Thursday, May 24, 2012

Umskiptar - Burzum

This is the newest album by Black Metal artist Varg Vikernes project Burzum. I did a review of his 2011 album Fallen back in February of this year. I really liked that album a lot, and when I saw that this came out I was excited to hear it for the first time. Well I guess this is a return to his roots, as I read in a article about this. I don't understand because this sounded a ton like the last album. So another mention is that the Wikipedia article said that this is Folk Metal, Black Metal, Folk Rock. I don't know what Folk Metal is but if it exists it is probably from Scandinavia.
  1. Blóðstokkinn: This song is just a song where he talks with atmospheric stuff going on. It sounds like the beginning of Til Hel og tilbake igjen off his last album Fallen, but with out that piano things.
  2. Jóln: This sounds like it is more singing than the raspy screams on Fallen. This music sounds like it is the same, for the most part. This song is ok, but if this is the way the album is going to be, then I don't thing that it will go over well on the score I give it.
  3. Alfadanz: This song has a piano to start the song, then goes into a riff. I still has him whispering, like the last album. This song is 9:34 and it is kind of hard to keep my attention the first time through. Mainly because I feel like I heard the song writing setup. This song isn't a good feeling for the rest of the album. There is a piano solo in there where it sounds like the piano in the song Not Ready to Die or the piano for Nazi Zombies in the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops. But it also has this classical feeling to it. After this plays he whispers over it. Then when it is done the song returns to it's original melody. That part was really cool. It's just the rest of the song didn't thrill me, and that part didn't do enough.
  4. Hit helga Tré: This song is ok too. I don't really think that this album is as good as Fallen. I keep hearing him say Allah. I know he's not saying that, but it's kind of funny to look for the funniness in this album. Because that way it will be more enjoyable.
  5. Æra: Guess what this sounds like....
  6. Heiðr: .............................
  7. Valgaldr: The very beginning of this song sounded interesting, but then he finished up the riff. That ruined the song for me.
  8. Galgviðr: 8 minutes, 8 minutes of basically nothing, Hell No!
  9. Surtr Sunnan: Nothings Special Here
  10. Gullaldr: This is like a lame Budstikken. Enough Said
  11. Níðhöggr: This is more of an atmospheric feeling to the last song on Fallen. Nothing special here.
Overall I have to give this album a 4.2/10. This album is just under 20 minutes longer than Fallen, and it sounded a ton like Fallen. This album is pretty much the same set up to as Fallen, but with a couple more tracks on this than Fallen. Like seriously, if he released this at the same time as Fallen it probably would have been over kill, so to say. I like that he waited to release this. The thing to about it is that they weren't ever recorded at the same time as each other. It was ok, but it. I feel like if I heard this first I might have liked this over Fallen. I don't know, but its just a though. So to rap this up its Fallen, but with an extra 20 minutes of overkill, and not in a good way. I'm probably never listening to this album again.

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