Friday, February 26, 2016

The End - Black Sabbath

This is the second, technically if you don't count album tracks, Ep by Black Sabbath. I could be wrong about that, but I'm pretty sure I'm not. I decided to review this, because I did review 13 and I've been wanting to do one of the group for some time now. I do plan on getting maybe Forbidden (:D really) or Mob Rules out before 2017 still, but you know.
  1. Season of the Dead: Opening the album we get this sort of doomy, nice opening that I really am digging. The only real complaint is I could very much see this being any song really on the album. Like it's nothing that mind blowing, it's just kind of okay.
  2. Cry All Night: I like the wah on this tunes opening. I mean this isn't a terrible tune, but the second time around it kind of loses some of it's interest. Like this isn't as good time number two or three. All thought "who gave you the right" made me laugh because it reminded me of Michael telling Toby "what gives you the right". Even thought the song changes into a slower pace I mean is that really that shocking. I mean did that take anyone by surprised they did this.
  3. Take Me Home: "Tonight, I don't want to let the feeling go aria". Whatever, this is solid, but much like the other tunes, this sounds ike it's an outtake from the last record. Upon looking it up, I got to this track, I discovered it is and so are all the non live tracks...... Figures. While I do like the nylon string solo, I can't really say that took me off guard. I mean this is the band that put out Fluff and Planet Caravan. I mean that don't have to experiment, but that's what made (even the lesser of the album) 70's material so good. That had fun with it, kind of. 
  4. Isolated Man: This really sounds like a lesser version of a Sabbath tunes that I kind of have tuned out, either that or Ozzy in the 2000's. There isn't anything here for me to really hold with me. It starts and ends. Also If I'm being honest, that intro reminds me a bit of Faith No More's 1989 tune Suprise Your Dead!. Just a hair. Tasty solo, but again, am I really surprised this is happening here.
  5. God is Dead? (Live Sydney, Australia 4/27/13): Don't get me wrong, I like this tune, I think they vocal thing that sort of bothered me at parts sounds good here. The only down side to this live version, is it looses some of the atmosphere I think. It's not as eerie. It's kind of like if you were to hear a prerecorded version of a song for a live performance. There isn't much variety to this.
  6. Under The Sun (Live Auckland, New Zealand 4/20/13): Of the live tunes, the only one to be not from the new album. This finds it's home on 1972's Vol. 4. This is still a solid performance, it's just..... I mean there isn't anything that makes this amazing you know. I just don't feel it you get me.
  7. End Of The Beginning (Live Hamilton, ON Canada 4/11/14): This is just another live version of a song. It's okay it's not super amazing, or really that sick. I mean the one part reminds me of Fairies Wear Boots, but outside of that I'm just feeling neutral on this ditty. My biggest complaint though is even thought theses songs are very predictable, they are long as fuck. Like I've heard longer songs that end sooner.
  8. Age Of Reason (Live Hamilton, ON Canada 4/11/14): Hey, he saved me the touble and said where the tunes from.... even though I knew, but it is what it is. This is just a live version of the song. You know I think I'm disappointed because even thought I'm not a huge fan they're records usually don't take forever to end for me. There is always something for me to admire you know. Here, I just don't know. All thought I do like the keys or the choir sounding thing in the middle of the song. All thought I will say, I'm glad this is the last track on the EP.
