Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hunt Club Lp - Hunt Club

This is a band a group that I found out about via FrostClick. These guys seem to me like they would be folk or alternative rock or possibly even Indie. I don't know yet but based on the album cover that's what I get out of this. I think that this might be an intresting listen.
  1. Knife Fight: The song starts out with an accordian, after the accordian intro a guitar comes in with the rest of the instruments. The verses are bass and drum driven. This sounds like this is an irish band. Unfortunatly I can't stand Irish music. The even sadder part is I'm pretty irish The ending of the song reminded me of System of a Down.
  2. Mister Blue: This song kind of reminds me of Green Day rebellion, Irish pride, Lincoln Park. All music that i strongly dislike. This also sounds like it has a touch of Dropkick Murphys.
  3. Drowning Man: This song starts out and it kind of reminds me of something that I would hear from like a thrash band. Well, at least an atempt. This sounds like they are trying to make this sound evil, but it's not doing it for me. This actually reminds me of a cheezy atempt to make a songs like Black Ssabbath's self titled song. This song kind of picks up, there is a part where it gets kind of cool sounding. I think that the vocals hurt this song, but then Punk vocals come in and it's actually pretty decent. And the song ends with a very cool guitar sounding riff. Kind of, at least the same idea as, Avenged Sevenfold on their song Turn the Other Way how the riff ends out with the song off the 2001 debut Sounding the Seventh Trumpets.
  4. Punch Line: After hearing that last song, I realized that to enjoy this, you can't take it too seriously. This song is kind of cool, but its also kind of silly. This almost reminds me of My Name is Mud by Primus.
  5. Spike: This is like a really cool continuation of the last song. I think that this LP has gotten better since I've waited to listen to it. This is a punk song, but it kicks butt. Seriously, I'm digging this song. There is a part when the song slows down and there are like Gregorian chants, sick.
  6. Cappuccino: The intro sounds like a mix of Led Zeppelin/Whipping Post, that song by The Allman Brothers. I don't think the beginning of this song is as cool as the last one, but I still like it. There is a "scary/tripy" guitar sound and it is accompanied by other instruments. This song seriously could be a Pinkly Smooth/Ballistico song. There is this beautiful piano sounding part in this song that  brings a tear to my eye. It has this oprea voice that sings along with it and that is pretty much what ends the album, until this feedback comes in and pretty much engulfs everything else.
Overall after relistening to the first two tracks and then hearing the whole thing, I give this a 7/10. I can't wait to review the Live one they did. I feel like this is a mix of Southern/Punk/Primus so to say. I don't know, just give the whole thing a listen or two. The guys voice kind of reminds me a little of Ben from Ballistico. I don't know why, but only at certain parts.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dying Is Your Latest Fashion - Escape the Fate

This is the debut album, not release because their first release was There's No Sympathy For The Dead Ep, and defiantly one of my favorite albums of 2000's and probably ever. I heard this album after my cousin was talking about them and showed me this movie of them on their 2008 tour. That DVD came with their deluxe edition of This War Is Ours (which I'll review). But actually he showed me This War Is Ours the song probably, now, two years ago. I thought it was cool with the guitar solo and that it was about Halo, we are big Halo players in my family. Well I hadn't heard anything about them after that halo song, until obviously summer going into sophomore year. This album has become on of my favorite album to date.
  1. The Webs We Weave: This is the first song on the album. This song is a good opener to an album. The riff on this song is pretty cool. I really like the harmony vocals on this album, and they have a type of echo. The brief guitar solo in this song after the chorus. That little diddy is awesome. I a don't know if it is better that it is short of if it would be better if it was longer. The drums on this song, along with album are also solid. I don't think it good that it sounds like he is going back in forth between screaming vocals. None the less this song is pretty damn catchy. There is another guitar diddy towards the end of the song. I think that sounds good and really like this song.
  2. When I Go Out, I Want to Go Out On a Chariot of Fire: This song is a favorite of mine. And by favorite I mean I love this song. This whole entire song is catchy and is hard to get out of your head. Along with the other songs on this album, the chorus is super catchy. This has a classic Escape the Fate guitar thingy in it. This song is a really catchy song and stays catchy. Its hard to get out of your head
  3. Situations: How could you not love when people pay homage to Van Halen's music video Hot For Teacher. This song was the, technically, 2nd song I remember hearing by ETF. This song wasn't one of my favorite songs that I ever heard by them the first time I ever heard this song. But the more I heard it it got better. This is a classic Ronnie song that he did with Escape the Fate. The whole catchiness and feeling of it. The ending like sweeping solo is sick as hell. It's awesome, and I lovethe crap out of that part. The song got better with each listen. The breakdown reminded me of that new Figure it Out by Serj from System.
  4. The Guillotine: This was one of the coolest songs I'd ever heard. They screamed on it, they were basically BA as possible on this. The guitar and the bass and the drums had so much power. This song was about Halo. What could be wrong with this song. The answer is the ending. I feel it drags, but that is such a little problem it is a joke. I love this song and it is one of the best of the decade all together. I love this so much. There is something about the fact that they have this song as like a trilogy makes it that much more intresting.The guitar part at right before the chorus is awesome, I wish I knew how they did that.
