Wednesday, February 29, 2012

These Animals Extended Play

These Animals are a band that I found out via FrostClick. These guys are a New York Indie Pop Quartet. I've heard this Ep a couple of times. I think that the album cover to this is something different. When I first saw it I though it was some type of African Song things. Well it turned out that I was wrong. Now here is the review before I get to descriptive. The thing is that these guys have this ep up for free on and also on their website. This is worth downloading and I'll tell you why, or not.....
  1. Side By Side: This is the first song I heard by these guys. The first time I heard I couldn't get it out of my head. The intro drum roll sounds awesome, along with the intro riff. Which is followed by the vocals and a bass riff. The chorus is what somewhat reminds me of MGMT. The song isn't very complex, but it is that style. The post-chorus piano fill sounds pretty cool. Just wish it was a couple seconds longer. This is definitely my favorite song off the extended play.
  2. Miles...: This is the second track. I don't really know how I feel with this. The first time I heard this I really liked it. I still think the Christmas feel they give this song is cool, and the harmony vocals in the chorus, its just that... it gets old. There is a cool sounding guitar solo and sleigh bells ringing through the whole track
  3. Pocket: This is another song that for me was good at first. Then It just got boring. The beginning of this song reminds me of All The Young Dudes by Mott The Hoople. This song also reminds me of Christmas at the chorus with the sleigh bells or the tambourine. This is a very pop song, almost too pop.
  4. A Word At Sea: The intro arpeggios sound cool. They are reverbed or something, there is a different singer on the track. His vocals remind me of a distant cousin, vocals wise, or Roger Waters. But then the normal singer sings the pre-chorus and chorus. There is a type of solo in there
  5. Ebb And Flow: The intro of this song reminds me of Paramore but it is soon over after the singer comes in to the picture. During the chorus there is a heavier drum build up that ultimantly dies. The lead guitar has a riff, but it just doesn't do it for me.
  6. Four To The Floor: This is the longest track. Why do you do this to me. Oh wait.... the drums and the intro to this song are way different than the rest of the album? They incorporated more non-Christmas sounding songs. With a cool bass riff and a solid drums. And there are hand claps, with a cool riff in between the verses. This track has potential but for me it doesn't quite reach that level.
Over all I give this a 7.9/10, at first, but after revisiting this I'll give it a 5/10. I like this a lot, but it eventually gets boring. I like that it's only 25 minutes because if it was a full length album then it would be hard to listen to more than once through. I think it is for anyone who likes a more pop version of MGMT and mainstream. This also gave me an overall feeling of Chrismas songs. I honestly dislike Christmas music because how many times have you heard Jingle Bells. But this is an Ep that didn't last me that long, it might last you longer. PS they have another album called Souvenir Sessions, which I'll review... eventually.

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