Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Red - Taylor Swift

This is the 4th album by country singer songwritter Taylor Swift. On this album I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't think much of the We Are Never Getting Back Together single. I actually kind of didn't like it at all. I was nervous to see if the album would be this way. So I am now, today, listening to it for the first time in it's whole. I might listen to it more than once, but I am not sure yet. I have to hear it first. One thing I noticed is that a shit load of people produced for this album. The last album Speak Now only had Swift and Nathan Chapman. On This one there are a total of 9 people credited, one being an executive producer, as producers for this album. And some of the producers have really only produced pop shit. I don't have a good feeling about this, but I'll tough it out... I hope. I do like how her style has changed, as in appearance. I think she looks better with straight hair and not dresses and a ton of make up. I actually think girls look better like the way she does now than almost any other way.
  1. State of Grace: This song starts out pretty promising. I actually think that this is a pretty cool song. It reminds me of The Cure. I know I compare things to that band, but I remember hearing Just Like Heaven a ton while in the car with my Dad. This the backing vocals during the chorus remind me of Eisley. I like the bass sound in the song. I also like how this isn't so country? This song also reminds me a lot of the 2005 Paramore album All We Know Is Falling. That's not my favorite Paramore album, but I still think it's a decent album.
  2. Red: This song starts out, before she starts singing, with what reminds me of '90s music. This song is kind of like a part 2 of the last song. There isn't much of a difference. Her voice is kinda dubbed weird. By that I mean it kind of sounds like its a loop, but a short thing looped. Either that or Auto-tuned. But overall I still like this song.
  3. Treacherous: This song reminds me if the last album. To be honest, this is doing well thus far.This also reminds me of 2009's Misguided Ghosts by Paramore. The "do do do, do do do" reminds me of a song I can't quite think of. This is probably my favorite song on the album thus far.
  4. I Knew You Were Trouble.: When I first heard the intro I was afraid. I heard that's he had dubstep on this album, an well the way the song was it could. It wasn't a stretch for it to be there. I don't think that the drop is Skrillex but it isn't bad. I kind is f like the song. The more I hear it the more it grows on me.
  5. All Too Well: This song kind of reminds me of the last album also. I like the fact that she kept some of the stuff that was on her last album. Also that she isn't all out Fearless on this. I don't know why, but this reminds me of her county friends that are popular, but I think this song. Have you ever heard the song Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue by Toby Keith. I don't care for that song, but it reminds me of it. I also kind of hear a little synth in the background.
  6. 22: All I'm gonna say is this sing is a load if bullshit. I really can't support it are compliment it that much. The beginning of the song...... This is like a Katy Perry's Taylor Swift. I kind of respect that she had a song Fifteen and now 22. But I know how to count.
  7. I Almost Do: This song reminds me of like a solo version of the song I Wish by Eisley. Especially at the chorus of the song. Like when it going "Ooooow, Oooooww."
  8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: This song is an ok song, if it was acoustic. Like if she did it alone with her vocals and an acoustic performance of the song.
  9. Stay Stay Stay: This reminds me of the CVS commercials. I like this song though. It's a pretty cool song. I think she uses a ukulele. I really like the way the bass sounds.
  10. The Last Time: This song apparently features Gary Lightbody of Snowpatrol. I have no idea who that is, but I do know that there is a Stones song called The Last Time
  11. Holy Ground: This is an ok song. I didn't really think much of it.
  12. Sad Beautiful Tragic: This song sounded in the beginning like Linkin Park's song Powerless. Like the first 3 seconds with that open, before the instruments. This is another Ok song. 
  13. The Lucky One: This another OK song. I think they are being a little too consistent.
  14. Everything Has Changed: This track features Ed Sheeran. I don't know who he is, but I've heard of him before. I guess it says he co-wrote this with Taylor. I think that this is another Ok song. It is kind of starting to kill the album for me.
  15. Starlight: This song kind of makes me wonder if there is gonna be any dubstep. I like how its set up lik its gonna drop but kind of changes up a little. I'm note huge on this, but its a little different from the last few songs.
  16. Begin Again: This song is a decent ending to the album. I actually like this. I'm suprised, but for some reason I feel like this might become a favorite of mine.
Overall I have to give this a 7/10. This was a lot better than I expected. I planned on not liking this at all. The reason was because of the more commercial shit. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is a good song. But the album version kind of sucks. If she did a pure acoustic version that'd be awesome. This album sounded like a country-esque Paramore, for at least a lot of the songs. I plan on getting this CD. No matter what I was gonna buy this Cd, but yeah. I think some of the songs dragged on a little. I also am gonna listen to the deluxe tracks, but not now. I'll give a short sentence or two about them after I hear them.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Roadkill - Meanstreak

