Sunday, March 24, 2013

Please Please Me - The Beatles

This is the debut album by my FAVORITE BAND OF ALL TIME. This is the third album review I'm doing of a Beatles album, I don't know exactly when this is going to be uploaded but I started this review on March 23rd, 2012. I'm pissed because my cunt ass computer wasn't working right and I couldn't use the keyboard to type into it. This was supposed to go up on March 22nd, 2012 which was the 49th anniversary of it being released, but I later said fuck it and am going to now upload it 1 year later so it will celebrate it's 50th anniversary. So it was basically useless to me. Now I have an good one and it works, especially since we got two, in case one breaks. Well aside from the computer thing, this album was risky for me. I used to say I didn't like The Beatles then I saw the movie Across The Universe and that got me interested in them. My cousins burned 1 on the computer and I kinda liked it, except Let It Be. #You have no fucking idea how Ironic that is. But then I used to say, after I bought Abbey Road, I only like their later stuff. So the album that I took a risk, so to say first was Rubber Soul. That album was still kind of experimental. But this was the first early, pre-experimental Beatles album I ever bought. And well.... I got into it. moral of the story is musical experimentation is very important, and if not for The Beatles I probably wouldn't have ever learned that. But you'll see why I love this album so much right....... Now! Well, Now it's a few days after the 50th, so lets dive in!
  1. I Saw Her Standing There: This is the first song on the album. It is a good introduction to this album. It's upbeat and exciting and sets the tone for this album as a whole.
  2. Misery: This song is another awesome song. The way this song starts it's got this feeling that I can't quite put my finger on, but I love it. I could see them playing this in Hamburg. I think the little piano fills in there are awesome. It's so sick that they did that for track two on album one. I don't know why, but this kind of blows my mind. It has kind of a doo-wop vibe
  3. Anna (Go To Him): The first time I heard this I was surprised that I liked it so much. It thought that it was kind of a weird track. I thought it didn't sounds like any other of the hits that I'd heard before. Now I love the track even more than the first time I heard it.
  4. Chains: This is a good song. I don't think that it's amazing, but I don't hate it. I think that this is a slower song. It doesn't really make me wanna get up and dance. Even some of the slower songs on this album I would still dance too.
  5. Boys: Ringo sings this one. This is a pretty exciting track to pick up where Chains was slower. I think that this is a doo-wop song. I think it's a fun song that you can dance to. Its like a good Sha Na Na. The solo in this song is sick. I really don't know how other to describe it than it's perfect of the song.
  6. Ask Me Why: This is a jazzy kind of song. I could see this being played at a school dance in the 60's. I really like this song. This has one of the coolest refrains/chorus on the album. It love it.
  7. Please Please Me: This is probably my favorite track on the album. I love the hell out of it. The vocals at all the parts of this song are awesome. There isn't really any part of this song that I think it's good. Sometimes really good songs have parts at aren't as good, well I don't think this track does. From the solid playing, and the bass line, and guitar vocals. Paul is one sick ass bassist. {10/10}
  8. Love Me Do: You can't go wrong with this song. The simple beat and lyrics. This song is a good example of, well, sometimes simple is better. So hats off to Ziggy. I love Paul's vocals in the song and his bass line. And I love the harmony's. This song is just, in a single word, yes {10/10}
  9. P.S. I Love You: I really like this song. I don't like at as much as the last two tracks, but I still do like it. I think it's a little more sad than the last track, which was upbeat. This was the b-side of the Love Me Do single in the UK in '62. There is like a Spanish feeling to this song. Which is FUCKING AWESOME! Even back then  they didn't just do blues *cough* The Rolling Stones *cough*.
  10. Baby It's You: This is probably one of the weaker points on the album. I do think this is a good song, but I don't think it's anything special.
  11. Do You Want To Know A Secret: This song is a pretty cool song. The beginning of this song sounds like it's something exciting coming up. Thought it stays at a slow pace this is still a kick ass song. I like the way George sings this one. I also really like the bass line and the drums.
