Friday, April 26, 2013

Point Of Entry - Judas Priest

This is the seventh album by UK band Judas Priest. I've been meaning to do a review for this band, now, for a while. So I decided to do the album that I've never heard a single song off. You know, I was never really interested in actually listening to this album. Maybe because of the artwork, but also cuz I felt like it might not be anything special. Especially since it's in between their two biggest albums British Steel and Screaming For Vengeance. Now, I'm not saying those are their best, but biggest. They are both good albums, but not my favorite. I like their 70's stuff more, but that's just me.
  1. Heading Out to the Highway: This is a pretty solid beginning. This song kind of reminds me of the last album. But the solo in it is pretty sick. I think that the tone they used for the short solo is pretty sick.
  2. Don't Go: This song sound like an 80's song. This song isn't anything special. I kind of feel, I heard some of the tracks out of order, that this is kind of "Gay?".
  3. Hot Rockin': This song sounds like a Priest song. The chorus of this song is kind of... lame. I'm sorry, but it kind of is. That kind of hurts the song for me. And well, the solo doesn't save the song for me either. :(
  4. Turning Circles: The guitar riff in the beginning of this reminds me of Katy Perry. Really guys, why? I need some Hell Bent For Leather or Electric Eye or Breaking The Law or something like that. This is like a gay version of Living After Midnight. After hearing this more than once, it grows on you, and becomes less gay. This isn't Turbo Lover, but I don't know.
  5. Desert Plains: This song isn't that bad. I don't know why, but I think it's ok.
  6. Solar Angels: The beginning of this song is kind of bringing my faith in the album back. But then when he starts singing it kind of starts to fade away.
  7. Yes Say Yes: :(
  8. All The Way: This song sound like it would be a song that was maybe later in the 80's. :( "Put you hands on you hips".
  9. Troubleshooter: This song doesn't really do much for me.
  10. On the Run: When I first heard this song I was like "Fuck! this might be a good album". This is one pretty sick song. I know it has the same song title as the 4th, 3rd on the CD, track off Dark Side, but it's not the same song. There are actually words. This song rocks. And it definitely made me really want to hear this whole album. I was wrong.
Overall I have to give this a 6/10. I really don't know what to say. This album is good, but I don't think it's mind blowing. Some of the song titles on this are cool, some are lame. I don't really know, you might like this more than I did, but I still though it was ok. I know I said this album was kind of soft, but that doesn't mean I don't think it's ok. I wish it were heavier. I don't really know if I'll be coming back to this album. You can tell they were going for a more radio friendly production on this thing.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mr. Wonderful - Fleetwood Mac

This is the sophomore album by the legendary band Fleetwood Mac. I've already done Rumours, and I really like that album. To be honest, I like Peter Green's guitar playing more than Eric Clapton's (and his voice too). I know one of my friends said the song Stop Messin' Round is straight up blues, but there is something about how Peter Green and this era of Fleetwood Mac do it that keeps me interested. Mike Vernon was the producer for this album, and this is the first appearance of Christie Perfect. Now I think this is one of my favorite album cover I've ever seen. I don't know why, but I think it's kind of funny, and awesome at the same time. I know that this wasn't as put together as the first, they miked up amps and recorded through a P.A. rather than a board. I kind of think this is how blues should be though.
  1. Stop Messin' Round: I first heard this song on the Aerosmith 2004 blues cover album Honkin' On Bobo. I'm not huge on that album, or that version of the song. This one is much better. I like the way that they play this. I want to just get up and dance when I hear this song. Either that or jam along.
  2. I've Lost My Baby: This song is a pretty good song. I don't think it's as much of a favorite as the previous track, but I still do think it's a good track. Jeremy Spencer is the one who wrote this track. I think Jeremy is good, but he's not as exciting.
  3. Rollin' Man: This is a Peter song. I know that Clifford Davis is also credited for this song, but the songs that Green sings on this are more upbeat and exciting. Just like Stop Messin' Round, I wanna get up and jam along with this track when it plays.
  4. Dust My Broom: I don't know why, but I love the name of this track. There isn't any particular reason, I just do. This track, Doctor Brown, Need You Love Tonight, and Coming Home all have the exact same Elmore James riff in the beginning of the song. That's one of my problems with blues music. But when I hear this album I think of it as more of a "live in the studio" or like a "jam session". Not that they go insane or anything, but it isn't tracked and perfected and sterilized, IE Music from Another Dimension. It's even kind of hard to hear his voice in the track, or at least pick out the words.