  5. Reverse this Curse: This is another classic Ronnie song. I hate to say that, because it doesn't really make any sense, but it does......? The best part of this song is the very ending. I love the way the vocals sound, and that they use a bell in it.
  6. Cellar Door: This song is probably one of my least favorite. I don't know why, but it just is. The vibe that I get from this song kind isn't very fun. I feel like this sounds like music that I don't really like. This sounds like a song that would be on Epitaph Records. I don't have a problem with the label, but most of the artists songs all sound the same to me. But I feel like this could have been played by any one of them.
  7. There's No Sympathy for the Dead: This is the self titled song off their debut Ep. It came out earlier that year in 2006. This song is really cool. This song is a songs that I like to sing to. I think that this is a fun song, with unclean vocals. The original My Mic Swings Low or something like that is sick. I am also in love with the chorus and pre-chorus in this song. The way they did the clean vocals on this song are cool sounding. But specifically that part "We See The Stars Falling From The Sky." that part, just makes me want to sing along. Then it got and awesome solo in it. Probably one of my favs on the album. Then after the chorus is just as cool as the solo. This is defiantly one of their best written songs. Then the strings sounds at the end, eargasm.
  8. My Apocalypse: This riff has the same sound that the part in Guillotine has. There is a part where he is talking on, what sounds like a radio, and it's really... sick. I think that this song reminds me of fall, probably because I got into them during the Fall. The acoustic guitar part sounds sick as fuck, then the unclean vocals come in. 
  9. Friends And Alibis: This is one of my favorite songs by this band. I think that the chorus of this song is so fricking hard to get out of my heard. I love it and the song is also good. This is kind of like the Somebody I Used to Know by Gotye for me. The first thing that attracted me to the two songs were the chorus, then the rest came after being obsessed with the chorus. The beginning of the song with the drums is a sick beginning for the album. The song is just, I don't think that I can explain it unless you hear it. I think that this has this pretty feeling to it. Then toward the ending where it goes down and just builds a little, that sounds cool.
  10. Not Good Enough for Truth In Cliche: There are times that I feel that this song is kind of boring. This is a song though I could people liking. I don't know what it is about this song, but this isn't a song that I'm in love with. 
  11. The Day I Left The Womb: I really like this song. I feel like the song The Westerner, off the Falling In Reverse debut album, was supposed to be like this one. Beside the fact that The Westerner is about 100 times better. You can look at at this as the "demo" version of The Westerner. This isn't nearly as good, but it's like the baby that grows into The Westerner.
Over all I am honored to give this a 9.5/10. I like reviewing albums that I love. This is a really good example of an album that is good. I honestly think everyone should listen to it before they die. The songs on that all realtily have the same structure and there is not a huge variation on the tracks. I still love this thing, and it beats their self titled album shitless. I am werry of what their next one will sound like. Because what I have gotten out of their planned sound is it was supposed to be the album inbetween This War Is Ours and Escape the Fate. They never said that, but from what they said that how I interpreted it. Each time this gets better than the last.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Let It Be - The Beatles

This is long past due but here it is. This is the 12th and final studio album by the legendary, and my favorite band, The Beatles. This was recorded from January-February 1969, with the exception of Phil "Shithead" Spector's overdubs. His overdubs took place over January-April, 1970. Some stuff was recorded in February of 1968, Across the Universe, and January 1970, I Me Mine. This album was released on May 8th, 1970 and the movie was released May 13th, 1970. The movie pretty much showed, unintentionally, the final climax leading to the breakup to the band. In late 1968 Paul came up the idea to have a "live in the studio" movie and for them to get back to their roots. That's why it was originally called Get Back. After The Beatles broke up the title was changed to the more appropriate Let it Be.
  1. Two Of Us: Paul wrote this one about Linda. It is a very sweet love song. This is one of my favorite songs on this album. This has a finger picked intro to it and it sounds awesome. This song has a place in my heart because it is a love song. I think that this is a good intro to the album. This is a pretty song and you can tell that this has meaning to Paul. This is a fun song and the beat to it makes it a classic Paul on guitar song. Even though there are other instruments on this song. I could kind of see this possibly being on The White Album if it was just Paul and his guitar, but this way is a lot better than the other way.
  2. Dig a Pony: This is a song written by John. I don't remember if there was a meaning behind this song or not, but I do know that it grew on me. I used to not like it when I first heard it Freshman year, but later on, still in Freshman year, I learned to like it, kind of. This song is a good example of how their song writing changed. Listen to The White Album then listen to this song. I can see this kind of being on that album, but I also feel like that would kind of be a stretch. I love this bass and the guitar distortion.The vocals on this kind of remind me of, the part with the harmony vocals, I've Got A Feeling. This song has a raw live feel to it. I don't know if that's because of Phil "saving" the project or weither it would have sounded like that anyway. I feel it would have been more raw if he didn't. The solo in this song is neat. I really like the ending how it "comes full circle" with the riff.
  3. Across The Universe: This songs was originally released in 1968 for some world fund foundation compilation. This song is very eerie and kind of depressing. This song, I think, has sitar in it. If its not sitar that's making that whole buzzing sound, then it's the fact that Phil slowed the track down. This song has really cool sounding acoustic guitar in it, and I think it goes along with one of my favorite acoustic guitar sound, also on that list is the epic A Day In The Life off the epic 1967 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. I'm gonna try to finish that review for June 1st. This song also has a sick string part that comes in at that fade where you have to listen for it.
