Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm Gay (I'm Happy) - Lil B

I heard bout this guy, along with a lot of other music I'll be reviewing, via Needledrop, which I conveniently tag on the side so you can see all of them. This is a rapper that partially grabbed my attention with the album title. That is a very odd name for a anyone, let alone a rapper, to name their album that. I don't even think gay people would name their album that. I looked up why he did that and he did because he supports the Gay community. But not only that he says he's gay, (the original meaning which means happy), and attracted to women. Now I don't want to get into my views on people's rights. All you need to know is that I am in no way racist or sexist. I've listened to these songs couple times, twice through, before I started to review this on the computer
  1. Trapped In Prison: He talks about, for the most part, how black people have been looked down upon. I like that he mentions third world countries. The thing is that this isn't that much of a taboo subject anymore. I feel that this is a different take on how to spread the message, particularly since he used a jazz/world music feeling sample in the background. Then he begins to talk about money and how he's "livin' 2Pac and Biggie's Vision, Lil B I'm trapped in prison". 
  2. Open Thunder Eternal Slumber: The sample in this song is an upbeat one. The thing that I don't like about this song is he mentions that "smoke a lot of weed to calm my stress". That is not very good, but he is saying that he is doing that as a way to deal with the stress of success. Also another thing I'm getting tired of is rappers saying I don't believe in the lord. Now it's not that it offends me, it has just lost it power with me, and I've only really listened to hip hop/rap for the past 6 months. I like this song because it sounds cool it's just that I don't really think the lyrics are ground breaking.
  3. Game: I was listening to this song on Spotify the first time that I ever heard it. Since I don't have premium there are commercials, and at the end of one of the song I thought that this was a commercial. The beginning of the song has some type of female gospel sounding sample in the background in it. This is probably my favorite song on the album. This is a good beat to it and makes up for the poor things I get from the last two tracks. I feel like the chorus reminds me of Tears by Wu-Tang Clan. Which was based off the sample called After Laughter, Comes Tears by Wendy Rene.
  4. Unchain Me: This is also another good song. I like the beat and the sample of this song. I think that the children singing sounds cool. I am guessing that it was supposed to be more emotional, but it has lost its impact on me. In this song he sings about how money is bad. Now there is other themes in this song but the money thing hits. He also brings up the legendary "The world say I'm bad because my colour". That just really hurts the song and the album for me.
  5. Neva Stop Me: The thing about this is that the album feels like it begins to go down hill from here. That is the feeling I get from this song. Now what I don't get is he says he don't believe in God but mentions Baby Jesus and God in this song. That very much contradicts its self. There is someone talking on the phone, which is supposed to sound like the chorus. I think that it's a pretty cool idea.
  6. Gon Be Okay: He sampled Barack. This song reminds me of a Disney song. Disney Movie songs get on my nerves because they drag on. They also have began to use too much strings on this. It is comparable to Lana Del Rey's sophomore effort Born To Die.
  7. The Wilderness: This has a voice of the telephone is back. Now he mentions history. That gets on my nerves. UGH!!!!!
  8. I Hate Myself: In this song he samples Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. Not the best band in the world. Now I think that this is a cool song. The actual thing that hurts this song isn't the lyrics or rhymes, it's the Goo Goo Dolls sample. He like messed with it a lot to make is sound odd, like he's talking on the phone. This song somewhat regains my interest in the album. The lyrics probably have more power to them, but they just don't really hit me. And I kind of wish it was more powerful for me because there are times where I feel like I hate myself.
  9. Get It While Its Good: This is an example of what I don't like and how it gets on my nerves. Another thing is that his rhymes aren't even always on beat.
  10. I Seen That Light:  This song isn't that bad. It is upbeat and his rhymes are on beat. The last one was just boring. but this eventually gets into the factor of the boring category.
  11. My Last Chance: Ironic, This song is pretty boring too. He makes it seem like he wants to show everyone that he is like everyone, even though his success has hit him he's still down to earth. I honestly don't care if a rapper is down to earth in his raps. I think its cool if he is, just don't say you are, because that shows your not. I'd rather listen to a someone rapping about golden showers after S&M with other shemales. Fucked up, but I'd rather negative and angry that happy and meaningful. Now I think it's cool if someone has upbeat songs but I would prefer him singing about "Niggaz" and "Weed" or "Rape" than "Health Care" and "Making History" because of Obama.
  12. 1 Time Remix: This isn't that strong of an ending. This album has drained my desire to re listen to it. This is my second time listening to it front to back and it hurts.
Over all I think this album gets a 3/10. This has to be the "Gayest" rap album I've ever heard. By that I mean the most upbeat and happy. The upbeatness of the whole might have had something to do with the downfall for me. The thing is that I think it's messages get on my nerves too much after hearing it to much. I feel that he is not only stating his views but being die hard pusher. It gets to the point where this album begins to bore me. the feeling of 'there isn't anything for me to look forward to on this album'. I really respect that he did this and someone else might like it more than I did and the messages might hit some harder, but I'm sticking with my rating. I don't think I'm gonna plan on revisiting this album again, or maybe even Lil B in general.

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