  12. A Taste Of Honey: This song is almost seductive with the way that it is. It feels kind of like tango. I could see someone dancing to this song. I could probably see myself making love to this song, while it's playing. I love the chorus and the arpeggios. The distortion of the guitar is awesome to. I also think it's sick the way that they did the double track on Paul's vocals in the :"middle eight".
  13. There's A Place: I love this song, wow, I say that a lot. No, but seriously, this is an awesome song. I like the way the harmonica. The refrains in this song, and along with a part of this album, are just amazing. I'm a sucker for an AMAZING refrain/chrous/pre-chrous and lots of songs on this album have those. "Do you know that it's so". Some examples, off other albums, are Another Girl, No Reply, Think For Yourself, She's A Woman, Michelle, I'll Be Back, I'm So Tired among others.
  14. Twist and Shout: This is one of the very, I mean very, few. Like out of The Beatles 200+ songs in their main discography, there is probably 5 songs I'm not huge on. This is one of them. I have just gotten sick of this song. It was ok at first, but Ferris kinda ruined the song for me. Now it doesn't really have that same UMPH! it used to have.
Overall I have to give that album an 8/10. This album was an important part in my musical journey, that still goes on today. As funny as it is, listening to this album today, it only helps remind me how AMAZING The Beatles actually are. I can't believe that these guys have done as big of a number as they have to me. In the best way possible.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Apostrophe (') - Frank Zappa

This is one of the first Frank Zappa albums I ever heard. At first I thought it was OK  but it grew on me. The thing about it is that I wasn't huge on it at first. It was kind of like, my now favorite album I've ever heard, Abbey Road. At first I didn't like all the songs on that album at first. But when I actually listened to it I liked it more. That's how a lot of albums are, and songs. I remember watching the Classic Albums movie about Over-Nite Sensation/Apostrophe (') one. I thought that it was one of the coolest documentary I'd ever seen. My friend Jason was sleeping over and I was watching that while he was busy doing something in the basement at my house. I couldn't not watch it, and be impressed. To this day, he still blows my mind with his compositions and skill. I pushed this back a while because I wanted to get a lot of info to make this accurate  I'm doing the review of the 2012 UMe Remaster.
  1. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow: I love the beginning of this song. With the wind sounds and the guitar. I love the guitar's tone throughout this entire album. I love the drums and the song is catchy. This song is very bass driven. The "Watch Out Where The Huskies Go" can't not get stuck in your head.
  2. Nanook Rubs It: This is where the Fur Trapper who is "Strictly Commercial" comes and steps on his favorite baby seal. With a "Lead filled Snowshoe". There is some parts where the vocals go back and forth in the speakers. This song is more "funky"? than the last one. This is an awesome example of Frank's story telling. I love how he does this for some of his songs. There is a part where, if you listen, you can hear him say "here fido" which is a reference to Dirty Love.
  3. St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast: I was in awe of the percussion parts. I love how this songs intro is a sick percussion riff. This is the part right before my favorite part of the suite. the Rollo Interior is also awesome. "Hurt Me, hurt me" is something I reference a lot. Usually making fun of some of my friends. The drums in this song as so sick and I love the lead into the next track. 
  4. Father O'Blivion: This is such a funky song. I love the way the guitar sounds and the "wah". You probably could do the "Funky Alphonzo" to this song. I couldn't get this song out of my head for the longest time. It's also a pretty fast track. The bass in here and the synthesizers. UGH!. And the Spanish march part or "Domonuss Vum Bizcum" (I know it's spelled wrong. But I tried phonetically) is fucking sick.
  5. Cosmik Debris: For the longest time this, and Stink-Foot I didn't care for. I don't know why, but Stink-Foot grew on me. I was almost obsessed with this song. I love the violin in this song. Its sick. And I like the little motifs for the different parts. I think that's the right word. And I love this entire story. I would constantly reference this song, just about every chance I could. I would suggest listening to this song, and listening to this lyrics too. It's kind of a funny story about a drug dealer trying to sell Frank drugs and he says no and then pretty much outsmarts and tricks the drug dealer. "I had the sucker hypnotized".
