Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Making Mirrors - Goyte

This is the third album by Australian electronic pop artist Wally de Backer, or his alias Goyte. Wally, whose birth name is Wouter De Backer was born in Belgium in 1980. He spent most of his life, growing up, in Australia after moving there with his family. His first album Boardface was released in 2003. Well this is his third album and this seems to be a big hit in the pop radio. So I think that, after loving Somebody I Used to Know, give it a review.
  1. Making Mirrors: This is an instrumental intro to the first song. It has an ambient sound to it. It kind of reminds me of the beginning of Mylo Xyloto, even thought this came out first. This in August, Coldplay's album in October.
  2. Easy Way Out: This song has this kind of hypnotic feel to it. This seems like it would be a garage rock type of song. I could see The Yardbirds or The White Stripes doing something like this, to an extent. This song is only about 2 minutes long. That's kind of a let down. I didn't feel like it really ended.
  3. Somebody I Used To Know: I don't exactly know why, but I love the crap out of this song. The song is catchy and has that catchy bass beat to it. The little guitar that goes along with the beat is also awesome. He uses some other instruments, probably from New Zeland. He used foreign instruments to make a pop song. This song is awesome. This chorus is fricken catchy as hell. I don't know how to not explain how catchy this song is. Gotye's part is really cool, but the star of the song is young Kimbra. Her part adds so much more, instrumentation wise and has more going on with it. And her voice. I fell in love with it super fast. I LOVE her voice. Actually I listened to all the remixes that they have on his spotify page of this song. It's kind of like, why not.
  4. Eyes Wide Open: I think that this is a cool next song. It is a million times different from the last song. This is a fun song.This feels like I'm running in a march, if that makes sence. I don't really know how else to describe this song.
  5. Smoke and Mirror: This kind of has a Doors feeling to it. The keyboards on the song make this feel like it is something they might do. This song gives me this feeling of, He has style. Like he is a cool guy. He is slick. This also has the kind of psychedelic vibe to it going on. The whole African drums thing at the end drags on for me.
  6. I Feel Better: This has this Ennio Morricone intro to it. Then it completely changes into a like pop song. Yeah I don't really know how to react. The way he's sing reminds me of Wings. I don't exaclty know what song, but a song that would probably be on Wings Across America live album from 1976.
  7. In Your Light: This reminds me of Faith by George Michael. The guitar in the beginning. Then there are horns that come in and give it this intresting feeling. Well he sings with the guitar and without the horns for a part. This could be a cover of Faith. It's actually suprising that it sounds like George Michael as much as it does. Obviously it's not prefect, but with that in mind you know what I'm talking about. It's Faith with more electronic stuff going on.
  8. State Of The Art: This song has theses horns and stuff in it to give me a James Bond type of song. I could see the instrumental of this song being in a spy movie. Like when he would be looking for clues. I don't like the distorted, deep, robot vocals at all. I think this should be an instrumental song. This is way cooler with out the vocals. And the way he is singing reminds me of Somebody I Used To Know. Not the chrous, but the verses. I could see this in a Pierce Brosnan films where he was Bond.
  9. Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching You: This song is like part two of the last song. This could also be in a Bond soundtrack. But only if you subtracted the singing. The little ambient voice in the beginning of the song is fine. And also if you took out the strings that kind of hurt and make this song loud once he starts singing. the beginning is how it should stay, with to the guitar sound.
  10. Give Me A Chance: This is kind of a easy listening song. This song slipped past me first time hearing it because it was so quiet. But I'm kind of glad it did. I didn't really like it all that much.
  11. Save Me: This song kind of continues where Give Me A Chance ended. It has this very electronic feeling at parts. There is this "do do do" robot sound in the song. There is also a hand clap sample in the background.
  12. Bronte: This is a very atmospheric song. Like soundwaves. When I heard this I thought of Whales making love. That wouldn't be pretty sight, but its pretty sounding. But that ends when he starts to sing. The vocals remind me of Connan Mockasin's 2011 title track off  Forever Dolphin Love. There are strings and there is stuff added to the song as it progresses. I think that is sounds pretty, but it begans to ware off on me. Like its not as pretty as it was at first.
Overall this gets a 6.2/10. Using Australian and other foreign instruments is really cool when they make a pop song out of that. But it's been done before, Men At Work's 1981 album Business as Usual with their songs Down Under and Who Can It Be Now?. I love both of those song, but I like these songs to. I don't really consider this to be an album. I think that it could be more of a greatest hits over a 10-20 year career period of an artist. The songs genres and styles don't really overlap, except the last "2nd Half" of the album. I like that it doesn't get overkill about a certain genre on this, but I wish there was more consistent throughout the entire thing. It seems like the second half is the album, and the first half is just songs he wanted on the radio. But it also might not have been as good if it was more consistent. I just got bored by the end. That was also the case with 21 by Adele. I think that this was an album intended to win awards.

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