Monday, March 26, 2012

Through The Rough - Merriment

This is the debut Ep by the band formed by Christie DuPree and her brother Colin. They are the siblings of the Elsley band members. The first releases was credited to Christie DuPree. I haven't really given her a chance. So why not do this now and review it today. I hope it's good because my favorite song off the Eisley Christmas Ep thing was her cover of Oh Come Emanuel. I recently saw these guys, along with Eisley on July 10th, 2012. They were way better live than on the Ep. So I'm re updating the albums review.
  1. I Give Up: This is the first song that I heard of the Ep and I didin't like it. I gave it a couple tries and spread them apart, but I can't get into this song. And it only gets harder from here on out.
  2. Blessed Soul: This song sounds like Stacey singing someone who can't really write music's song. There is also a country feel to it, and it isn't fun.
  3. Through the Rough: This song kept up that overall boring vibe I get from this Ep. It isn't a fun listen.
  4. Rewind: I am completely serious, I fell asleep to this song. That's how good I thought it was.
  5. Sunday Morning: This song went over my head. I just didn't like it, I couldn't pay attention
Over all I unfortunately give this a 3.5/10. I wasn't interested in this and probably will be timid to check out anything Christie does like this again. After relistening to this, and having their live performance I hav to give this a 6/10. When you see them live you gain a new appreciation for them. Not a live video, a live performance.

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