  6. Excentrifugal Forz: I didn't know what to think about this song. That was until I dissected it, so to say. Or maybe I should say I better listened to it. I also think this is a good way to start off side two. And it's kind of the prelude to Apostrophe. I like the part where it says "Pup Tentacle  and him re-reference in Cheepnis in the follow up Roxy & Elsewhere. This song kind of has a futuristic feeling to it. I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy, but that's how I feel.
  7. Apostrophe ('): I could probably say that this is my least favorite track. I don't know why, but it's my least favorite. This is a jam between Frank, Jack Bruce and Jim Gordon. And I also guess Tony Duran does rhythm guitar on this song. This song is kind of cool, but It's probably my least favorite on the album. It is a pretty cool song though.
  8. Uncle Remus: This was probably my first favorite song by Zappa. I love the piano in the song and I didn't even realize what it was about until I looked at the lyrics. It was written by Frank and George Duke. This song is actually pretty epic. This is probably the only real serious song on this album. Most of the songs on this are pretty humours and silly, but this song is kind of meaning ful. It brings up some of the topics that were brought up in Trouble Every Day off his June 1966 Freak Out! debut
  9. Stink-Foot: I wasn't very huge on this song, until the 2012 UMe Remaster. I feel like I'm jumping on the band wagon, but this is a really cool song. This song was written after seeing a a foot deodorant commercial where the dog passes out from the guys feet. I don't really know if that would make you like this song or not. This song is super catchy though. The instruments only make it that much more catchy. I FUCKING love this! This is the songs where the term Conceptual Continuity is from. There are also other references in this song "Here Fido", "Imaginary Diseases", "Poodle Bites, Poodle Chews It". It's just a "sick" ending for an awesome album. Not to mention the solo in the song is also pretty sick too.
Overall I have no choice but to give this album a 10/10. This is one of the first albums that got me into Frank. If I'd have never heard this album then I'd be so fucked. This album has played such a part in everything. The 2012 UMe Remaster is how the Vinyl sounds, minus the ''Farts'' in the songs as mentioned above. Another thing is that this album isn't really one to get boring. Some albums have "drags" this one doesn't really have any. And I obviously can't do this album any justice, so just listen to it, the Vinyl or 2012 UMe Remaster version (that's the one that's on iTunes & Spotify).

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rumours - Fleetwood Mac

Well I'm Mid Next Day review so I decided to do another quickie. This is an album that I picked, kind of as a filler while I finish up the review of that album. The reason it's a "filler" is because I already know what I'm gonna give it ahead of time. I could probably do the review off the top of my head. Yes, the album I chose was the one and only Rumors by the one and only Fleetwood Mac. Now I have two copies of this on vinyl. One from Mom and one from a Cousins Husband. This is an awesome album. I could go into the specifics of what was going on, but here's a quick summary. 2nd album with Stevie Nicks (If you don't think she's sexy on that album cover and back then you might as well be gay), and Lindsay Buckingham. They had already broken up, and
  1. Second Hand News: I think that this is a good way to start off the album. I really like the bass line in the song. And the acoustic guitar in the song is pretty cool sounding. This whole album is pretty much based around relationships, but I don't really want to dive into that that much. But I won't want to get the Second Hand News about my relationship and how it might be going the wrong way.
  2. Dreams: This song is sung by Stevie. This song is very dreamy. I could see someone falling in love to this song. Like in a movie. Where someone would daze off and think about the person they have feeling for. It's a pretty song. I'm not huge on this song, mainly cuz I feel like there is too much of a country vibe. But then again Wing's sometimes has a country vibe like this. That's beside the point. But this is a pretty song.