This is the, to my knowledge, the only album by all female thrash metal band Meanstreak. I found out about this band via looking for "bad album covers" on the web. This is actually a pretty funny album cover after finding out that they were a girl band. This album was released in 1988, and to my luck the whole thing is up on Spotify for me to listen to.
  1. Roadkill: This song is a good intro to an album. I swore that this was a mans vocals. It kind of reminds me of a Priest off their 1991 album Painkiller. This song actually somewhat reminds me of that song. The singer also kind of reminds me of the singer from Fates Warning.
  2. Searching Forever: This song kind of reminds me of Iron Maiden but before around 1981, 1982. This also kind of reminds me of Judas Priest on their album Stained Class.
  3. Snakepit: This has this kind of Egyptian intro to it. The riff is kind of cool sounding and there is this rattle that sounds like a snake. I don't know why, but this song kind of reminds me a little of the song Shout at the Devil. The way the riff is in the verses. He voice also kind of reminds me a little of Halestorm. I actually saw them at the first Uproar when it was here in Chicago. About halfway thorough the song it speeds up until there is a drumfill and the normal speed comes back for a solo. I think that the tone is pretty cool sounding. And the girl can shred.
  4. Nostradamus: This is a pretty solid song. It's kind of  like the last few. It's pretty cool sounding.
  5. It Seems to Me: For some reason this riff reminded me of Aerosmith but on one of their older albums. The vocals on this song reminds me of 1986's Wasted Years by Maiden.
  6. Lost Stranger: Not much to say about this song. It's kind of the same.
  7. The Warning: This kind of further reminds me of Fates Warning. The name of the song is The Warning. This song actually kind of reminds me of them. I think the name is appropriate.
  8. The Congregation: I like how the bass sounds heavy on this. This really reminds me of Maiden.
Overall I have to give this a 7.5/10. If you like 80's metal then you'll probably like this album. Even thought they are an all girl band they don't really sound like it. If you like metal you will probably like this album a lot. Trust me, I would know. I don't really care for female metal singers, but this is an exception. The solos didn't WOW me, but they were pretty solid.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Voice of Frank Sinatra

This is the debut album by the famous singer Frank Sinatra. I have some songs that I've written for a singer who sings songs like this, so why not review this album. I know that I've never had an urge to listen to him, really for the most part, but since I can't download the new Taylor Swift album. That is another intensive. I do know that I enjoy some of Nancy's discography.
  1. You Go To My Head: This song is surprisingly not boring me. This sounds like a song that would be in a classic 50's movie. You know, black and white. Or in a Disney cartoon, but from the 30's or 40's or 50's, maybe even the 60's.
  2. Someone Watch Over Me: So far this isn't that bad of an album. I'm used to being bored by this type of music. But honestly, this is kind of peaceful. I like the orchestration in it and I think that this could be in a movie. This is a pretty cool song.
  3. These Foolish Things (Reminds Me Of You): I enjoy writing songs like this. It's fun to kind of just write a song and have it be for someone, so to say. Infact, I actually fake sing like him. I don't record or use it for anything, but I go around and sometimes do "demos" of the songs. That was off topic, but this is a relaxing album.
  4. Why Shouldn't I?: To be completely honest, this is the album that I needed, these songs have all been pretty sick. Not in an intense way, but in a smooth way.
  5. I Don't Know Why (I Just Do): I think this song is basically the same as the last.
  6. Try A Little Tenderness: This is a pretty calm song too. This album has been very consistent.
  7. (I Don't Stand) A Ghost Of A Chance: This, I don't know why, but it's my favorite song. Either this of the first song.
  8. Paradise: This song starts out with horns. I like the name and how this is the last song on the album.
Overall I have to give this a 6/10. I didn't hate it, I actually enjoyed myself. I hope to get a vinyl '78 copy of this. This album pretty much songs the same to me. That's why I don't LOVE it. But I did enjoy it. I think I might listen to this again for kind of a direction for those Sinatra-esque songs I have. I didn't really get anything out of this, beside a kind of "base" as mentioned before. And I am also gonna listen to this guy some more.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Sister - Marissa Nadler