I have to give this a 5/10. It was better than Dystopia, not better than Blackstar or Heaven Adores You but it's only a month in the year so lets cross our fingers. I still have hopes for Waves, SVIIB
You can almost look at this as a sort of 5 Souls Ep and the Reedemer of Souls album. That just took the 5 bonus tracks from the deluxe edition and put them on vinyl for record store day. You can look at this as the cuts that weren't on that bonus disc. To be honest, this could have come out a few years ago. I don't see why they waited until now, I mean I understand "The End" but you could have turned that deluxe edition purchase worth someones while (The Next Day Extra *cough*). But in all seriousness this wasn't bad, I just wish they'd take a note from the Blackstar booklet (push themselves to make something truly great and new). To their credit the Ep was completed two years ago, sorta (the tunes were done 3 years ago). 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Life of Pablo - Kanye West

Okay, let's get this done. I wanna get this off my iPod, so why not get the review over with since I know how I feel. This is the seventh album by Kanye West, Now I cannot say I am a huge fan of  Mr. West, but I can say I am of certain tracks. Now I was anticipating this, but based on the other tracks I wasn't on the edge of my seat. This last year has honestly shit on all the music I've been anticipating. Examples such as Panda Bear Meets The Grim ReaperJust Like YouCherry Bomb, At.Long.Last.A$AP, Another EternityBeneath California, Drones, Sol Invictus, The Magic Whip, Mr. Wonderful, Fly International Luxurious Art, Hate Me, Chasing Shadows, A Head Full of Dreams, Honeymoon, Sirens and so on (I can keep going). In fact the only album I anticipated that was awesome was The Powers That B. Also i should mention, I didn't anticipate these but I did like them, I Love You, Honeybear, To Pimp A Butterfly and The Night Creeper (plus Zappa's obvious material). Basically this hopefully should be better than average or I'll lose faith in the rest of this decade (overstatement but still). The year before wasn't so awesome either, but 2016 has shown promise. With Blackstar coming right out of the gates as awesome I had good hopes for this year. And yes Dystopia was garbage, but you know I still have hope. So, as I've done before, I will review the new Kanye record. I've already done College Dropout, Dark Twisted Fantasy and Yeezus now The Life of Pablo (fucking stupid name) will have its turn. By the time this thing finally dropped, I kind of was like why the fuck. I understand perfection, but I doubt this is gonna be worth 11 million revisions. Oh and guess what, made it as another last minute change...... Waves..... well fuck you buddy. Why not just fucking release the record, You've already dug your grave, just deal with the bad press if it's not as well received as you want it to be. I'm so fucking sick of changing the information for him, I mean I understand changing or not releasing something but you've seriously dug your grave...... At this point, you're not gonna make it any better, you're only gonna alienate people. I kind of want to punch you in the throat. I also want to say, The End should also be up within a week or so, and 77 Rusty Trombones will be up next month maybe. Blackstar should be up next month, or in April. So, yeah.
  1. Ultra Light Beam: This sounds like the title of a Star Trek tribute band. Or a mashup of Beer and Trek kinda like McDonalds and Sabbath. The third choice being Newton's Lazer Sword (look how smart i am, I found out about that a week or so ago). Well anyway, horrible jokes aside, this features vocals from Kelly Price, The-Dream, Kirk Franklin and Chance the Rapper. Well this is actually a really great opener and just sort of takes you to this spiritual level of gospel. I really think just about everything here works. Kanye (while he may not hit all the notes) does a good, the choir behind him is great, even the guests are on spot and work so well. I mean honestly, this is one of those that is just, its a bit baffling. How could he make this, then also make the next track (Dumb luck maybe :D). No but really, its kind of like. Your capable of great things, why limit yourself or half ass it. My favorite part is probably Chance. He just has this sort of soothing, comforting feeling but is still able to pretty hard here and it all together feels very uplifting. This is a very strong track. I love the horns that come on later too. I mean 90% of this is just works perfectly. 
  2. Father Stretch My Hands, Prt. 1: Hey this sampled Pastor T. L. Barrett. I know this guy from Don't Pass Me By, a great record from 1976 released on Gospel Roots (a subsidiary of T.K. Records. By the way check out anything really that has the Henry Stone music [HMS] on it. There was some really great shit released in the 70's and prior). Okay, well anyway, the sample is an almost give great thing. It'd be hard to fuck this tune up just knowing this. I heard the live stream rip of the track.................. :( Let's just say I couldn't even finish it. This part features Kid Cudi, who I assume it the vocalist who made me turn the track off in the first place. Well once I finally heard the tune I have to say, I am not really on board. I mean, I'll be honest, the beginning isn't terrible. It's just the song progressively gets more bloated (buzzes even sound like farts at parts :D) but it just ...... it doesn't work well for my ears. Oh this also samples Jumpman by Drake and Future.
  3. Father Stretch My Hands, Prt. 2: This half, or part rather, features Desiigner. The transition isn't half bad, but I feel since this is a two part-er it should be more ambitious. Like there should be real epic shit going on. It should take you to the next level, this just........ I don't know. I mean, Desiigner is just...... and the auto-tune West............. I don't.......... :( Although, that little coda (or vocal thing) is pretty cool at the ending. I like it, and he would have soul samples only to cut it short.