  3. Never Going Back Again: This is Lindsay's. I love this song. This could possibly be in my top 3 for the album. It's kind of like his Blackbird. He plays "sole", McCartney played sole. They both had acoustic guitars. But instead of about Civil Rights stuff in the 60's it's about never going back to that relationship. I love the way it sounds. I would make sex to this song. It's kind of sexy. The strings in the song make it that much  more magical. And his voice is pretty cool. {9/10}
  4. Don't Stop: This is kind of an uplifting song. Don't Stop Believing in yourself. I used to LOVE this song. But then when I heard the entire album it kind of changed a little. This is still a pretty good song, solid bass line, solid drums, sick piano, sick vocals, cool guitar. But I don't think it's as good as I once did. {8/10}
  5. Go Your Own Way: You really can't go wrong with this song. It's about splitting up, but it's one of the heavier tracks on the album. It's also got this guitar distortion in it that I wish I could somehow replicate. Not the playing, just the sound. And I love the acoustic guitar in there too. If you listen for the bass too it's totally worth it. The bass is just as awesome as the acoustic guitar. The solos in this song is solid. If you don't like this band, you think they are too soft, you might like this song. Either that or the title track off the 1979 double album Tusk. {9/10}
  6. Songbird: This is a pretty song. I like the piano/vocal/acoustic guitar. It is a pretty song. I think it's kind of a good follow up to Go Your Own Way and a good ending for side 1.
  7. The Chain: This is one of my other favorite songs. I love this one. This is a heavier track. It kind of, to me, is like the baby version, in a way, of Tusk. This is the beginning of side 2. I love the fuck out this song. The vocals in this song kind of are tight. UGH! It's amazing. I would make sex to this song too. Though there is a country flava to it, I still love it. And I think there is an organ in this song. The organ sounds awesome. The distortion on this song, guitar wise, is even cooler than on Go Your Own Way. Then the bass line in the breakdown. The guitars.... ORGASM! This song is just..... UGH! {10/10}
  8. You Make Loving Fun: This is a fun song. I'm not just saying that, it is. Though it's as "Happy and Fun" as it is I remember seeing the lyrics and they aren't as fun and happy as the song is. It's kind of like a "Don't go, I don't want to leave" because "You made being in love fun" and "I don't know what I can do without you". This is a pretty song. I think that it is an awesome song. I also like the funky guitar in the song. This song also kind of have a little funky vibe at parts. An awesome, awesome song {9/10}
  9. I Don't Want To Know: This song is kind of  like Dreams. In the way that it's got a country vibe to it. The guitar in the beginning reminds me of Pete Townshend's song Let My Love Open The Door and The Who song Amazing Journey off 1969's Tommy. This is another good song. I don't care for it as much as some of the others, but I still do like this song.
  10. Oh Daddy: This song starts out with a kind of Medieval style. There is like a flute in the beginning. This song is soft. It kind of reminds me a little of Rainbow's track Rainbow Eyes off 1978's Long Live Rock N Roll. I like this song a lot. It's really cool. The solo at the ending to the fade is pretty sick with the organ playing.
  11. Gold Dust Woman: I know this songs about Stevie's love for Gold Dust, but I never really cared for this song. I don't know why, but I just am not huge on this song. I like the way the acoustic electric guitar sounds in this song. I mean this is a good ending for this album. But I don't love it. Actually as I'm going through this song, now actually thinking about it, it ain't that bad. With the sitar sounds. That's pretty cool. And how the song gets louder and bigger and then it eventually ends. This is a perfect, a Christie Perfect ending to the album.
Overall I have to give this 1977 classic a 8/10. It's actually kind of funny, I read somewhere it's praised, partially, for the three harmony vocals. That's what helped make Abbey Road so Goddamn! Amazing! And I referenced Never Going Back Again to Blackbird (a Beatles song, not on Abbey Road on 1968's Self titled). I might not be 100% on some of the stories of the songs, but it's more through my eye's, not the bands, so to say.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Butterfly - Blowfly

This is the 1976, one of them, album by Blowfly. I figured do a quick review to hold me over till The Next Day. Damn You Europe! I didn't care for The Weird World of Blowfly, his 1971 debut (as Blowfly not Clarence Reid). I feel like it was too repetitive. There are some other's I've listened to the entirety, but most I've heard more than that but not 100% of the album. Well this is Blowfly at him being Blowfly. So lets dive in to this.
