Thursday, February 23, 2012

House of Balloons - The Weeknd

This album is crazy. I first listened to the whole entire thing through, except track 7-9 last night while I was laying in bed. This morning I was playing those songs while I was getting dressed for school. I was going to listen to it front to back while I walked home but my mom picked me up and I was mad. That completely defeated the purpose of that. But this is my review for it. I hope you listen to it and or like my review.
  1. High For This: I don't usually like this type of music but there is something about this. His voice is very pretty. I think that the sample in this song adds to it. The backing drum machine or sample makes it seem like its his heartbeat . At about 2:30 he begins to go into like a bridge, so to say, and It is my favorite part of the entire song. This is my favorite song on the album and I love this song
  2. What You Need: The way this song is set up is something I could picture Marvin Gaye having made this song. The vocals somewhat remind me of a higher pitched Marvin. I love that this song has a head bop beat to it. This is defiantly a really good song. The lyrics are a little more as
  3. House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls: This song is another good one.  the second part of this song has a type of dub step backing to it. That still is awesome but the flow between the transition between the two is pretty cool. Lyrically as part of the second part of the songs makes me think that he is at a party and they are all doing substances.
  4. The Morning: There is a pretty, what seems to be, guitar solo in the beginning. It sounds like something that would be in a song like this. This song makes me feel like you would get laid to this song. And the lyrics mention money and like in the morning after a big party. This for some reason has a feel of one that relaxes. It almost makes me fall asleep, in a good way. The melody and beat are that chill that it sets that feel of this song. This is another song that would get you laid if you were having a baby.
  5. Wicked Games: I like the beginning of this song. It has a guitar part, but everything stops. And then the entire song. This song talks about strippers/prostitutes and drugs. The feel of this song is so sweet. I want this to be like a song to play for your girl but when it comes to lines like the chorus, its hard for it to still be a love song. This entire song though is mind blowing. I love this song so much I don't know how to explain it. After hearing this song, I have grown to love it even more. This song is amazing, and better than any other song on the album. When I make that first baby this will be the song that will be playing, on a loop if needed.
  6. The Party & The After Party: Lots of the songs sound the same to an extent. But they don't after you listen to the album more than twice. The more you listen to them you learn that. This song is the one where I originally began ''doubting'' that this would be an amazing album. I love how in this song  there is an inhale sound instead of actually saying that they do the drugs, That just emplies it. And also what's with the organ type sounding instrument through the first part of this song. At about 3:20 everything except the vocals and guitar are silent for about 20 seconds. This song has a certain atmosphere to it, along with the rest of the songs. This song is very good to. I kind of think the part at around 5:15 where he says you weird makes me laugh. The ending of the song has a train sound or something that segues into the next track.
  7. Coming Down: This is the track where he like talks about how money is gonna change him or vice versa. The thing that sucked about this song it that it took me 3 listens to figure out what to say about this song. This song continues the flow of the smooth and sweet, just like before. I think this song could be a MTV music video for this.
  8. Loft Music: This song's samples are a lot different that the rest of the album. His voices are a lot more blunt and you hear it more that before. This song is like what seems to be the climax of this partying that has been going on throughout this whole entire album. That sounds weird for me to say but that's what I picture in my head. I like how this song has a looped sounding ending to it.
  9. The Knowing: This song makes me feel like this is a new beginning to the album. or the new beginning to the sunny day. This is obviously supposed to be like a morning after type track. I really think that this is a good ending to the mix tape. I feel like it is bitter sweet in that fact that it isn't really sweet but it somewhat feels it. There is like a backing vocals that make this feel like it is the end. And the way this track ends with a fade of a sound makes it sound pretty cool and gives it a done effect.
Overall I give this an 9/10. I liked this a lot and it only was more and more as I listened to it. The lyrics to this album are very dirty and he swears constantly. I think that kind of adds to the songs, in a way. It's very odd to think that he could swear so much and make that sound romantic. This album has parts that remind me of Michael Jackson and also Marvin Gaye. I can't stand the Man in the Mirror but Marvin is someone who I can handle. I changed it to a 10/10 on March 6th, 2012. The original rating was 9.5. I changed the score in 2015 to a 9. That's proably what I"m feeling now. The extra names over there in the link thing are people who contributed to production Doc McKinney, Illangelo, ZodiacCirkut.

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