Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome to the Family Ep - Avenged Sevenfold

This is the second Ep release, and as of July 16th, most recent Avenged Sevenfold release. This was released on December 21st, 2012 and I think that it was for their tour at the time. It features Welcome to the Family (off Nightmare) a song that was unreleased (4:00 AM) and a live version of Seize the Day (originally off 2005's City of Evil). I could go on forever explaining or I could review this and have it done.
  1. Welcome to the FamilyGo here to see review of song
  2. 4:00 AM: The piano in the beginning gives this song an intresting beginning. This is a classic song that would be recorded during their Nightmare chapter of their career. This song kind of reminds me of parts of other songs. Like a part right before the pre chorus where it kind of reminds me of God Hates Us with the guitar. The riff of the song is also a solid Avenged riff. I assume this was written after the passing of The Rev. This song screams Avenged Sevenfold outtake for me though. I could kind of see this being on like another Live In The LBC bonus disc Diamonds in the Rough. This also has a more poppy feeling to it.
  3. Seize the Day (Live in Seattle): This version of the song was recorded at some point in time before the passing of The Rev. I'm not exactly sure when but I think it's a solid album. I hate doing live reviews before the studio version, because it's basically doing the same song twice, for the most part. Well anyway I think that it's a pretty version and you should check this out. Zacky sings the intro.
Overall I give this a 8/10. The live Seize the Day was solid, 4:00 Am is a good song, and it has the already released Welcome to the Family, which is also solid. Buy it on iTunes, its only $2.49

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