbreaks. I'm not huge on the use of auto-tune, but there is something about how Kanye uses it. I'm not saying he is a "God", but I think sometimes his auto-tune is interesting sounding. But the Nina Simone can get a little obnoxious, but yeah. I do like the piano in it; but the rest of the song, beside what I complimented, isn't very good.
  8. Guilt Trip: This track is nothing special either. It's actually kind of boring. 
  9. Send It Up: Nah
  10. Bound 2: This is actually a pretty decent track. This is much better than the last few tracks. This is kind of like a book closer. But what's with the sample that's abruptly cut. :(
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. I wish Rubin didn't do what he did. I wondered what theses songs sounded like before they were stripped down. Like Daft Punk's production on Black Skinhead. I wonder what it sounded like before it was stripped. I'm not saying the minimalism, but I think there are other artists who do a much better job at it. This was ok, I don't understand the whole big ordeal about it though. There isn't any question that "I can't handle the noise". I listen to John ZornMr. Bungle, Death Grips, Naked City, Hanatarash and there is other "noise" that I listen to. Even with the new apperciation, I'd only give it nore more than a 6.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Next Day [Deluxe] - David Bowie

This is the latest, first in 10 years since 2003's Reality, studio album by the "Thin White Duke", "Ziggy Stardust", "The Goblin King" no one other than David Bowie. This is studio number 24, excluding the Tin Machine albums (in which case would probably be 26 then). Whatever the case he announced this album back on his 66th Birthday, earlier this year. I was surprised to hear this. I didn't expect much, but I NEEDED to buy at least one Bowie CD the day it comes out before I die. Now the only CD version they had was the deluxe version. Well I feel like I should explain how he has inspired me. I wrote a fucking concept album, at least the outline and had the songs arranged to it. Not written but I knew what I wanted. But I did it with a very Stardust inspired concept. I also wrote Captin Dave, inspired by Space Oddity, hence Captin "Major", Dave "Tom". And the line in return to space, "funky monkey junkie". This album was produced by Tony Visconti. He produced Space Oddity, The Man Who Sold The World, and some other things for David. Now, finally, This bitch is going up. I also figured, lets get this out of the way so I could do a Bob Seger System review.
  1. The Next Day: I wasn't that crazy about this song the first few times I heard it. But after a few listens it kind of grew on me. This kind of reminds me of his 80's music. I don't know why, but it kind of does. But this song doesn't get as exciting with his vocals. Like he doesn't really excite like before. And the chorus of the song isn't really anything special. There is definitely an atmosphere to the song, but it doesn't really get me pumped, or relaxed. I don't think that this song really goes on for me other than just the beginning of the album. NOTE: 10/25/13; This song is one of my favs. I like it more than its original Beauty And The Beast. 
  2. Dirty Boys: I kind of like the horns on this song. When I first heard it I thought of Dr. John. The only FULL, that's every track, album I've heard by him is Locked Down. I think it's Ok, but yeah this song totally reminds me of him. I think it's kind of cool that, thus far, there have been different styles. It's not just 17 sound a likes. I'm not saying I'm in love with this song, but I still think its cool. And I like the Japanese sounding thing during the chorus. The more I hear it though, the slicker it gets. If that makes any sense. I could see, maybe, The Thin White Duke singing this song.
  3. The Stars (Are Out Tonight): The first time I heard this song was along with the music video. I thought it was odd, but I liked how his past "selves" were there. Just like Where Are We Now?'s music video, which was odd too, I enjoyed them. The only thing is that I wish David sang a little higher. You know, like on some of the older stuff. But it's not the end of the world. I wish the girl's voice "Out Tonight" was a little louder. I didn't pick up on it until I had headphones on. I also like the little "solo" part. Though there isn't really a solo.
  4. Love Is Lost: This track hasn't really much for me. I don't know why, but you know, I feel like with more listens it has potential. I think this is a decent track, but it's not having the effect on me that Where Are We Now? has had. I do like the ending of the song a lot, I think it's really cool how it kind of gets epic.
  5. Where Are We Now?: I didn't care for this song until I checked out a review of the album. I saw it the day before it came out in America. Consequence of Sound is awesome. I read that they mentioned that if "They could be "Heroes" just for one day" then this would be the next day. Something along those lines. And well then I listened to it again. And I liked it, a lot. From a different perspective  I thought it was like "Where am I now since I've not released an album in a decade". But I was wrong. This song has a bunch of Germany places mentioned. They were right. Now I'm gonna try to talk about myself. I think the keys are pretty and I like how he is singing the song soft. It does kind of remind me a little of "Heroes". This song is a song that I could see someone using for "That Love Song".  You know, when you're in love and you split up. Being a teen I kind of, more or less, know what that feels like.