  1. Intro: This track kind of explains what the whole entire vibe of the album is. Like a radio show. It explains that interruptions and the guy talking in between the tracks.
  2. Rap Dirty: This is probably one of my favorite songs I've heard, especially in the comedy department. I love the way this this sounds like it's on the radio. This song is so damn catchy, once you hear the song and realize it's funny. He references The "Grand Dragon Of The Ku Klux Klan", being a distant cousin of "Muhammad Ali". There are also references to masturbation and him remembering his dad told him "Niggers Dicks Are More Bigger Than Whites" but this "Crackers Dick" was "Three Times My Size". This totally sets the tone of some of the ridiculous stories told on this album. The backing to it proves this is the first rap song ever. 
  3. More Cracker Lies / Could Have Worse: This is the second part with the Butterfly on W.F.U.C.K. Radio. He is talking about stories, one of them is a "friend" who can't achieve an erection  so he gets a "$3000" pill that gets his "dick hard 3 different times". In order for it to stay he has to say "Beep" then to keep it down go "Beep Beep". And well, You can see what happens to this guy while he's driving home. Another story is about a guy who always said "It Could Have Been Worse".
  4. Suck Train: I think this is supposed to be a spoof of Soul Train. This isn't as good as Rap Dirty.
  5. Easter Bunny: This is another piece of think where Butterfly is talking the Easter Bunny Laying Eggs. And Tarzan.
  6. Tarzan: This is just the instrumental that was in the background of the last track. This is funky and is "wah-wah" something that I could see being in a '70s Blacksplotation movie. I really like this song a lot.
  7. Niggaz Ain't Shit: I'm assuming that this is the beginning of side 2. It has "Butterfly" talking.
  8. Juice It Up: This is the first song where Blowfly sings in 3 tracks. This song is kind of crazy with it's final line "Sperm It Up". I don't know, it's kind of funny.
  9. Big Game Hunter: This is another piece with Butterfly talking. It's much better to listen to these stories front to back. I don't think, if you're reading this, the stories might not sound interesting. They are more interesting when you hear them telling them.
  10. Neither One Of Us: The lyrics to this song is such a stretch, but what song by Blow isn't.
  11. Niggaz In A Bar / Integrated Education / Fart Contest: The backing to this is fucking funky. UGH! This is sick as fuck. These backing instrumentals with Butterfly's talking is awesome. If you don't even like the concepts or what is talked about listen to this backing track. It kind of reminds me of Kill Bill.
  12. Outro: This is the the ending. It's kind of like the end, Butterfly signing off. The instrumental at the end is pretty funky.
Overall I have to give this a 8/10. I wouldn't suggest this to anyone who gets offended easily. I like this a lot, but I also don't really get offended by anything. I don't really know what more to say about this specific album more than I've already said. Based on catlouge numbers and dates I've deducted this came out correctly in 1976 not 1981 or 1973. RateYourMusic was right

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Rise and Fall Of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars - David Bowie

This is, though it came out in June, my review for this album. I figure with The Next Day on the trail only 3 days away why the fuck not review one of my Favorite albums ever. I could go on forever about Bowie and how him, and this album especially, helped influence my taste and songwriting. I wrote out an album, that was scraped, but was heavily Ziggy-era Bowie influenced. Frankly I want to start this review, so here is a quick factual bio. Released June 6th, 1972. First to feature Ziggy persona. Album number 5. Possibly his most famous album.
  1. Five Years: This song starts out with a fade in of drums. Then guitar and Davie and piano comes in. This song is an awesome tone setter for the rest of the album. The chorus on this song, and the entire album, are so damn amazing. The piano in this song is very pretty. And when the strings come in and get louder. This song kind of "fades in" throughout the entire song. As the song progressively gets louder and everything comes in for the chorus.
