Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dying Is Your Latest Fashion - Escape the Fate

This is the debut album, not release because their first release was There's No Sympathy For The Dead Ep, and defiantly one of my favorite albums of 2000's and probably ever. I heard this album after my cousin was talking about them and showed me this movie of them on their 2008 tour. That DVD came with their deluxe edition of This War Is Ours (which I'll review). But actually he showed me This War Is Ours the song probably, now, two years ago. I thought it was cool with the guitar solo and that it was about Halo, we are big Halo players in my family. Well I hadn't heard anything about them after that halo song, until obviously summer going into sophomore year. This album has become on of my favorite album to date.
  1. The Webs We Weave: This is the first song on the album. This song is a good opener to an album. The riff on this song is pretty cool. I really like the harmony vocals on this album, and they have a type of echo. The brief guitar solo in this song after the chorus. That little diddy is awesome. I a don't know if it is better that it is short of if it would be better if it was longer. The drums on this song, along with album are also solid. I don't think it good that it sounds like he is going back in forth between screaming vocals. None the less this song is pretty damn catchy. There is another guitar diddy towards the end of the song. I think that sounds good and really like this song.
  2. When I Go Out, I Want to Go Out On a Chariot of Fire: This song is a favorite of mine. And by favorite I mean I love this song. This whole entire song is catchy and is hard to get out of your head. Along with the other songs on this album, the chorus is super catchy. This has a classic Escape the Fate guitar thingy in it. This song is a really catchy song and stays catchy. Its hard to get out of your head
  3. Situations: How could you not love when people pay homage to Van Halen's music video Hot For Teacher. This song was the, technically, 2nd song I remember hearing by ETF. This song wasn't one of my favorite songs that I ever heard by them the first time I ever heard this song. But the more I heard it it got better. This is a classic Ronnie song that he did with Escape the Fate. The whole catchiness and feeling of it. The ending like sweeping solo is sick as hell. It's awesome, and I lovethe crap out of that part. The song got better with each listen. The breakdown reminded me of that new Figure it Out by Serj from System.
  4. The Guillotine: This was one of the coolest songs I'd ever heard. They screamed on it, they were basically BA as possible on this. The guitar and the bass and the drums had so much power. This song was about Halo. What could be wrong with this song. The answer is the ending. I feel it drags, but that is such a little problem it is a joke. I love this song and it is one of the best of the decade all together. I love this so much. There is something about the fact that they have this song as like a trilogy makes it that much more intresting.The guitar part at right before the chorus is awesome, I wish I knew how they did that.
  5. Reverse this Curse: This is another classic Ronnie song. I hate to say that, because it doesn't really make any sense, but it does......? The best part of this song is the very ending. I love the way the vocals sound, and that they use a bell in it.
  6. Cellar Door: This song is probably one of my least favorite. I don't know why, but it just is. The vibe that I get from this song kind isn't very fun. I feel like this sounds like music that I don't really like. This sounds like a song that would be on Epitaph Records. I don't have a problem with the label, but most of the artists songs all sound the same to me. But I feel like this could have been played by any one of them.
  7. There's No Sympathy for the Dead: This is the self titled song off their debut Ep. It came out earlier that year in 2006. This song is really cool. This song is a songs that I like to sing to. I think that this is a fun song, with unclean vocals. The original My Mic Swings Low or something like that is sick. I am also in love with the chorus and pre-chorus in this song. The way they did the clean vocals on this song are cool sounding. But specifically that part "We See The Stars Falling From The Sky." that part, just makes me want to sing along. Then it got and awesome solo in it. Probably one of my favs on the album. Then after the chorus is just as cool as the solo. This is defiantly one of their best written songs. Then the strings sounds at the end, eargasm.
  8. My Apocalypse: This riff has the same sound that the part in Guillotine has. There is a part where he is talking on, what sounds like a radio, and it's really... sick. I think that this song reminds me of fall, probably because I got into them during the Fall. The acoustic guitar part sounds sick as fuck, then the unclean vocals come in. 
  9. Friends And Alibis: This is one of my favorite songs by this band. I think that the chorus of this song is so fricking hard to get out of my heard. I love it and the song is also good. This is kind of like the Somebody I Used to Know by Gotye for me. The first thing that attracted me to the two songs were the chorus, then the rest came after being obsessed with the chorus. The beginning of the song with the drums is a sick beginning for the album. The song is just, I don't think that I can explain it unless you hear it. I think that this has this pretty feeling to it. Then toward the ending where it goes down and just builds a little, that sounds cool.
  10. Not Good Enough for Truth In Cliche: There are times that I feel that this song is kind of boring. This is a song though I could people liking. I don't know what it is about this song, but this isn't a song that I'm in love with. 
  11. The Day I Left The Womb: I really like this song. I feel like the song The Westerner, off the Falling In Reverse debut album, was supposed to be like this one. Beside the fact that The Westerner is about 100 times better. You can look at at this as the "demo" version of The Westerner. This isn't nearly as good, but it's like the baby that grows into The Westerner.
Over all I am honored to give this a 9.5/10. I like reviewing albums that I love. This is a really good example of an album that is good. I honestly think everyone should listen to it before they die. The songs on that all realtily have the same structure and there is not a huge variation on the tracks. I still love this thing, and it beats their self titled album shitless. I am werry of what their next one will sound like. Because what I have gotten out of their planned sound is it was supposed to be the album inbetween This War Is Ours and Escape the Fate. They never said that, but from what they said that how I interpreted it. Each time this gets better than the last.

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