  4. I Me Mine: This is a great song by George. This song is very catchy and has that Waltz feel to it. This is a song I could see someone dancing to on Dancing with the Stars, if they were able to get the legal stuff for it. Well anyway the vocals on this song are kind of cool. I really like the guitar distortion on this and the drums. This song is very, drum sounding. The strings add and compliment this song and help to give it this, epic feeling. The chorus completely changes the tempo and style of song. The whole chorus has different instruments and has this like organ fill at the end of it in the background. This song is a really cool song and is helped by the orchestrations in it. And each verse gets more epic sounding and louder. Until the end where it's as big as it gets and then goes down, and ends.
  5. Dig It: My favorite version is the 8 minute one that is on the Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 6. Which that is a bootleg album, so it's not an official album. I hope to one day hear all of the Bootleg Beatles albums, I am going to review some of them too. This is just a silly filler song the album. Its fun to hear the pop culture references he makes in the 8 minute version because he has 7 minutes worth of them more.
  6. Let It Be: This is a classic Beatles song. I find it hard for you to honestly say that you don't like this album. This song is one of my favorite Beatles songs. This song is one of most uplifiting songs I've ever heard in my entire life. The beginning piano intro make it feel like "It's here :)". Paul's vocals come in the song to make it sound this ballad. I love the way the piano sounds and the Phil Spector added choir makes this into that gospel sounding song that everyone knows it as. Then the drums come in and it followed by Billy Preston on organ and he does a fill into the solo. I think that my favorite solo is the one in the single. The one in this version is John's solo, the single is George's. The guitars distortion is just eargasmic to me. I love the tone and the whole feel of it. The Fender Jazz bass, which they used on, I believe, White Album, Abbey Road and Let it Be. I think that's the only albums. But the bass in that song is just as good and adds to the song. There are also horns in this and it all adds into a beautiful gospel sounding song. {12/10}.
  7. Maggie Mae: This is a catchy song and really fast. I like this one a lot for some reason. This is a traditional Liverpool song. It sounds like a song you'd sing if you were drunk. This is only 40 seconds long and it is kind of a silly song. I know that they didn't include in on the Let it Be... Naked version of the album. The thing that I like about this song is that it has that sound that was a sound that sounded like, if you've heard any bootlegs from the Get Back/Let it Be recordings sessions, or at least seen the movie, you know that sound. This sounds like it was played for fun and not seriously. I think that it kinda ok for the continuity of the album.
  8. I've Got A Feeling: This is one of the funniest songs that I've heard them play at the rooftop concert. It was in the movie, of course. Yet again a sick sounding guitar part. This song seems like a song that would be a good first song to a concert. The whole way it is, and how it's like the parts come in one at a time after each other. Paul's voice sounds like this is live. Now I know they took parts of the live version from the concert and used it.The part where it goes "Everybody had a good year" is not as good and Paul's part, but the whole instrumentation that goes into the part where they both sing their parts of the song is awesome. This song is a fun song and a good live song. It's a shame that Paul didn't play this song live with Wings.
  9. One After 909: This song was back from the '50s Beat Brothers days. This was writen by John with some input from Paul. This song is totally a '50s song. The way it's set up and the way it sounds. It isn't in anyway a stretch to say that John said he wrote it when he was about 17, so around 1957 which is when the Beat Brothers were still together under that name. This was different sounding and revamped. This version is better than the one from, I'm pretty sure 1964, which they didn't use until Anthology Vol 1 in 1995. I really like the bass on this song and the entire album in general. This is a fun song that I think should get more attention. 
  10. The Long and Winding Road: Let me state this, the Let it Be... Naked version is probably the one I perfer. I feel like the whole orchestral parts in this song give me a headache if its too loud. Phil really did a number on this album. This is a terrible reality because of the "wall of sound" production. I like this version a lot, but I also think that Spector shouldn't have messed with the song. I think that the entire choir, strings and brass give this song a gospel sounding vibe to this song. Much like Let it Be but more. This song is a songs that, for some reason, I could see being played on Seasame Street. The original, not orchestrated version doesn't really, for the most part, have and resemblance of a gospel sounding tune.
  11. For You Blue: This isn't one of George's best. I really don't like this song that much. It is too bluesy and irritating. I never really liked this song that much anyway. The whole slide in this song bugs me. I just can't stand the whole blues to it. I really have a hard time with this song. Not terrible song, just not one of my favorites. This sounds like a song that The Rolling Stones would do, but not as good. OH that a diss, big time Mick. I do kind of like how the slide sounds distorted, but the piano or keys and the slide solo, very much hurt the song. It sounds cute, but not in a good way. I do think that this song isn't terrible though.
  12. Get Back: This is one of my favorite Beatles song. I love the crap out of this song. This was one of the first song that I loved/got me into these guys. The song tells a story that some think makes mention of Linda's last husband, who lived in Tuscon Arizona. And it is also been said this is just a Get Back and leaves alone to Yoko. Well whatever the song is about doesn't really matter to me anymore. What I'm more into this the musical part of it. I already know enough about this song, I want to get to the writing. The song starts out with them tuning up, and talking, which was there to add the effect of the making of the film. The guitar distortion in this song is one of me favorite types of distortion. For that reason, well I need a Fender Amp and Fender Tele. This is such a bluesy song, which blues irritates me, but I love the crap out of it. The chorus is catchy and impossible to forget. The consistent bass riff that Paul is playing makes me want to play along. The first solo, or organ fill, is played by on Billy Preston. The second solo, guitar this time, is played by John and is one of my favorite solos by Los Beatles. I like how the song just kind of ends vs the single version where it stops then starts up again and plays to fade.
