Friday, June 28, 2013

Death•Is•This•Communion• - High On Fire

This is the fourth full length album released by High On Fire. I found out about theses guys via Needledrop about a year or so ago. Well, one of my friends wanted me to do this album, so I said... Fuck You!. But more seriously, I did this. I think that the album cover is pretty sick. I've already heard half of De Vermis Mysteriis.
  1. Fury Whip: The beginning of this song is interesting. It makes me want to stay and see what happens. Sometimes you hear something and it's like "no I don't want to go on", thus far I want to continue. The guys voice reminds me of a more raspy Lemmy. Actually, his voice reminds me a lot of Mastodon's lead singers voice. This song reminds me a little of the whole Blood Mountain album.
  2. Waste of Tiamat: I like the acoustic intro to this song. The way that it sounds. This song is pretty cool. I think it's a lot like the first track, but that isn't always bad. I kind of want the next track to be more mixed up, but you know, whatever. I do like this solo a lot though. I think it's pretty cool the way it sounds.
  3. Death of this Communion: This song actually reminds me a little of Black Sabbath. On their new album 13. I will be reviewing that soon, hopefully it will be up by the end of the month. I like the kind of "ugly?" sounding offbeat guitar hits. Other than that I don't really know what else to say.
  4. Khanrad's Wall: I like the way this song kind of starts out Spanish sounding. I kind of hope that they keep some of that sound through the rest of the song.
  5. Turk: I have a stuffed turkey named Turk. This song isn't actually that bad. I'm enjoying this song more than the last few. This song is kind of cool.
  6. Headhunters: Where's Herbbie? I like the way that this song is starting out. It's kind of like an intro to this song.
  7. Rumors of War: I think that this song is pretty good too. It's reminding me more of Mastodon, but good Mastodon. You know, not the songs that are weaker. 
  8. DII: This is a pretty sick track. And I love the mellotron in the background. I wish you could hear it a little better. But yeah, this is a solid song.
  9. Cyclopian Scape: I really like the beginning of this song. This is a pretty solid song. And the ending, that's pretty sick.
  10. Ethreal: This song isn't as good as the last few for me, but you know, whatever.
  11. Return to NOD: I do like this tracks title, but there isn't really anything special from this track. I mean I do like the "breakdown" part of the song, but beside that I am not hooked. Maybe in the future with a few more listens I'll be hooked, but yeah.
Overall I have to give this a 7/10. I don't hate this, but I don't think it was mind blowing. I did enjoy this and look forward to, definitely not anytime soon (maybe a few months), reviewing another album by these guys or in this genre.

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