Friday, March 23, 2012

Threads - Now, Now

This is the first full album I am going to listen to by a band called Now, Now. I know that they were originally Now, Now Every Children. I found out about these guys via Eisley radio station. They are a indie band, and I kinda am excited to listen to this album. I found out about this album because of some link that led me to the Rolling Stone Magazine website where they had a stream of School Days. I thought that that was pretty cool so I wanted to check it out. I know it might not be amazing, but I don't know. I really do hope  it does good.
  1. The Pull: This is more of an ambient beginning to the album. It is kind of like Prelude to Joanie on Aerosmith's 1982 album Rock In A Hard Place (that's the only album without Joe Perry performing on it) but instead of in the middle of the album, like the beginning. This song is not that crazy bizarre, I know, none of the top of my head, albums where they do that.
  2. Prehistoric: This song did, in no way, grab my attention. It kind of sucked. I was hoping for a better "first song", because of the prelude.
  3. Lucie, Too: This song didn't catch my attention either. It also kind of sucked. I don't like it and it isn't good. I still think that others might like this more than I, but I do not.
  4. Dead Oaks: This is a cool sounding song. It is a little different in the fact that I wanted to listen to the rest of the album after this song. Before this song the album was bland. And this helped it get a little better.
  5. Oh. Hi.: This song reminds me of one of Eisley's heavier songs. It sounds like it would be on the Deep Space Ep, that is in dire need of me re-reviewing it. This also kind of reminds me of Coldplay. Like the instrumentation of the song. I like this song. I don't love it, but so far that has been my favorite track on the album. No other ones has really grown on me, or caught my attention.Towards the end of the song there is a xylophone sounding solo in the song, kind of, but it reminds me super of Mylo Xyloto album by Coldplay
  6. But I Do: This song reminds me of The Honey Trees. From the one Ep I've heard from those guys, The Honey Trees, I think that they are ok. I don't think that they are gods gift to indie pop, but what ever. This song sounds like it would most definitely be on Deep Space.
  7. Separate Rooms: The beginning of this song reminds me of The Honey Trees/Coldplay/Eisley. The thing is that it isn't very good. Like it is more of a boring version of some Honey Tree song. I am not really enjoying this album so far. Not so much the fact that its a lot to take, just it's not good
  8. Thread: This song sounds like it would be a college rock song. Like it is from New York. And I've come to learn that that it's very good for the most part. I don't really enjoy this type of music, the New York indie bands, with some very few occasions.
  9. Wolf: This song doesn't pay homage to Tyler, The Creator in anyway... at all. See I made a funny. This is the first song were they used synthesizers. This song started out, not so bad. This song reminds me of a more indie version of Paramore. Their songs that are softer like When it Rains. But in the middle of the songs they begin like spelling out sounds and the word sleep. Those vocals sound like very tight. Down side to this is it reminds me of '80s music, but the music from the '80 I can't really stand.
  10. School Friends: This was the first song off this album that I heard. I heard it back when it was first put up on Rolling Stone website. This song, I feel could be so much more emotional and meaningful to me, but it's not. There is so much that goes into a song that makes it mean something to someone. It could be related to emotions or memories you've had from the past. That doesn't hit me, the way I wanted it to. I actually remember liking it more when I first heard it on Rolling Stone.
  11. Colony: This song has this country bluegrass feel to it. It is actually, not very good. I don't like this, it is bad country. This album has gotten so dry for me. I really don't want to revisit it. The drums are kind of cool thought, I'll give them that. This reminds me of a crappy attempt at trying to remake Eisley's album Combinations
  12. Magnet: The song starts out dry. It kinda almost puts me to sleep. And the drums come in they are buried but they still kind of sound ok. In the middle there is a solo where the guitar playing arpeggios is buried in the background. This song then goes into a build up. This song isn't terrible, just could be so much more {5/10}
Overall I give this a 4/10. I think that this reminded me a little too much of Eisley's new Ep Deep Space. It is too familar to me to actually enjoy this. I think if you love indie pop music you might like this album. But I just don't. This did have ups though. It kind of reminded me of Eisley, The Honey Trees, and Coldplay. All good bands, just this isn't. I don't feel it lived up to that sound. Another thing about it is too much like '80 College Rock, or what ever you call it. 

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