Overall I have to give this a 9.7/10. What you have to realize is that this was the last album released, but Abbey Road was the last album to be recorded.  Though there were somethings Phil Shitctor added in 1970, the vast of it was recorded in the winter of 1969. If you want to hear the real Let it Be buy 2003's Let it Be... Naked. That's as close as anything else to what it would have sounded like. Though I have my problems with this, I have to say that Phil did do a good job on some of the songs. And if he didn't do this, Let it Be might of never been released. Think about that for a second.... It pisses me off that they don't really credit George Martin as a producer. He did most of he work. In all honesty it's like a 7

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Umskiptar - Burzum

This is the newest album by Black Metal artist Varg Vikernes project Burzum. I did a review of his 2011 album Fallen back in February of this year. I really liked that album a lot, and when I saw that this came out I was excited to hear it for the first time. Well I guess this is a return to his roots, as I read in a article about this. I don't understand because this sounded a ton like the last album. So another mention is that the Wikipedia article said that this is Folk Metal, Black Metal, Folk Rock. I don't know what Folk Metal is but if it exists it is probably from Scandinavia.
  1. Blóðstokkinn: This song is just a song where he talks with atmospheric stuff going on. It sounds like the beginning of Til Hel og tilbake igjen off his last album Fallen, but with out that piano things.
  2. Jóln: This sounds like it is more singing than the raspy screams on Fallen. This music sounds like it is the same, for the most part. This song is ok, but if this is the way the album is going to be, then I don't thing that it will go over well on the score I give it.
  3. Alfadanz: This song has a piano to start the song, then goes into a riff. I still has him whispering, like the last album. This song is 9:34 and it is kind of hard to keep my attention the first time through. Mainly because I feel like I heard the song writing setup. This song isn't a good feeling for the rest of the album. There is a piano solo in there where it sounds like the piano in the song Not Ready to Die or the piano for Nazi Zombies in the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops. But it also has this classical feeling to it. After this plays he whispers over it. Then when it is done the song returns to it's original melody. That part was really cool. It's just the rest of the song didn't thrill me, and that part didn't do enough.
  4. Hit helga Tré: This song is ok too. I don't really think that this album is as good as Fallen. I keep hearing him say Allah. I know he's not saying that, but it's kind of funny to look for the funniness in this album. Because that way it will be more enjoyable.
  5. Æra: Guess what this sounds like....
  6. Heiðr: .............................
  7. Valgaldr: The very beginning of this song sounded interesting, but then he finished up the riff. That ruined the song for me.
  8. Galgviðr: 8 minutes, 8 minutes of basically nothing, Hell No!
  9. Surtr Sunnan: Nothings Special Here
  10. Gullaldr: This is like a lame Budstikken. Enough Said
  11. Níðhöggr: This is more of an atmospheric feeling to the last song on Fallen. Nothing special here.
Overall I have to give this album a 4.2/10. This album is just under 20 minutes longer than Fallen, and it sounded a ton like Fallen. This album is pretty much the same set up to as Fallen, but with a couple more tracks on this than Fallen. Like seriously, if he released this at the same time as Fallen it probably would have been over kill, so to say. I like that he waited to release this. The thing to about it is that they weren't ever recorded at the same time as each other. It was ok, but it. I feel like if I heard this first I might have liked this over Fallen. I don't know, but its just a though. So to rap this up its Fallen, but with an extra 20 minutes of overkill, and not in a good way. I'm probably never listening to this album again.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Boys And Girls - Alabama Shakes

This is a band called Alabama Shakes. They are a southern rock/garage rock/blues band from, ironically enough, Alabama. They formed in 2009 and released an Ep last September. I originally heard of them via NPR after looking at the SXSW videos on their website while listening to M. Ward's new album A Wasteland Companion. I kind of forgot about them until I watched the Rock It Out Blog! for April 3rd, 2012. He mentioned that you can stream their album for free on NPR's website. Well I'm all about that, because I think that it might be interesting, and he mentioned that it was good.
  1. Hold On: This song starts out like a song that you can move back and forth to. The way the singer, Brittany Howard, is singing sounds like vocals that could be on Lonely Boy off The Black Keys latest album, El Camino. This song also sounds like it could possibly be on it, for the most part. The chorus not so much, but the versus sound that way. This song is ok, I'm not in love with it, but I do think that it is ok.
  2. I Found You: This song doesn't have that much difference between that last track and this one. There is a difference, but I don't really care for it. This isn't that good so far. A big difference is the insertion of backing vocals on this track.
  3. Hang Loose: This song gives me this feel of, this is an endless loop. They actually remind me of the band that went on before me yesterday. They were good, its just some of the songs could have been the same song.
  4. Rise to the Sun: This kind of has more of a reggae feel to it. I think that I can say that. It is kind of like a song that I could see that reminds me of D'ye Maker off the 1973 Houses of the Holy by the, who the singer could be compared to Robert Plant, blues giants Led Zeppelin.
