Monday, March 12, 2012

The King of Limbs - Radiohead

This is the newest studio release by alternative band Radiohead. There is no way that you haven't heard of theses guys. This is a band that formed in the late 80's and first album, Pablo Honey, was released in 1993. I really have never had that driving force to listen to any of Radiohead's music. I'm not exaggerating, I have legitimately just been to lazy to listen to them. You always hear about The Bends as being one of the best or important albums of all time. Well I listened to it and I liked it, not enough to want to listen to every other album by them, but I thought it was good. Well I know that I heard this wasn't the album to listen to to get into Radiohead, but this wasn't half bad.
  1. Bloom: This song starts out with a type of noise collage style.The first part of the song is piano, then comes the drums that get looped. After that comes in the bass and guitar and other keys. After everything pretty much establishes it's self Tom comes in singing and sounding like he's trippin'. This is a psychedelic feel to it. While I listen to this I picture flowers and weird like 60's acid colours, you know the ones you see in the movies. The song only gets that much more trippie, because after the 1st verse comes strings and ambient voices. There is also a sound of strings in there right before the verse comes in where it sounds like something I have heard briefly in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Though this song is very trippy and there is just an over all odd feel to it... that actually what attracts me to it. At the end there is the main instruments while the atmosphere of the trip fade.
  2. Morning Mr Magpie: This song sounds like it picks up from the last not of the last song. This song also has loops on it but it is more traditional sounds to it. All the instruments are clear and you can hear them. This song has a part where the keys come back and it gets trippy again, but fades away. The song stopped for about a split second and then started up in some type of beat that reminds me of Middle Eastern/Indian music.The song goes back to it's normal original instrumentation but has more heavy keys in it, and it sounds like the keys are shrieking. After the song ends there is what sounds like a vacuum and spring sounds. It made me think of spring cleaning my house for Easter.
  3. Little By Little: This song is has less psyched vocals. But during the chorus if you listen in closely you can hear what reminds me of the backwards guitar on I'm Only Sleeping by my favorite band ever The Beatles. That is also one of my favorite songs off Revolver and possibly one of my top songs in general. This song still has that Indian vibe going through it which is heard through the drums and the guitar distortion. This song also kind of reminds me of Within You, Without You the raga influenced song written by George Harrison which is on the legend Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. There is just an over all psychedelic feel to this song and first "side" of the album.
  4. Feral: This song starts out with an awesome drum beat going while the vocals and everything else sound either trippie or sampled. There is a part in the beginning of the song where the bass has a little riff, that kind of reminds me of Frank Zappa's instrumental Rubber Shirts which is off 1979's Sheik Yerbouti (One of my favorite albums EVER). This song also reminds me of (I'll add it when I figure it out) because of the drums. The song ends with a feed back and the drums fade, but the feedback it still prevalent..
  5. Lotus Flower: This song kind of is like part two of Feral. The guitar in this sound like a phone ringing. And the keys sound like that to. There is also, I feel, bizarre hand claps during the verses. There is a chorus, I think, but that part sounds super cool, I love how it sounds like pretty. In this song there is something, a word I use a lot, that makes it hard not to like this song. At the end of this sound it sounds like someone using chalk.
  6. Codex: Someones voice comes in and is cut off before he can say a word, by this piano and sounds that sound like they are in a ship. There is a sound that reminds me of whales and I kind of picture this being played underwater. Like the ship has sunk and they are playing, while they wait to die. And the vocals are like the vocals of someone who lived and is contemplation about those on the ship who died. Tom's voice is accompanied by what sound like horns. This is actually a very pretty sound. The drum beat in this song remind me of a heartbeat. Then income the string that actually sound very good. They help me in vision this ship underwater. At the end of the songs it sound like a radio but is transformed into the spring sounds, without the vacuum, that were on the album earlier.
  7. Give Up The Ghost: Those spring sounds are in the beginning of this song, which sounds like it is being played in the jungle. But is being sung by Neil Young. This song is a very mellow song. It actually reminds me of The Bends, but better quality and easier to listen to. By that I mean that it is very low-fi on The Bends. This album has much better sound quality and there is much more open space. I really don't know what else to say about this song. At the end there is a part where it sounds like wings flapping and fluttering.
  8. Separator: This starts out with this feel of a 70's funk drum beat. Kind of comparable to, very very lightly (like ridiculously lightly), of Dinah-Moe Humm off Over-Nite Sensation album of Frankie Z's. That doesn't last very long, since his vocals take that away from the song, but it is still good. This song song also gives me this feeling of childhood? The way this song ends really makes me what to listen to this album again.
Over all this album was a surprising 8.5/10. I liked it more than I though. The loops weren't that bad and the songs weren't that bad either. And they didn't really seem to get boring to me at all. There is an avant-garde tape loop feel I get from this album. This album has some very good comparisons I think, especially through my eyes. I know that Radiohead doesn't really have two albums that sound the exact same but I kind of hope they expand on this sound. There is something about this that makes me feel The King Of Limbs is an appropriate name for the album. Ha, you can start the phrase "Do The King of Limbs, Not Drugs". I think I'm gonna make a shirt that says that. I know that I'm getting this on CD, if possible. The original rating was 7.5/10 but was changed 06/09/15.

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