Saturday, July 21, 2012

Elliott Smith

This is the sophomore solo effort by singer/songwriter Elliott Smith. I found out about this guy by google searching albums that came out on July 21st. One other album was Appetite For Destruction, and though I think it's a good album, I like this one more. I actually think that this is a really good, solid album. But I listened to it and, well, I'll explain more in the review. I've been pumped to do this thing since I first started doing reviews, and I have planned on doing this one on my birthday.
  1. Needle in the Hay: This is a depressing song, and along with the others, have Elliott playing acoustic guitar and singing. This is a dark song, and it is kind of pretty to. This song is a good song, and honestly remember able, at least for me, chorus.
  2. Christian Brothers: This song kind of makes me think that the name fits it. Like the music that goes along to the album. This song has a country flavor that kind of makes me think of Simon & Garfunkel.
  3. Clementine: This song could actually be a song that was composed by Paul Simon. Like maybe be on his Paul Simon Songbook from 1965. The album that was released after the first "break up" of Simon & Garfunkel duo. It was released after their 1964 debut Wednesday, 4 A.M..
  4. Southern Belle: This song kind of reminds me of a song on 1966's Sound of Silence. That is also one of my favorite albums of all time. I really dig the vocals on this song and how it has an aggression the rest of the songs don't really have. The best part is the ending with the vocals where he sings loud and almost enraged, in his whisper quite vocals. 
  5. Single File: This is also another songs where it is kind of reminds me of the 1966 Sound of Silence album.
  6. Coming Up Rose: This sounds like other people are playing on the song. I think that it might have accordion in it. The guitar solo in it is also really cool sounding. This song sounds like there is an entire band playing. This song has a type of, after thinking about it, a Grateful Dead vibe kind of. Like one of their softer songs.
  7. Satellite: I think that this is a pretty sounding song. I don't think that there is much for me to say beyond that 
  8. Alphabet Town: I think that there is a harmonica in this song.
  9. St. Ides Heaven: This songs sounds like it feature a full band.
  10. Good To Go: This is also a pretty song. It sounds like this is a heartfelt feeling, if that makes sense.'
  11. The White Lady Loves You More: I don't know exactly how to explain this song. This is a songs that sounds like, at least to me, a weird chord progression. I don't know, I might be crazy. 
  12. The Biggest Lie: I think that this is a good way to end the album. Also a good song.
Over All I have to give this a 9/10. This thing is like a more depressing, solo album of a guy whole sounds like the Simon & Garfunkel duo. It's a shame that he died, I wish that he didn't. I almost feel bad for how dark sounding this is, not evil, but dark. This thing has textures and isn't just one recording. He made it sounds very pretty. I couldn't think of it at first, but it kind of has this folky Grateful Dead vibe going on in it too.

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