  5. You Ain't Alone: This sounds like a song that would be played at like a '50s dance or something. I could kind of picture this being something that a band that would be like Ruben & The Jets style of music from The Mothers of Invention 1968 Crusing with Ruben & The Jets. The ending kind of reminded me of David Bowie's 1969, at least I think so, epic Memory of a Free Festival.
  6. Goin' To The Party: This song is boring, and there isn't much more to say about it.
  7. Heartbreaker: This is another song that could be along with Goin' to the Party.
  8. Boys & Girls: This is the title track, so I am hoping for a big thing. And to be honest... that was extremely boring. 
  9. Be Mine:................................. yawn
  10. I Ain't The Same:.....
  11. On Your Way: This is the same, boring and not interesting to me. The only difference is that this song is a more uplifting song. 
Overall I have to give this a 5/10. This is the first time I've heard anything by these guys and this was what I was expecting. I'm not a huge fan of Southern Rock, well... at least not so much any more. I don't know, it has kind of lost it's flavor with me. That's part of the reason I want to hear Jack White's new album before I buy it, versus me just buying it the day it comes out. I didn't really like it, and I honestly can't say I will. I think it was too boring to heard, I've heard this before, but I never have. does that make sense. This album dragged for me. Who knows it might not for you. I do think if you like blues and southern rock you should check this out. I feel like this album had a terrible set up. Too many boring songs lined up and then the non boring songs were too spread out.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wounded Healer - The Followers

This is the first time that I've ever heard of these guys. I saw a link to download this album off NoiseTrade for free. And the album cover is also intresting, so why not give it a try. It said that these guys are from Portland Oregon. It also said that the genre, that was there when I put it on my iTunes, was Neo-Gospel. I don't exactly know what that means but they started at a Church.This was released May 5th, 2012. And one last thing, if you like this you can buy it at their bandcamp page. I started this review on the 15th, and I am going to review another free album today, but upload it the 17th. Either that or I'll do a free album every day this week.
  1. Wounded Healer: This song starts out pretty promising. It is kind of getting my hopes up for this to be good. The guys voice sounds like a mix of Win Butler, and maybe like a Bob Dylan. I kind of like it. Then a girl comes and sings on this song. This almost gives me a more electric John Wesley Harding combine with Arcade Fire. This sounds a lot better than I thought it would.
  2. Waiting To Find You: This gives me this M. Ward's newest album A Wasteland Companion vibe to it. You know, like this has this Novelty Music feeling that I am getting from this. This also kind of reminds me of The Band with the way the keyboards are being played. This has more of a country sound to it vs the last song.
  3. Overwhelmed: This song gives me a big feel to it. The one thing about it is that I feel like it might begin to overwhelm people that don't care for the message. I like the message, but the theme is beginning to take it's toll. I still like this, but I hope I can withstand this album.
  4. Enfold Me: This feels like a gospel song. This one is ok, but I'm afraid of what is to come for the rest of this album.The first song had promise and this one is decent, but it's progressively gotten worse from track 2.
  5. Morning Star Rise: This song has the same vibe as the title track off this album. This is a nice change. I thought that the rest of this thing was going to be a bummer. This song is pretty decent.
  6. Sweet Submission: This song gives me this feeling that I picture getting from the cover of Let It Be Me that Dylan did off 1970's double album Self Portrait. Something like that or maybe off of a Music from Big Pink vs Nashville Skyline. I might just be crazy, but that's what I picture in my head for this song. And for that fact decent chunk of this album
  7. Just A Closer Walk: This sounds like a gospel song. I don't think that I can really say much more.
  8. Take Me To Your Side: This is more of a Wasteland Companion song. This song is pretty cool. I like this song, and it is one of the better ones.
  9. You Did Everything: The beginning of this song has like falsetto vocal or something on it that made me chuckle. This song is a good song that defiantly adds to the rating score. The instrumentation on this is cool, and suprised me.
  10. God's Eternal Now: The beginning of this song has a like acoustic thing that reminded me of the song Angels off, originally, the 2002 Live album by comedy duo Flight of the Conchords. This song is a good way to end this album. I thought that this song is enjoyable.
Overall I have to give this a 6.8/10. Now, I'm a Christian, but I can't listen to Christian music. I don't know why, but it's too repetitive for me and just... boring :(.  This is a little bit more of a change for me. I found this more interesting and when it said that it was influenced by 70's gospel sounds, you can tell, but in a very good way. The thing is that I went back and forth on this. I didn't love it, but I thought it was enjoyable. I recommend this to anyone who likes the Bob Dylan albums when he did stuff with The Band, or to anyone who likes 70's Gospel music. I do want to buy this album, hopefully there will be a CD version. I'm definatly reviewing their next release.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Was Her - Zoom On A Kill

This is, what appears to be, the thirds album by electronic artist Zoom on a Kill. I did a review of this artists 100 Altered Girls back last March. As you know, I haven't been reviewing albums as much as before. My goal is to get at least 10 a month. I know, hopefully 1999 will go up this month, along with Let it Be, Rocks, Boys & Girls by The Alabama Shakes, Stranger in Town, and lastly possibly Shades of Deep Purple. Also, as of TODAY I will only do free album/mixtape reviews on weekdays, unless it's on the day it was released, ie The Weeknd's August, 2011 mixtape Thursday will go up the day it was released, just on year later. If that makes any sense to you. Well I still don't know a ton of stuff about this project or artist but I will do a review of this, mainly because I want to hear this a decent much. Each song has a different piece of artwork to go along with it. You can't download this a FrostClick, only at Bandcamp.