  6. Valentine's Day: I think it's kind of funny that the songs after "Where Is Our Relationship Currently" is Valentine's Day. The holiday for lovers. This song is good, but it's not amazing. There's just something there in this song that keeps me from falling for the track. This song will forever be the track you hear after you hear one of your favorite tracks on the CD to me. This song just seems like its about a boy who isn't very big, and in his "scrawny hand" he holds a Valentine card for someone. He want's to tell someone he love her, but he can't. It's kind of a sad, emotional (for me at least), song. I love the ending I like the "yeah's" and I like the way the song ends. That's a pretty cool sounding solo. It isn't Where Are We or So She but it's one of the best on this album.
  7. If You Can See Me: This reminds me of like Earthling or something around that time period. This really reminds me of '90s music my parents used to listen to. I was born in '95. So I had 5 years of the 90's. And the 90's music didn't die in 2000 for my house. I don't think the music was as complex and had so much going on, but it vaguely reminds me of it. I also kind of think of hours..., thought I've never heard that album. I know, I should, but I haven't yet. I don't think this track is anything special.
  8. I'd Rather Be High: He mentions something about war, and trading in guns. I think this somewhat relates to the theme on, I'm not 100% sure what song, but I think it's Running Gun Blues off 1970's The Man Who Sold The World. I know as a fact it's on that album, but I'm pretty sure it's that song. But yeah, I don't think anything special of this song either. I'm not knocking it, or the album, its just it hasn't really sparked my interest yet.
  9. Boss Of Me: This reminds me a little of Heathen. I don't have a specific reason, but I could see this song being written at that period. Maybe more of less then or the 90's. I like the slap bass in this song, and I think it's cool how it's got this weird first impression on you. This reminds me a little of Dirty Boys too. And the sax reminds me of his glam period. I think the bridge of the song is pretty cool too.
  10. Dancing Out In Space: This is like a weird version of Modern Love. It also reminds me a little of Yassassin off 1979's Lodger. The way the vocals are kind of odd, and it has a dance vibe to it.
  11. How Does The Grass Grow?: The title of this song reminds me of Zappa's 1979 album Joe's Garage, Vol. II & III and the song He Used To Cut My Grass. Not musically, just title-lley. I really didn't think much of this song, based on the title, but with more and more listens, yes. It's a pretty good song that just needed to "grow" on me. This is a weird, and silly, song. But for some reason I love it. {8/10}
  12. (You Will) Set The World On Fire: The way this song starts out I could see it being an 80's Glam Metal band song. It's actually pretty sick. I think that you don't necessarily have to like Bowie, but it is a harder song. Then the chorus reminds me of Never Let Me Down. Which I'm effie on that album, but whatever. This is still a "strong" song on this album.
  13. You Feel So Lonely You Could Die: This kind of reminds me of doowop. It pretty much is a doowop song. It actually reminds me a lot of One More Minute by "Weird Al" off his 1985 Masterpiece Dare to Be Stupid. There is obviously parts where it doesn't but the main verses reminds me of that song. This is a pretty good song. This is kind of a romantic vibe to it, but the lyrics aren't so romantic. It's kind of angry. I like the drum rolls and the choir in the background. It's a good song. It also, with the backing vocals, reminds me of Still The Same by Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band and the part where it's the chorus and the female backing vocals come in and say the title of the song. The instrumental outro is pretty cool too.{8/10}
  14. Heat: I'm not huge on this title of this song, but what am I gonna do. Call up Davie Jones and complain. No, I couldn't do that because that's stupid. When I first heard this track, I didn't know what to expect. It was one of "those". It actually, with the acoustic guitar buried, reminds me of Pink Floyd's 1977 song Dogs or 1979's classic, more so than the last, Comfortably Numb. This is a very eerie and bone chilling ending to this album.
Then here are the bonus tracks to the album. I'm glad that I got the deluxe version. Just like how I got the special editions of Disarm The Decent, Awakened, Ungrateful, Shadows Are Security, I still need the special edition of the oh so bad Music From Another Dimension.
