Friday, August 2, 2013

13 - Black Sabbath

This is the first, Studio, album since 1978's Never Say Die to have Ozzy as the singer of Black Sabbath. Me, being me, I was kind of iffy on this. I was a little cautious going into this. They haven't released an album since, even if you include Heaven & Hell, 2009. That was about 4 years ago. I don't know the exact date it was released, but the point is they haven't released any material since then. Now, this is Ozzy's first album with them in 35 years. And it's on their original record label Vertigo. I know Rick Rubin worked on this album with them, production wise, but I hope he didn't hurt it. I know there was something magical he did with Slayer. He pretty much cleaned them up and made their Reign In Blood and South of Heaven album
  1. End of the Beginning: I think that this is a pretty interesting way to kind of say "were back". I don't know if, with the intro of the song, they really accomplished that, but well you know. There's still the rest of the song. I've heard this riff before. It's very similar to Black Sabbath off their Self Titled. You know, sometimes bands write an song then later change it. I could see this being a re recorded early version of that song. Kind of like most of the Different Kind Of Truth album that Van Halen did about a year or so ago. There is other stuff to, they could have added on to the early version, but still. For the most part, this isn't doing anything for me.
  2. God Is Dead?: This is a pretty eerie song. It reminds me a little of the title track of the 1970 Debut album. But not so much. It's kind of like not so much like it. It's a good song, but it doesn't have the umph. I feel like those '70s bands are all in the same rut. I've realized what's wrong. This song doesn't have a warm feeling. It doesn't have a cold feeling either. It just feels like it isn't enough emotion. They do sound like more current doom metal, but it just isn't a evil as Sabbath I love.
  3. Loner: This song reminds me of Vol. 4. I can't recall the exact track off the top of my head, but I'll say it later. And they lyrics aren't anything that amazing. But you know, I don't know. I'm not ripping of this, but I'm not gonna pretend that I love this album. So I think I should just be straight from now on, more so.
  4. Zeitgiest: This is very much like Planet Caravan. This is actually my favorite song, by far, thus far on the album. This is actually the only song that I could say I've enjoyed. This is more of a pop oriented Planet Caravan. There is like a jazz guitar solo in it. And you understand the words. Much different from the rest of the album. And very good. {8/10}
  5. Age of Reason: This song starts out ok, but It doesn't seem like it will go anywhere. I do like this more than Loner or End of The Beginning. This song is heavy, and is like the others. I could picture Dio singing this song. I do like the tempo change but I don't think it has that warmth to it I need. I also like the "gregorian chants" thing in the background. The more I listen to this song the more it grows on me. For the better, this is much better than tracks 1-3.
  6. Live Forever: This song isn't that bad. This song doesn't drag me in, but yeah. It's just Ok, but not bad.
  7. Damaged Soul: This is another decent song. I didn't expect this to blow me.... away. But I did hope for something to like out of this. I got a few songs, like this one, and I'm glad. I like the riff in this song. It's kind of driving.
  8. Dear Father: According to my friend, this song is about a priest who a man is confessing to, and the Priest was the one who molested the kid. In a way I could see this being a continuation of the last song. In a sense that it was a combine song. Like they cross faded, I hope you get what I'm saying? This song is pretty decent. I feel like this song is a little long, but I do enjoy the end. I hope they don't make another album though. Because this would be the perfect end to their studio discography, like a book closer, with the rain.
Overall I have to give this track a 7/10. I think it's good. The album kind of picked up after Zeitgiest. I wish there was a different name, 13's already been used look at blur, Megadeth and there are others I just can't think of anymore off the top of my head. I do look forward to reviewing every Sabbath studio/live album from the debut to Cross Purposes. Unless there is a request to review another album too.

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