  1. Intrakatrá: This track starts out with a sample of people talking in, what I think is, either Spanish or Italian. It ends and fades into track 2
  2. Wake Up Hanz3l: This song didn't start out that bad. The wahs were a little more buried in the beginning. You can still hear it, but this song is kind of funny. They sampled the Mario coin sounds and other parts of the game two. This song has more variation to it than the other Ep. There is a little ditty at the ending where it reminds me of the ending of the song Frodo (Don't Wear The Ring) off the 2000 live debut album by the New Zeland comedy duo Flight of the Conchords
  3. Antagonist: I don't really hate this song, but I don't love it. I kind of feel impartial about it.
  4. Mario Give Us A Fuck: This song starts out very strong. It has this fast drum beat and samples Mario's "wah who!" when he jumps, and also the sounds it makes when he collects coins and shrinks. This song gets a little bit to Dub for me at parts, but it is still kind of neat. And it ends with the invisibility sound.
  5. Punch It Girl!: Here's the dubstep... :( The picture for this is a girl with horns falling forwards to the side, with a noose around her neck.
  6. Joystick: This samples good ol Mario again. The picture for this is a naked Asian girl with big/heavy chest. I don't think that's necessary, but what ever.
  7. Eres Un Puto Juguete!: This has the same feel as Mario Give Us A Fuck but in stead of Mario's voice, you get more of a German Hitler screaming orders.
  8. Taste of You: This is a duby song. Normally I'd hate this song, but the Mario sounds kind of keep me interested.
  9. Hall 9000': For some reason the very beginning of this song reminded me of something off the 2009 Crank High Voltage soundtrack that Mike Patton did.
  10. ADN of a Space Cdet Bulla': This is kind of a sad ending to this ep or album. This is a sweet piano atmospheric sounding song that could be in a movie.
Overall I would give this a 5.7/10. I think that this was better than 100 Girls. This was only 15 minutes long. That's not terrible, no matter what you listen to. I think that I will re-listen to this again. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything that really blew my socks off.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tinsel Town Rebellion - Frank Zappa

This is the, though some assholes might disagree (Wikipedia, Sheik Yerbouti is not a live album), the sixth live album by Frank Zappa. This is actually the album cover that Frank was going to use for the unreleased Crush All Boxes, but after he scraped the album after wanting to show his talents. So he used the songs from Warts And All and Crush All Boxes for the albums You Are What You Is, Tinsel Town Rebellion, You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore series, and Shut up and Play Yer Guitar series. This is actually one of my favorite Zappa albums. It was released today May 11th, 1981. It's either that or May 17th, 1981. Tracks 1-3 are on side 1, tracks 4-8 are on side 2. Tracks 9-12 are on side 3, tracks 13-15 are on side 4. Most of this album was recorded live in 1980, but there are some exceptions. Oh yeah This is one of my favorite album covers.
  1. Fine Girl: This song was going to be on Crush All Boxes. This is a funky type of song. I am not that crazy about this one. It kind of reminds me of some song that could have made it onto You Are What It Is from the same year, 1981. This is actually not a live song, but an outtake for Crush All Boxes. This is a song that you could do like "up down up down" walking to the beat of it.
  2. Easy Meat: This song was going to be on Crush All Boxes. Not necessarily this version but this song. This feels like an early 80's Frank Zappa song. The thing about this is that it is kind of "Easy" to tell what it's about. It is kind of a catchy song too. There is a part where the keyboards and synths at like 1:30 start reminding me of Funeral For A Friend half of Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding off Sir Elton John's 1973 classic double album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Well at about the 3 minute mark it goes into this like, first, John Zorn breakdown thing. You know when it sounds like the song falls apart. The best part about that little orchestra part is that it was, I checked, recorded in 1975 around the same time as the 1979 Orchestral Favorites album. The rest of this song was recorded on two other dates in 1980. After that it has this mix of like King Crimson and Lumpy Gravy before going into this pretty sounding guitar solo. The solo gets faster paced as the tempo goes up. It is still a cool song. This kind of reminds me of the song Watermellon In Easter Hay off Frank's 1979 rock opera and double album Joe's Garage Vol. II & III. The ending of the instrumental part reminds me of teh ending of the instrumental parts of that Funeral For A Friend into Love Lies Bleeding. Then they start singing again. I love how Zappa did stuff like that. It sounds really cool and the parts of the songs were recorded about 5 years apart.
  3. For the Young Sophisticate: This is kind of like a blues type of song. This was recorded at Hammersmith Odeon in 1979 on February 18th. This is also more of a blues type of song. This song is actually really cool. I like this song and it is cool. The thing about the lyrics is that they are kind of funny
  4. Love of My Life: This song was originally on the 1969 album Cruising with Ruben & The Jets by The Mothers of Invention.. This is kind of like a new updated version, tailored to ''This Band''. I know that Frank kind of wrote songs for what he had and was looking for in his backing band. This isn't that off from the Ruben & The Jets version, but it sounds a little different.