  4. Famous: This must have been tracked around the same time as FourFiveSeconds because it features Rihanna. This actually isn't half bad. I mean after the review I doubt it'll stay on my iPod, but I do think it's a good listen while it happens. Rihanna does a good job here, and doesn't bother me like on the Eminem record. I do think this is a pretty solid track, I mean I don't love it but it's a fun listen. It doesn't really do that bad on it's own either. I could say it's like a 7 maybe. I also really like that sample in the tune, and I love the Nina Simone outro. It's a sample, but still.
  5. Feedback: This isn't that bad if a tune, its just it gets old. This sort of sounds like an ice cream truck that's coming around but like if I went to get ice cream from it I'd either be robbed or I'd get molested. I think the siren thing isn't half bad, but there are some lyrics in here that I am not 100%. After hearing the original sample I do like the tune more, just not so much the content. I just feel like, why. 
  6. Low Lights: This isn't that bad actually, but it kind of feels like the interlude from Dark Twisted Fantasy. I mean not exactly, but sort of. Like that basic function. There is a very nice feeling to this, but I mean..... I don't know. I kind of also feel even if this is nice and spiritual and a nice moment, I kind of don't know if I think this is whole hearted. But then again, the intro track seemed to be. I don't know. But I'd trade this for the next track any day, ever.
  7. Highlights: We get graced with a feature from Young Thug. This beat isn't terrible, but I mean the auto tune really takes me out of the touching moment in the last tune. I mean I like the synths and the together feeling of the track, but that intro really hurts it for me. I don't know, I mean..... Kanye why do you do something that isn't half bad and then some way some how fuck it up. I mean, I dig this, but I mean, this intro basically wasn't necessary. I also want to say, there is such thing as inside jokes, and being real.... but I don't write songs about things that people don't care about. I mean maybe I'd say something about my brother if he was getting married, I'd write about it. I wouldn't just bring it up as a throw away unless there was like no cohesion to the tune.
  8. Freestyle 4: I bet this is gonna be good, I mean his last one was really good wasn't' it. This is hurts to listen to. At least he's rhyming, but I mean..... I really never want to hear this again. Skip. I mean, the beat isn't terrible, the strings certainly "scare" you. But this kind of gets annoying to me after a while. I don't care about a drunk Ye in lust. I do like the sample though, it grows on you. Just not into the sort of annoying "let's fuck". 
  9. I Love Kanye: Awe, how cute. Once I heard this I was like, is he trying to be the grown up Tyler, The Creator that Anthony Fantano said he is. This tune really reminds me of Colossus off Wolf. This is supposed to be like making fun of people who want the old Kanye, but it just comes out like..... You have to have a sense of humor to be funny. Like I feel like he was kind of going, look I'm in on the joke I'm funny (not really). That or fuck off I'm doing my shit, I'm above you. But for saying this is the greatest album of all time, sadly it's a huge mess bro. So, yeah.  
  10. Waves: This features one Chris Brown, and I guess was re-added (causing a yet another delay) at the request of the feature on track 1. I heard this tune, and I didn't think it was that bad but as the song progressed I kind of lost interest in it. I mean it's supposed to sound large, but I don't feel that feeling I get from Ultralight Beam. Also I'm not crazy abut Chris Brown and the vocals almost sounds like the backmasked (if I'm remembering correctly how they did it) guitar on I'm Only Sleeping or a Revolver tune. 
  11. FML: FavoriteMovieLines, great title. I don't understand what it has to do with the theme of the song, but kiddos. This features The Weeknd, yeah. I think the song isn't half bad, I do like it and like the beat. I think The Weeknd does a good job in his little parts. I also dig how the song progressively grows and I like the drums the most. I really can't go into much detail for this, but I do enjoy it enough to revisit it outside of the review. :) its very atmospheric. I do really dig the ending part though, I think that's warranted to stay. I think it's the highlighted for me, even though the auto-tune can be a bit much. It sort of reminds me a bit of how New Slaves best part was that ending section.  
  12. Real Friends: Real Love, Real Life, Real. This song isn't half bad, its just that at the end it starts to get old. The drums in the beginning, and the atmosphere that is present is pretty solid. Ye has a solid flow, and this song is very chill. I mean not all of it is perfect, but hey I think it's good and better than some other twists here. Also this features Ty Dolla $ign. I don't know, I think he's okay I guess. 