  2. Soul Love: I like the way this song starts out kind of slower. There is sax in the song. I like that this is different than the last song. It isn't completely repetitive like other albums by some bands. I'll leave that up for your interpretation. I like the way that David sings this one. The sax in this song is kind of "sexy"? I hope that makes sense. I could see someone dancing to this at a wedding. "Sexy" might not be the right word, but I still think that is could be considered "Romantic" sounding. I love the moans in the background. Then I love it how the song goes into more of a Ziggy sound. This song is a pretty cool, sick, smooth second track.
  3. Moonage Daydream: I was reading that this is, story line wise, one of the most important songs. The guitar in this song is sick and the drum fills in between the "Moonage Daydream". UGH! The woodwind solo there is awesome. I think that the strings too. There is also a sick echo in this song. The solo pretty much blows my mind. The way the guitar in the solo is, it reminds me of something Pink Floyd might have done for the song Comfortably Numb or any song post Dark Side.
  4. Starman: This song is more of an eargasm. Now I don't really know if I can tell you how much I love this song. The song is such a build up. This is one epic song. The guitar right after the chorus is awesome. I also think the chorus in the song is so..... YES!. The piano in between the verses and chrous that gives you a little suspense right before the chorus begins.
  5. It Ain't Easy: It kind of bugs me when people cover songs for a concept album. Ah-la Eyesight To The Blind on the 1969 Who classic Tommy. It's a good song, but that's just my view on it. None the less, this is an awesome song. This song, along with the other songs, has such an epic chorus. The harpsichord in the verses and the stringsplosion that shows up in the chorus. Damn! 
  6. Lady Stardust: Now, this is the only spot on the album where, in the beginning, kind of has a little dent. I think that this song is pretty sick, but it's probably my least favorite song. I know this sounds bad, but this is probably my only problem with this album. But, I don't think it would be the same without it. This song is more of a ballad and doesn't have that epicnessness to it. The piano is awesome in the song, but it doesn't really go anywhere.
  7. Star: I don't know why he used the word star so many times in the tracklisting. None the less, this song is a pretty cool song. It isn't a Rock 'N' Roll Suicide but it's an awesome song. I like the instruments and the way they all play. I think the ending of the song is pretty sick, not quite "epic" but sick.
  8. Hang On To Yourself: Here's an upbeat song. By that I mean it's more dance-able than the last two. This is a total song that I imagine Ziggy playing. This song is also super catchy. The bass line in this and the guitar solo that kind go hand and hand. It's sick. The band that David was using for this album is just a gift from God.
  9. Ziggy Stardust: This song, instrumentally, is just so different, for me. I heard this, then was reintroduced to it in Guitar Hero. I think that this isn't quite a "ballad" but it isn't weird. It is just different type of "ballad". The refrains in this song are amazing. The slight "uh" during the refrains are pretty funny, but I think add to the song. The ending of this song is an awesome finish and perfect.
  10. Suffragette City: I could kind of see T. Rex playing this song. They style, not the specific song. This song is a fun song. You can dance to this. The guitars tone in the solo is awesome. I love it so much. The piano in the background is pretty cool to. I love it so much.
  11. Rock 'N' Roll Suicide: I don't know why, but I never really thought about this song being this song. I knew this song and thought it was awesome, but didn't realize it was Rock 'N' Roll Suicide. You know what I mean. This song is so epic. The way it starts out very calm and quiet after the last song, which was a pretty fast "exciting" song. The build in this song is just like, for me, Life On Mars? off 1971's Hunky Dory. The strings, by Mick Ronson?, are so Damn beautiful for both songs. I love the way the bass sounds in the 2012 Remaster. And the strings at the end. I would make love to this song playing in the background. This song is truly "Wonderful". 