  5. I Ain't Got No Heart: This song was originally off The Mothers of Invention 1966 debut double album, Freak Out!. That is one of my top, probably, 10 albums of all time. That thing is better with each listen. This version is more sped up and more clear. This is more of a stereo version, but sped up, vs the original version. This actually kind of reminds me of a song that would possibly be on __. This has more of an arena rock feel to it.
  6. Panty Rap: I don't really need to explain this one. It's just him talking. I don't really know how to explain it. Its actually more of a contest. It's just 4:36 of him talking. It seems like the intro to this concert off of some other album like Hammersmith Odeon, or Buffalo.
  7. Tell Me You Love Me: This is just a remake, live, of Tell Me You Love Me off 1970's Chunga's Revenge. This is also sped up, and for the most part has the same differences, so to say, with the new version of I Ain't Got No Heart. I don't like this one as much as on Chunga's Revenge. It also have more keys driving it, than on the original, where I don't think there are any keys on it.
  8. Now You See It--Now You Don't: This kind of serves as a solo, so to say, after Tell Me You Love Me. This is a song that could have definitive been on the 1988 instrumental album Guitar. Either that or on one of the Shut Up And Play Yer Guitar albums.
  9. Dance Contest: This is kind of like right after the songs Titties & Beer on Hammersmith Odeon where they would have the talking and the dance contest to The Black Page #2. The track is called Audience Participation. I also think that's on the 1983 Baby Snakes album. The actual reason for that is because it was recorded in October, 1978 in New York. Unfortunately that was post-Bozzio.
  10. The Blue Light: This is the more like a Black Page #1. This also has the obvious Steve Vai guitar sounding guitar on it. There is also vocals on this. It says that this is the same song as Galoot Up-Date on 1984's Double Album Thing-fish, but a rewritten version. The vocals on this remind me of the vocals on the Drowning Witch on 1982's Ship Arriving to Late to Save a Drowning Witch. I don't really like this song a ton, but what ever. It isn't ruin the album for me.
  11. Tinsel Town Rebellion: This is my favorite song on this album. It's really catchy and interesting to listen to. This is a very catch song and could probably been played on the radio if it was cleaned up a little and didn't have Frank's name as the artist. This is totally a song that could have been a hit. The breakdown is kind of like a Christmas feeling to it. The versus are awesome, and the lyrics talk about people selling out. This is where "Chop A Line" in the beginning of Cocaine Decisions, which is one 1983's The Man From Utopia,  is from. The song at parts kind of turns into a rant with backing music, but it is till a good song.
  12. Pick Me, I'm Clean: This song is also on 2007's Buffalo live album. This song is also an ok song, but I like that he turned that phrase in Stick It Out, which was a part of the Sofa Suite that he played back in like 1970-1971 with The Mothers. He had Flo & Eddie in his band at that time. Well he used that same song in Joe's Garage Act II & III and the conceptual continuity still made sense. There is a big solo in the song, which I'm kind of impartial to, but what ever. This song also has this type of Reggae type of feel I get from it.
  13. Bamboozled by Love: This song dates back to Beat the Boots: Saarbrücken 1978. The version on this album was recorded at Hammersmith Odeon on February 19th, 1979. This kind of reminds of a classic blues progression. The lyrics are kind of gruesome. There is a part where it says, "If she don't give me what I want, She won't have no head at all". Then the verse right before the solo ends with "I am here and she is gone, and the reason that you have not seen her, seen her, Is she is underneath the lawn". Outside of the dark theme of this song, it's a really cool song. I like this more than I thought I would.
  14. Brown Shoes Don't Make It: This song was originally on The Mother's of Invention's 1967 Absolutely Free. This was recorded on February 18th, 1979 at Hammersmith Odeon. This song goes from making fun of society and the media in general. After that the song shifts into a song about a city hall official who had sex with an underage 13 year old girl. This version isn't as good on Absolutely Free but I love the idea of the song. This song is kind of eerie, but it's eeriness is not as eerie as it can be because it is, like I said, stereo sounding verse the mono sound on the original version. This song is 7:15 minutes. I'll go more in depth with this song when I do the review of it for Absolutely Free in August.
  15. Peaches III: This is the "New Age" version of Peaches en Regalia. It was originally on Frank's 1969 album Hot Rats, then later on The Mothers 1971's Fillmore East -- June 1971. This is the third version, as in they were different, of Peaches. That's why it was called Peaches III. This version is more guitar driven in the beginning vs the more kept together and perfected Hot Rats version. This album version of this song was recorded on the early and late show at Hammersmith Odeon on February 18th, 1979. This sounds like more of a live version. The beginning intro is played on guitar, then the guitar part is played on keys.