  13. Wolves: Isn't it cute, this tune features Sia. She's like so amazing, I think like totes. It also features Vic Mensa.... I couldn't give less fucks, it wasn't until I saw Frank Ocean was added that I actually began to care about the song (before it's release). Now once I get to hear it I think that intro kind of reminds me of wolves. His autotune isn't that amazing though, its kind of like..... The bad auto tune. Sometimes it isn't terrible, but this is a bit much. Once the non auto tune Kanye comes in I feel like its a bit off. Like there is something that's is missing. It could have been great, but it is just..... There is something missing. And the intro is getting a bit old and distracting.  I think Frank's part isn't half bad, but it's so bare. I feel like it isnt finished really. I think his part is better than the rest of the song though. 
  14. Silver Surfer (Intermission): This is an interlude recorded when the album was still called Waves. That would explain Max B's add-libs. Also I have to say this, I can tell when this was made. It was while the album was still titled Waves. Hearing him say it so many times made me think, whats the point of this. You changed the name of the album, why keep this in?
  15. 30 Hours: This sampled Joy by Isaac Hayes along with Answer Me by Arthur Rusell. I actually know the Hayes tune, I dig it. My favorite part about this is me and one of my friends did a track like the second half of this. It wasn't released, but the joke was the music was still doing. I don't think this was supposed to be a joke..... Also if he used that Joy vocal sample he could have done something interesting. Like when he found out she cheated he could have sang or used the chorus. I don't know, would have been ironic maybe. 
  16. No Parties in LA: This tuneski features one Kendrick Lamar and was produced by West and Madlib. So I can almost assume, I didn't listen ahead of time, this would be a solid tune. I mean the other two guys here.... solid. Also there's a Johnny "Guitar" Watson and Larry Graham track sampled in this (2 separate songs just to clarify). Then the asshole cut the track, only to re-add it probably because he wants to give us what we want. I don't necessarily get with that philosophy, but whatever. Argue with me all you want, no way in hell you can convince me it wasn't re-included for that reason (unless the 18 tracks were planned all along and this was just to piss people off - or a permutation where this was to always be on once it was finished). Wow that's a lot, but once I heard the track I have to say its great. They both go hard and I love the la de da da introduction. I also picked up on the Ghostface sample, and this really sounds like it could be a sort of Wu-Tang track. More so than other tubes.  I don't think it's perfect, at times it feels a bit bloated and too much going on with the other voices but I do think the guitar that's on replay sounds sick. Maybe if it didn't make it harder to hear, the other voices, Kendrick or Ye maybe it'd work better. But it kind of takes away from it for me. Like my attention. I really have to finish that TPAB review. 
  17. Facts (Charlie Heat Version):  I mean the samples aren't that bad, but this words kind of ruin this song for me. I like how he can yell, but I really can hardly sit thought this track.
  18. Fade: This closes the album and contains a sample from Rare Earth's cover of (I Know) I'm Losing You, along with Mystery of Love by Mr Fingers along two other samples. It also features Young Thug and Post Malone on vocals. I really dig this song. I really can't find anything to complain about other that that shit of autotune towards the end. Upon multiple listens this kind of begins to get a tad old, but I really do like the Rare Earth sample in the intro and the Mystery of Love sample in the verses.
Overall I have to give this album a 6.4/10. Okay, so basically, what I'm seeing here is like all the songs that were supposed to be on the album but All Day and Only One. And it is just, it took three years to make, some tunes are great with flaws and some range from boring to annoying to even pointless. There really isn't anything here that could remotely be considered greatest album ever. Its kind of like he had ideas and threw the shit together. Made a stew and put all the ingredients out for you to hear. Its kind if a disappointment. I mean at least his good songs were actually good (with minor flaws or none at all). Someone reviewed the album before it came out, and it was brief but they basically said the fames going to his head and he's making crazy choices. That guys kind of right, maybe if it came out last year without the million additions it would have been great, who knows. Let's only hope that Bottomless Pit comes out and wasn't just a joke.... We need someone like DG to make good great music you know. To keep pushing boundaries, this is just...... I mean it might down the line inspire people, but I don't really see how this is any better than the score I gave it. And outside of the one or two songs I liked I'll even be revisiting this album outside of a, oh hey I forgot how that song goes. Why not refresh my memory.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Village People

To closer this batch of 34 consistant reviews, note not all were done every day (some done ahead of time), I decided this could be the only review the would stand the possible drought. The one that might be my last for a number of months. This is the debut album by NY's own. This also happens to be the gayest of all the Village People albums. Seriously every track is about a city/town with a large gay population. Released July 18th, 1977 this is album has a bit of a confusing history, for me at least. When researching it I have read that the only member to sing on here is Victor Willis. It said they had professional singers do the back up vocals, and while I can see that maybe, I just don't know. I know Felipe was one of the first members, though three of the members were replaced before the next album for certain. It also makes sense because those people who were replaced were because the ones you see on the Macho Man cover had more experience as a whole of what the group was, vs those other three guys. But at the same time I read they had models pose for the cover, so..... I don't really know, or really care enough to spend more time then I did researching this. Although, you can see the group members on the Telefunken release and you can visibly see different members as the biker, and two or three other people who don't have a specific job I can make out.