Overall I have to give this album a 9.7/10. I love it. This has, not just memories, but an awe to it. I don't know how to explain it enough unless you experience this album. Damn, this 2012 Remaster is better than the dumb 'ole 1999 Version I got off iTunes 4 years ago. Part of what I think makes this album so awesome is every song on the album is epic. From the build ups to the strings to the choruses. I tip my hat to you Bowie in making one damn amazing album. I don't know enough descriptive words to explain how awesome this is. That's part of the reason I don't review Jazz, sorry Miles. If you want to make a decent album or make a decent song visit this album a few times first.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Phantom Antichrist - Kreator

I was going to review this when it first came out this summer but I didn't like it enough to give it a positive review. My friend asked me to review this for his birthday. So when I realized what album this was I was like SHIT!. But then I went, well that was then, this is now. I'm going to listen to it more open minded and try to think. Sometimes you need more than one listen ah-lah Lulu. So, Here we Go.
  1. Mars Mantra: This is the introduction to the album. It's pretty intresting. It makes me want to hear what the rest of the album will be like. The transition from this song to the title track kind of reminds me a little of The Hellion to Electric Eye. I've been making a bunch of Priest comparisons lately haven't I?
  2. Phantom Antichrist: This is a pretty cool song. I like this song. I think that it sounds like a song that I imagine would be on Nuclear Blast. (quick fact I own Symphony X's 2011 Iconoclast which was released on Nuclear Blast). I like the guitar and I like the crunch of it. Thought I like it, I'm hoping this entire album isn't like this. I heard it in June but don't remember much beside I didn't care for the album first time through. I really like the tone of the guitar in the solo. For some reason it vaguely reminds me of Yngwie's 2008 Perpetual Flame (which I really like).
  3. Death to The World: This song reminds me of, don't Slayer's songs on World Painted Blood or God Hates Us All. I feel like there is a message in this song, but I am more interested in the song. The solo is epic sounding with the dual guitars. It vaguely reminds me a little of Set The World On Fire by Symphony off 2007's Paradise Lost (amazing album).
  4. From Flood Into Fire: I do like this song too. The one thing thought, I fear, is that this will contiue this way. Like the similarity  This song reminds me a little of Dimmu Borgir. The solo also reminds me of the solo in the song Through The Fire And The Flames off Dragonforce's 2006 Inhuman Rampage (I also own that Cd, I go back and forth on it). This is totally a Dragonforce type of song. But less "gay".
  5. Civilization Collapse: This song is pretty cool. I kind of think that it is a total thrash song. But who the fuck doesn't like thrash metal!
  6. United in Hate: The beginning of this song reminds me of The Unforgiven, or Nothing Else Matters. I don't think I need to specify were those are from. It's "Kill 'Em Master of Lightning, For St. Justice". Its on that "For Puppets & All" album, right? You know from 1865.
  7. The Few, The Proud, The Broken: The album is kind of starting to get a little repetitive. I'm not dissing the album, but I wish there was a little more variety. At least there was an acoustic guitar in the last song. I do like the breakdown after the solo though. I really like that guitar tone.Wait I spoke too soon, there it is, the Acoustic guitar. It reminds me a little of Killswitch Engage.
  8. Your Heaven, My Hell: I think it's kind of getting a little repetitive :(
  9. Victory Will Come: I love metal, but sometimes some band's just reuse a sound too much. I still like this song, along with the rest of this album, some songs more than others, but yeah.
