Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Apostrophe (') - Frank Zappa

This is one of the first Frank Zappa albums I ever heard. At first I thought it was OK  but it grew on me. The thing about it is that I wasn't huge on it at first. It was kind of like, my now favorite album I've ever heard, Abbey Road. At first I didn't like all the songs on that album at first. But when I actually listened to it I liked it more. That's how a lot of albums are, and songs. I remember watching the Classic Albums movie about Over-Nite Sensation/Apostrophe (') one. I thought that it was one of the coolest documentary I'd ever seen. My friend Jason was sleeping over and I was watching that while he was busy doing something in the basement at my house. I couldn't not watch it, and be impressed. To this day, he still blows my mind with his compositions and skill. I pushed this back a while because I wanted to get a lot of info to make this accurate  I'm doing the review of the 2012 UMe Remaster.
  1. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow: I love the beginning of this song. With the wind sounds and the guitar. I love the guitar's tone throughout this entire album. I love the drums and the song is catchy. This song is very bass driven. The "Watch Out Where The Huskies Go" can't not get stuck in your head.
  2. Nanook Rubs It: This is where the Fur Trapper who is "Strictly Commercial" comes and steps on his favorite baby seal. With a "Lead filled Snowshoe". There is some parts where the vocals go back and forth in the speakers. This song is more "funky"? than the last one. This is an awesome example of Frank's story telling. I love how he does this for some of his songs. There is a part where, if you listen, you can hear him say "here fido" which is a reference to Dirty Love.
  3. St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast: I was in awe of the percussion parts. I love how this songs intro is a sick percussion riff. This is the part right before my favorite part of the suite. the Rollo Interior is also awesome. "Hurt Me, hurt me" is something I reference a lot. Usually making fun of some of my friends. The drums in this song as so sick and I love the lead into the next track. 
  4. Father O'Blivion: This is such a funky song. I love the way the guitar sounds and the "wah". You probably could do the "Funky Alphonzo" to this song. I couldn't get this song out of my head for the longest time. It's also a pretty fast track. The bass in here and the synthesizers. UGH!. And the Spanish march part or "Domonuss Vum Bizcum" (I know it's spelled wrong. But I tried phonetically) is fucking sick.
  5. Cosmik Debris: For the longest time this, and Stink-Foot I didn't care for. I don't know why, but Stink-Foot grew on me. I was almost obsessed with this song. I love the violin in this song. Its sick. And I like the little motifs for the different parts. I think that's the right word. And I love this entire story. I would constantly reference this song, just about every chance I could. I would suggest listening to this song, and listening to this lyrics too. It's kind of a funny story about a drug dealer trying to sell Frank drugs and he says no and then pretty much outsmarts and tricks the drug dealer. "I had the sucker hypnotized".
  6. Excentrifugal Forz: I didn't know what to think about this song. That was until I dissected it, so to say. Or maybe I should say I better listened to it. I also think this is a good way to start off side two. And it's kind of the prelude to Apostrophe. I like the part where it says "Pup Tentacle  and him re-reference in Cheepnis in the follow up Roxy & Elsewhere. This song kind of has a futuristic feeling to it. I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy, but that's how I feel.
  7. Apostrophe ('): I could probably say that this is my least favorite track. I don't know why, but it's my least favorite. This is a jam between Frank, Jack Bruce and Jim Gordon. And I also guess Tony Duran does rhythm guitar on this song. This song is kind of cool, but It's probably my least favorite on the album. It is a pretty cool song though.
  8. Uncle Remus: This was probably my first favorite song by Zappa. I love the piano in the song and I didn't even realize what it was about until I looked at the lyrics. It was written by Frank and George Duke. This song is actually pretty epic. This is probably the only real serious song on this album. Most of the songs on this are pretty humours and silly, but this song is kind of meaning ful. It brings up some of the topics that were brought up in Trouble Every Day off his June 1966 Freak Out! debut
  9. Stink-Foot: I wasn't very huge on this song, until the 2012 UMe Remaster. I feel like I'm jumping on the band wagon, but this is a really cool song. This song was written after seeing a a foot deodorant commercial where the dog passes out from the guys feet. I don't really know if that would make you like this song or not. This song is super catchy though. The instruments only make it that much more catchy. I FUCKING love this! This is the songs where the term Conceptual Continuity is from. There are also other references in this song "Here Fido", "Imaginary Diseases", "Poodle Bites, Poodle Chews It". It's just a "sick" ending for an awesome album. Not to mention the solo in the song is also pretty sick too.
Overall I have no choice but to give this album a 10/10. This is one of the first albums that got me into Frank. If I'd have never heard this album then I'd be so fucked. This album has played such a part in everything. The 2012 UMe Remaster is how the Vinyl sounds, minus the ''Farts'' in the songs as mentioned above. Another thing is that this album isn't really one to get boring. Some albums have "drags" this one doesn't really have any. And I obviously can't do this album any justice, so just listen to it, the Vinyl or 2012 UMe Remaster version (that's the one that's on iTunes & Spotify).

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