  1. Medley: San Francisco (You've Got Me) / In Hollywood (Everyone is a Star): While originally released as one track, on CD reissues they are both separate. The first song starts and you can hear the sound that the group had was present right from the get go. Though the backing vocals aren't the regular ones. It makes sense that they used different singers, that's really the best reason. The chorus is pretty decent, but that "magic" isn't quite there yet. This is This first song may not be amazing, but the second half (In Hollywood) is far catchier than SF, but it's decent and pretty good none the less. The transition makes you kind of get pumped from it, I mean not like super pumped, but it's pretty nice. Love that bass, and the horn solo is nice. There is definitely a build for this second half. It might not go insane or nuts, but it is a build none the less (I know I said that twice). Victor also isn't as emotive.... or excited and into this maybe. This second section is so catchy, so infectious I dare you not to want to grove along. I mean the whole section feels very show bizy, then the chorus.... tasty. This is pretty fun, the instrumentation is so musical it's like a fucking musical. I'm waiting to hear a louder backing vocal and then see this number in a play. Really I'm fucking serious. If this was redone in the style of their later records.... 10 outta 10. For now more of a 6 or 7.
  2. Fire Island: Make me want to lift bro. Eh, at this point this sounds like it blends in with the first tune, and it isn't anything that special. I mean there is nothing that makes me want to dance. Nice woodwinds though. Although, I did learn to not go in "the bushes".
  3. Village People: Not many bands dare to have a self-titled track. Among the few Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Village People. This song, while still rather demo sounding, is easily the standout best track on the record. There is something, even though the rest of the album sounds like it isn't fully realized. But this just sounds like it's shit is there and together. This is the most Village People sounding this thing gets. And there is a power here that isn't really there on other records. I mean usually is seems almost jokey, but this sounds kind of not so jokey. Also great backing track, it's got some gorgeous vibes (or xylophone) and harps. It really is worthy of a listen or 10.
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. I think the biggest problem with this record is the fact that it seems more like an Ep and also that it's more of a demo. This isn't anything mind blowing, but I still like that title track. It's worth a curious listen or so.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Young And Rich - The Tubes

This follows the classic 1975 Self Titled debut album by The Tubes. Instead of Al Kooper on production, they got Ken Scott to produce. This album is the first to feature Re Styles, the girl who's hand is on the covers of the first two albums, and also that's really the only difference between the first and second I know of. You know there isn't even that much info about this album on the web either.
  1. Tubes World Tour: This opens the album with an explosive track. It kind of is like a world tour recollection by way of Aerosmith's 1979 song No Suprise. Well with an percussion heavy chorus, and song Utopia keys. And a really funky solo. While not as explosive as the debut it's still pretty great. This is one for the few moments on this album that has this much excitement, or at least pulls me in this much. It's very fun to hear and kinda of makes you want to love this album. It might not be the same pull the previous album had, but it comes pretty damn close. During right before the solo there are sounds that remind me a ton of Space Baby. Then after the solo I had to laugh when I heard the accordion. Which works very well here. I also like the little touches and changes in this song. This really is a Tubes tune.
  2. Brighter Day: I heard this about five times now and I can't remember a single second other than its softer than the intro. Upon listening to this for the review, like in the moment, it's very Thin Lizzy sounding. At the very least in terms of Fee. The backing vocals, at parts remind me of Bowie's backing vocals on some songs. I think the best part is the classical guitar in the song and the solo. It's nothing that crazy or mind blowing, but it keeps the mood of a slower song and doesn't blow the steam away by the end. Upon revisiting this, it isn't terrible, it's just a bit different. I guess should also mention, those dual guitars (or what sounds like it) do pull on my heartstrings a bit. I mean still this isn't a 10 or anything more of a 7 or 8.
