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Goblin - Tyler, The Creator

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is a weird situation for me. The first time I ever heard of them was from my younger cousin and I saw Earl and Yonkers. I didn't really think twice about them and any of their stuff. Well I always hear and see people saying Swag. I didn't really get it and just thought that it was something to do with sports. Well what I didn't realize was that these guys popularized it. So I re heard about them via Needledrop on YouTube and I saw him review this album. The thing that attracted me to this was the album cover
  1. Goblin: This is the beginning of the album. I really like the sampled strings on it but the rest of the songs is kind of different. This song isn't really that much of a normal rap I've heard. This is pretty much he's rapping what his problems to his Therapist. I think that the Therapist is a big part of the album, which I feel impartial about. I think its not that amazing of an idea but I do think that it wouldn't be as good if they didn't.
  2. Yonkers: This song is the song that got me into this OFWGKTA. This is the first song that I heard by Tyler. It took me about a good 5 or 6 listens to actually get into the song. After that I heard some other songs and its good. I like how the Therapist voice joins in his rap. One of my favorite lines is "I'm not gay, I just want to boogie with Marvin." I don't know what it is about it but I just love that part where it mentions Hayley Williams  "Crash that fucking airplane that that faggot nigga Bob is in". I just love that 
  3. Radical: the intro skit to this song reminds me of The Marshall Mathers LP or Slim Shady Lp. The song Public Service Announcement. I really like the part where it's like he is talking to you with his more emotional side. I just like the way the organ sample sounds on this and I think that the main "Kill People, Burn Shit, Fuck School" is something that High School kids probably look up at him for saying that. On their Tumblr I saw an acoustic cover of this songs sung by a girl and it was good. I also like the Japanese sounding sample in the ending of the song.
  4. She: This song is also odd. I love how he's rapping about this girl and it says something like she'd rather masturbate that hook up with him. I also find it humorous that he mentions her "touch her self after hours" in a singing R&B style vocals. And on top of that he says that they watch her after she is taking a shower. When I heard the first verse it sounded like he was singing about a dildo or some vibrator. This is just funny. There is no way that they took this song serious. Tyler does say me favorite word at exactly 3:02. That is my favorite word because it is just so funny to hear someone say it. It sounds really bad but it doesn't your know. Its such a simple word... what ever.
  5. Transylvania: This song is ridiculous. The part about this song mentions miss piggy and "I'm Dracula bitch, don't got a problem with slapping a bitch" and later "I Goddamn Love Bitches. Especially when they only suck dick and wash dishes". The reminds me of an attempt at one of Eminem's more over the top songs.
  6. Nightmare: This is one of my favorite songs. The beats on this are different and caught my attention first time through. I like that this song isn't SO cheesy and corny. Key word is SO. This sounds lyrically like he is trying to make his own Sing For The Moment or Loose Yourself or maybe even some songs off Marshall Mathers LP. That's lyrically, not sound or beat or sample wise. This doesn't sound anything like that, but he talks about his mom and his brother and fame. It I don't exactly know how to explain it... just listen to it and have that in mind.
  7. Tron Cat: This song name just reminds me of like a robot baby kitty cat. Like some type of "cute" looking kitty cat. Now I know that that's not what this is about but that's what title reminds me of. The beginning of this song also helped, until he started rapping. I like that this sounds more electronic sounding beats on it. The lyrics just don't like ruin this song at all. I just like how this song sounds like he fell into hell. And it's scary, dark and eerie. The atmosphere kind of reminds me of the video game Doom. I downloaded it for Xbox 360 but it was originally for PC. That is a really fun game to play. I also give him props "Micheal Jackson's trying to suck our dick". I also like how he ends the track with "Hows that girl your were telling me about". 
  8. Her: This song reminds me of, somewhat, myself. In the fact that he is venting his problems about a girl out to someone, in the case of the album the therapist. I often vent my problems out to friends because I am very, often immature. There are parts that I can relate with on this song. Like how he things this is the perfect girl. Which is something everyone wants, no matter what you say. Deep deep down there is a person in everyone and everything. The one part that I don't think I can relate to is that he is basically saying that he is stalking her but beside that I don't have a problem. I think that there were parts where he could have used better words in certain parts, especially the part where it says he "Locking lips on the wall, her hand grabs my dick, My hands grabbing her tits". That could have been way better ways to say that and not. This song reminds me of what I somewhat want, your know except the sexual and fucking her part. And at our age there is nothing as hurtful that the girl your in love with doesn't like you back.
  9. Sandwiches: There is like a chant in the beginning of this song. At first this sounds like he is angry but then it turns into seem like he is jealous about his dad and families with dads. Then Hodgy comes in and they dis music review blogs and websites.
  10. Fish: I don't really like this song, I do like that the flows are flows. There is parts where it doesn't flow as well on Sandwiches in the beginning. The beats on this don't really work together, and by that I mean where its the instrumental fills. "Cuz the fisher man is raping on the loose". This is basically two different songs. The second half of the songs is awesome. I really like it, just the lyrics aren't that genus.
  11. Analog: I liked this song at first, but it has progressively lost its umph on me. The Dawson's creek reference is funny but it fades on me.
  12. Bitch Suck Dick: The beat on this song reminds me of Sexy Sushi. And this also reminds me of Rella which is the song of their new album coming up. The beats also somewhat remind me of No Way Josie! which is an Ep I reviewed an will upload Monday.
  13. Window: This is like the big confrontation and the intervention. But this is lyrically one of the most bizarre interventions. I'm pretty sure its Domo Genesis but he is talking about how he is a stoner. You don't say that at an intervention. You just don't because that defeats the purpose of this. And also Hodgy or Frank doesn't help because "I smoke weed, cuz I go green". So in the end he shoots someone.
  14. AU79: The way this music and beats in this song are I think it would be perfect as an instrumental. # it is. And thats why I like it. Its kind of a break
  15. Golden: This is the melt down. This is the ending an the climax of the stress on the album. This song is good but it is a good way to end the album. This is also when they lock him up in an insane asylum. I like how the Therapist talking to him after he gets drugged has a angle sounding sample behind him.
Over all I think that this album is an 8.2/10. I think that this is either hit or miss. I am willing to listen to this and take in and digest it, but most non hip hop fans won't even rethink about listening to it at all. There are also going to be people who don't want to even think or acknowledge this because they don't like it. There are also hip-hop-seters who don't respect this. This also being 74 minutes is a lot to take down at once, in general. But this has a lot more to take down than some other albums. This sometimes feels like it drags on. The only time I listened to font to back

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