Overall I have to give this a 9.0/10. This is an awesome album to listen to. It's really good and enjoyable to listen to. I don't think that some songs are automatic, but they can grown on you. There are some duds, but that doesn't ruin the album. This is a good Zappa album for like a accessible album. I really need this on CD and Vinyl.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mondo Cane - Mike Patton

This is the fifth solo album credited to Californian Singer Mike Patton. I love this guy, he is actually one of my musical heroes. This guys voice is crazy, and he also uses tricks and other stuff that I haven't seen anyone even attempt to try. Now I have heard this album about a dozen times and I love it, but as you know nothings that simple with me. Especially if I love this thing as much as I say I do. Well some quick background info about this. This was recorded with Mike and a backing orchestra of about 65 people. This album is cover versions of 50's and 60's Italian pop songs. This was released May 4th, 2010. I'm pissed that I didn't upload this earlier, I was out of town
  1. Il Cielo In Una Stanza: This song starts out with what sounds like a storm. It's actually really cool to hear with headphones on. There is so much more going on, and you heard the instrumentation so much clearer when you have headphones on. This song is more stings and drums. The strings on this song make it seem like this would be a song that would be played at someones wedding. This song is very clear and easy to listen to. This is a very pretty song that I have teared up before because of.
  2. Che Notte!: This is a faster song. There is more more brass on this song than the last. This is a more quick song, and I could never see at someones wedding. There is a trumpet solo in the middle of the songs and it is very cool sounding. Then after that solo comes a screach by Mikie and the song sounds like it falls apart. After it falls apart there is a like horn and then the song starts up again. The ending of the song has this feel of like a '50s jazz song.
  3. Ore D'Amore: This song was partially written by Bert Kaempfert. That is a German orchestral leader and songwriter. He composed a song called Moon Over Naples, which Faith No More covered the song in 1995, but the version with lyrics. The lyrics were added in 1966 and the songs was retitled Spanish Eyes. This song is ok but I'm not huge on it.
  4. Deep Down: This song was written by Ennio Morricone. Ennio was a Italian composer who wrote soundtracks for movies. Some of his best word was for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly soundtrack. This song is ok in the beginning. I am not huge on this song, but the best part is where it's like in the breakdown where it changes up a little. I think that sounds really cool. Guitar comes in and it is the only part that is, for the most part, different from the rest of the song. The ending is also pretty cool where it's him whispering the last part into the mic without any other music behind him.
  5. Quello Che Conta: The beginning of this song sounds like it would be in a soundtrack to a classic Spaghetti Western. After the intro there is a fingerpicked guitar accompanied by strings and bass. Then after that comes in, what I am pretty sure is, a harpsichord and Mike's vocals. This song is beautiful and can bring a tear to your eye. This entire song is very sweat and not hard to digest. This song is one of my favorites on this thing. {9/10}
  6. Urlo Negro: This is the heaviest song on this album. And it is by a landslide. The feedback in the beginning of the song is in the crossfades with the last track. Then there is a drum roll and Mike screams. "AH!!". He sounds like he is angry on this song. Like he has almost blood curtling screams on the versus on this song. But the thing is for the chorus he sings like it is a very catchy song. This is easily the catchiest song on here, because of the chorus. This song is a masterpiece and I tip my hats off to The Blackmen. That's who the song is credited to. Watch the video for this song, its actually kind of cool to see them do this. It looks like they are all having fun.
  7. Scalinatella: This is another song that I could see being in a soundtrack to a movie. I could also see this being a song you can dance to. It is, for the most part, just Mike and an acoustic guitar. Strings do come in a little later. This song is also a beautiful song. This is a very, very chill song.
  8. L'Uomo Che Non Sapeva Amare: This is a return to the feeling that I get from  Il Cielo In Una Stanza. I love this song because the backing vocals are awesome and this song has, what I think is, a harpsichord in it. There is also a part where there is this video games sounding thing. It kind of reminded me of The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny demo that Mr. Bungle made back in '86.
  9. 20 KM Al Giorno: This is a jazzy feeling to it. It kind of reminds me of Minnie the Moocher. This song has a very slick feeling to it. The solo in this song is a keyboard solo that sounds kind of like something that Ray Manzarek would have played on a Doors' song. This song is very cool, and I mean that literally. 
  10. Ti Offro Da Bere: This song has a like "piano riff". This song is another pretty song, but there is a guitar in there and it kind of sounds like a surf rock guitar. And it comes in after almost every verse on the song. It reminded me of something like the little guitar riff in The Air-Conditioned Nightmare off Mr. Bungle's 1999 album California. Not the main one, just... listen to the songs and you'll know what I mean.
  11. Senza Fine: This is a very good way to finish this album. This song has this vibe that brings the song Good Night, which is the last song on side 4 of the 1968 self titled double album by The Beatles. It doesn't really sound that similar, it's just that I get that vibe from it. It's the last song, so lets say goodnight or good show, and maybe you'll comeback, but for now your tired and you want to end your "trip" fun. Lets say goodnight and goodbye. The horns and everything about this song work. The only thing that hurts the whole entire goodnight vibe is that towards the middle of the song it gets louder. But then towards the end it gets quiterer than it was before and it kind of just... ends. Well that is after the screams and noises are done, and the song goes back to the original loud feel. Then after than it is the end. And to say that's all there is a hit of a triangle and that ends the song and also the album
Overall this album gets a 10/10. This is a masterpiece and it's beautiful. This is the perfect album for just about any occasion. This can relax you, it can make you tear up, it can be something you listen to at a family party, you can even show your grandfather who likes this type of music. Patton's vocals throughout this album, for the most part, have this echo feel to it. I feel like this was recorded in a room with concrete walls when it comes to some of the quieter songs. It is best though with headphones on, but for the most part, what isn't. This was my fourth or fifth time listening to it, and I can honestly say that it has gotten boring.