  3. Pimp: This is the type of track that I see The Tubes covering, but they cover it so unenthusiastic. I mean it's tracks like this that beckon the question, did they really want to be there. Well at least they didn't really go full out funk. There are some parts that sound like they added funk instrumentation, strings, bass heavy, and a harpsichord or a clavi. But the string swells are gorgeous. This song, if it was more alive would probably be as good as a song off the last album. Actually this sounds like it could have been an outtake from the last album. Earlier I said it was unenthusiastic, yes it's very much so. Like this song could have been epic, but they went the subdued way... but not to it's real benefit. I mean yes I have Morricone flashbacks (good thing), but it's just his music punches me in the heart sometimes.... this makes me kind of feel something, but not the brought to tears emotions that Ennio can.
  4. Stand Up and Shout: This is a rocker. The thing is this isn't really anything special. Ok maybe the piano rolls are kinda cool, but still. This isn't anything you can't really hear on any other album that has a rocker. There is a similar-Tubes World Tour feeling to this tune, but it's not as exciting. This also sort of reminds me of maybe the cover of Let's Spend The Night Together off Aladdin Sane. Just not as...... engaging. Even that little talking thing Fee does reminds me of the sort of breakdown in the cover.
  5. Don't Touch Me There: This is my favorite tracks here. Not that there is a ton to work with, so to say, this still stands out as a great. This is supposedly a "send up" of Phil Spector's wall of sound production. I can see that, but this is still my favorite track. I think the reason it is is because it's very doowop/brill pop influenced. The biggest problem is probably the "wall of sound" that I didn't realize was there. For whatever reason I don't care for the type of production. Now sometimes it is perfect, and awesome River Deep, Mountain High, other times it gives me a headache after multiple listens, Long And Winding Road. But its fitting seeing how it's a tribute to it. I don't know, I'd love to hear another version of this song because it'd be a 10 if it wasn't for that production. Seriously. This song is also very reminiscent, with the vocals and what not, of a Ronettes track. Hell Shirley (Re Styles real name) even vaguely reminds me of Ronnie or Veronica Bennett when she sings. Also this needs to be said, two people who are not in the Tubes, wrote this track.
  6. Slipped My Disco: Dancin' Fool and Disco Boy did it better. Also this song isn't really anything that I remember after hearing it. It's kinda like Brighter Day. There is this weird sort of reggae thing they do in the chorus, I think this is an interesting song, that I feel like if I went into actually what was going on (notes) it'd like it more. But audibly, I feel like there is something missing. I do laugh at the slickness of the way he says the title. And the ending gets pretty solid, but yeah. I just don't think it's as funny as a tune off the prior album.
  7. Proud to Be An American: "Were at least i know I'm free." This basically a lesser sequel of the What Do You Want From Life? track off their debut. This is done in a very Elvis rockabilly feeling. It's harmless. Oh, I figured it out, this would totally appeal to a Rockabilly or it's a pretty solid tune. Also if you care, you should look into those lyrics. There are a giggle or two given.
  8. Poland Whole / Madam I'm Adam: At 6:31 this is the longest track here. The second longest being 5:03 on the next track, nothing after that is longer than 4:42. So while not super long, it's quite a bit longer than most of the songs. It starts very, I feel like this is an epic tune but I also feel like it's trying to recapture moments that open the debut. The tune is still pretty solid in it's own right, it's just I feel like it's trying to redo it a bit. I think it's pretty hard rockin', but yeah. It does make me smile though to hear Fee go "crazy". He sounds like a crazy person a bit. Oh one last thing, I like those little touches to the song.
  9. Young and Rich: Closing the album we get a lounge acoustic track. And honestly, this is a fitting end. I feel satisfied when I hear this close the album. There is a chill feeling to this that I think fits considering it was chill on other tunes. Also really diging that organ/keyboard/synth what ever it may be. That solo melody is really nice, and the drums sound awesome here. And I love that build and all the little details that are happening here. Great great ending.