  5. Love That Burns: This song is another Green/Adams (Clifford Davis pseudonym). I could tell, because when it started I was dragged in. I think part of the reason I like Green's playing so much is the tone. I don't know why, but I just love it to death.
  6. Doctor Brown: There was something about this song that dragged me in. I know it's basically the exact same song as Dust My Broom, but I just love this. I love the lyrics to this song too. I also love the title to the track. There is a lot of slide.
  7. Need Your Love Tonight: This is basically the same as the last track, but instead the lyrics are different.
  8. If You Be My Baby: This is an ok song. I am not nuts about it. This song is just another blues type song. I don't really know how to explain it more.
  9. Evenin' Boogie: This song is more exciting than the last track. Thank God too, I was almost falling asleep. Not really, but I needed this "Shot of Rhythm & Blues".
  10. Lazy Poker Blues: This isn't a lazy song. Yes! Thank you Pete you have got me into the album again. I'm not looking forward to the next track though. 
  11. Coming Home: This song isn't bad, but it ain't anything special.
  12. Trying So Hard to Forget: This is it, oh shit, it starts with a harmonica. This is a really slow song. It's one of the slow blues songs. It's Ok, I'm not crazy about it, but I think it has kind of grown on me a little.
Overall I have to give this a 8/10. I haven't heard all of the self titled debut album from 1968, but supposedly that one's better than this one. I feel like this album is a little long at 40 minutes. At least to hear in one sitting. I still plan on doing all the albums from Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac to at least Tusk. That includes the live albums. I don't know about the 80's stuff like Mirage or Tango in the Night, and I really don't have the slightest interest in anything after Tango. This album is like if The Blues Brothers were actually awesome. I think the next Fleetwood Mac album I've gonna do is either Heroes Are Hard To Find or Penguin.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Forever Ep - Haim

This is the debut release, by the LA band Haim. It is composed of 3 sisters, Este, Alana, and Danielle. They formed in '06 but released their first release in 2012. Now when I first heard of them, I was like they are kind of cute, why not check them out. Then they got bigger and I finally sat down yesterday to listen to this Ep. Damn! I was like, Fuck! These are sisters, they are all sexy, the youngest is only 4 years older than me, they can make good music, and they seem to have decent personalities. So if there is any group to have a crush on, its Haim. And this shows how much I pay attention, they are backing vocals on the track LVL by A$AP Rocky off his debut album Long.Live.A$AP. Actually, Alana, the one on the far left? reminds me a little of Misty Mundae.
  1. Better Off: The beginning of this song reminds me of The Chapin Sisters. This whole song kind of reminds me of them. Minus the "Fucked Me Up" line. I read that theses guys were compared to Fleetwood Mac. I could kind of see that. And with that in mind, this song reminds me a little of The Chain
  2. Forever: Alana, I think she's the singer, well anyway, remind me of Christie off You Make Loving Fun. Beside the vocals though, this song kind of reminds me of like something I would see if I were to watch MTV in the '80s. This is a very fun song. This song is a song that I could imagine listening to over the summer. The Ep was released in July, but still. This song just feels like I could hold a lot of memories of your youth.
  3. Go Slow: As the title suggests, this song is slower than the others. This song reminds me a little of The Police. They way that this seems kind of reggae, but not Bob Marley. Like a hint of it. This isn't my favorite song, but I think it kind of grows on me. This also kind of seems like a song from Lion King with the atmosphere. Idk
  4. Forever (Dan Lissivik Remix): I don't care for this, but it's a remix. So I don't think very much of it, you know.
Overall I have this give this a 8.5/10. I liked this a lot. It was a first time through and I really liked it. I really think that I am going to follow this band. Not only are they sexy, their music is kind of too. Maybe it's just me, but that's me. I WILL buy that iTunes Festival Ep when I get a chance to. I can't wait :) And lets pray to God for a full length sometime soon.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Wolf - Tyler, The Creator

This is the third album by Tyler, The Creator. It is the last in the trilogy, starting with 2009's Bastard (my favorite), then 2011's Goblin (Good), and now 2013's Wolf (TBA). This album was produced sole by T.C. and I've kind of been curious to see this album. I still plan on buying the CD, but I had to check out the leak. The first song that I heard was Domo23. I'm not huge on the name, but I was surprised that I like this song as much as I do. When I first heard it and saw the video I kind of rolled my eyes. I'll explain more about that later, but this was supposed to come out May, 2012. Well that didn't happen, and a month short of a year it came out. I am also interested in hearing the "Less Violent" lyrics on this. I like those, but I am curious to hear the more "mature" Tyler. Also I am interested in hearing these beats. (FYI, Next Day will be up this week)
  1. Wolf: This is the first track, I'm hoping that it's sick. The reason is because Bastard's best song, maybe, was the first one. This actually kind of made me want to download the leak. I didn't know, or really care enough to download the leak until I heard this song. And you meet Sam.