  1. So She: This is the only songs I fell in love with first time through. UGH! This song has actually become a sentimental song for me. I really like it, and it really means a lot to me. This is such a dreamy song. You could get lost in it, kind of like how you could get lost in Perfect Day off 1972's classic glam album Transformer. This though, is more Berlin Trilogy dreamy. Because of the ambience going on with the music. This reminds me a little of the how you could get lost in the "Heroes" album. That is the one, for me, that I think I get the most lost in.
  2. Plan: I almost feel like this is a filler, but it's a bonus track?. But I think it's kind of supposed to be an instrumental prelude to the final bonus track.
  3. I'll Take You There: This song seems like it's robotic. It's nothing amazing, but it's a decent track. I like the keys on the song. I do really like the part where it's kind of like the bridge. It's pretty sick, but the rest of the song isn't good enough for me to sit through the song to get to it. I just skip to that part.
Overall I have to give this, after much time listening and thinking, a 7.4/10. This album is an album that kind of needs, at least for me, to grow on you. Or you might have to digest it. This isn't a one time love it type of album. I've heard all the songs about a few dozen times and I finally feel I can give a good review. Hence me starting the review the day it came out and it going up today. And that's part of the reason it took forever. But this is a decent album and I'm glad it was released.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hatebreeder - Children Of Bodom

This is the second full length album by Finish metal band Children of Bodom. I've heard of these guys, back in sophomore year. So like 3 years ago-ish. I didn't know till recently these guys were recording demos under the name Inearthed. Well, I'm mad at myself. If you know me, I hate when I don't do these enough. I'm hoping, and praying, this month to get up Currents, The Next DayFashionably Late, maybe Yeezus and Random Access Memory, and some of the albums that have been requested. I'm also planning on doing, if not this month, in August?, Halo of Blood.
  1. Warheart: This song begins with a voice clip. The voice clip is from the movie Amadeus, about Motzart, from 1984. The thing about Bodom is I can't really tell the difference between the songs. I like the way they sound, bout I couldn't pick them out from each other. I also love the idea that they used those Mozart arpeggios in the last bridge.
  2. Silent Night, Bodom Night: This song is still sick. I think it's awesome how they use the name Bodom in a bunch of their songs. I don't think that it's vain, I think it's cool. If Maroon 5 named a song "Marooned in 5" I'd think they were assholes, because Adam is, but that's another conversation.
  3. Hatebreeder: This song actually went by really fast, I didn't even realize that it was on this song.
  4. Bed of Razors: This song sounds like the last to me. Maybe with more listens I'll be able to differentiate it.
  5. Towards Dead End: This solo in this song reminds me of something I could see Mike Romeo on a Symphony X album. Thoses guys kick ass. I like this second solo to. I love how it stops, then its starts off the solo. It's sick. The keyboard harmony reminds me of something 1994's Symphony X. The way, when the guitar at that part, plays solo, reminds me of somethings Yngwie might do on an one of his first 3 albums (Rising Force, Marching Out, Trilogy). Maybe too on his 1988 album Odyssey.
  6. Black Widow: These songs, like the last two, have seemed like they are starting to be a little different, set up wise. This is more riff lead. Like there is a part where it's just a guitar riff, rather then the whole band playing.
  7. Wrath Within: This album has gone by so fast I couldn't even keep up with it.
  8. Children of Bodom: This song is a long one. I think that it's time is justified though. I think that little bell sound is pretty cool. This album, reminds me of, Ashes of The Wake. I like the album, but I couldn't really do that amazing job of reviewing it, because the tracks, to me, sound very similar. If I spent forever I could probably pick each track out, but yeah.
  9. Downfall: This is the last track on this album. I'ven't retained much, beside that fact that this is an enjoyable album. Like no songs really stuck out to me. But there weren't any bad songs either. I did really like Towards Dead End and this track, sounds a little darker. I mean the keys are obviously sill sounding, with today's technology, but I still think it sounds good.
Overall I have to give this a 8/10. This is a very repetitive album, but I never said that was bad. Yes, sometimes it's bad to be repetitive, The Stones, Jimi Hendrix, etc. Actually these guys remind me of a screamed, not as strong singer as Russell, neo-classical Symphony X (classical influences) meets Dream Theater (repetition). But they make epic songs, still. These album are "less complex?" than Sympohony X albums. These guys do have a signature sound though. This was an enjoyable album though, I couldn't lie to you about that.