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Requiem - The Confession

This is a band called The Confession from California. I found out about these guys from the Avenged Sevenfold radio station. The first time I saw them pop up I thought they sounded cool, and I really like some of their songs, the was like a year ago in Mayish. But I found out M. Shadows produced this album. How sick is that, and you can tell too. There are sound that I can see him having something to do with. But This album has done nothing but grow on me. Because of that fact, I am over joyed to listen and review this album and it's songs and inform you of, in my opinion, one of the best albums of the 21st Century so far.
  1. Burn The Virgin: This song starts out on a very strong start. This song has this overall power behind it. I could picture a guy using unclean vocals to it. It really is a more original take on music I know. I mean, it's been done, but this seems a lot different. I actually enjoy this. This song has a hard rock type of feel and it could go into this post-hardcore style, but instead of using screams the singer sticks out using cleans. He is an awesome singer to. This is a really good way to start off an album, and sets the tone well for the rest of this. The chorus is pretty, while the rest of the song is pretty bad ass. The solo legitimately reminds me of Avenged Sevenfold's song Tension off the 2008 release Live In The LBC/Diamonds in the Rough. I love this song so much and it is one of my favorite songs I can say I've heard. This song is defiantly one of their best {10/10}
  2. Through These Eyes: This is the first song that I heard off this album. I think that this song is really cool, the bass on this album is a little hidden but you can feel it. There is some "unclean" vocals, but it sounds more like he is yelling. This song is more Bad Ass in the fact that it is more of a post-hardcore style song. I still like this song a lot, not as much as Burn The Virgin. I could see a band like Escape the Fate playing a song like this. This vocals are more raspy on this track. And the song is a little heavier, and the guitar riff is more of a post-hardcore riff. The solo reminds me a little bit Bat Country, but that's just one part of the song. This song is sick {9.5/10}
  3. Dance With The Devil: This song reminds me of Girl I Know. That song is also on Avenged's Diamond in the Rough bonus CD that came with the purchase of Live In The LBC. The lyrical content also kind of reminds me of the song, and the whole vibe of the song. This song isn't the best on the album, but it is still good. The solo in this song has this more of a simple version of a Neo-Classical/Yngwie style solo. It's nowhere as fast or cool as Malmsteen but it just has a taste of it in there. The outro to this song also kind of reminds me of A7X's style that was on 2005's City of Evil album
  4. Time is Gone: This starts out with strings and this whole orchestral, movie soundtrack feel. Then after that a sick riff comes in. I don't know if that was a sample or if it were actually recorded for the album but it is cool. during the pre-chorus of the song it sounds like a timpani, army march drum roll in the back, and an acoustic guitar that makes it pretty. The fill between the solo of this song has this sweep that is ended by a heavy down strum. The chorus is sick. I forgot about this song and it is one of my favorites now. This song like shifts genre's and it's hard to tell. I think that this is that way because they wanted to change it up, or maybe Matt had something to do with it. I don't think that this song changes to the extremes of John Zorn or Mr. Bungle (Which is my 3rd favorite band of all time, behind The Beatles, then followed by Avenged).
  5. Jealousy: This is a track where he actually uses unclean vocals. The singing on this track is pretty cool. This song is a return to that post-hardcore feel of Through Theses Eyes. This song is so sick, like I could see a possible mosh to it. I think that the instrumentation is heavy and the singing on the song portrays emotions. The song ends with this arpeggios guitar on an acoustic guitar that flows into the next song. This song is still one of my favorites on the album and probably will stay that way.
  6. The End Is Near: This song starts out with this far away arpeggios on guitar that sound like, production wise, something I heard on Yngwie's 1984 solo debut Rising Force. This song then goes into a sick riff and vocals. The way the chorus is sung reminds me of an "emotion" part of a song off This War Is Ours. Towards the end there is a part that kind of reminds me of  a Disturbed song because it has this drum roll and this heavy guitar. The song flows well from that Disturbed part into the rock of this song. And then goes into this acoustic ballad for no more than 20seconds. And flows oh so well into the next part of the song. The song then goes back to normal and ends with an acoustic guitar chords. {10/10}
  7. Dead Man Walking: This song is good, it's not the strongest on the album, at some parts for me, but it still is good. This song also gives this Escape the Fate feel to it. It has a fricken cowbell in the chorus. The song then goes into this heavy post-hardcore thingy. The vocals on this song are really cool and neat. After the 2nd chorus, the breakdown has these medium paced scale sounding guitar part and the vocals that come in make it worth re listening to that one little part. During the solo I was just waiting for an emotional breakdown because of the And All Things Will End vibe I got form the guitar. This song doesn't end with a meltdown, but instead with feedback. {9/10}
  8. Requiem: This song starts out with an acoustic a guitar accompanied with strings. When the strings end the vocals come in and he sings playing acoustic guitar chords. I picture him sitting in a chair in the studio singing and just playing the chords. The chorus brings the other instruments and it is pretty emotional vibe. The vibe of this feels like it is a requiem for a friend or family member or lover who has passed away. The solo in this song is on piano and in this mixed in with strings that build up the song and make it lead into to the next chorus. This song reminds me of a better version, and more heart felt version of Harder Than You Know.
  9. Rise And Fall: This song begins like a classic heavy ass marching 80's Metallica feel. There are bells in the song and though there are little guitar fills in parts it kind reminds me of Symphony X's new albums title track Iconoclast mixed with For Whom The Bell Tolls. But there is that victorious feel that I get from this song, on that is epic and is often on song by Symphony X. The riff comes in and is a total fucking Symphony riff. The verses remind me of Set The World On Fire (Lie of Lies) and some Avenged Sevenfold mid 2000's album. This song also kind of gives me this epic feel of Wicked End. There is a bass that builds in this song to the solo. And this is a less technical and not as fast solo of one of the epics off City of Evil. This is probably the most epic song on the album. The songs ends with that same type of beginning feel it had before and fades out. It's a shame that it's only 5:47. This gets a huge ass fukings {10/10}
  10. No Angel: This song picks up and kind of reminds me of Burn The Virgin a little. I think that if that was intentional it is good to wrap the album the way you started. Right before the pre-chorus there is a voice that sounds like the evil voice on City of Evil. This song also has this, "Congratulations, You Did It. You Are Victorious and you are coming home." but with that I also get this feel of "It was such a good journey that I'm setting of to start it over and relive the joy it's brought). The solo on this song is one like most any other on this album. But this song has this overall feel of victory. It is an amazing way to end this album.This also reminds me of the often Escape the Fate sounds i compare them to. But also the hard rock feel to. At about 4:15 this song goes into this thing that would be a perfect outro but it then picked up and the song goes into this overall victorious feeling is re instilled. The ending is just.... wordless {10/10}
Over all this album gets a 9.7/10. There is no doubt in my mind that this album deserves this. I can't understand why these guys would have broken up. They fucking rock, and they are better than 90% of any Alternative/Post-Hardcore band I know. In fact they shit on Epitaph records, (excluding Escape The Fate when they were still singed to Epitaph, and Falling In Reverse). I didn't really mention this but all the songs have the production feel that reminds me of Avenged Sevenfold's 2007 self titled album, with a little bit of City of Evil. I can tell there is a bunch of influences on this album and that is good. I think that these guys started strong and ended strong. Add this to my list of CD's I Want

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