This is the first time that I've ever heard of this girl. She is based in Boston and released her first album in 2004. I found out about her via ListenBeforeYouBuy. I remember when, right before the album was released earlier this year, seeing the choice to stream the album. I think that I don't exactly know what to expect, especially since the album are is kind of cool. I think that it would be cool to have on vinyl to see the album cover. I'm not saying that I'm gonna buy the vinyl because I haven't heard it yet. I can honestly say I don't really know anything about Marissa except that she has like 6 other albums. Well lets get down to it.
  1. The Wrecking Ball Company: The beginning of this song kind of reminded me of an acoustic version of Because by The Beatles and Wicked Games by The Weeknd. I really like her voice in this song. So far this is pretty decent album. But you can't judge an album off one song. After the rest of the instruments come in it reminds me of The Chapin Sisters on their second album Two. I don't know exactly what song, but one of the songs on that.
  2. Love Again, There Is a Fire: This kind of reminds me of a more Eisley-esque version of Sucré. They way Marissa is singing kind of reminds me of Stacy's voice. It also kind of reminds me of the Eisley Family Christmas EP they released in 2010 for free. And added two new tracks for Christmas 2011. 
  3. Christine: This kind of reminds me of The Chapin Sisters cover of Toxic on their Shady Lake Ep. It also kind of reminds me of the legendary song Elvis tried to buy off Dolly Parton..... Jolene. So far this thing is awesome.
  4. Apostle: Sorry I kind of got lost in the song. It is a very pretty song. I think that it's pretty cool sounding too. It's kind of like how I get lost in the Elliott Smith 1995 self titled album
  5. Constantine: For some reason I feel like I kind of am hearing Dolly Parton singing this song. Either her of Olivia Newton-John. Not necessarily their style of music, but their vocals. This also kind of reminds me of Irish Music. I'm Irish and I can't stand that music, I try hard to even listen to Van Morrison. But I like this song. This also reminds me a little of 2005's Room Noises by Eisley.
  6. To a Road, Love: The way she is singing reminds me a ton of Stacy on the Sucré song, I wanna say The Cliff Waltz. I could be wrong so I'm gonna check. Actually it almost reminds me more of Wake the Earth by The Honey Trees off their 2009 Wake the Earth ep.
  7. In a Little Town: I don't really know what to say about this
  8. Your Heart Is a Twisted Vine: This sounds like basically what I said before.
Overall I have to say this should rightfully get a 8.5/10. This kind of reminds me of a mix of The Chapin Sisters with Eisley with Merriment (just a little) and probably every other Female Singer Songwriter that is in the field of like "Indie Folk". I don't know why it took me so long to listen to this. Box of Ceder is the Record Label. Shit man, they have a Vinyl version of this. I know what I'm doing when I get a credit card/debit card. I do feel like this will probably only grow on me.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

119 - Trash Talk

This is 4th album by Californian Punk Band Trash Talk. I found out about these guys over the summer when they signed to Odd Future Records. They are releasing this on that label, along with their own Trash Talk Collective. Now I don't know much about these guys, mainly because I just want to give this a listen. I did a review yesterday of Numbers by MellowHype, which was released the same day as this one.
  1. Eat the Cycle: This song kind of reminds me of some type of song by Retox. The thing though is, it's not as interesting.
  2. Exile on Broadway: I feel like this is a Stones reference. But whatever, This song kind of sounds like Slayer's song 2001 songs Exile but with more of a punk vibe to it.
  3. My Rules: I didn't even realize this song started. It's sound like the others.
  4. F.E.B.N.: This song is Ok.
  5. Uncivil Disobedience: This song has the punk energy, it's just, I don't really find this interesting.
  6. Blossom & Burn featuring Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator: This song kind of starts out a little different, by that I mean it kind of sounds like "Doom Metal/Sludge Metal"ish. If that makes any sense. I think that Hodgy does an interesting job on the verse on the album. And also Tyler's verse is pretty cool too.
  7. Reasons: Pretty much the same thing, I don't find these songs interesting.
  8. Fuck Nostalgia: This kind of reminds me of a less interesting Motörhead. The title is kind of ironic. So wait, Fuck the Album?
  9. Apathy: ....
  10. Thanks, But No Thanks: At least this is more drum driven.
  11. Bad Habits: .......
  12. Swinging to Pieces: 3 more tracks to go.
  13. For the Lesser Good: Refer to past descriptions
  14. Dogman: It's finally over.
Overall this album shall get a 5/10. This is my introduction to this band and I have to say that I will probably let it be background music. By that I mean I won't put to much thought into listening to any albums by these guys. I think that it sounds like a less interesting Retox album. Also this is way too long. It could have gotten away with 8 songs and been like an EP or something.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Numbers - MellowHype

