Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Deep Space Ep - Eisley

This is the new Ep by Eisley. I couldn't wait to listen to it. I was curious to how it would sound because they said these songs were more like their earlier stuff. Since there are some songs on their earlier stuff I felt like it might be either good or be bad. I pre ordered the bundle on this last saturday and it said it was going to ship out the 7th. Well I got it on the 8th and I also got the other Cd I ordered Marvelous Things Ep.
  1. Lights Out: This kind of reminds me of Room Noises but also A Sight To Behold. The chorus especially. The lyrics sound like something they would of written way back in about '03 maybe '04. This could almost be a lullaby, but it's to "heavy" to be one.
  2. Laugh It Off: This sounds like it would be on one of their earlier Eps. I like this song and it reminds me of an old school Stacy song.
  3. Deep Space: This song gives me a Many Funerals vibe. The chorus riff and I was surprised that the bass was so prevalent, or if that was the guitar then it sounded pretty sick. The crunch, this is the best song but it's still good.
  4. 192 Days: The garage band demo of this song was released off Fire Kites Ep back in 2009. This is a good song. When I heard the preview it was terrible, but actually listening to the Ep, physical copy, was awesome. This version is more professionally and 
  5. One Last Song: This is my favorite song off the Ep. I feel this song makes it worth buying the Ep. It is so perfect and makes me tear up, so to say. I was "sick" yesterday and slept over 12 hours and when I woke up at about 11pm I layed in bed and listened to this and I Could Be There For You and Mr. Moon, Ambulance. I think One Last Song goes into an Eisley Love Songs and Ballads compilation/mixtape. Perfect for Valentines Day.
This Ep is good like a 8/10, and the T-Shirt Bundle I got with this is sick, which I got a week early. The only bad thing is that it is mixed weird. By weird I mean that it's quality is too good to be like that. One thing I don't like is when someone tries to go back to their roots but uses better sounding equipment to make it sound better. Part of trying to sound more like you used to is the production value/mixing. I like this song but that's my one complaint. And also I feel parts were over produced. Like U2. But as I said Earlier this is a perfect gift to that someone on Valentines Day.

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