Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hear It Is - The Flaming Lips

This is the 1986 debut full length album, following their self titled 1984 debut Ep, by Oklahoma City neo-psychedelic band The Flaming Lips. I've heard this album once before and I wasn't huge on it. I thought that it wasn't that exciting and that I don't exactly know what more to say than I was let down. Well here is my second chance to this album.
  1. With You: This song starts out quieter with Wayne singing along with an acoustic guitar. They were obviously going of a Wish You Were Here Feeling to the intro of the song. Then the song exclades into an all over the place, actually I think they did a shit job of doing what they wanted to, punk rock part that reminds me a little of The Cure. Though the Cure isn't really that much of a punk band. I think that it's a decent intro but I'm not as impressed as I thought I would be.
  2. Unplugged: This song is more of a Cure punk song. This song also reminds me a little of The Cult. Not Cults, but The Cult. I don't like the open space of this song. They tried to make a psychedelic solo in it, but if you really wanted to do what they wanted they should have made everything tighter together instead of making it sound like it's in an open room.
  3. Trains, Brains and Rain: This reminds me too much of The Cure to intrest me enough to really, really get into this song. This actually kind of sounds like the last song.
  4. Jesus Shooting Heroin: With a title like this you have to make it a decent song. And guess what, they didn't. I think that the song is ok, but I feel like it could be more dramatic. The open space really hurts the song for me. There is a part in this song right before the solo, where it reminds me of Spike by the band Hunt Club. I actually did a review of them with their album Hunt Club Lp and look forward to hearing more stuff by them. I also feel this song could be shorter.
  5. Just Like Before: I don't really find this song that interesting to myself.
  6. She Is Death: This song just kind of sounds like an attempt at a Pink Floyd song.
  7. Charlie Manson Blues: This song isn't that different than the others, but a little faster tempo.
  8. Man From Pakistan: This song is like a punk song. This song is pretty much like the others.
  9. Godzilla Flick: This song reminds me of Bob Seger's 1978 song Still The Same. The guitar does, but not the lyrics or anything else. But only in the beginning.
  10. Staring At Sound/With You (Reprise): I wish the song was shorter. And the most upbeat song would be the last one.
This gets a 6/10. I think The Flaming Lips are a little over rated. But that's from what I've heard. I still am going to further my listen's on their discography. If you're a fan of The Cure or maybe The Cult or other bands that are contemporaries you might just like this.

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