This is the third release by Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All's group MellowHype. It is made up of Left Brain and Hodgy Beats. It's kind of like, I guess, EarlWolf. Actually it's kind of funny I mention that, because Tyler did some production on this album. The first release , YelloWhite, came out in 2010. The follow up, BlackenedWhite, was released in 2010. In 2011 that same album was reissued, officially not as a mixtape, with a different track listing. I assume its because of some stupid thing called copyright, but whatever. Do I've been, somewhat, anticipating this release. I'm probably gonna review Trash Talk's new album, 119, for tomorrow. So this one is for today One last thing, this is the first time I've heard a MellowHype release front to back.
  1. Grill: The beat is Ok, but It isn't that crazy. The first time hearing this, it isn't anything special to me. I don't know why, but I feel like this song would be a song that might be on Eminem's compilation album thing he did The Re-Ups. I don't like that they keep spelling words out for me.
  2. 65 / Breakfast: I kind of like the keyboard sounding chords in the beginning. I like this beat much more than the last song. I am not crazy on Hodgy, but I still kind of like the song. I kind of like the change where the voices go "uh uh uh uh". I think that that's kind of cool, it kind of reminds me of Christmas. Like this might be a Christmas themed song, I guess? Does that make any sense to anyone but me. This entire song kind of gives me a Christmas music vibe. But not the words. Breakfast kind of reminds me of the ending of Pyraminds on Frankie's new album channel ORANGE. He actually kind of reminds me a little, especially when he says "I'ma touch the sky" of Kanye's song Touch the Sky off his 2005 Late Registration album. You know, the song that featured Lupe.
  3. Astro featuring Frank Ocean: I'm kind of curious about what Frank is going to do on this song. I am not huge on Frank's line "Wear the yellow turn at the Grammy, rock out with my cock out". Beside that, I think that this song is kind of cool. So far this album is kind of getting better. It's not as bad as the first song. I don't hate that song, but I don't care for that song. I really like how Frank sounds. I also like how he mentions Prince. And the part at the end where Frank is singing with the piano, that's awesome. I think the song will only get better. And I also kind of like the original beat plays after Frank's part and to the fade. {7/10}
  4. NFWGJDSH: This drumbeat reminds me of a mix of The Re-Ups intro track Shady Narcotics and the MellowHype song on the last OF Tape Vol. 2 the track 50. I don't care for the ending.
  5. La Bonita: This song kind of starts out interesting. I hope it's nothing like Tenacious D's new song, off Rize of the Fenix, track 4 Senorita. Sorry I don't have that symbol on top of it, but I don't know how to get it. Yeah, I probably won't listen to this song again.
  6. Beat: This song doesn't really keep my intrest that much. I still have 10 tracks. :(
  7. Snare: The thing about this song is, I'm a teenager with a C average, and I can't really relate to this song. Like there is no lever that I connect to the whole feeling of it. The beat is ok.
  8. Untitled L: Ok there's still a good 30 minutes left to this album. This song is not very intresting to me. I like the 007 mention.
  9. Leflair: What?
  10. Monster: The beat on this kind of reminds me a little of Bastard. But the song isn't as good as that album.
  11. 666 featuring Mike G.: I thought that there was a song called 666 on either the original version of BlackenedWhite or YelloWhite. This song is probably easier to listen to than the last few songs.
  12. P2 featuring Earl Sweatshirt: Hopefully Earl can help to save the rest of the album. I think the first P on OF Tape Vol. 2 is better than this song. I still think this is better than most of the album. The beat reminds me of Pyramids.
  13. GNC: I kind of like the sitar sounding think in the song. This song reminds me of  a more intresting version of Lean. I also think Domo is on this track.
  14. Brain: I feel like Hodgy was trying to be Tyler on this track. I kind of like the horn sounds in the song.
  15. Under 2: The beat on this song reminds me of Analog 2. Hodgy kind of sound to me, a little like Em on his first album Infinite. I like this song.
  16. Break: This was a decent song, and I think it was a good way to end the album
Overall I have to give this a 4.5/10. I didn't really care for this thing that much. Track 1 wasn't that good, then track 2 & 3 were pretty good, then it kind of when down hill. Maybe over time I'll be able to enjoy this more, but the few MellowHype songs I've heard before this I didn't care for.