Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bomber - Motörhead

This is the third, and second released in 1979, album by British Heavy Metal band Motörhead. I don't have a ton of experience with Motörhead, but I do know some of their stuff. I've listened to about 90% of the 1980 release Ace Of Spades, and various other releases I've heard a decent amount off. For some reason I can't recall ever hearing anything off Bomber. My friend, Justin, was supposed to have this up for his 18th birthday, but we made a deal. Since I goofed about the whole understanding of the review I do Bomber today, and Phantom Antichrist tomorrow. I did So Far, So Good... So What last year. This album was produced by Jimmy Miller, look him up, he has a pretty neat discography for production. This includes the first three Traffic albums, Blind Faith's sole album, the five Stones albums between Beggars Banquet and Goat Head Soup and albums two & three for Motörhead. There are other's but lets get back to the review.
  1. Dead Men Tell No Tales: This song starts out with a type of intro that I would recognize as Motörhead. This sounds like a classic Motörhead song. The first time through I don't really know what to say about it. I think the solo's distortion is pretty cool.
  2. Lawman: I like this song a little more than the last. Maybe because it's kind of sinking in. I was reading about this song and it says that it's one of his more "ferocious" because it's "hitting hard at the police". I don't really know what that means but I think it doesn't sounds anymore aggressive, lyrically maybe, but not sound wise. And after looking at the lyrics, they are kind of aggressive. Upon second listen this song kind of has a march to it. I think it's a pretty decent song actually.
  3. Sweet Revenge: I like the guitar in this song. I like the like scream "REVENGE" at the fade out. This is a pretty cool song. I am curious as to how they got that guitar sounds. Though I like the sound of this song it is kind of "wearing" my interest in the album down. This totally reminds me of Priest off Sad Wings Of Destiny.
  4. Sharpshooter: Yes, an uptempo song. This song kind of reminds me of Iron Fist. Which might be my favorite Motörhead song. Either that or Mean Machine off 1986's Orgasmatron. The guitar is awesome, and I think that solo is pretty sick. This is what I needed. This kind of lifted my spirits in listening to this. I'm not dissing the album, but from the first three tracks it kind of wore me down, but this has gained my interest back.
  5. Poison: The lyrics to this are kind of a "backlash" at his father for leaving his mother. That's from what I read. I think this is another Ok song.
  6. Stone Dead Forever: Before I started this song I went and did a "favorite hits" of my own to kind of get more in the spirit to listen more intently. This is a pretty decent song. Better than those side 1 songs.
  7. All The Aces: Does that include Spades? This song isn't really any different from any other songs. I think it's ok, but yeah.
  8. Step Down: This also reminds me of '70s Priest. The guitar and whole entire "darkness" to it. Eddie's voice even reminds me a ton of Judas Priest. I could see this being a tribute or a cover of a song by them. This song UGH!
  9. Talking Head: I doubt that this is a reference to the band, mainly because their first album came out in '77, but who knows. It's actually about TV. The beginning of this riff reminds me of Lonely Boy by The Black Keys. I did a review of the album that was on. I also own that CD. The bass in this song reminds me of that song. The guitar in it is also awesome.
  10. Bomber: This is a pretty good way to end this album. Don't pussy out, make it mad! Go out with a bang! It's A Bama, It's A Bama, It's Obama?
Overall I have to give this a 8/10. The lyrics on this thing are pretty aggressive any "angry". That doesn't play any part in the score, but it's kind of neat that there was obvious passion that went into these lyrics. I like that the songs are no longer than, minus 1, about 4 minutes long. Part of what frustrates me is that the songs, you can't really understand Lemmy. It's frustrating to me. I have to look at the lyrics to understand what the hell, beside the title of the songs, he was saying. But because of songs like Talking Head and Sharpshooter, Talking Head, Step Down. Also the kind of Priest vibes I got from this helped me enjoy this. So I hope you like this review Justin. And look for tomorrows review, tomorrow. The 2nd side is much better, I think, than the first.

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