Friday, June 1, 2012

21 - Adele

This is the big album from last year from Adele, or as I call her Addle. This is her second album, and it's named after her age. Now at first I didn't really like Rolling in the Deep that much. But it eventually grew on me. I don't think that I need to explain that she's from England and that her first album was 19 and released in 2009. So two years later, 19+2= Her new album 21. I remember hearing Chasing Pavement when it first came out, and I wanted to murder her, not seriously, but you know. I thought that was one of the most obnoxious songs I'd heard at that point in my life. I heard it when she was on SNL. Well I have had this review sitting in the backburner but now here it is, Adele's 2011 Grammy Award Winning 21. FYI I am working on Sgt. Pepper's to upload at the end of the month, kind of like last month's Let it Be.
  1. Rolling in the Deep: This was the first big song. This was also a different musical direction from her first album. The guitar in the beginning of this song sounds really cool. I like this song, and I was surprised that I actually liked this song. This song has everything that I feel it needed to be a good song, an awesome voice and singing, cool instrumentation, and the choir in the background makes it sound cool. The one thing I don't like is that this is probably the only time a songs is like this on this album. Stylistically, not exciting.
  2. Rumour Has It: This sounds a shit load like Amy Winehouse. I'm not even kidding. If you have ever heard one of her songs, beside Rehab, then you can see the similarity. There is obviously not as much unperfectedness. This sounds like a cleaner verison of a song by her. I don't know how to explain that anymore. I think that the breakdown or bridge is really cool with the piano and the strings, but the chorus drives me nuts.
  3. Turning Tables: This song is a piano driven song, with her vocals. This song kind of feels like most of the other songs on this album. That's exactly what a pop hit needs, consistentness. I haven't heard all of these songs in order, so that how I know the sound by the third track.
  4. Don't You Remember: This has a southern arpeggio sounding vibe that I am picking up. I can't recall any other song that quite songs like this, so that excited me a little. By the end of the song this was not exciting to me.
  5. Set Fire To The Rain: I really, like Rolling in the Deep, like the way she sings this song. The piano and vocals and instrumentation is exciting, the only other time on this album that excites me is Rolling in the Deep. This song doesn't sound like any other song on this album. So that's a good thing. The piano arpeggios make this song sound really cool. It also builds, which makes it good.
  6. He Won't Go: This song has a feeling that I could picture in a part in a movie where they are walking in a fancy club. This song has strings added in the chorus and it actually kind of reminds me a little, just the strings in the chorus and how they sound, of Sucre in the was that the strings sound in the chorus. This also sounds like a song that would be a hit. I don't like it all that much, but I could see this being a hit song if it was in a soundtrack. There is a part where it sounds like its strings, her voice, and a harp and that sounds pretty. Nothing that moving, but it's not terrible.
  7. Take It All: This is a piano songs that I thought of, first came to mind, the intro to Sir Elton John's 1972 hit Rocket Man off the album of the same year Honky Château. This song is basically just her singing along to a piano. The thing though, that keeps it from having more of an Elton feeling is, she doesn't play piano. This is another good song, just not a song that I'm crazy or impressed with.
  8. I'll Be Waiting: This song didn't really impress me that much either. I think that it's beginning to become overkill.
  9. One And Only: This song in'st terrible, but it's like doo wap vibe instrumentally. Now I think that this also has a Bob Dylan and The Band vibe, but I don't like her voice along with those insturmentation. This is a pretty cool sounding song, but I don't like it that much.
  10. Lovesong: My Mom has this CD. And the songwriter credits for this song is a shit load longer than any other track. This has 6, and every other track has two. It's also the only track without Adele in the songwriting credit. This song has a jazz house feel. I don't really know if you'd describe it as jazz, but I feel like it's kind of jazzy. I think that this is a relaxing song to lead into the last song.
  11. Someone Like You: This is probably the biggest song off this. This is a very pretty song. I don't think that Adele is amazing, but I do think that this song is a good song. The vocals on this song are beautiful. I don't LOVE this song, but it's one hell of one. I think that she did a good job on this on.
Overall I give this Grammy album a 8/10, but if it was how I enjoyed it, it would be a 6/10. I don't think that it's the greatest album of 2011, but I can tell when someone has a good album. I like it more than Foster the Fuckers. So yeah...

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