  10. Until Our Paths Cross Again: I think that this beginning of the song is kind of a good way to end the album. It kind of gives off a vibe that "Victory Has Come". This is a good ending. :)
Overall I have to say, second time through, this gets a 7.6/10. I enjoyed this more then Meshuggah's ObZen or the little of Koloss I heard. There are some cool guitar tones on this album. I enjoyed this album, but it got a little too repetitive at the end. I think that I would be willing to pick this up on CD. I also need to finish up Pleasure to Kill. Tomorrow will see the uploading of my favorite Bowie album. I should probably do a Judas Priest review too.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bomber - Motörhead

This is the third, and second released in 1979, album by British Heavy Metal band Motörhead. I don't have a ton of experience with Motörhead, but I do know some of their stuff. I've listened to about 90% of the 1980 release Ace Of Spades, and various other releases I've heard a decent amount off. For some reason I can't recall ever hearing anything off Bomber. My friend, Justin, was supposed to have this up for his 18th birthday, but we made a deal. Since I goofed about the whole understanding of the review I do Bomber today, and Phantom Antichrist tomorrow. I did So Far, So Good... So What last year. This album was produced by Jimmy Miller, look him up, he has a pretty neat discography for production. This includes the first three Traffic albums, Blind Faith's sole album, the five Stones albums between Beggars Banquet and Goat Head Soup and albums two & three for Motörhead. There are other's but lets get back to the review.
  1. Dead Men Tell No Tales: This song starts out with a type of intro that I would recognize as Motörhead. This sounds like a classic Motörhead song. The first time through I don't really know what to say about it. I think the solo's distortion is pretty cool.
  2. Lawman: I like this song a little more than the last. Maybe because it's kind of sinking in. I was reading about this song and it says that it's one of his more "ferocious" because it's "hitting hard at the police". I don't really know what that means but I think it doesn't sounds anymore aggressive, lyrically maybe, but not sound wise. And after looking at the lyrics, they are kind of aggressive. Upon second listen this song kind of has a march to it. I think it's a pretty decent song actually.
  3. Sweet Revenge: I like the guitar in this song. I like the like scream "REVENGE" at the fade out. This is a pretty cool song. I am curious as to how they got that guitar sounds. Though I like the sound of this song it is kind of "wearing" my interest in the album down. This totally reminds me of Priest off Sad Wings Of Destiny.
  4. Sharpshooter: Yes, an uptempo song. This song kind of reminds me of Iron Fist. Which might be my favorite Motörhead song. Either that or Mean Machine off 1986's Orgasmatron. The guitar is awesome, and I think that solo is pretty sick. This is what I needed. This kind of lifted my spirits in listening to this. I'm not dissing the album, but from the first three tracks it kind of wore me down, but this has gained my interest back.
  5. Poison: The lyrics to this are kind of a "backlash" at his father for leaving his mother. That's from what I read. I think this is another Ok song.
  6. Stone Dead Forever: Before I started this song I went and did a "favorite hits" of my own to kind of get more in the spirit to listen more intently. This is a pretty decent song. Better than those side 1 songs.
  7. All The Aces: Does that include Spades? This song isn't really any different from any other songs. I think it's ok, but yeah.
  8. Step Down: This also reminds me of '70s Priest. The guitar and whole entire "darkness" to it. Eddie's voice even reminds me a ton of Judas Priest. I could see this being a tribute or a cover of a song by them. This song UGH!
  9. Talking Head: I doubt that this is a reference to the band, mainly because their first album came out in '77, but who knows. It's actually about TV. The beginning of this riff reminds me of Lonely Boy by The Black Keys. I did a review of the album that was on. I also own that CD. The bass in this song reminds me of that song. The guitar in it is also awesome.
  10. Bomber: This is a pretty good way to end this album. Don't pussy out, make it mad! Go out with a bang! It's A Bama, It's A Bama, It's Obama?
Overall I have to give this a 8/10. The lyrics on this thing are pretty aggressive any "angry". That doesn't play any part in the score, but it's kind of neat that there was obvious passion that went into these lyrics. I like that the songs are no longer than, minus 1, about 4 minutes long. Part of what frustrates me is that the songs, you can't really understand Lemmy. It's frustrating to me. I have to look at the lyrics to understand what the hell, beside the title of the songs, he was saying. But because of songs like Talking Head and Sharpshooter, Talking Head, Step Down. Also the kind of Priest vibes I got from this helped me enjoy this. So I hope you like this review Justin. And look for tomorrows review, tomorrow. The 2nd side is much better, I think, than the first.