  2. Jamba: This song has Hodgy on it. This song actually kind of reminds me of French!. You know, that track of Bastard. I don't like this song as much as I like French! but I still kind of like it. I think mayve it will grow on me, but yeah. The beat on this song isn't that pretty, but in a good way. I think it's kind of cool that it doesn't really sound pretty. Like IFHY, you don't need to sound pretty to be good. I love John Zorn and some other ugly sounding things. I don't really care for the inbetween dialouge, "You don't even smoke". I don't know, what ever, he wants to do that. It doesn't ruin anything
  3. Cowboy: This song has an interesting beat to it. It kind of reminds me of the first Wu-Tang album. I can't quite put my finger on what song exactly, but maybe like a mix of Da Mystery of Chessboxin' and Bring The Ruckus, Can It Be So Simple, or maybe even C.R.E.A.M.. I can't pick which one exactly, but at least that gives you an idea. He mentions "That closet that Frankie was in". This song isn't that great. I like the "prelude" into the next song.
  4. Awkward: This song kind of continues the story about Her. I think that that's Sara or Rochelle that's mentioned on the track Bastard. On Bastard there were parts where Tyler seemed like he was venting, and Goblin had it's parts like that, Her, but this song seems kind of honest. The thing about this song is I could feel him, for the fact of being "in love". You know, and I'm still young too. So I kind of think it's kind of a neat angle to look at. I hope that makes sense. It isn't as good as Her though.
  5. Domo23: I like this song. I didn't really at first, but it grew on me. I like that it reminds me of Rella. My one problem with this song, for the most part, is that it's kind of like a sole Rella. It's only Tyler. I liked how there was more than just one rapper on Rella but this only has Tyler. I do like this song a lot though. This defiantly picks up and gives you energy between probably two of the the most meaningful songs. And the horns at the end, UGH! Its beautiful.
  6. Answer: This song is about if he calls his Dad, he hopes that his Dad would answer the phone. It's kind of a sad beat and backing to it. This is kind of a depressing song. This is him "venting" to his Dad over the "phone". This song is a good song. I didn't really think that I'd like it at first, but it grew on me after I actually heard the entire thing. I think it's cool that he handles this song. He seems mad, but he also kind of goes, I just want to hear you so I can say this to you. This is another honest song, and I think it's kind of cool for Tyler to be "straight". With each listen it means a little more to me.
  7. Slater: This song features Frank Ocean on it. I guess "Slater" is what he named his bike, at least for this track. I don't know if that's really the name of it, but who knows with Tyler. I think this song kind of goes back to that "young Tyler". You know, the one that's growing up. Like I mentioned earlier. He talks about a girl on this track. I think it's kind of cool when he doesn't just say "I fucked a couple of models in Europe, and a couple of them swallowed". I think that the beat on this is pretty cool on this song. "My Cruel Summer never ends". I think it's funny that Frank calls him a loser for talking to a bike at the end.
  8. 48: You know, I really don't know what to say about this song. I don't really care much for it. I don't know why, but I kind of just blank whenever I listen to this.
  9. Colossus: You could argue all you want, there is nothing in my mind that will change it. This song is his try at a Stan. Now I never said if it was good or bad or what not, I just said it was his "version". Like Buried Alive is to Avenged as Stairway to Heaven is to Led Zeppelin, and so on. This song is a pretty good song to, but I think that Tyler gets a little carried away. He is getting irritated by taking pictures with fans at six flags who "Haven't even heard Bastard". And he's "Tired of hearing Yonkers". I can understand that, Yonkers was a different part of his career and he is past that, but then he has this obsessive fan who is like Stan. But "More Gay". I mean that you know, whatever. The whole "Cut on my balls". I don't think that anyone really said that.  I think it's cool when he says something about the "First chords of Bastard" and it "Dragged me in". It's funny because thats kind of what got me wanting to check him out more. Maybe Rochelle is the person he talks about one Awkward. That probably doesn't really matter, but just thought I'd bring it up.
