Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Work/Sleep EP - The Appreciation Post

This is another band that I found out because of FrostClick and this is their Ep that was released March 2010. These guys are from Boston and started up in '05. They are like a pop=punk/synth-core band, as said on their FaceBook page. So why not give these guys a try, for funzies.
  1. The Beating of a Lifetime: This song starts out very poppy. But it has this "bubble gum" happiness to it. The synths give it that feel. They lyrics aren't as happy feeling and the melody. Damn it,  I hope this isn't the whole Ep. The breakdown of the song has an electronic drum in it. This song is too pop feeling to be a punk song.
  2. I'm No Sure Thing: This song starts out worse than the last song. This song is kind of like the last song, but I don't think that it's as happy. This has a feeling of Dying is Your Latest Fashion in the vocals and the melody. What kills it is the synth. Its buzzing is abnoxious to me.
  3. Doom & Gloom: This song doesn't really show that much of a difference between this one and the last one. There is a part that reminds me of the first album by Escape the Fate, but it ends to fast. If they had that part a little more than maybe it'd be better.
  4. No Songs Is Good Songs: This song has a new Weezer feeling to it. That doesn't feel good, it doesn't have a good feeling for me. Yeah this sounds like a more winy Weezer.
  5. Better My Future: This is the closest the guys have come to a Punk vibe. The bad thing is that this is just under 40 seconds and is an intrelude.
  6. Fear Of Loss: Then this song starts and contiunes that punkish vibe from the last track. The vibe is killed by the synth. The drum roll doesn't even help these guys out.
  7. Moving Backwards: Yeah this is the best part, # the ending is near. :(
I have to give this a 3/10. This is the first time that I'd ever heard anything by these guys. And to be honest I don't like this type of music. They sound like some random band on Epitaph Records. I think there is only 2 or 3 bands ever on that label that I like, ETF and FIR. It just doesn't work for me, I can't explain any more than, it just bugs me. I hope they make it onto Epitaph. Hey it's only 18 minutes so....

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