Overall I have to give this a 7/10. While its enjoyable it has its problems. What's wrong here only continues on to the next album. There are great tracks here, and then there are ok tracks. I assume Al didn't produce this either because of them not wanting it to sound like the last or because he was busy. I understand both cases, but still. When I hear the first album it makes me pine for singers and groups to gain an ounce of the personality that Fee has, but here it sounds like he's devolved into an everyday guy trying to be eccentric. And the group and recording doesn't seem as fun either. I should note the addition to the group didn't mess anything up. The song she sings is one of the best, if not the best.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Government Plates - Death Grips

It's been a long time since a review from these guys. I wanted to make sure I never made the same mistake I did with my last. This is the newest release (2013) by Death Grips the controversial band from California. I am a fan of ExMilitary, The Money Store (vinyl and Cd copy), and NO LOVE DEEP WEB was ok at first and has grown on me, and now The Powers That B is my favorite 2015 album. This album was released out of nowhere on November 13th, 2013. I remember I was working at UPS and I got home, checked my email and COS posted new Death Grips album. So..... I downloaded it. I listened to it. At first I wasn't' blown away, but I did like some tunes. As time has passed I was able to more objectively pick out tunes I don't like, vs times I don't get. 
  1. You Might Think He Loves You For Your Money But I Know What He Really Loves You For It's You Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat: This is the opener; and wow, what a name. It reminds me of the Bob Dylan 1966 Blonde on Blonde track of a similar name.  Stupid pointless facts aside this song is scary. It opens with a glass break and the best is pretty intense. I feel like this could be in a remake of "Funny Games". There is an insanity feeling to this tracks, and I really like the power behind this. I mean it's kind of raw. It might not be TPTB, but this could be signs of that craziness. Also my favorite part is the whole keyboard/synth line that sounds like it could have been sampled.
  2. Anne Bonny: This title reminds me of Bonny Maroni you know, The Who covered it. This opens with this voice that talks, it kind of reminds me of like a "train cleaving now" voice. The riff is kind of neat, it sounds looped, but I like how it doesn't just repeat. I like the lower notes and wetter sounds in the second verse (or change rather). This track also has some similarities to Lost Boys. Like there certainly is some overlap.  
  3. Two Heavens: One in Heaven and one on Earth? Right, that's what it must be about. The hilight of this song for me is the sort of African sounding drums and sped up or pitched up vocals. Like I can picture someone from Africa dancing to that part. Maybe I'm a racist for saying that, but there is a primal feeling I'm getting from it. And some of the sounds sound like sounds from Africa. 
  4. This Is Violence Now (Don't Get Me Wrong): Ah, Classic title. No really this makes me want to Break a bunch of Mirrors With My fists and also my Face, In and around The continental United States. I wonder if a sampler was used for the vocals on this track. Eh, who cares it's pretty decent. There is a feeling of uncomfortableness to the track. 
  5. Birds: My favorite song on the album, this was also released as a promo single for the album. The guitar player on this song, that sounds like it was sampled, was played by Rob Pattinson. You know of Twilight fame. I love the way the guitar sounds in this song, it sounds like it's almost not being played by a human. It sounds so cut up and almost assembled together. Later on it sounds like a little bird chirping. After that I swear they sampled Forever Dolphin Love by Conan Moccasin. That refrain is pretty catchy, even thought I could see it scaring people away. Great tune all together, nice and Death Gripsian.
  6. Feels Like A Wheel: This feels sort of tribal, and it is kind of good. I mean I don't love this, but I think it's kind of interesting none the less. There are some parts where I wish I could hear MC Ride flowing over this. But it's not terrible. This is one of the most interesting tracks in my opinion. 
  7. I'm Overflow: I like how the last track and this are almost part 1 and part 2. They flow and it that makes me feel like this would be fitting as a tune by the group. It sort of reminds me a bit of Black Quarterback by way of the Ride flow. This isn't that bad when you listen to it, I mean I don't know if I'll revisit it alone, but it's still not horrible.
  8. Big House: This is electronic and it's got some interesting loops, but I mean I don't really know what to say. This kind of makes me want to go to a rave and just start dancing, not literally but you know. While this starts off promising, I feel like it kind of looses it's charm by the ending.
  9. Government Plates: The title track, let's see if it's worth of this honor. This is another, its not bad its just not super memorable. I like it while i hear it, but forget it after.
  10. Bootleg (Don't Need Your Help): This is kind of funny, the reason is because in music bootlegs are albums that come out or are released before. This is just okay. I guess.
  11. Whatever I Want (Fuck Who's Watching): This is very long, but seems like they just looped sections and played one after another. There isn't really a reason this needs to be as long as it is. Maybe if it was a minature like the others it would have worked better but yeah.
Overall I have I give this a 6.5/10. The overall census seems to be a dislike for this album. Now the thing I think is yes, it isn't as awesome as the others. I still think it's better than Fashion Week and that i.l.y's records was just okay. But this is still something that I think has more than a song I like or two.