  10. PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer: This song features Lætitia Sadier & Frankie Ocean on it. I've never heard of the first person, and I don't think I know who Frank Ocean is either. No but seriously. I didn't know the first person. This song is pretty much on the same wagon as 48. I think it's kind of boring, and it's by far the longest track at 7:19, the second longest is like 5:20. Part of the PartyIsntOver beat reminds me of I Love You by Lil B off his God's Father mixtape. There is this crunch sound on Campfire, I don't know, but it's kind of bugging me. Bimmer is probably my favorite part of this melody. I wish that the songs didn't just stop. Like each track flows into each other, except the melody. WHY!
  11. IFHY: The rapper Pharrell is on this track. I can honestly say that I like this song. I think it like that it's kind of "Ugly". This isn't the beat that's on Her or She. It's kind of a love song, but more of like an obsessive lover. "I Fucking Hate You, But I Love." The intro, keys, remind me of Bad Religion. This song is creepy, it really is, but it's also beautiful. Through the Ugliness is Beauty. {8.7/10}
  12. Pigs: I like the Police Car siren in the background. Since the song is called Pigs. This song reminds me of Bastard, especially Seven. I like how he mentions 99 Problems on this song. This is an Ok song, but I fear it's becoming Goblin. It actually kind of reminds me a little of Pigs Fly. Which I don't know why, but it kind of does.
  13. Parking Lot: This song has Casey Veggies & Mike G. on it. Casey was also on Odd Toddlers off 2009's Bastard. (That's my favorite of the OF releases). During the review of this album, I took a break and started listening to something else to not be "bored". I was glad I did that. This song has this wah sound that reminds me of Rugrats. This beat is sick as fuck. There are piano keys in here. Ugh! It's pretty sick sounding, it actually reminds me of the electronic "flares?" on MGMT's 2010 title track Congratulations. I think Mike does a good job on this, and so does Casey. I also wonder if BBNG helped with this track.
  14. Rusty: I'm glad that I'm finally seeing Domo & Earl. This is a pretty solid track. Domo reminds me of him of, like me being this intrested, Double Cheeseburgers of Radical. The beat reminds me of Da Mystery of Chessboxin'. This song is hard. I can't believe that they are so like on this thing. I think it's awesome. Tyler is angry on this song, and Damn! Earl, you never let me down. At least on your features.
  15. Trashwang: I think that this was supposed to be like Bitch Suck Dick and Window. This song has a bunch of guests, which include Na'kel, Jasper, Lucas, L-Boy, Taco, Left Brain & Lee Spielman. You can also kind of hear L-Boy and Left Brain. I'm not huge on posy tracks. This tracks background reminds me of the first track on The Re-Up from Shady Records.
  16. Treehome95: This song has Coco O. & Erykah Badu. I don't know Coco, but I know of Erykah. I like the beat to this. But I don't think that Erykah really does anything for me on this track. I kind of would rather it be an instrumental than have her sing. Though I do really like the refrain in the song with the duet. But after thinking about it a little more I have learned that this has grown on me, and probably still will.
  17. Tamale: featuring Tallulah. This song is song is sick as FUCK! I can't believe that I love this song so much. I don't understand why this song is so sick, but it kind of just is. I like the Instagram reference. His voice actually kind of reminds me, at the chorus, of Pitbull. I love the Latin beat though. {8.6/10}
  18. Lone: This song is, after hearing it about 10 times, I have to say that this album is an awesome ending to this album. I love how he mentions his Grandma, and talks about him wanting to stop. The strings on this are like elevator music strings. But it's so epic. I don't know why, but I love it so much. I was surprised that I liked this album so much. One thing that bugs me is "Too Soon". How many times does he say that on this album? This song's story is actually pretty sad. Its kind of deep. This is another song that touches me. You know? {8.5/10}
Overall I  have to give this a 9/10. The track listing on this is interesting. When I listened to Goblin I kind of started to get bored at parts, kind of like at Sandwiches it starts to kind of get boring. I do honestly have to say that I did take my time on this, listened to the leak, and wanted to do a good job at it. I think I did a decent job, for my knowledge at the time, on Goblin, so I needed to live up to that, but do better. You know. There are some songs on here though that are awesome. I wish it was a little shorter though. I respect that he did this how he wanted to though. Maybe it'll grow on me with time. This is much better than the last. When you hear the whole album the whole summer camp theme is actually pretty cool. I think Salem is kind of cool to put in the story. And I guess IFHY is about Sam & Salem